Glen Ford Answers Michael Eric Dyson On Obama; "Embracing Blackness" is Not the Problem

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Contrary to what confused intellectuals like Dr. Michael Eric Dyson would have us believe, the president's unwillingness to "embrace blackness" is hardly the issue. In fact, Dyson gives the president an A for his handling of foreign and domestic affairs, as if "black affairs" are somehow in their own separate ghettoized world, apart and separate from war, peace, employment or who pays the bills.


say what!

Glenn Ford is your article seriuos.  Michael Eric Dyson is addressing  Obama and the black community and you have  issue with.  that. Huh!.

Glenn is correct...

Eric Dyson's discussion of anything should be subjected to serious thought and scrutiny. The idea that Dyson can do or say no wrong is based on his useless and incoherent speechifying which is taught in the so-called Ivy League Schools. Mastery of the English language is not a sign of intelligence or ability to think critically. Glenn makes it clear that Dyson has bought into Obama's lie that people of African descent don not have problems that are unique to them. What kind of black man/woman can utter such nonsense? What kind of black man/woman can believe such drivel?
These phony progressives like Dyson should be exposed for what they are - opportunists who pose as leaders in order to advance their careers in corporate America while crying with the rest of the oppressed and marginalised in this society as if we don't have enough tears of our own to shed. Like all opportunists and sell-outs, they want to hunt with the hounds and run with the hares/rabbits! Dyson gives Obama an A for his domestic policies!. The jails of this country are overcrowded with black men and women for the crime of not being descendants of European slave-owners, rapists and barbarians. Black people receive inadequate health care for the same reason.  Most black people have to fight over the crumbs that fall from the masters' tables and always come up short because the likes of Dyson are always pushing their way to the front of the line.
Dyson gives Obama another A for his reactionary and Eurocentric foreign policy! I suspect that he received the grade for the cold-blooded murder of the Somalian patriots who are defending the food that is their birthright in the very neighborhood Obama's father cut his teeth! Obama is scheduled to meet with Tsvangirai - he of dubious character, and at the employ of foreign interests hell-bent on starving the people of Zimbabwe for, once more, the wealth and land they stole from no one! His appointee at the UN, Susan Rice, can't wait to show-off her credentials as a true servant of US hegemony and imperialism by orchestrating some attack on a weak African country to boost her bosse's image of a tough, patriotic and brutal murderer. To Dyson, the plunder of African resources and the murder of African people deserves an A. Yet Dyson is supposed to be intelligent and proud of who he is!. Who's fooling who?

Stay Focused my Brother

My brother you were making sense until you started defending the Somali pirates.These men are not heroes in fact they are hated by average Somalis Muslim and non Muslim.They take the money and spend it on luxuries,women,guns and pleasure.Now you put your credibility on the like defending this?If we want answers then we have to ask the right questions.Truth trumps all.We have a problem among our African people and it has nothing to do with the White man anymore.It is traitors who are selling Africa out from within.Leaders exploit the land and people for selfish reasons and we say nothing.Those of us who are true Africanist know what we need to do and it is not waiting for Obama.Let him do his job and we do ours.Complaining about Obama is a waiste of time.

We ain't brothers!

We have nothing in common. We can't be brothers! The pirates are the scavengers who fish in Somali waters and take the fish for consumption by their elite in foreign countries. The three African brothers were killed by snipers on orders given by your Obama. Obama represents the rot that is US imperialism which exploits the wealth of all countries in Africa, yet you want to lecture me  about the white man having nothing to do with the problems they created when they came and stole our people, took them away, enslaved them, raped them, brutalized them and continue to subjugate them to inferior education, workplace exploitation while feeding them "benign neglect" which has been perfected beyond expectations by your Obama!
Our problems were created by your beloved white men who came and colonised our countries, subjugated us, stole our wealth, raped our mothers and sisters under the cloak of religion. South Africa where I come from is still controlled by the white man, for the white man, like most African countries South of the Sahara, yet you want me to turn a blind eye and blame people who have no power and control of not only their destiny and dignity, but of their natural and financial resources. Are you kidding me? Let's say your fabrications were true that the Somalis are hated by their own people, that they spend the tariffs on only themselves, how does that absolve the foreign ships that violate East African territorial waters thousands of miles form their countries? Why should that excuse the plunder and bullying by foreign merchants of death and destruction? Who should protect the integrity of Somali  borders? Who should protect the resources of Somalia if not Somalis themselves?
You have the nerve to call yourself a true Africanist when you hate yourself but love your masters! You stand for the perpetuation of colonialism in places like Zimbabwe where western imperialism and fascism have wreaked havoc with the economy because Mugabe will not sell his country and resources to the highest bidder like your fellow pseudo-Africanist, the traitor extraordinaire, Morgan Tsvangirai, and still consider your reactionary and backward ideas what we need. Do you even know who you used to be? I know you were not born a turncoat and sell-out. You read too much western and US propaganda. Your sources of information are the VOA, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post and Times and CNN. I don't even believe that you are an African. Even if you were, that would not make me your brother! Seek and ye shall find your brothers among the millions who have the audacity to hope that Obama is their messiah and will, one day, come through and with his magic wand, deliver them from evil, Amen!

You sound like the White man

Brother you seem to have the same behavior pattens of the racist colonialist but in a brown face.You said nothing about the situation in Dafur,Rwanda,or the recent genocide against fellow Africans by Black South Africans.That is okay to you because I know your type you are trying to mask your own self hate with a phoney idea of what pro black is.Brother you are way off.The first rule of any existence is self preservation and survival.Somali pirates also kill Africans when they catch them but negotiate other people.Somali's consider themselves Arabs and join the jingoistic Arab Jihadi movement.The African nationalist in East Africa are their worst enemy.Somalia reject Africa embraces Arabia.Obama did the right thing in killing those traitor scum I only wish he killed more.

You don't get it....

I'm not your brother!. You rejoice at the murder of Africans by Obama, call them scum and then recite all this bs. you hear from reactionary elements in this country!. I can't make sense of your incoherent diatribe. Your white heroes are the pirates who kill Somali kids for protecting their country's sovereignty. This is about Obama and Dyson, moron.
This has nothing to do with Darfur or Rwanda. Africans in South Africa committed genocide, according to your twisted logic. I don't think you know what genocide is. You have no clue what is happening in South Africa or in the entire continent. You just put a couple of sentences together and think that translates to having knowledge of the struggles of African people.  Methinks you are a mercenary who consumed gallons of the Kool-Aid brewed by Obama....

Time to break your fake zeal

Mzimhulu My brother I am going to break down what is your problem and the problem with Africans today.I see your type every day.While you are here in America cursing this country you over stay your visa just so you wont go back to the hellhole you are from.You are in the clubs every night chasing Russian,Asian and American girls but feel rejected when they don't want you.You completely excused all of the blood on Mugabe's hand and you called him a hero.He has not been a hero since 1980.You are Africa's problem you are the reason there is self hate in the Black race and no one takes us serious.You are the traitor who call Somali's Africans when they refuse to.Barack Obama is the President of the US if you dont like it then show me one African country where you can live better?Obama got a beautiful African American wife and children where is your success?Oh I get it you are planning to join the Somali's and hijack a ship then you will get paid.It is scum like you that is a burden to good Africans working hard to build the continent.As long as we have selfish criminals,thugs,and illierate fools like you Africa will never rise.You dont want to be brothers because you hate yourself and you hate me.You keep blaming the White man while Africa dies.If you cared about Africa then you would put down the beer pick up a science,math,or engineering book and get on a plane and go back home.Sitting here talking about Obama when 99% of Black people love him and back him 99% of the time is silly.And also dont think about joining a terrorist cell with your Arab jihadi buddies the African Nationalist are with  Obama to crush you.Obama just gave starving Zimbabwe 70million US tax payer money.How much does the African Union give to poor African countries?

Thank you for the video

Volto my friend thank you for helping me bring sanity to this blog.It seems there are people who cant distinguish a Pan Africanist hero from a anti western anti this anti that hater.There are some who in their drive to hate the white man have taken themselves down the road to crime,hatred,sin,murder ect.The Somali pirate situation is an embarrassment to proud Somali's everywhere.Thank you for helping me spread the truth.


Mzimkhulu, your venom is shocking! Absolutely uncalled for. Anyone who has a different opinion gets flamed and worse, insulted!
Actually, you have just made a total spectacle of yourself. The more you say, the more obvious your prejudice and ignorance.
Tell us a little more on how you are assisting your brothers and sisters, how you are a valuable member of your community, how you are equipping the next generation to cope in this fantastic, high-tech, globalized planet we call earth.... 
Could be interesting to observe your contribution and solution....

Michael Eric Dyson

Right on Glen, I admire your willingness  and courage to confront these very popular but often misquided intellectuals.  I understand exactly what you are saying.  Actually Obama has not embraced blackness, if his policies are increasingly anti-black.  Yes, Dyson is confused and his contradictions are transparent.

Democracy be dambed....and i do mean Up!

RIGHT ON Mr. Ford,
very well delivered and those numbers should makeeyes pop out instead of glazing  over. And yet many remain asleep.
I enjoyed your refutation of the dupilicity that inhabits the minds of the something less thancritical thinking of pop culture Intellectuals.And i wonder if they are at all aware of their careless, intellectual dishonesty... being so wrapped up in the Emporers new clothes an' all. And by virtue of Obama's inability to embrace Blackness (by that I assume you mean issues thatof grave political concern for African Americans) he does quite a judicious job of knickni' Democracy to the curb.

Michael (The Nutty Rapping Professor) Dyson

I listened to Dyson's radio show a few times last week and there were moments on each show he had me thinking he was really on point about certain people and issues but then I would end up dismissing everything he said and laughing at him stringing together several 'Big' words in one breath while critiqing sumpin' or someone in the news. Hilarious! I always sensed that Dyson trys to sound more intelligent and/or 'down" than his guests are.

Get rid of both of the phony posers

Micheal E Dyson drew the Kala Nation wrath two years ago when he sided with the so called degenerate rappers against Bill Cosby.Kalagenesis post Revenge of the Nerds.Dyson is someone who writes books about black people and he is clueless to what the real struggle is.He thought ghettoizing black intelligencia would go un noticed by the black masses.He said on national television that it is acceptable to use the N word among ourselves as it was a term of endearment.This madness and ignorance is now called hip hop pylosophy taught in college.Yes forget Pan Africanism,engineering,science,math the most important person is Micheal E Dyson defending hip hop and the deviants that produce it over all other things.Now he wonders why he has no credibility in speaking about Obama.No one I know ever thought Obama was going to solve all of our problems,atleast no one I know who is educated.1000 years and trillions of dollars could not solve the problem of people who are in captivity and hate themselves.

13 minutes of this is on WBAI-IN-EXILE

The video is clearer than the link's.
WBAI-IN-EXILE has video of Bernard White and others
speaking, same day, and place,  about the takeover at
WBAI 99.5FM, as well
as other programs.  New website.
  The number $12. (5?) trillion to
bankers that Glen Ford speaks of, is not one I'd
known, in total.   Amazing.

Keeping You Honest

I listened to Ford's reply to Dyson.  I was surprised that he framed his response using the $12.8 tillion that has been given to "banksters" as a way to undermine Dyson's political analysis and Obama's presidency.  The reason I was surprised is because Ford chose to quote statistics from a Bloomberg article published on March 31, 2009 (I believe that's the correct date).  Ford passionately emphasized how "huge" the amount is.  And I agree with him that it is a huge amount.
However, Ford took that amount out of context from the rest of the article.  Granted, Ford is not an economist.  And so he has to rely on people who are economists for his information.  But since he is not an economist, he cannot say that the $12.8 trillion was an excessive amount.  In fact, the authors of the article, Mark Pitmann and Bob Ivry, commended the Obama administration for taking the necessary steps to avoid an economic collapse.  Clearly, Pitmann and Ivry reached a different conclusion than that reached by Ford.  But seeing how Ford framed his response using a citation from Pitmann and Ivry's article, he should have mentioned the authors' approval of the $12.8 trillion.  By not doing so, Ford misled the listeners into believing that even Bloomberg disapproved of Obama's efforts when it does the exact opposite.
I understand how quoting from certain sources gives your argument more credibility.  But intentionally misconstruing facts presented in a source to prop up your own argument is dishonest journalism.  Well, it's at least biased journalism, which is no different from right-wing journalists who do that all the time.  In either case, it is essentially lying.
Further, Ford claims that the $12.8 trillion was disbursed under Obama's watch.  Although this is a minor mistake, this mistake is nonetheless representative of other mistakes and misquotes made by Ford.  According to the March 31, 2009, Bloomberg article, the $12.8 trillion was disbursed over the time span of 20 months.  Obama has been in office since January.  Ford's zeal to highlight Obama's shortcomings has caused him to present falsities as if they're facts. 
And since every discussion about Obama's administration should begin with mentioning the $12.8 trillion given to "banksters," I thought it might be helpful to put that amount into the context in whcih it was originally presented by economists rather than Ford's biased context. 

Kalagenesis, you cannot talk about racism and be xenophobic

I see your kind of confused, ignorant and yet full of hubris black people everyday.  You have so much venom and hate for other black people who may not be cut from the same cultural cloth as you.  It is ironic that you throw the oppressor's world at these brothers and sisters to validate yourself.  I am very sure you have never left the environs of your insular world.  I thought your Obama was the product of  the sexual escapade of a continental african. If you cannot handle the brother on the merits of his argument, cut out the cheap shots.  You are not better than any black person anywhere in the world. Even those who have to be trampled upon and dehumanized for you to feel a little better off because in your psyche the whiteman is superior.  Folks such as you are the kind Franz Fanon deconstructed in BLACK  FACE WHITE MASKS and concluded they were psychotic and their existential destiny was to be white.  You exhibit every characteristic of one who is malevolently oppressed. See a shrink. I think you are delusional about your self-worth.  There is so much that you don't know about the African continent.  The last time I checked the wealthiest black person on earth was a continental african from Nigeria. Not that it is any feat worth dwelling upon; however, for bozos such as you who think Africa is such a basket case and every african you see in America must be blessed he or she is here, it points to the contradictions of the African continent you will never know.  Do you really think the Ghettoes of Cabrini Green and many others that our black brothers and sisters live in are any better than the shanty towns in some african countries?  Think for a moment, black america only controls 2 percent of the wealth of the United States. I would not be so proud and full of hubris if I knew this fact.

What the hell are you talking about?

This blog is not any real Black agenda but a radical Anti American leftist blog.This blog does not care about Africa of African Americans.The African race is neither left nor right.Communist nor Capitalist.You talk about imperialism but with you limited education you cant understand these are European institutions and have nothing to do with African people.This so called black agenda report is nothing but a front for anti Obama anti American propaganda.If you hate this country leave it is very simple.Obama is no ones puppet but his wife.The Kala Nation is a Pan African group that believes in a borderless relationship with  people of African origin.This radical leftist junk serves no one except White hippie communist underachievers like youself who leach on the Black mans back and use the victim card to give yourself credibility.

Fanon: Do you really think

Do you really think the Ghettoes of Cabrini Green and many others that our black brothers and sisters live in are any better than the shanty towns in some African countries?
No, many of the ghettoes in America are far, far worse.  I can really only speak from what I've personally witnessed.  Having spent a number of years in Mali, West Africa, I can state that on some levels, poor people in Africa are better off than poor people in America.  The reason why is because communalism exists.  At least that's what I witnessed in cities across Mali, Morocco, and Ghana.  Whereas individualism has priority over communalism in America, it is the opposite across many African cities.  The one thing that is horrible in Africa is health care.  It doesn't exist.  People rely on traditional medicines which include things such as grigris.  But if you get sick or injured in a place like Mali, as opposed to Nigeria, you're going to be sweatin' bullets.  I love Africa.  But as far as getting an education, receiving decent health care, and having an opportunity to make some money...America is still the place to be.
One more interesting thing, when I was in Africa, I was amazed by the number of people seeking visas to come to America.  It seemed every other person I encountered, wanted to come to America.  Now, I've met very few Blacks in America who has a strong desire to go to Africa.  The way the countries are depicted has a lot to do with it.  But the difference of realities have a lot more.  African Americans go to Africa to visit for the most part.  Africans want to come to America to live, go to school, work, etc.  Thus, an African will sell the shirt off of his back to come to America.  But we won't even save $3,000 to go and visit Africa for a week.
Great site! 


Well, my own point was not to make a comparative analysis about Africa and the U.S. In the first place, Africa is a continent whereas the U.S is a country. This means Africa has varied developments. What may be said about Mali cannot be said about Gabon or even Ghana.  Education and healthcare in most African countries have deteriorated owing the the African misleadership prostration to diktats of the IMF/World Bank who subordinate every viable developmental goal to the that of Finance Capital. It is clear we are seeing the same policies here with Barack Obama.  The United States is one of the most advanced countries in the world whereas Africa is still struggling to come out of underdevelopment.  On the issue of Black America, it will be naive for anyone to assume the  high level of economic development of the U.S reflects logically on Black America. Katrina showed the whole world the untold story of a third world within a so called first world.  From life expectancy to quality literacy rates, Black America is woefully behind.  Yes, there are the highly educated black technocrats who are marketed to make it seem it is the same at the bottom. Yes, in Africa too, there are highly educated Africans and very wealthy ones who are so detached from the realities of the most of the people.  The fact is the developmental patterns of diasporan blacks in America and those in many of the third world are very much similar with a few elites on the top while the majority suffer.  The U.S may offer vast opportunities for education; however, the quality of the education offered its poor and minority groups are worse than what some still get in Africa.  It is often laughable to encounter a graduate from an american institution fidget with geography, math and even English.  For continental Africans, education in the United States may not offer too much as it is geared towards producing people who propagate eurocentric solutions to the many problems that derive from the colonial situation. Often the education engenders detachment of the educated from the suffering masses.  It is calculated that the untapped wealth of the Congo alone is about $10 Trillion.  Yet, the Congo has some of the poorest living people in the world at the same time its elites have villas in Europe in addition to the billions of dollars stashed in swiss accounts.  This is the contradiction about Africa one needs to understand before making sweeping statements about the continent based only on negative portrayal on western TV.  About most Africans wanting to come to America, I say what do you expect?  While the IMF and World Bank policies are siphoning away resources to the west, it is logical for these people to think of alternatives.  It is an unfortunate fact that many are disappointed about the untold realities of life in the western world.  The African elites on the other laugh at the prospect of others wanting to move to the western world. I hope you can understand why.  They live like Kings and Queens while selling out the future of their people to the Banksters. It is sad this same trend is now showing its head in the black communities of America.  The black elites here are sell-outs too.


100% on point.Kala Nation co sign!


100% on point.Kala Nation co sign!

The black misleadership class

The black misleadership class seems not to know how to create jobs or low income housing, or how to develop, to value, to stabilize communities where they are. Entry Level Resume. Regards,

Obama is losing now

what happens when obama fails cause thats the way he's headed. See the president's unwillingness to "embrace blackness" is hardly the issue.  it goes beyond right to the worst. can it go on this way?
We'll see when it all shakes out... Come on Pres O


The prevailing idea in American culture, perpetuated by the media, was that black features are less attractive or desirable than white features.

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