Haitians in the Bahamas Harrassed, Hunted and Scapegoated

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Two centuries after the world's most successful slave rebellion Haitians are still being punished, both in their own country and in the nations to which they emigrate.  In the Bahamas, Professor alex Morely explains, Haitians are an underclass, over-policed, over-exploited, underpaid and under surveillance.  The Bahamian ruling elite have learned to blame Haitians like Lou Dobbs blames Mexicans.

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Mexico and Haiti

In Mexico there's an expression: 
Pobre de Mexico:  Tan lejos de dios y tan cerca de los Estados Unidos. 
(Poor Mexico:  So far from god and so close to the United States.)
Haitians can say the same--in patois.
It was Pat Robertson who made a deal with the devil.  In exchange for the ability to separate the gullible and ignorant from their money, Mr. Robertson surrendered his cerebrum.