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More Whites Swept Into U.S. Gulag

The racial incarceration gap has narrowed, slightly, with more whites and going to prison in recent years. “It’s almost like law enforcement is looking for more feeders for their beds,” said Soffiyah Elijah, executive director of The Correctional Association of New York. “As the economy continues to decline, poverty is closely associated with who law enforcement goes after,” she said. “So, you find more whites being swept up in the system.”

New Book Exposes Manning Marable’s Lies About Malcolm X

The central lie” of Manning Marable’s book Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, “is the idea that Malcolm X was not an African Internationalist, not committed to revolution, but that when push came to shove, he was really part of the American dream and the American structure,” said Dr. Todd Burroughs, a professor of communications at Morgan State University. Burroughs and Dr. Jared Ball are co-editors of A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X, a collection of essays by prominent Black intellectuals and activists. “It was a shame that we had to do the book,” said Burroughs. “For him to mess it up this badly is a travesty.”

U.S. Will Bring About World War Three

The U.S. and its allies are running amuk, much like the Axis powers in the 1930s, said Dr. Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois, at Champaign. “After 9/11, we’ve had the United States, Britain, France and NATO literally rampaging around the world, destroying and invading states,” said Dr. Boyle. “They are going to lead us into a Third World War over something.” Boyle’s newest book is titled Destroying Libya and World Order: The Three-Decade U.S. Campaign to Terminate the Qaddafi Revolution.


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Marable's Book of a 'ReInvented' Malcolm_A LIE INDEED!

Dr Burroughs focuses on the false political implications of Marable's 'reinvented' Malcolm RE its attempt to re-image Malcolm as some sort of a ['sanitized' for] 'liberal / progressive'. Such analysis is certainly needed in order to unmask Marable's book's attempt to reinvent & lame-stream Malcolm's political positions. 

But I'm going to expose as LIES some of the more salacious sexual innuendo 'cheap-shots' that Marable's book takes at Malcolm [& even at Sis Betty]- which was justified as so-called 'humanizing' Malcolm [yeah right].

First there's the claim [LIE] that Malcolm as Detroit Red's alter ego was Rudy of his Auto-biography. From there Marable's book's make a logical leap claiming that Rudy [= Detroit Red = Malcolm- according to Marable] was the homo-sexual stud of an old fuddy-duddy rich white guy [Paul Lennon]- based on Rudy giving this dude rub-downs where he reached climax [see Autobiography of Malcolm X].  One small problem Bro Marable [or whoever was responsible for this sexual innuendo]- RUDY AIN'T MALCOLM! Rudy's been IDed for nearly 20 yrs. Rudy was the alias for one Francis ‘Sonny’ Brown- a member of Malcolm's / Detroit Red's burglary crew who escaped capture. Rudy's real name, Francis ‘Sonny’ Brown, has appeared in several books & articles, including an in-depth synopsis of Spike Lee's classic film 'Malcolm X'. In fact his name apparently appears Marable's own book [yet fails to ID him as 'Rudy']- In other words this book apparently knowingly & deliberately misrepresents the facts [LIES]- which IMO explains why Marable's book over-uses qualifiers like: possibly, perhaps, may have, etc... as technical 'escape-clauses' from potential slander beefs! 

It also turns out that Malcolm as Detroit Red's white girl-friend & sister have been IDed as Armenian women. But it turns out there was a 3rd Armenian woman in the mix- most likely a relative &/or close friend of the 2 sisters. Malcolm / Detroit Red's girl was Bea Caragulian [aka Sophia], Bea's little sis, Joyce, was Shorty's girl, the 3rd woman was named Kora Marderosian-  who's not even mentioned in Malcolm's Autobiography. Thus IMO it's perfectly logical to assume that the 2 Caragulian sisters hooked their fellow Armenian girl Kora, up w Rudy [= Francis ‘Sonny’ Brown- Note: These 3 Black dudes & 3 Armenian women  made up the burglary crew- Kora apparently escaped w 'Rudy']. But such a logical explanation of course would have totally NEGATED Marable's 'Book of Reinvention's BS that Malcolm as Detroit Red [allegedly = 'Rudy' {NOT!] was the homo-sexual stud of some old rich fuddy-duddy white dude! 

FYI: This BS allegation of Malcolm as Detroit Red being a homo-sexual prostitute, ain't even original, but is Marable's book's spin of allegations first dredged-up in a 1992 book by a white southern author named Bruce Perry. But Marable's book ups that ante' [IE: stoops to new lows] by also accusing Malcolm & Sis Betty of cheating on each other!!! Thus we have yet another LIE in Marable book that dredges-up yet more sexual innuendo [= MUD] at  Malcolm's [& even Sis Betty's] reputation [a really low-blow]- As the book claims that Malcolm 'may have' spent the last night of his life [Feb 20, 1965] w his teenage secretary [Marable alleges she was his mistress] as a 'bed-warmer' [a ruthlessly insidious term- see below]. YET- If you read the final / Epilogue Chapter of the Autobiography of Malcolm X, which was written entirely by Alex Haley after Malcolm's death, it's obvious just how ridiculous this innuendo is. Shortly after Malcolm checked into his hotel on Feb 20, 1965, some NOI guys showed up asking on what floor was Malcolm staying. Of course hotel security was alerted & extra security was assigned to Malcolm's floor. Its documented that Malcolm only left his room to dine in the hotel's restaurant & then retired to his room for the rest of the night.  Thus It's simply ludicrous to think that Malcolm could have [allegedly] snuck a 'girl-friend' / 'bed-warmer' past hotel security guarding his room thru-out the entire night- even if he wanted to! [which is a MIGHTY BIG IF]! Obviously Marable [or who-ever wrote this crap] had to know this info, which IMO explains why the phrase ' may have” had the teenage secretary as a “bed-warmer ' was used as an escape-clause from a libel suit!!! 

FYI: The term 'bed-warmer' IMO goes back to the 'Autobiography of Malcolm X's co-author, Alex Haley's other famous book 'Roots'When the slave-ship's [on which Kunta Kinte' was shipped] 1st mate brought a slave-girl to the captain's quarters as a 'bed-warmer' / 'belly-warmer' for the night. This shows just how ruthlessly insidious & slanderous this term is [obviously those using it could be NO real friend(s) of Malcolm's], & beyond that- The scenario in which it was used IMO is an out-right LIE!!!  



Re-inventions, &c

I read Marable's book with great interest, but thought the end seemed contrived, so these comments are invaluable.  I'll look forward to seeing the new volume immensely.  



niceone!  Pretty mental website, that one.  

Nuff said

Quote:  "For him to mess up this bad is a travesty."

Dr. Marable perhaps felt a need to reinvent or rebrand himself?  I don't know.  Was this more about making a buck by historical revisionism?  How does it square with Marable's body of work?  For me, that's why I concur:  "For HIM ...a travesty."

Is this one more pathetic case of:  I got my mind on my $ and my $ on my mind?  And if so, why?  How many more trinkets or gadgets does a highly respected tenured professor, successful author, accomplished scholar with speaking circuit and corporate board compensation opportunites needs, PARTICULARLY AT HIS AGE?  He's gotta have a net worth north of $5 M with the realization he'll never be "rich."

Or is it "ego," the need for relevancy?  I mean his gravitas does trump Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, doesn't it  But Dyson's getting love and play and moolah and face time and "branding" that Dr. Marable should perhaps be getting?  Kinda like Beyonce's 2nd rate voice trumping Mary J. Blige, among others-- feel me on this theory?  Although Mary (and Alica Keyes by example) ain't behaving like Marable.

Or maybe he was a fraud from jump?  Or perhaps he's transformed into a true believer in the American meme of assimilation and integration into the structural framework of mainstream  society?  And to a certain extent if he theorizes "that" he ain't exactly wrong, although wrong about Malcolm.

Some folks can be excused for feigning authority on topics they take a public stance on, think John Legend and his CLEARLY uninformed perspective of Charter Schools and his advocacy on same on the Bill Maher Show or in other public formats.  I said many times, why is this cat on the circuit, but not Professor Emeritus(s) of HBCU's who've educated some of the most accomplished Blacks in America?   Hell, he can't even croon like Maxwell, so what gives with the "face time"? (A** kissing and cooning perhaps?)

Dr. Marable?  Uh uh, he's no novice on the topic.   

What's the motivation boggles one's mind as well as intrigues. 

And, moreover, and very SADLY, Dr. Marable's actions/example is part and parcel of the new Black Dilemna.  Where's Gunnar Myrdahl when you need him?

One Theory: Marable's Illness Required He depend on Co-Authors

Brothers Dr Bourroughs & VoxUnion's Dr Jared Ball have speculated that Manny Marable's chronic terminal illness [he died a couple of days before the book went public]- necessitated that he depend on co-authors from his staff & even from the publisher's [Penguin]. On VoxUnion Bro Ball posted a talk by Penguin's Wendy Wolf [a self described 'white southern liberal' who never finished reading Malcolm's Auto-biography & thought him to be one 'scary dude'], where she all but takes credit for helping write the book.  

There's is a precedent for this type of thing before. In 1978 a Black woman author named Michelle Wallace put out a book called 'BLACK MACHO AND THE MYTH OF THE SUPERWOMAN' which lit a fire-storm of controversy because it attacked [all] Black Male Revolutionaries / Nationalists as 'patriarchal misogynists'! The book was hyped by MS Gloria Steinem's 'MS Magazine' & published by Dial Press w a Joyce Johnson heading the project. It turns out that Dial's Ms Johnson [a white Jewish woman] effectively co-wrote the book [though 'technically' not its author] & helped 'inspire' & 'encourage' Ms Wallace to write the book's hit piece against Black men.

AND- Of-course One can't dismiss the corrupting effects of ego & desire for fame &/or fortune! What ever the case- Marable's is named as thee author of this book of a so-called 'Reinvented Malcolm'- so IMO he has to take much/most of the blame!