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Black Michigan Under Emergency Financial Boot

About 54 percent of the Black population in our state will not have the right to vote in local elections” because of Michigan’s imposition of emergency financial managers over cities and school districts, said John Philo, director of Sugar Law Center. “It’s an economic model that says the only way out of a fiscal crisis is to cut services to those in need, privatize public resources,” and break public sector unions, said Philo. Detroit’s new emergency manager was a partner in a law firm whose clients make up more than half the Fortune 500 corporations.

Social Security Supporters “Disappointed” in Obama

The president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare fired off a letter to the White House, last week. “It seems the president is determined to remind everybody that he’s willing to offer a new formula for determining the cost of living adjustment for recipients” – which is a cut, said Max Richtman. “We’re all very disappointed.”

Brooklyn Blacks Continue Protests in Police Killing

Police blanketed the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, as residents staged protests against the killing of 16 year-old Kimani Gray. Carl Dix, of Stop Stop-and-Frisk, who led a rally on Sunday, said: “Anybody with even an ounce of justice needs to come and stand with the people in this neighborhood, because if you don’t do that, you’re leaving them alone face all the oppression that the systems brings down.”

Collegiate Anti-Incarceration Campaign

Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI) hold their national conference at Howard University, in Washington, April 19 and 20, under the theme, “Where Do We Go From Here: Re-Energizing the Black Student Movement.” “We hope to come out of the conference with a national plan of action,” said organizer Haji Conteh.

Racial Disparity in Incarceration Narrows

The gap between Black and white imprisonment rates has narrowed in recent years, according to a new study by The Sentencing Project. The trend is the result of “a declining rate of incarceration for Black men coming at the same times as a rising rate for white men,” said Project director Marc Mauer. The shrinkage of the gap among women was even more dramatic. Fewer Blacks are being sentenced to long prison terms for drugs, while larger numbers of whites are incarcerated, typically for methamphetamines.

Civil Rights Heroine Honored

Claudette Colvin, who was arrested in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus - nine months before Rosa Parks - will be honored by the People’s Organization for Progress, in Newark, New Jersey, March 28. Black movement leaders didn’t think Colvin and three other young women fit the image they wanted to present of Black people. “We were rejects,” Colvin laughed. But Colvin’s case was the one that went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which overturned the bus segregation law. “Rosa Parks was the right person for the time,” said Colvin, but “we are disappointed that no one tells how the bus boycott came to an end, successfully.”


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WSWS defends racist Lansing, and racist Big business again!

Although I appreciate WSWS's attacks on self serving, "self hating" negroes, these guys & gals should correct the terminology used to describe a principle they follow. On Wikipedia it says that they're anti-racial politics, when in fact a careful examination of their work reveals them as being overzealously against Black politics ONLY!

White Prejudice against other tribes are justly recognized on their website as anti-whatever.....

Obama is against Black politics as well (as Black Agenda Report Dot com has pointed out over and over again). In fact, his entire presidency is based on ignoring the grievances of the group that the corporate media promotes him as being connected to. His handlers always makes sure that he subtly let's white people know that "he's not like those other niggers," and he's not going to help them.

This is done solely for the purpose of appealing to whites in swing states and beyond or what have you. I think the buzz words the corporate media promoted in the run up to his election was "post-racial politics" [translation: We just installed a Black president nigger's, so we can rid ourselves of the white guilt as we continue and expand our policy of benign neglect of you nigger's and your communities, and continue our genocide against non-whites across the globe]

After reading this article on Detroit by WSWS, they must now explain to its readers how Obama is both supporting the racist in Lansing and the Wall street house slave Orr, while at the same time supporting Black politics ????

WSWS Defends Racist Lansing

Good comments Cynical Negro.

WSWS takes a standard Left position. That African American concerns don't matter in the larger scheme of things  That we are to be foot soldiers and nothing more.The Left protects the left flank of the top 1% while the Tea Party protects the right flankof the top 1%.

Detriot has a vast history of racism againts African Americans.  In the Detroit race riots of the 1940's Whites attacked Blacks for seeking employment  and using public accomodations while WWII   was in progress.  This is a history that WSWS hopes that we don't know.  It seems to gall WSWS that some Blacks that oppose the emergency manager have better economic prospects than be their shoe shine boy or clean their toilets.  I have seen this attitude at work and I konw it when I see it!

Rev. Pickney has a list of cities, towns and school districs scheduled for emergeny manager in Michigan.  Some are in White areas.  The people of Michgan and the Great Lakes region must organize against the emergeny manager usurpation.  Its Facism, pure and simple.