God’s Body, God’s Plan: The Komen Foundation Furor and Abortion as Black/Latino “Genocide”


by Sikivu Hutchinson

Money and religion make strange bedfellows. The most right-wing forces in U.S. politics have cultivated Black and Latino allies to label abortion rights advocates as nothing less than enemies of God. Yet, “It is precisely because of right wing opposition to universal health care coverage that Black, Latina, Asian, and Native American women are more likely to rely on the wraparound health care services that Planned Parenthood provides.”


God’s Body, God’s Plan: The Komen Foundation Furor and Abortion as Black/Latino “Genocide”

by Sikivu Hutchinson

Black and Latino fundamentalist anti-abortion groups have vigorously aligned themselves with the white Religious Right in the battle to take down family planning.”

This is God’s body, the girl says. She is one of a group of middle school students participating in a youth workshop on misogynist images in media. The subject has turned to abortion, and her peers nod vigorously in agreement. Imani Moses, a high school senior who is facilitating the workshop as a Women’s Leadership Project student, challenges her to examine her position—“does God sleep, eat, live in and control ‘this body’ 24/7?” She asks, pointing to her own body. “No, this is my body, and I control it.” A ripple of unease goes through the room, as the girls chew on Imani’s defiance. Making the leap from God to self-determination is blasphemous for some. Yet, the persistence of these beliefs underscores the special peril the current fight over abortion rights poses for women of color.

Over the past several years, Black and Latino fundamentalist anti-abortion groups have vigorously aligned themselves with the white Religious Right in the battle to take down family planning. Indeed, the recent furor over the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to withdraw funding for Planned Parenthood highlighted the role of Eve Sanchez Silver, founder of a little known group called the International Coalition of Color for Life. According to the Los Angeles Times, Sanchez Silver, a former medical research analyst for and charter member of the Komen Foundation, has been a leading advocate against Planned Parenthood within Komen.

Twenty-first century women’s liberation demands that women of color have safe, legal, and unrestricted access to abortion.”

The International Coalition of Color for Life frames its mission as “protecting minority life from birth to natural death.” Its website is chock full of shrill abortion-as-God’s-scourge propaganda. To bolster its claims that abortion is genocide images of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger are stamped with Nazi swastikas. Historically revisionist assessments of Planned Parenthood conveniently omit the connection many early 20th century progressive Black activists made between family planning, birth control, abortion, and black liberation. Tellingly, prominent Nazis like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Mary McLeod Bethune and Ida B. Wells supported Sanger’s controversial work with the Birth Control Federation of America. As African American historian Dorothy Roberts contends in her book Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction and the Meaning of Liberty, “Sanger (may have) adopted the eugenicists’ view of the dangers of racial deterioration…but she rejected their biological explanation for its cause…she held uncontrolled fertility responsible for bringing children into conditions of poverty and deprivation.” Roberts unpacks the nuances of Sanger’s views and policies, noting that “it appears that Sanger was motivated by a genuine concern to improve the health of the poor mothers she served rather than a desire to eliminate their stock.”

Groups like the International Coalition of Color want to keep women of color grossly misinformed and subservient.”

However, by using Sanger as a smokescreen to vilify abortion, anti-abortion foes of color are really savaging women’s right to agency. Twenty-first century women’s liberation demands that women of color have safe, legal, and unrestricted access to abortion. As reproductive justice organizations like Sister Song have made abundantly clear, contemporary women of color are not serviceable wombs for the agenda of patriarchy, the state or organized religion. It is precisely because of right wing opposition to universal health care coverage that Black, Latina, Asian, and Native American women are more likely to rely on the wraparound health care services that Planned Parenthood provides. Yet, in chastising bad Black and Latino women about the genocidal evil of abortion, groups like the International Coalition of Color want to keep women of color grossly misinformed and subservient. In one especially fraudulent Power Point slide on the group’s website, Sanchez Silver claims that Komen’s “Pink Money Cycle” actually increases breast cancer in women because abortions cause breast cancer. This particular bit of right wing fantasy is just as reality-based as climate change denial. There is no scientific evidence that abortion causes breast cancer, nor is their medical research to back the pro-death anti-abortion lobby’s persistent claim that induced abortion (rather than spontaneous abortion, i.e., miscarriage, or “God’s” preferred form of abortion) is more likely to lead to death.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has refuted the claim that abortion increases a woman’s breast cancer risk. According to the NCI: “The relationship between induced and spontaneous abortion and breast cancer risk has been the subject of extensive research beginning in the late 1950s. Until the mid-1990s, the evidence was inconsistent. Findings from some studies suggested there was no increase in risk of breast cancer among women who had had an abortion, while findings from other studies suggested there was an increased risk. Most of these studies, however, were flawed in a number of ways that can lead to unreliable results. Only a small number of women were included in many of these studies, and for most, the data were collected only after breast cancer had been diagnosed, and women’s histories of miscarriage and abortion were based on their “self-report” rather than on their medical records. Since then, better-designed studies have been conducted. These newer studies examined large numbers of women, collected data before breast cancer was found, and gathered medical history information from medical records rather than simply from self-reports, thereby generating more reliable findings. The newer studies consistently showed no association between induced and spontaneous abortions and breast cancer risk.”

There is no scientific evidence that abortion causes breast cancer.”

The fact remains that more women die during childbirth than they do from abortions. However, in the words of GOP patron saint Ronald Reagan, facts continue to be “stupid things” for Christian fascists. Thus the website also boasts that carrying a baby to full term protects women from developing breast cancer. Evidently if girls and women want to protect themselves from getting breast cancer later in life continuing a pregnancy by rape and/or incest is a viable immunizer.

Significantly, the Coalition of Color preaches a hellfire and damnation theme that is carefully crafted to exploit the cultural anxieties of “superstitious” people of color. Pregnant women who might be searching for reality-based options and resources for unwanted pregnancies are exhorted to just believe that God has a plan. The site claims that, “If you are a Bible-believing Christian yet you don’t believe that God can and will take care of you and your baby, His gift to you, then you are calling him a liar.” Bulging numbers of African American foster care and homeless youth are apparently the result of the unwillingness of apostate black women to cling blindly to faith in God’s plan. In California Black youth represent nearly 30% of the foster care population, 50% of the homeless population and 30% of those incarcerated in juvenile facilities. Yet Religious Right charlatans that preach an anti-government mantra are vociferously opposed to progressive health care, birth control, foster care and school discipline policies, as well as to repealing racist sentencing laws and prisoner reentry policies. Is the Coalition of Color willing to accept responsibility for the scores of poor children of women of insufficient faith? Or what about those holy rollers who trusted in God’s plan but can’t quite accept that experiencing rape and incest is a gift? Black and Latina women live in hyper-religious communities that have disproportionately high rates of rape and sexual assault. Restricting abortion access is clearly part of God’s plan.

Early Black and Latino family planning and abortion rights advocates understood that reproductive justice was crucial to dismantling racism and white supremacy. Christian fascists of color want to revert to a medievalism that would enslave and dispossess Black and Latino families and children, pimping women of color as Old Testament sacrificial lambs.

Sikivu Hutchinson is the author of Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars and the forthcoming Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels.  


Liberal massa give anti-Black reproductive system drugs anyway

Unfortunately for you, these tough economic times are forcing these crackers to make no bones about their UN "Agenda 21" plans for us all. Apparently this womens "liberation" hustle is not working fast enough for them.


"Michigan is breeding poverty"



FEBRUARY 12, 2012 AT 6:47 PM


Since the national attention is on birth control, here's my idea: If we want to fight poverty, reduce violent crime and bring down our embarrassing drop-out rate, we should swap contraceptives for fluoride in Michigan's drinking water.

We've got a baby problem in Michigan. Too many babies are born to immature parents who don't have the skills to raise them, too many are delivered by poor women who can't afford them, and too many are fathered by sorry layabouts who spread their seed like dandelions and then wander away from the consequences.

Michigan's social problems and the huge costs attached to them won't recede until we embrace reproductive responsibility.

Last year, 43 percent of the babies born in Michigan were to single mothers. And even though Medicaid pays for birth control, half of the babies born here were to mothers on welfare. Eighteen percent were born to teenagers who already had at least one child. And nearly 1-in-5 new babies had mothers with no high school diploma.

In Michigan, poverty is as much a cultural problem as it is an economic one.

I spoke with an educator who is dealing with a single mother, mid-30s, with 12 children and a 13th on the way. The kids have an assortment of fathers with one thing in common — none married their mother. This woman's womb is a poverty factory.

It wouldn't matter if Michigan's economy were bursting with jobs, the woman and her children would still be poor.

Who's supporting these kids? If you're a taxpayer, you are. The roughly 45,000 children a year born onto the welfare rolls is a major reason Medicaid will consume 25 percent of next year's budget.

Those kids are more likely to grow up to be a strain on Corrections spending or welfare recipients themselves. And they'll drain money from the schools and universities that could help break this cycle.

In the 1990s, Michigan considered penalizing women who had more babies while on welfare, but pro-life groups killed the idea out of fear it would lead to more abortions.

Now, says state Human Services Director Maura Corrigan, the state is trying other measures, including attacking school truancy and the new four-year limit on welfare benefits, which she says is already increasing participation in work training programs.

"We are trying to get at generational poverty," she says. "We're studying positive incentives to change."

But she says the cultural breakdown is a strong tide to row against.

"We're watching marriage move from being part of the social fabric to being merely optional," says Corrigan, who devotes her personal time to working with disadvantaged children. "The kids I mentor don't know people who are married."

They do know people whose irresponsible behavior is being subsidized by their neighbors.

And as long as the taxpayers of Michigan keep paying for them, those babies will keep on coming.

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I say forget about Margaret Sanger for now. TODAY, we have scientific dictators in the DemonRATic administration who are pushing the same type of ideology displayed above^

The Elite's Plan for Global Extermination Exposed by Dr. Webster Tarpley 1/4


Part 2/4


Also Google "Agenda 21" or "Bill Gates Agenda 21" or "Bill Gates vaccines population" or "GMO population" or "Henry Kissinger National Security Study Memorandum 200"




Sometimes It Pays to Double Check... RE: Dorothy Roberts Book

The Author refers to Dorothy Roberts book 'Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction and the Meaning of Liberty,' to justify giving Sanger's Eugencist tendencies a pass, even implying that MLK, Malcolm X [the 1st time I've heard this one before] & Mary McLeod Bethune [also haven't heard that one before] supported Sanger's birth-control initiatives for Black People [IE: her 'Negro Project']. Well here's what Amazon.com says is the main thrust of Sis Roberts book: } 'Roberts, a law professor at Rutgers University, makes a no-holds-barred response to both the liberal and conservative retreat from an assertive, activist, and socially transformative civil rights agenda of recent years--using a Black feminist lens and the issue of the impact of recent legislation, social policy, and welfare "reform" on {poor}Black women's- control over their bodies' autonomy and their freedom to bear and raise children with respect and dignity in a society whose white mainstream is determined to demonize, even criminalize their lives. By using history of American law--beginning with slavery-- regarding the issue of state interference with the Black woman's body, the author explosively and effectively makes the case for the legal redress to the racist implications of current policy with regards to 1) access to and coercive dispensing of birth control to poor Black women 2) the criminalization of parenting by poor Black women  3) the stigmatization and devaluation of poor Black mothers under the new welfare provisions... ' - "African American women have been engaged from the start in an ongoing fight to gain control of their reproductive choice. First, in days of American slavery, from being controlled by white "masters" who forced slaves to produce children to work for them, and now, from government "solutions" to African American child-bearing like the distribution of the long-term contraceptive Norplant in African American communities... Abortion should not be the sole issue of a truly progressive reproductive rights movement because coercive sterilization and contraceptive programs are also painful incidents in black women's reproductive history. Roberts also takes the mainstream feminist movement to task for failing to oppose recent 'welfare reform victories' [Ole Slick Willie at work in bi-partisanship w Newt Grinch-witch] because of the destruction such punitative measures have on Black communities. Although most recipients were and continue to be white, policy debates were flooded with inferred images of the Black "welfare queen" to foster and exacerbate racial and class tensions..." - {

Four categories of criminal acts cited in the 1951 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide include, not just the physical killing of members of “national, ethnical, racial or religious” groups, but also the infliction of serious harm to members of the group; imposition of conditions of life that are calculated to bring about destruction of the group- in whole or in part, or measures intended to prevent births among the group.

So lets add this all up: PPFA's founding 'mother' Margret Sanger was an avowed Eugenicist [if not out right racist] who instituted a 'Negro' Project [How does one reconcile this assertion “It appears that Sanger was motivated by a genuine concern to improve the health of the poor mothers she served rather than a desire to eliminate their stock.” w this Sanger quote- "Programs that provide "medical and nursing facilities to ‘slum mothers’ are insidiously injurious,… {Because} they facilitate the function of maternity {for ‘slum mothers’} when the absolute necessity is to discourage it" Margret Sanger’s ‘The Pivot of Civilization’  chapter "The Cruelty of Charity." pgs 114 -115 1st Ed 1922.] 75% of PPFA centers are in/near Black & Brown neighborhoods even though both together = only 29% of US' population ["Our birth control clinics all over the country are doing their utmost to reach the 'lower strata' [IE: minorities] of our population. . ." Margret Sanger’s March 1939 Letter to Frank Boudreau, of the Milbank Memorial Fund]. Results: Black & Brown abortions = 60% of the total [even though they both together = only 29% of the US' population]. 52% -56% of all Black pregnancies & 29 - 33% of all Hispanc pregnancies are terminated in abortion- while only 9% of white pregnancies terminate in abortion. HUMM- If the subject were 'Stop & Frisk' instead of so-called 'Freedom of Choice' [a term popularized by non-other than Ole Slick Willie by the way]- IMO: We'd call this a clear-cut case of Racial Profiling!!!

About 1 yr ago this author wrote a piece which made the hyberbolic claim that the Repugs move to cut Gov't funding of PPFA = RAPE of women [especially Black & Brown Women]. Here the author suggests the claim of Genocide vis-a-vis Black & Brown abortions & PPFA is Hyperbolic. But if one looks at what Sis Dorothy Roberts documents, the 1951 UN definition of Genocide & Black & Brown abortion stats vs locations of most PPFA clinics - IMO - the term Genocide is not hyperbolic at all!


From the above article: } 'Or what about those holy rollers who trusted in God’s plan but can’t quite accept that experiencing rape and incest is a gift? Black and Latina women live in hyper-religious communities that have disproportionately high rates of rape and sexual assault. Restricting abortion access is clearly part of God’s plan.' {

First of all only the most extremist elements on this topic insist on NO exemptions & exceptions in the case of rape & incestial rape - thus IMO: this is something of a red-herring. 2nd-ly Apparently its not sufficient for the author to attack the Black Church- even though, despite its short-comings & many valid criticisms- has certainly contributed far more to the Black freedom struggle & Black Community than PPFA [PS: The most 'religious' church goers in the Black Community are none other than Black Women! {A Fact quite evident at Whitney Houston's Funeral service this past Sat]. BUT- This statement IMO: is a thinnly veiled attack on Black & Brown men [Black & Brown men are disproportionally {compared to white men?} incest molesting rapists IE: back to the 'Precious' slander]- w NO data to back it up. SO-Who bennefits from pitting Black & Brown women vs Black & Brown men??!!

old birthday woman says thx & why AB must be legal & available

Hi  Miss beverly,

     Thanks, and hellol  If I make it, as some  people I know say, I will be 18 for the second time on Feb. 29th.  I have history, including abortion in 1965, married, unplanned pregnancy due contraception failure: I didn't want to have a child in the southern city in which I lived.  I went there from NYC with  spouse for his community organizing job and then, I,too was  doing civil rights work.  I worked pt time for a civil rights law office: LCDC, Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee, 1965-67.

      I came back to add  why abortion (called AB back then) must be legal and available - my AB story:

       The local doctor would not give me an abortion nor suggest anyone in the southern city.  Decision made to drive up to NYC.  My husband's partner from work had a better car, so we drove in his car.  In Atlanta, a gas station attendant put sugar in the gas tank when he saw a "mixed race" car.  We had car breakdown, stayed at friend of friend's house in Atlanta, borrowed money to fly to NYC. I didn't know any doctor in NYC who would do an abortion. For those who do not know the history: Contraception was legal in NYC, but abortion was not.   In NYC, I had an AB on a kitchen table, at a friend's home, done by a nurse.  It was a method, I later learned, that was dangerous.  It was a catheter tube inserted into the cervix, which is the opening to the uterus. 

     This method was to induce labor.  Unknowingly, I was in danger - if an air bubble went thru the tube into the uterus, it would cause the woman's death.  It did for some women.  I had symptoms.  I thought I had miscarried.  Long drive back to southern city.  Checked by doctor.  Still pregnant.  The doctor hadn't told me the fetus was very undersized and would probably have terminated.  He'd said nothing until I started bleeding heavier.  I decided that anything that wanted to stay alive that bad, I'd give it a chance.  I took wildly expensive pills to stop what was going on.  Doctor said I had to stay in the house for up to 2 weeks.  Why? I asked.  So you don't bleed to death outside, he said.  I started to bleed. Went to hospital.  Was put into a room with a mother with a newborn, possible nastiness by doctor/hospital?

Had very painful labor; it was 4 1/2 months into the pregnancy.  Happy ending to story: I chose to have a child after we were back in NYC.  Legal abortion is safe abortion. Every woman has the right to choose and have available abortion.   Wire hangers for AB are over, I hope.

"Its my body."

Biology 101

At the moment of conception, an entirely unique human genetic code is present. It is in no shape, form, or way a part of the mother's body, it is simply residing within it.

Not to be associated with the white right, but whether we agree with abortion or not, let's start stripping the abortion issue of white liberal semantics and tricknowledgy.

"Emergency Contraceptives" goes back to its old name: Black Birth Control Pills or Anti-Black Reproductive System Pills.

"Reproductive health care" goes back to Black ABORTion if Planned Parenthood doesn't provide adoption referral services, weekly sonograms, weekly blood test, weekly psychiatrist visits, and weekly parenthood & Lamaze classes.

The words: "Breast Cancer Screenings," goes to MAMMOGRAMS.

Planned Black Population Control (Planned Parenthood) has over $1 billion in assets, over 329,455 abortions last year. How many mammograms did Planned Black Population Control ("Planned Parenthood") do?


When one hears the term, “breast screening” or “breast cancer screening”, one tends to envision a mammogram.

Instead, Planned Black Population Control screenings are a feel around the breast with the hand, checking for detectable lumps. So, yes, if a lump is detected, and if the lump is cancerous, that could be lifesaving.

But if no lump is detected, is the woman given a referral for a mammogram???

The actual mammogram is important, because mammograms cost money, and Obama wants to ration those mammograms as much as possible. Unless of course if you're able to come out of your own pocket for certain medications and extra medical services.

By funding Planned Black Population Control, Komen funded the abortions that lead to increased risk of breast cancer, the distribution of "oral contraceptives" I.e. Black Population Control pills, which are well known to cause breast cancer, and the lie that women were receiving mammograms.

The DemonicRATS also want to sell over the counter "emergency contraceptives" I.e. anti-Black reproduction system pills to 12 years old girls.

The right-wing anti-abortion movement is stupid. The way to fight Planned "Parenthood" is to expand Planned "Parenthood" into a huge, expensive, bureaucratic nightmare for Obama and Wall street, that includes REAL reproductive health care.

If Planned "Parenthood" isn't a covert Black population control operation funded by Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Bill Gates' father, and ran by Margaret Sanger and Bill Gates' father, then they should welcome this expansion. But anti-abortion movement is made of reactionaries who don't believe in "big guberment."


I agree 100% with Afric-I on this one. This "debate" has always been skewed and poisoned by the fact that the two genders face different consequences from having sex and that, men have more political and economic power than women do.

Most men talk a good game when it comes to how women should deal with issues such as sexuality, birth control, and child rearing because at the end of the day, men cannot get pregnant, and they can always walk away. Modern capitalism demands constant expansion, yet its dynamics actually discourage the creation of families and the proper nurturing of children and not just for poor people. Abortion is not the primary reason for declining birth rates in the West.

I don't believe for a second that America, given its ugly history, is suddenly concerned about the well being of Black families. Because this society has always seen Black people as either a commodity or as a problem to be controlled, all of its "solutions" remain wedded to that thinking. 

Here's the problem with female supremacism

Whether its practiced by females or males (lol)

It hasn't worked for today's Black matriarchal society.

It was set up by the illuminati to fragment the Black family structure/unit, while at the same time keeping their own blue bloodlines intact. And we're seeing their grand strategy play out right here.

I just posted up an article with these mofo's openly talking about putting shit IN OUR WATER! Unbelievable!

You would think that us knowing about people openly talking about causing Black women AND Black men bodily harm would provoke a united front against the white power structure, but nooooooo. The female supremacist come out focused like a laser beam on kicking the Black man while he's down.

The "more modern, feminist viewpoint" is the old feminist viewpoint, which is the kissing of white liberal buttocks, the relentless attack on the Black male in order to fragment the Black family unit & Black church, while at the same time promoting a phony Black mammy/liberal white female slave-massa "alliance." (The Movie "The Help"?)

While some gullible Black female supremacist were flattered by this promotion of a Black mammy/Liberal white female "sisterhood" the liberal illuminati blue bloods with the cooperation of their Black Freemasonic lackey's & Black affirmative action over-class, were plotting to reduce our numbers.


"The issue of western main-stream 'feminism' vis-a-vis the Black family in general & Black Women in particular- IE:  Main-stream Feminist Icon Ms Gloria Steinem's suspect comments relative to the Obama vs Billary in the 2008 Dim primary race, or Steinem's  role as chief editor for 'Ms Magazine' to push 'The Color Purple' [pushed Black lesbianism by depicting nearly all Black Men as abusive thugs]' & “Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman” [attacked Black Nationalism by equating it w so-called Black 'Macho-istic Patriarchy'], let alone info regarding Ms Steinem's Alleged CIA connections."

Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society


Along with looking into Margaret Sanger and Ms. Steinem's background and their financial backing, let's take a look at some "Freudian slips"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

"Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion. Which some people felt would risk coercing women into having abortions when they didn’t really want them. But when the court decided McRae, the case came out the other way. And then I realized that my perception of it had been altogether wrong."


There's also a popular book and documentary called "Freakonomics" that argues that crime has gone down nationwide, not because of police state measures and Black mass incarceration, but because of Roe v Wade!


The Devil does not believe that the answer to the problem of big budget deficits, over-taxation (of the rich), crime and illegitimacy IS EDUCATION, economic equality, and the waging of a real drug war that ends the illuminati's international drug trade & money laundering operation (that lands mostly colored people in illuminati owned prison/gulag's).

The Devil believes that the solution to all this is the prevention of Black PRO-CREATION!

It's no secret that the UN and other "philanthropic" organizations were set up, funded, and are manipulated by billionaires of European descent. Many of these "aide" agencies are used as fronts for nefarious activity by NATO intelligence in the third world.

China has a one child policy, and China's policy in the area of EUGENICS and POPULATION CONTROL has been rewarded by these same organizations many times over.

Margaret Sanger, of the American BIRTH CONTROL League, was backed by Rockefeller foundation and Carnegie corporation money. When they felt that their links to Nazi Germany were beginning to be known, they changed their names from the American BIRTH CONTROL League, and EUGENICS League etc., to PLANNED "PARENTHOOD"!

Sorry for pointing out some ugly truths. I know it hurts. I know you think white liberals care about you. I know its hard to know that everyone hates Black people and all we got is us and family.

on the dehumanization ed. for girls

Bottom line: Planned "Parenthood" was first meant to be the ASPCA for Black women, period! Before (and after) that, they were talking about FORCING YOU to have abortions and be sterilized.

Regardless of the merits of birth control, let's stop pretending as if it was set up by caring white liberals.

As to the massive dehumanization ed. for girls... Although there has been some gains in the effort to turn Black women into complete unfeeling barbarians, I think its failed in some measure do to the barbaric nature of the abortion process itself:

[Warning Graphic] http://abortionno.org/

I know the illuminati feminist will blame this on Christian/Islamic/male upbringing, but no amount of brain washing could stop some to most females from feeling like something is not quite right about this:


God is not in a book, it is in your essence! That is why the illuminati must attack religion and any other obstacle in the way that makes people feel like something just ain't right about something. As Belafonte says: "Obama lacks a moral compass."

Back Alley Abortions

Harry Belafonte is Pro-Choice. Also, what about the people black women who died during back alley abortions before Roe vs Wade.

1st: We're 40Yrs Post Roe v Wade So What's the Point....

We're 40yrs post Roe v Wade so why bring up pre-Roe v Wade conditions???

BUT- Since you DID bring up the subject- Margret Sanger's PPFA clinics were well established certainly by the 1920s & her 'Negro Project' by the 1930s. Pre-Roe v Wade, If dangerous back-alley abortions were such a problem for Black, Brown & poor women & if Sanger's & PPFA's intentions were so 'pure & noble' on this matter- why didn't they facilitate low-cost / NO -Cost safe abortions for these women [or pay for them out of PPFA's budget]- likened unto what affluent white women had access to the whole time [If the issue was really about providing access to safe abortions & NOT about - GETTING PAID-$$$ for the abortion & birth-control BIZ?]??? Are there any cases where PPFA did such work?? - They sure don't claim so on their web-site! IMO: Either the whole issue of dangerous 'back-alley' abortions was / has been either over-hyped -or- PPFA & other pre-Roe v Wade abortion proponents used the issue to push their Poly-trickal agenda - which was to legalize abortion via Roe v Wade!!! In other words they didn't really give a DAMN about the safety of poor Black, Brown & poor women exposed to dangerous abortions- they just used it as a talking-point to push for Roe v Wade!!!!