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Freedom Rider: U.S./Israel Axis of Evil

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    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    If anyone can get away with making Israeli fantasies of regional domination come true, it is Obama.” He’s got more faces than a Hindu god, and smoother moves than the NBA. “He killed Gaddafi, he is destroying Syria, and he is sending troops to occupy the African continent.” If only he was on our side.


    Freedom Rider: U.S./Israel Axis of Evil

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    Netanyahu is likely to get his own version of a sequestration deal.”

    President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel signals nothing but bad news for the Palestinian people and probably the people of the rest of the world too. Every American president who has served since Israel’s founding has put chosen Israeli interests over those of their own people. Israel may kill United States servicemen as it did in attacking the U.SS. Liberty in 1967. American citizen Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli tractor when she tried to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home. Furkan Dogan was assassinated by Israeli soldiers on board a freedom flotilla vessel bound for Gaza. Neither the sailors on board the Liberty, nor Corrie, nor Dogan received any justice from their government. There is very little justice when it comes to Israeli/American relations.

    It will be important to keep that in mind while watching Obama’s “listening” trip to Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The president’s first visit to Israel since his election is nothing more than a public relations ruse. Obama will do just as his predecessors did in regards to Israel, that is to say, whatever the Israelis want him to do.

    It doesn’t matter that Prime Minister Netanyahu practically endorsed Mitt Romney during his presidential campaign. Romney’s well heeled Zionist supporters wasted their war chests and not just because theirs was a losing effort. They were going to get what they wanted from whomever emerged victorious in November. There was no need to spread around all that cash.

    There is very little justice when it comes to Israeli/American relations.”

    If Obama acts true to form during his trip, he will perform his usual double talk routine. He will say things that make his liberal fans happy, such as making bland comments about Palestinian rights. Such talk should be ignored because Obama loves nothing more than behind the scenes wheeling and dealing with people whom he allegedly opposes.

    Just as he gave us sequestration and cuts to entitlement programs, he will mouth the right words but give Israel the go ahead on anything they want. Obama is after all the more effective evil. His common sense tells him that a shooting war against Iran would be difficult to pull off, but he has crushed the Iranian economy with sanctions. Iranians are going without food and medicines because the United States and NATO want them to submit to western dictates on nuclear production and on their very existence as a sovereign nation.

    One by one, the dominoes have fallen to the Obama regime. On this tenth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq, it is important to remember that Barack Obama made good on the neo-con dream of an American empire. He has gone where Reagan and the Bush presidents would not. He killed Gaddafi, he is destroying Syria, he is sending troops to occupy the African continent.

    If anyone can get away with making Israeli fantasies of regional domination come true, it is Obama.

    If the flies on the wall during the Obama and Netanyahu meetings could talk, they would have much to tell us. Netanyahu is likely to get his own version of a sequestration deal. A promise to cease and desist from showing badly made drawings of Iranian bombs in exchange for patience and a certainty that the United States will live up to its promise to be Israel’s best friend. Obama’s diabolical ability to make his supporters believe that he isn’t doing things he clearly is doing will come in handy when dealing with the likes of Netanyahu.

    Barack Obama made good on the neo-con dream of an American empire.”

    The United States will do as it has done for decades. It will keep vetoing United Nations resolutions which criticize Israel. It will keep arming Israel and agreeing to settlements which steal Palestinian land. When Israel decides to massacre people in Lebanon or Gaza or anywhere else, the United States government will either voice support or be silent.

    Obama’s relationship with Israel and its American Zionist supporters is but one example of why the ruling classes chose him for the presidency. As we have pointed out in Black Agenda Report, pax Americana could only succeed if the brand was rebooted. “So much face was lost, it required that the Empire put a new, Black face forward, so as to resume the game under (cosmetically) new circumstances.”

    The nonsensical dance goes something like this. Racists attack Obama. Progressives defend Obama. Obama goes behind closed doors to do what progressives say they don’t want. Obama lies and claims he didn’t do what he in fact did. Progressives are happy. The world suffers anew.

    Obama is not without pride and ego. He did make Netanyahu wait for a meeting after he so publicly backed Romney. Ultimately though, he does what the system requires of him. In the end, Israel will get a pass or even American help for its next nefarious plan. No listening is needed to make that prediction.

    Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

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    As goes the U.S., Israel also goes !

    Over a year later and nothing has really changed concerning the power of Israel over the U.S. Government. But one thing has become quite clear over recent months, China and Russia, along with various other countries,  have had it with U.S. bullying tactics and are on the verge of dumping the Dollar as the world's only Reserve Currency and reverting to the use of their own currencies to conduct international trade. Considering that the populations of these countries is equivalent to almost half the worlds population, the U.S. and their increasingly worthless Dollar are headed for a dramatic fall leaving Israel totally dependent on a sinking U.S. economic ship. I wouldn't want to be an Israeli citizen when the U.S. is no longer able to block the hostile advances of their neighbors that they have savaged for decades. It's not going to be a pretty picture but it's going to lead to a much more peaceful world !

    Am a bit late due to illness: On Rachel Corrie -

    I just went to the foyer wall to get the small protest sign I made right after the killing of Rachel Corrie; she was killed on Mar. 16, 2003 and I got the art done on Mar. 18, 2003.  I wore it on the street, in one of my rare trips out, and into a deli where I used to get baked potatoes to go.  I made xerox copies of the art as stationery and sent one with a letter on it to my Representative Rangel demanding an investigation by the U.S. government. I made a point of saying that I was a Jew in protest of U.S. support of Israeli policies. (My district has been redistricted last year; yup, Nadler.  I'm still angry that we went months without an official district and should have been able to vote in Rangel's primary, as we didn't officially become the new district until Jan. 1, 2013).

        The point I am getting to is that the bulldozer used to kill Rachel Corrie, 23, an American, was a U.S. made special extra large Catepillar, that is, it was manufactured by Catepillar (U.S. company).  Those bulldozers were specially designed to destroy houses in Israel.  U. S. gov't aid paid for the Catepillars, including the one that killed the American in Gaza, Rachel Corrie.  An Israeli soldier was driving the bulldozer at, into Rachel Corrie as she waved at him to stop, as she tried to save a Palestinian home from being demolished.  My grandmother's name was Ruchel, as she was always known, in Yiddish, except on legal papers, like her U.S. papers of naturalized citizenship, where it was  Rachel in English.  I did the art in her memory.

    Finally someone who understands

    That the real threat to Blacks is Jewry.

    Do you think the converse is equally true???

    That the real threat to Jewry is Blacks?

    I have NEVER understood how Black folks especially and others in general, accept depictions of a White Christ or  this universal acceptance of Biblical stories in the mainstream featuring a cast from Hollywood High?  Same shyt we see on the Bible series right now.  Are Jews afraid that true archeological, anthropological, and biological facts expose THEIR FRAUD as the "Chosen People?" which is a huge basis for their "popular" support and appeasement of the crimes against humanity?

    I cannot help but go to my grave wondering: "What would the world be like if it accepted that Biblical Jews and Christ had some melanin and didn't look like Charlton Heston or Brad Pitt?"

    Keep waiting for Spike Lee to do the damn thing.

    The real threat is US Imperialism

    The real threat to Blacks and everyone else in the world is US Imperialism. Zionism is just one tool in Imperialism's bag of tricks.

    Pimp Daddy Israel

    Thanks Ms Kinberley for clearly describing the dysfunctional co-dependent enabling hostage relationship between the US and Israel.  It is absolutely scandalous the way the US is getting treated like a two dollar trick by Pimp Daddy Israel.  There is no reason for the US to behave like co-dependent enabler being held hostage by Israel the abuser bitch slapping us around like a rag doll.  The US is supposed to be the world’s ONLY super power and here we are being played like Booty and suckered into conflicts that we have no business being in and supporting the genocide of a people and the stealing of their land by Israel.

    AmeriKKKa is no stranger in this activity to what the Israeli are doing to the Palestinians, just ask the Native Americans.  AmeriKKKa stole their land and killed all of them that they could.  All that they couldn’t kill they parked in reservation and forgot about them.  It’s the same story for African Americans.  AmeriKKKa stole us from Africa and enslaved us here working us to DEATH and all that they can’t work to death they hold captive in the prison industrial complex.  The rest of us they try to keep dirt ignorant, dirt poor, and dirt healthy in ghettos slums (plantations by any other name).

    What is even more amazing is how much the American public swallows all this misuse whole, hook line and sinker standing on dry ground.  Israel was Part of the reason we went to war in Iraq, go here and read and are part of the reason we are supporting the rebels in Syria….AKA Al Qaeda (NO NOT Al Qaeda…..yooooou bet ya) in the ongoing civil war in Syria, go here and read  The objective here is to balkanize Syria (break up into smaller pieces just like they did in Africa….No they didn’t…..Yea they did).  Is America this STUUUUPID…..I guess so because we don’t seem to want to do anything to stop being worked and jerked like taffy by Pimp Daddy Israel.

    LOL Please Help us all




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    Netanyahoo is slicker than Willie!

    The Ritz that was put on for Obama yesterday was insane.  The Red Carpet looked like it was several football fields long and about as wide.  They played with his ego and, at the same time, you know they HATE the idiot.  Can't see through a thing.  Pathetic.  Only worried about Massah giving him his sinecure.

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