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IFCO Tax Exemption Imperiled

The IRS is threatening to revoke the tax-exempt status of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, IFCO, the venerable anti-poverty and human rights group. The government is investigating IFCO’s aid to Palestinians in Gaza and its assistance to U.S. students that want to avail themselves of medical scholarships in Cuba. The web site of the pro-Israel Investigative Project on Terrorism accuses IFCO of links to Hamas. “To have the IRS utilize a blog to come after a 47-year old, faith-based, non-profit organization run by people of color since its inception, is an outrage and an insult,” said IFCO co-director Gail Walker.

Health Disparities Rooted in Racist Legacy

Racial income and wealth gaps lead to racial health disparities, said Brian Miller, executive director of United for a Fair Economy, UFE. “Vast economic disparities are still with us, and these disparities, coupled with racial segregation, create a toxic soup that is brewing up health problems and shortening people’s lives,” said Biller, at a press conference to debut UFE’s 2014 State of the Dream Report, “Healthcare for Whom? Enduring Racial Disparities.”

War on Poverty was Great Success

The War on Poverty accomplished many of its goals, according to Annelise Orleck, professor of history at Dartmouth University and co-editor of The War on Poverty: A Grassroots History, 1964 – 1980. President Lyndon Johnson’s community action programs made enemies. “It shook things up when poor people demanded representation in school boards and housing boards and welfare boards,” said Orleck. The War on Poverty was attacked “not because it failed, but because it succeeded.”

White Racism Undermined Anti-Poverty Effort

“White backlash” scuttled some War on Poverty programs, including job training for minorities in the skilled trades. White workers whose union hiring halls had “for decades hired their sons, their nephews” became Reagan Democrats, said Jill Quadango, professor of sociology at Florida State University and author of The Color of Welfare: How Racism Undermined the War on Poverty. White union members saw minority trainees as “a direct threat to their prerogative to choose who was hired.”


A new book reveals the identities of three people who broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, in 1971, and made off with files on the bureau’s COINTELPRO campaign against Blacks and the Left. Mumia Abu Jamal, America’s best-known political prisoner, recalled learning of the revelations, shortly after he left the Black Panther Party. “To read about people who you’ve known for years, who were FBI informants, was absolutely mindblowing,” Abu Jamal told Heidi Boghosian, executive director of the National Lawyers Guild and host of WBAI Radio’s Law and Disorder program.

Socialism Needed – Quickly

Capitalism “is utterly irrational, it’s out of control, and unless we democratically organize and plan this economy, they’re going to kill us, literally, through climate change,” said Michael Steven Smith, co-editor of Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA. The new book contains 31 essays by a wide range of Left activists and writers.

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Re:  Health DisparitiesBrian

Re:  Health Disparities

Brian Miller says he won't fall into the "ideologically pure" trap with regards to criticizing the Unaffordable Care Act.  There are times when taking an ideologically pure stance may be the only way to achieve one's goal.  This piecemeal addition of a few more people on to Medicare gets overshadowed by the tax dollars that should be going into Medicare but instead are being used to pad insurance company profits via subsidies for insurance premiums.  Many of these subsidies are all for naught as the low cost plans purchased come with high deductibles and the same restritctions on what is and isn't covered that many people experience with insurance.  In addition, what good is this insurance marketplace when some people are too poor to afford even the cheapest plan?  On top of all this, it has been a nightmare for many folks to even access the govt's website to enroll.  With Gates, Google, and Zuckerman as regular White House insiders and abetters, don't tell me that website couldn't have been running perfectly from day one.  These computer glitches are by design - to cause frustration which deters people from enrolling so their tax refunds can be taken from them when it's discovered they didn't sign up for the Furher's Flim Flam Scam.

And the kool-aid keeps flowing . . .

Jill Quadrango follows in Brian Miller's Obamacare lauding footsteps.  Obamacare is causing more financial distress for those already insured.  Many people are having their plan premiums double or triple meaning they will have find a cheaper (read: plan that covers less) plan.  Others are discovering they can't keep their doctors.  Those who are being added to Medicare may experience less services as tax dollars go to subsidize insurance preimiums for private plans instead of going into Medicare coffers.  Find one person who benefits from Obamacare and there's another one who is getting royally screwed.  It's a mess that won't serve anyone well in the end and these liberal cotton pickers on the Democratic plantation better wake up and stop disseminating the poison kool-aid.


For the past month I have been reading BAR daily. A lot of your old comments are missing, whats up with that?

When the editors were

When the editors were clearing out spam comments a few months back, they accidentally deleted many of my comments.  They notified me of this snafu.