George Clooney: CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa


by Thomas C. Mountain

Movie superstar George Clooney has put his mass magnetism in service of “humanitarian” warfare. His job is to point in the other direction when his masters and their proxies commit crimes against humanity and world peace.


George Clooney: CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa
by Thomas C. Mountain

Clooney’s job is to divert attention from the real crimes being committed in the region by the USA’s Henchmen in East Africa.”

Holly-weirdo George “The Looney” Clooney has been one of the CIA/US State Department’s most high profile “volunteer” spokespersons for the Horn of Africa these past few years.

Clooney’s guru for the region is one John Pendergrast, the CIA’s plain clothes specialist for the Horn region and a protégé of Senior Director of US intelligence Gayle Smith (see “Guerilla Mistress to Obama Confidant; The Life and Crimes of Gayle Smith”) presently occupying an office next door to the allegedly “Black President” in the White House USA.

Pendergrast is using “The Looney” Clooney to push the latest phase of the “US Plan To Destabilize Sudan” realizing that the face of a Hollyweird movie star can sell “honesty and sincerity” a lot better than any media presstitute or politrickster.

So !Viola!, George’s face is splashed across television sets world wide bemoaning another “genocide” supposedly brewing in Sudan. Never mind that his whole “Save Dafur” campaign a few years back has been exposed as a fraud (see “Burying the Dafur Genocide Myth”) with over $100 million he helped raise to feed the starving in Dafur unaccounted for.

In 2011, while every day hundreds of South Sudanese children died from preventable water borne diseases and malnutrition, George “The Looney” Clooney chose to spend over $1 million buying satellite photos to “monitor” the South Sudanese Independence Referendum (see “Storm Clouds Over South Sudan”).

His whole “Save Dafur” campaign a few years back has been exposed as a fraud.”

As a “volunteer” spokesperson for Pax Americana in the Horn of Africa, George Clooney’s job is to divert attention from the real crimes being committed in the region by the USA’s Henchmen in East Africa, chief amongst them Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi.

The Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have both been expelled from most of southern Ethiopia during a drought and famine and George Clooney cries “murderer!” and points his finger at Sudan, which in the Dafur relief effort saw one of the biggest successes in the history of international aid.

For his “volunteer” efforts in helping cover up genocide in the Horn of Africa, intentional or not, George “The Looney” Clooney has qualified his name to be added to the ongoing Nuremberg Tribunal List of international criminals by engaging in, promoting or helping cover up crimes against humanity.

Thomas C. Mountain is the only independent western journalist in the Horn of Africa living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain at yahoo dot com.


Hollywood is Zionism's domain

Clooney is fronting for the Zionists who have design on Africa and all Muslim nations who stand up to them.  This is why the Zionists want to see the Sudan splintered.  Clooney puts a pretty face onto their supremacist aims.

As for Barr, it represents the complete collaspe of the Green Party by "left-wing" Zionism that started with the sabatoging of the 2004 Nader campaign by the likes of Medea Benjamin, Ted Glick, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn.

For more info see the following link ...

Re Bev_Would Things Been so Different w Gore in the White-House?

That's a good question Beverly- So many Dim apologist talking heads while demonizing Nader like to 'wet-dream' over how wonderful a 'hypothetical' Gore presidency would have been. Well [& I've said this before] sorry to pour cold water on their 'wet-dreams' BUT- They all seem to have conveniently forgot that hard-core AI-PAC Man / NeoCONer Joe Lieberman was Gore's running mate!!! -

So Assuming that the official 9-11 story has any validity [& Thats a Mighty BIG IF]- how about this scenario: First of all- Gore, as you've stated, was a corp Clinton Dim who would have almost certainly went marching off into Afghanistan in search of that 'Phantom Menace' Bin-Laden / Al-Qaeda [IE: the same damned Af-Pak trap]! - 2nd Scenario} On 9-11 Pres Gore gets taken out by an attack on Air-Force One -or- whatever that hit the Pentagon crashes into Gore's Oval Office instead. Thus Joe Lieberman would have been the post 9-11 POTUS! Would things really have been so much different under Lieberman than what occurred under Bush / Cheney??? Would he not have went after the Afghan Taliban, Saddam in Iraq, & even bomb-bomb-bombed Iran [in the words of Lieberman's GOOD-FRIEND JOHN {insane}McCAIN - who he backed vs Obama in 2008- Hell He would have likely picked McCain as HIS VP or Sec of Defense!] all in the name of the phony 'War on Terror'  & ‘Spreading Democracy’ - the same way Bush DID!!??     

That's an Interesting Article RE Liberal's Demonization of Nader

after the Bushite / NeoCONs hijacked the 2000 election in FL. But it wasn't just from Jewish sectors that demonized Nader- But also key members of the CBC [note this from Wikipedia on Nader's 2004 campaign: Nader attended a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus.  Nader argued that he would draw enough independents and Republicans away to weaken President George W. Bush. The caucus urged Nader to give up his presidential run, fearing that vote splitting would hurt John Kerry, the Democratic Party's nominee. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) called the upcoming election "a life or death matter" for the Caucus members' constituents {IE: pushed Kerry as Black's & Brown's 'Great White Hope'}. Nader accused Congressman Mel Watt of saying: "You're just another arrogant white man - telling us what we can do - it's all about your ego - another f--king arrogant white man {DUHH- like Kerry ain't a rich white guy}." Nader wrote the caucus chairman, Elijah Cummings, demanding an apology, but none was given...]

So CBC memeber Mel Watt insults Nader as an arrogant white guy- in defense of John Kerry who's not only white- but is the richest guy in congress & was/is Bush's distant cousin & fellow Skull{duggery}& Bonesman! Wow!!! But even supposed Black revolutionary types [who you would think should know better] blamed Nader for Gore's [who had avowed AIPAC-Zionist Joe Lieberman as his running mate] 2000 loss- & backed O-Bomb-em over Sis Cynthia McKinney in 2008! 

The 4 reasons Gore didn't get the White House in 2000 are: 1} the Busites / Neo-Cons HIJACKED the election in FL [& did a repeat act in 2004 OH]... 2} The Supreme Court's [5 out 9 members] violated the Constitution's mandate that all votes be counted - ordering a halt to the recount - thus giving Bush FL... 3} Gore FAILED to protect & win either his &/or Slick Willie Clinton's home states of TN & AR (reverse just this tactical error {strategic blunder} & Gore would have won- despite FL & the Court)... 4} Nader's 2000 bid- which only became significant because the first 3 conditions were in full effect. Yet Dem loyalist talking-head apologists [both white {including Jews} & Black] only focus on the least significant factor [Nader] & scapegoat him - as a fear tool to keep progressives towing the Dems' line.

IMO: The Green Party [who apparently as your article indicates wanted to dis-associated itself from the so-called tarnish of Nader's 2000 bid {IE: they bought into the Dim's hype] Should have fielded a McKinney-Nader ticket in 2008 [especially w all of the Dim's hype behind Obama] & even reached out to Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel & Ron Paul for possible support- in order to try & make a break thru. But instead McKinney ran for the Greens, Nader ran as an independent, Kucinich & Gravel ran as Dims [w Kucinich eventually backing Obama] & Paul ran as a Repug- w only Paul even making a blimp in the traditional Corporate controlled Duopoly of Dim vs Repug narrative! Unless all of these progressive elements [who also aren't just 'yes men / women' for the AIPAC / NeoCON / Likudniks] work together to challege the status-quo - there will never be such a break-thru! 

IMO If Green's Candidate is Roseanne- They Couldn't be Serious..

This Green Party Roseanne move sounds like a gimmick &/or act of desperation & exasperation! IMO She'd likely be seen as the Green's version of Sarah Palin & would likely be just as embarrasing & taken about as {un}Seriously! One of the problems w US culture is it's become so much of a pop culture- that just because somone is a Celeb- too many folks think they're someone to admire & even follow. The fact is- Just because someone is a celeb doesn't necessarily mean they're worthy of being even followed across the street! [IE: One of the ways you know that Kony is Phony is that it's got the likes of Rhianna, {un}LADY{like] GAGA, Kim Kardasian, & Justine Beibler, etc hyping it - What the hell do they know about Africa let alone Uganda!]!

If the Black wing of the Greens couldn't get Sis Cynthia McKinney to run again, They could have tried to draft Kucinich [if he's up to it & willing to kick the Dim's to the curb] or Chris Hedges [if he would even want to be bothered w politics], or some other person- man or woman, white but preferably Black or Hispanic- w both name recognition, savvy & real intellect & correct on most of the main issues of concern to Black, Brown & working-class & poor people - Including truly being anti-war, anti-US empire & anti-Police State USA [its note-worthy that Ron Paul is good on those particular issues]. If Jill Stein ain't receptive enough on these issues, they could have even looked outside of the Green Party IE: at  possibly backing Rocky Anderson's candidacy. But I fear a Roseanne candidacy for the Greens would likely be a case of 'Shooting Themselves in the Foot' which would come back to 'Bite Them in the Ass'!

[PS: If they just had to have a celeb they could have tried for say Martin Sheen - he's in fact a much better known & respected celeb than Roseanne & is also known for his progressive political activism.]

WorldWildlifeFund/Greenpeace/Sierra Club all funded by:

Royal Dutch-Shell/BP & Standard Oil m

And let's not forget T. Boone Pickens:

"Why T. Boone Pickens' 'Clean Energy' Plan Is a Ponzi Scheme"

The controversial oil magnate has made headlines for a supposed conversion to cleaner energy, but there's ample reason to be suspicious.

They want monopoly over the worlds resources and productive capacity so they can impoverish & depopulate the planet!

I understand wanting to keep the air and water clean and free of toxins, but get ready for rolling blackouts in American ghetto's if the Greens get any power!

They are opposed to any energy source that keeps the poor/middle-class' home & street lights on, home heated, your water running, appliances working, car running.

Environmentalist are also stopping jobs and development/modernization deals in Africa:

The Great Green Wall Project:

Webster Tarpley destroys the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party, and Gail Parker from the Green Party in this debate:

[Note: Not sure if nuclear is safe if we can't trust the government]


This is too bad, since Clooney's movie Syriana had a good anti-imperialist message.