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The Chosen People – for Incarceration

“They’ve created a permanent caste from which people cannot escape,” said Larry Hamm, chairman of the Newark-based People’s Organization for Progress (POP), referring to America’s system of mass Black incarceration. POP supports the New Jersey Decarceration Act, aimed at drastically reducing prison populations. Historically, police forces and prisons have expanded to contain Black people, socially and geographically. “What they’re worried about now is there’s a potential for us to build alliances with other groups that have been economically disenfranchised in the last few decades, and that there could be an even wider societal response to the suffering that’s going on in this country,” said Hamm.

Challenge to Arbitrary Solitary Confinement

Prison inmate Lester Alford has hauled New Jersey into court, charging prison officials with arbitrarily locking him in solitary under appalling conditions. “They only gave him one set of clothing for three years, and didn’t let him clean his cell for three years,” said Jean Ross, a lawyer who has advised many state prisoners. The state accused Alford, now middle-aged, of being a gang leader. “There is no excuse, no defense to the fact that they placed him under isolated confinement without any kind of due process of law, and under conditions that we would not keep animals in,” said Ross, who is also an organizer with the People’s Organization for Progress.

Former Panther Blasts Huey Newton

Wayne Pharr, a former captain in the Los Angeles chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, has just published a book titled Nine Lives of a Black Panther: A Story of Survival. “I don’t bash anybody but Huey Newton,” the Panther co-founder who, Pharr writes, set himself up as Supreme Commander and sent hit squads against members considered disloyal. “That’s what turned me off from the whole thing, because that spoke of ego and no humility,” said Pharr, who now makes his living in real estate. The FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO played a role in the party’s demise. “We knew were under surveillance with COINTELPRO,” said Pharr, “and COINTELPRO is still working, right now.”

U.S. Complicit in Israeli Crimes

“Not a minute of this war would be possible without complete and total U.S. funding, political support, and diplomatic support every step of the way,” said Sara Flounders, of the International Action Center. But, “the world has not been silent” to the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, nearly 2,000 of whom – overwhelmingly civilians – have died at Israeli hands. What the Israeli’s want, said Flounders, “is the silence of the grave; that’s their only plan.” A huge demonstration is set for this Saturday, August 9, at the United Nations building in New York, said Flounders, who is also an organizer with UNAC, the United National Anti-War Coalition.

Mumia: Zionists Lust for Land

America’s best known political prisoner says “Israel intentionally targets civilians, which is a war crime.” Mumia Abu Jamal, in a report for Prison Radio, called Israel “a settler colonialists state which has no use for the indigenous people of Palestine, yet lusts for its land.” President Obama claims Israel “has the right to defend itself. But, one wonders: doesn’t Palestine have that right, as well?”

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"The FBI’s infamous

"The FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO played a role in the party’s demise. “We knew were under surveillance with COINTELPRO,” said Pharr, “and COINTELPRO is still working, right now.” Wayne Pharr, a former captain in the Los Angeles chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense---So um, I'm confused..during that time I was under the impression that no one knew about Co-Intelpro? How did Mr. Pharr 'know' back then? Interesting.

Larry Hamm says Obomber needs

Larry Hamm says Obomber needs to make a statement before leaving office to address the corrupt NJ police practices uncovered in Justice Dept's investigation.

What good is a statement when no actions follow to back it up?  Eric Holdup's DOJ did an investigation.  What good is it if no corrective measures result from the inquiry?  This administration is heavy on words and light to nonexistent on actions that benefit the masses - especially the black masses of whom 98% still worship a man who 24/7 proves he doesn't give a damn about them.   If Mr. Hamm's POP group wants to affect any meaningful change in NJ, he is going to have to be a lot more demanding of the local, state, and national politricksters.

I Forgive You, Huey!

Wayne Pharr says he can't forgive Huey P. Newton because he was ego-tripping and wasn't humble.  Wuuut???!!! We need to get off that everything gotta be democratic thing.  How's democracy working for Africa?  We don't all have to be equal and be on the same level and get the same things. We just need to move in the right direction.

Blacks are not really a people because a people are collection of talented and not so talented individuals all moving in the same direction.  Blacks are a collection of talented individual each going in his/her own direction.  Because we don't want to be black and we don't respect each other, the more freedom we get the more individualistic we become.  If it weren't for racism, we'd have no solidarity at all.  

Concepts like unity, race pride, honor, and a code of silence don't work for us because we don't automatically see ourselves in others who look like us unlike other people.  Therefore, the only thing that holds us together is racism or the fear of punishment from one of our leaders or social death from our family and friends.  That's why Huey P. Newton, James Brown, and other black leaders have to be so hard on their followers; browbeat them; or even kill some of them because they wouldn't respect their leaders if they were any other way.

Other group ingrain in their individual members that it's always your individual interest to put the interests of the group ahead of the interests of other groups. This is what Alton Maddox calls ethics.  Ethics is how you treat members of your group and how they in turn treat you.  We identify more with our religion, sex, class, orientation, employment/military status, or whatever other affinity group more than we identify with our race.  When you start talking about race and racial solidarity must of us run for cover either because we fear the repurcussions placed on us by whites and others for such solidarity (i.e. violence or the loss of friendship/privilege) or we're holding on dearly to the integrationist fantasy of a beloved community.

The one thing that I do agree with Mr. Pharr is that we do have to "be more right-wing" or conservative or nationalistic about the moral and social decay that's rampant in our communities.  Like it or not, we must be strong internally in order to fight external problems like racism.


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