Freedom Rider: Obama the Untouchable

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Obama supporters who profess an intent to “hold his feet to the fire” may successfully deceive themselves and each other, but this president is no fool. Barack Obama knows that voters have no power whatsoever over him after next Tuesday, that he'll be free to follow his own inclinations, whatever those are.

Freedom Rider: Obama the Untouchable

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Ronald Reagan was dubbed “the teflon president” because nothing bad ever stuck to him. No matter how many lies he told, or peoples or nations he hurt, the media were at his beck and call as he mastered the art of propaganda and manipulation. We had not seen his like since he left office in 1988, that is until now. Barack Obama has more teflon than Ronald Reagan ever dreamed of having.

Obama is a very lucky man. In the week before election day he leads in the states most important to assuring an electoral college victory. As if that were not enough, a republican senate candidate declares that pregnancy resulting from rape is God’s will. The liberal punditocracy seized on the words and beat the “war on women” drum, one of the few issues which really matters to them. His adversaries shooting themselves in the feet was still not all of the good fortune which went the president’s way.

When hurricane Sandy struck the east coast, the president didn’t just get an opportunity to wield the powers of incumbency. He also has an opponent who at one time advocated getting rid of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Accordi ng to Mitt Romney, FEMA should be the responsibility of states or the private sector or whomever Romney thought he was pleasing in that moment. While Romney suddenly refused to answer questions on his prior FEMA positions Obama was praised by republican governors for the attention he gave to their states in the hurricane aftermath.

 The stars are aligned in Obama’s favor, but that is bad news for the rest of us. Romney’s incompetence and dependence on right wing talking points has given Obama the opportunity to hide his own evil intent. It is a good thing to talk about climate change and whether or not it is responsible for the current weather disaster. It is also good to remember that during the debates Obama argued that he had in fact expanded natural gas drilling on federal lands. He is no enemy of fossil fuels and that means there is no environmentalist running for the presidency.


While the liberals make the case for Obama by painting frightening pictures of the republicans, consider that his victory creates all sorts of dangers. If he wins, his hand will be strengthened during the lame duck congressional session and he will finally get the chance to achieve his “grand bargain” of austerity measures with the republicans. This statement is not conjecture, but is based on comments coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

"I am absolutely confident that we can get what is the equivalent of the grand bargain that essentially I've been offering to the Republicans for a very long time, which is $2.50 worth of cuts for every dollar in spending, and work to reduce the costs of our health care programs.

And we can easily meet -- ‘easily’ is the wrong word -- we can credibly meet the target that the Bowles-Simpson Commission established of $4 trillion in deficit reduction, and even more in the out-years, and we can stabilize our deficit-to-GDP ratio in a way that is really going to be a good foundation for long-term growth. Now, once we get that done, that takes a huge piece of business off the table."

So the great savior who is supposed to be the only thing standing between us and the dreaded republican barbarians is himself a barbarian. Obama is chomping at the bit to make real the promise of his Bowles-Simpson “cat food commission” which will bring austerity hell to an already weak economy and a devastated population.

By his own admission, Obama’s first order of business will be to betray (*link betray) his supporters who foolishly think that he will save them and the safety net they depend upon to survive. The bargain may be a grand one to Obama, but it isn’t to anyone else. His plan is a stab in the back to millions of people who don’t realize that the democrats have not been their friends for a very long time.

Obama thought he was making his grand bargain comments off the record with the Des Moines Register, an Iowa newspaper. If he thought his listeners would be pleased he was very wrong. The Des Moines Register editorial board ended up endorsing Mitt Romney, who openly advocates austerity. Why endorse a phony when you can get the real deal?

The president is betting that he can win re-election with sleight of hand and secret comments meant to curry favor with the right people at the right moment. He has gotten away with it because the people who should be calling him on the carpet prefer to be hysterical every time a hick republican they never heard of makes an anti-abortion statement.

If Obama succeeds in eking out a victory, the “I’m disappointed but voting for him anyway” crowd should be put on notice. They have been claiming an intent to hold his feet to the fire ever since 2008. They didn’t in his first term, and they probably won’t in a second term either. They will find a way to rationalize his utter disregard for them. Unfortunately, every one will suffer, including those of us who see Obama for what he has been all along.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)


They will find a way to rationalize his utter disregard for them

Betting people, nfamous and many others posting here say your right Ms. Kimberly.  I admit I'm leaning that way too.  I'm despondent over the state of affairs, but I do try to grasp a small glimmer of hope by realizing it's often possible to pedcit what will spark a revolution, by that I mean a thought revolution.

I know for a fact that hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of White liberals, not afflicted with racial loyalty are "done."  In fact they were done years ago.   And they have the convictions to not return to the Democratic Party or vote democratic.  I have been reading their comments since 09 on liberal blogs.  There numbers are growing.  I still hold out some hope that being the materialistic creatures we are that a growing number of Black voters will become equally disillusioned with Obama and the Democrats.  I assume some eyes--Black and White and Hispanic alike-- were opened in the Chicago Teacher's Strike? 

Look if anybody is cynical its me, but I also know that it is impossible to predict the future with absolute certainty.  I'm sure Louis 16th and Marie Antoinette thought everything was hunky dory too.  So I have a slight glimmer of hope, not a lot because Black folks will blame austerity on Whites.  But you never know, because there will be some Black church leaders that will be moved by the real spirit and not the satanic one, and they will feel compelled to speak out.  Is it fair to think some new leadership will arise from this austerity, that some paradigms will shift.

Now whether or not they can or will connect the dots remains the $25,000 question? 

I admit that I am one of those white liberals....

And I am done with this president and this so called "Democratic" party. I have written here before in a comment that I bought into the hope and the hype, and cast my ballot for Barack Obama, but never again. I also supported Reverend Jackson in his race.

How different things might have turned out if the Reverend had been the first black president! I have no doubts that if economic calamnity had struck, he would have acted as FDR did, because he really cares for people, unlike our president today, who to me, seems to care about nothing or no one, save his family.

At least that is how it looks to this former Obama supporter. In my defense, I will say that I didn't discover this site until a couple of years ago or so, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it, and I was still loyal to the democratic party- but not anymore.

While still liberal in my views, I will find like souls in 3rd parties from now on, as I have lost all trust in the democrats, who seem to go further right every day.

It does sadden me though. The party of the New Deal and the Great Society becoming more and more republican every day and falling further and further in thrall to the big money interests, just like the republicans.

But at least with the republicans you know what you'll get- not a pig in a poke like with modern day democrats.

Your honesty and revelation is appreciated

I tried to enlighten Black folks before but most certainly after Obama's election when the glitter started to fade for many who were enthralled.  And what I shared with them was that Obama would have a hard time being re-elected because White Liberals were starting to get hip to his game, his lies and subterfuge and betrayals. 

Those following the health care debate soon discovered through excellent alternative news reporting that Obama ACTIVELY AND CONSCIOUSLY killed Universal Health Care and Single Payer.  And after that ephiphany the layers started peeling back more and more.  I appreciate the principled White Liberals who year after year grew chastened in the stark cold reality that Obama was Bush II, now he's become Bush on steriods.

White Liberal ephiphanies are important because Blacks by and large remain enthralled with Identity Politics, especially w/r/t Obama, that think he represents some crowning Civil Rights achievement instead of their worse nightmare.  And the rabid racist responses to him occupying the White House only cemented their illusions, its about projection for them.  So while he's sipping beer with racial profilers they project his insults.

Frankly and sadly, and others have said this, African Americans have lost their moral compass and standing in the world, we were once a beacon of hope, a standard bearer for a fair and equitable world, but not anymore. 

Personally, I'm counting on principled White (or Hispanic or whatever) Liberals TO SAVE MY ASS.  I (we) can't count on our own anymore.  You all are not as beholden to the "magic" of a Black President, we are.  A sad, tragic state of affairs to be sure, but it is what it is. 

I just hope those principled folks who suffered ridiculous accusations that they were racist instead of DISGUSTED can forgive the dolts who insulted them. And understand that their delusions were driven in no small part by hundreds of years of racism that fucked up their critical thinking skills as much as it has fucked up the critical thinking skills of working and middle class Whites who gone git fucked in the process too.

I was thinking tonight, how could a cat who transferred more wealth to the oligarchy, the banks, the plutocracy than anyone in the history of the world, something along the lines of 23 Trillion and counting... be a Socialist? Obama printed money for the 1 percenters, not Blacks, not anyone poor or working or middle class.

The media is also one of the principle culprits in this Black/White delusion. 

@ Beverly

Interesting analysis Bev.  I want to believe he would have done more too because the man was at least more authentic than Obama who is truly a made-up, imaginary character.  I posit that a minor difference is that Jesse has some good things in his total body of work, Obama has nothing, Jesse I think is cool with being in his Black skin whereas Obama wishes he were a White boy.  All of the brilliant Black minds willing and ready to serve at his disposable and the best he could do was Clinton and Bush II retreads.  He could have appointed the President or any of the preeminent HBCUs as his Sec. of Ed. for example, but they probably wouldn't have went along with his Race to the Bottom nonsense.

But let's face it, Jesse is a party apparatchtik, period point blank.  He suckles at the teet of the Democrats.  He has been coopted for some time.  Rainbow/Push has been coopted for some time.  Similar to Rev. Al's National Action Network, they both morphed into more sophisticated pulpit pimps, shaking down Whites to enrich themselves and their organizations, to elevate their prestige, but little substantive change to show for it.  Check this out for instance, both could have approached Farrakhan and said, "Look, you know those young bucks gonna blow money partying it up in D.C. let's challenge a million Black men to make a $100 dollar donation right here and right now, fast and pray for a day, strategize for a day (what a lot of them spent on strippers and booze or fine dining, no different than what White men do at all-boy conventions, yall know what I'm talking about) and lets create a Black Development Fund."  And Boom! in the twinkle of an eye, instead of Brothers riding home either literally hung over or intoxicated on some symbolic bullshit a $100 Million dollar Black Development/Legacy Fund is created.  And they could have said, we challenge you to do this every year or two-- but don't get me started on how much we Blacks love some symbolic bullshit.

Like Obama, Jesse is missing in action w/r/t Black on Black crime epidemic in Chicago.  He could at least have the courage to carve out a niche while still being a party butt boy, like taking on the prison industrial complex for example, or AIDS. White Feminists don't have a problem carving out their niche, to their credit.  Its evident that he can't summon the courage or strength of his (mentor?) Dr. King and speak truth to power. 

But this is the thing that kills me about so-called Black leaders, if you can't say ANYTHING relevant to the plight of the people who elected you, who look like you and look up to you as "leaders," then what the fuck good are you?   Hell give me a White boy or White girl with some principles and courage.  I don't need some "affirmative action" Black leader, whose ethos is similar to the Affirmative Action Officer at some major corporation, who'd rather shit his or her pants than hire a qualified Black, who is actually the establishment's gatekeeper and not so subtle oppressor of Black folks.

If I was in the twilight of my years, and was financially secure, and I watched Dr. King die on that balcony, I would meet my Maker raising hell after being silent for decades.  M*****F***ers would have to kill me to keep my mouth shut.  Jesse could "out" Obama and go out a blazing, being a difference maker, but he and Rev. Al too busy pimping the game, sad.  (Why else is Al Sharpton on t.v., I mean seriously?) Sure, there'd be a bunch of dumbass Black folk calling them "haters," but so what if our broke-asses can put it with it why can't they?  They have the platform to make the case.  AND, THEY HAVE THE FACTS on their side and some degree of credibility. They've tarnished their historical legacies but they getting paid good.  They epitomize the Black Mis Leadership Class.

Since Obama, Jessie & even Duncan & Rahmbo are from Chi-Town

I posit that instead of Obama picking that Mr 'Eco-science' John Holdren guy [who called for extreme population control measures under the guise of phony environmentalism] as his science chief, Obama could have tried to get my fellow home-town girl- Dr Mae Jemison instead. She's Black [the first Black-woman to go in space], from Chi-Town, definitely better-looking than Holdren & probably a heck of a lot smarter too. But then she may have clashed w hi-ranking sexist bigots on team Obama IE: Larry Summers & Rahmbo.

The "Boys" Club not the Boys and Girls Club

I read there were one or more highly competent White females that actually reported to media figures that it was a hostile working environment.  With Larry (Women don't have the capacity to be scientists) Sumers leading the boys club, I wouldn't doubt it.

I posit an additional reason, Obama, like Rahm probably thinks the people we'd appoint or folks like us in general are "fucking retards." 

I suppose for the majority of folks who support him... he may have a point.  LOL

Obama's probably more comfortable telling fart jokes with Bush II or giving noogies to subordinates with Rawmoney.

I guess "Dear Leader" is untouchable to Congress also 

Waiting for Obama, Democrats Will Lose the House of Representatives

Posted November 1, 2012

By Ralph Nader 

A few snippets:

President Obama is running a “lone ranger” campaign instead of running with the Congressional Democrats as a team. Notice how he keeps saying, as he did during his nomination speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, “I want you to vote for me.” This separation has created more than a little resentment among Democrats on Capitol Hill .

So do the Democrats in Congress feel free to go it alone? Just the opposite. Before they open up new issues, new reforms and new fronts, they’ve decided to capitulate and wait for Obama to take the first visible step. Yet Obama, ever cautious and conflict-averse, does not make the first move.

Obama has his consultants, advisers and pollsters who say that he has to appeal to the five or ten percent of the right-of-center voters. He already has the liberals, progressives, unionists, and the minorities well in hand, because they have nowhere to go. 

What do the House Democrats owe Obama anyhow? He raises no money for them. He campaigns without them, thereby depriving them of mass media coverage. Even the Congressional Black Caucus is replete with indignation at how Obama has dissed them and their poverty issues since day one of his presidency. (Really???)

After Election Day, November 6, contemporary historians will write that the Congressional Democrats waited too long on Obama and wasted their chance to win back the House and gain more seats in the Senate.

This is the politics of presidential personalismo run riot – inexplicable precisely because it has become so suicidal to the Congressional Democrats and to justice for the people for whom they claim to speak. 


Self fulfilling (white horse) prophecy:

The Zionist Mormon's and confederates might want to provoke Russia and China into targeting the the U.S. Federal government and major population centers with nukes:

Strategic Relocation: White Horse Prophecy radio with Alex Jones and Joel Skousen:

Get Away from those damned American Gentiles! (The 47%?)

[Note: Clip is boring in the beginning but starts to pick up]

Alex: where do you live Joel

Joel: Well I follow my own advice. I moved to Utah!

Missing in Action LOL

Hey, Ms. Kimberley and fellow BAR editors and readers,

what happened to "Progressives for Obama"?   I thought the big bad Progressives for Obama were gonna make him accountable.  Back in 08/09 didn't Carl Davidson take some time off from the heavy lifting of pushing Obama to the left and occassionally post here at BAR reminding us how his minions were gonna make sure Obama didn't morph into Geo. W. Bush II???  I thought he chastised the editors and commentators like myself more than once, reminding us how far off in left field we were for not believing the hype.

An occassionally he was quite nasty in his vitriol, wasn't he? 

Just saying.  They assured us naysayers that the badasses at Progressives for Obama were going to hold his feet to the fire.

Am I missing something?  Or are they missing in action? 

Perhaps BAR can extend him an invitation so he can give us the run down on how far they put their foot up Obama's ass to keep us from entering into a totalitarian state.  I'm sure they'll trumpet the wonderful health care bill that for some strange reason doesn't go into effect for 4 years.  I've heard of retroactive legislation, what do you call that?

Please, pretty please let's send an invite to Carl, I'm dying to hear what Progressives for Obama have been doing.  If anybody can spearhead a "Get Tough on Obama" policy, its gotta be the Progressives for Obama.

I look forward to hearing from Carl and how often they took Obama to the woodshed. 

anybody want to see the democratic party split, or collapse?

If we survive a Romney administration, the democrats will have preserved themselves by posing as our defenders against Romney's policies.

The only way people will learn is if they continue to hit rock bottom under fake, populist Democratic rule.

Postpone fascism: Vote Obama! (If you're in a swing state)

If you don't like Obama and you're in a blue or red state, it's a complete waste of time voting at all. Too many ignorant, or complacent people to overthrow the status quo candidate at the moment.

Pepe Escobar, Nov.3,2012 on Asia Times Online

Pepe Escobar's column The Roving Eye, Nov.3,2012 dated post "Visions make it all seem so cruel" on Asia Times Online.  And, in the middle of the column, a "dancing" color ad for jobs with the NSA National Security Agency.    Escobar visits to Hopi and Navaho lands in the SW of US and this election is his topic.

The Untouchable

Well said Margaret

It is all so sad when you think about it, how people work against their own self interest.  I will say again,  how do you really define, "left" ????

Going to bed without feeling dirty.

From :

"…it doesn't matter a damn whether Obama or Romney wins. They are both perfect embodiments of the corporatist-authoritarian-militarist system that's wrecking ever-increasing areas of the world, as it lays waste to America at home. That's why one of them will win, and you won't. I won't, either. Too bad for you.

But one of those two bastards is notably more useful to the ruling class than the other. That would be ... that's right: Obama. If you thought it was Romney, you've absorbed the propaganda, baby. Gotta watch that. The ruling class is vicious, deadly, eternally greedy for power and wealth -- and they are not remotely stupid, not when it comes to getting what they want. They're the ruling class, right? Not stupid. From their perspective, the very best thing about Obama is that so many people who are not members of the ruling class think that Obama is on their side. Even after Obama has systematically betrayed all those "ordinary" people for the last four years, they still think he's really on their side. He just couldn't do what he wanted to do -- which happens to be exactly what all those good liberals and progressives wanted him to do -- because: a) evil Republicans; b) evil Republicans left a really, really, huge mess; c) evil Republicans kept messing with him; d) evil Republicans kept stealing his toys; and e) evil Republicans.

So the point is that with Obama as president, the ruling class can screw you over about 20 gabillion times more than if Romney were president. Because lots of people will believe that Obama isn't trying to screw them. That opens up tons of possibilities. And the liberals and progressives help a whole huge bunch -- c'mon, give credit where it's due -- because when Obama wrecks whatever is left of the safety net, gives trillions of dollars and other goodies to all his best friends and, let us not forget, murders more and more people with those keen drones (and probably some bombs and missiles in a few select lucky countries before he's done), all the lefties (I use the term, uh, flexibly) will sigh once or twice, look kinda sad, and then after a while, they might murmur ... 'evil Republicans!' "

(Arthur Silber)


I voted early this morning.  I had intended to vote for Obama because of all the reasons I had been explaining to critical friends in recent weeks: women’s rights, judicial appointments, a more human tone. 

But when I was in the voting booth, I felt a righteous rage about this lying corporate lawyer masquerading as a community organizer.  I tried to think of one decent thing he’s done in the last four years and couldn’t come up with any.  A lousy health care plan that will enrich insurance companies, expansion of Bush’s imperial wars, the NDAA, conversion of our public school system into a charter school system—now we have EMOs to go along with our HMOs.  His non-signing of the Employee Free Choice Act, which would have made it easier for serfs at places like and WalMart to petition for a union, his tacit approval of further concentration of the media, his forging of a national security state.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

I voted for Jill Stein.  She has more cojones that the four men running for the offices of President and Vice President from our “one political party with two right wings” as Gore Vidal described it.

Jill Stein advocated policies I believe in.  She has integrity, dignity, and intelligence.  Mother, doctor, activist in the Green Party, she had the temerity to demand entrance to the Presidential debates which by mutual agreement of the two major parties were closed off to everyone else.  For this impertinence, Ms. Stein was arrested and spent about eight hours handcuffed to a chair.  God bless America.

I don’t expect to wake up tomorrow morning and learn that Jill Stein is the President of the United States, but I can go to bed tonight without feeling dirty.




Merry Xmas and a not so "Happy" New Year

I find comfort in the old adage:  "The truth shall set you free."

I feel free.  I voted Green in 2008, I didn't vote at all this time.

But I did both based on PRINCIPLE.  A rare commodity these days.  Not to beat my chest, it's simply a statement of fact.

"I seek power by my ability to define reality."  "I love with clear understanding," I seek knowledge with through power of self."

For the record, this is the gist of my "mixed emotions."  An Obama win (and subsequent 'Grand Bargain' betrayal may (I emphasize the probability in what I say versus the certainty) be a catalytic effect.  There are reports circulating out there that trade unions and other elements of the Progressive Movement are strategizing how to thwart a 'Grand Bargain"... to call in their chips post-election.

Conversely, a Mittens may galvanize the Dummocrats to block Romney's over reaching...or perhaps NOT! This presumably occurs alongside the institutional constraints Glenn Ford enunciates in his interview at Real News re:  "The Lesser of Evils/More Effective Evil."

The bad news--depending on how you interpret "bad" or shall I say how the populace REACTS to it:  is that austerity is on the drawing board regardless of who wins. The result will be a renewed, albeit DEEPER RECESSION if not virtual Depression.  So for me this is an added element of the irrelevancy of who wins.  It's not about these bastards and socio-paths, its ultimately about us, our PRINCIPLES, our honor and respect of our basic belief systems at the end of the day. 

Christmas will be "cool" and relatively ordinary, but the New Year won't be so happy.  Whether it will be transformative in a good way.... only time will tell.

I've been "arguing" for an Obama win because of my hope that his betrayal or shall I say CONTINUED betrayal of his base versus Mittens doing what is expected, may, I emphasize may become the better trigger mechanism for a new start.

Trust me, we're fucked either way.  Its a case of whether the nurse smoothers you with a pillow while telling you its all good, or the thug knifes you in the gut.  Either way...death is certain.  If Mittens win it will also be a litmus test regarding the Dimocraps.  Judging from how they "blocked" Bush II, don't hold your breath.  Bastards will reach a "consensus."

By March of 2013 we will know which side of the cusp this country stands on.

"I seek power by my ability to define reality" hopefully so does every one else.  I ain't holding my breath regardless of the outcome.

I have no reluctance to tell America to kiss my ass.  If the world is "flat" as Tom Friedman assures the globalists and 1 percenters assure us... then I have no problem leaving a sinking ship.  Hell, I could move to India and work a phone bank for HSBC or Ocwen Loan Servicing, or Bank of America or whomever....there's obviously opportunities for THAT based upon my own interactions with my personal creditors.

Don't let these motherfuckers imprison you because they think you have no options.  WE have the same options as THEY do, which is to ditch this bitch if we have to.

Better to live abroad then to die for Zionism or American Exceptionalism bullshit or the psychopathic Oligarchy who consider us all cannon fodder.  In fact, maybe ALL OF US need to threaten to leave this sinking ship.  I won't be the last rat off of the boat... that I assure you.

Dosamuno, bless you and everyone else.  Ephiphanies and revelations are always personal.  I won't feel dirty either and haven't in 8 years...