Freedom Rider: Obama Dog Whistles Over Trayvon

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

George Zimmerman was acquitted because the jury empathized with him as a fellow human being, and felt no such connection with Trayvon Martin and his tribe. White privilege – including the privilege to kill Black people – “is accepted and it continues like mass psychosis.” The verdict “tells us that we remain defeated, an oppressed people surrounded by but dependent upon enemies.”


Freedom Rider: Obama Dog Whistles Over Trayvon

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Some were quite happy that Martin was killed and were happy when his murderer went free.”

There is much to be said about the verdict which found George Zimmerman not guilty in the killing of Trayvon Martin but one thing is clear. Racism is so deeply embedded in the white American consciousness that significant numbers of white people coalesced in support of Zimmerman without having to openly say so.

The infamous juror known as B37 made that clear in an interview with CNN. She said that the case wasn’t about race and that the jurors never discussed it. While her initial attempt to profit from her experience by shopping a book deal makes this woman disreputable, she is probably telling the truth. They didn’t have to say out loud that they weren’t going to make Zimmerman pay for his crime. They were on the same wave length all along.

Zimmerman never testified but B37 was sure that he feared for his life and she knew his thoughts and she even called him Georgie. Clearly the prosecution’s efforts meant little for this woman and her fellow jurors who were determined to let Georgie go.

There is an understanding, like the instinct that tells birds where and when to migrate, which tells white people that they ought to rule black people. They profit from white supremacy quite literally and it is part of their natural order. It is accepted and it continues like mass psychosis. It isn’t questioned and keeps black people locked up in jail, and unemployed, and every year it kills more than 300 black people at the hands of cops, security guards and Zimmerman-like vigilantes.

They didn’t have to say out loud that they weren’t going to make Zimmerman pay for his crime.”

President Barack Obama surely understands this phenomenon. He has made a career out of speaking to white people while pretending to speak to black people. He would never have become president had he not mastered this skill. During his 2008 campaign he never passed up an opportunity to assure white people that their natural order was safe. He ranted that black men were terrible fathers, claimed that the country is “90% of the way” toward equality, called Jeremiah Wright an old crank who should shut up about racism, and so on.

In the wake of the raw anger and grief that black people felt about the Zimmerman verdict, the president was true to form. He spoke right over the heads of black people directly to white people, once again engaging in “dog whistle” politics. Just as there are sounds which can be heard only by the canine ear, there is language which can be heard only by specific constituencies though they may appear to be created for others. While black people waited anxiously to hear a statement from him, his words regarding the verdict were tailor made for white America:

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy.  Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America.  I know this case has elicited strong passions.  And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher.  But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.  I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.  And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.  We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis.  We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this.  As citizens, that’s a job for all of us.  That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

During his 2008 campaign he never passed up an opportunity to assure white people that their natural order was safe.”

His seemingly nonsensical statement made perfect sense to its intended audience. “A jury has spoken.” In other words, shut up, get over it and don’t complain. To say that Martin’s death was a tragedy not just for his or for any one community is an outright lie. His death is a tragedy and a trauma more for black people than for any other group. Not only was his death not tragic to millions of Americans, but some were quite happy that Martin was killed and were happy when his murderer went free. “Tide of gun violence” meant only one thing. The president was in agreement with the white people who minimized Trayvon’s death by constantly bringing up violence within the black community. The “black on black violence” trope was intended to silence the outrage directed at Zimmerman’s slave patroller style murder.

Many people asked themselves why Obama said anything at all given that the Department of Justice announced it would investigate whether to file federal charges in the case. Those people miss the point entirely. He felt it important to speak to his people in the language they understand. The dog whistle range was clearly understood by the people he wanted to hear it.

The ‘black on black violence’ trope was intended to silence the outrage directed at Zimmerman’s slave patroller style murder.”

In 2012 when the story of Martin’s death first became widely known Obama was caught off guard and had to throw black people a bone. He was forced to point out that if he had a son “he would look like Trayvon.” That was the last time he would publicly make a connection between himself and Trayvon Martin. All the more reason to blow the dog whistle at the opportune moment.

The crises facing black America did not become more acute when the verdict was announced. They were simply brought to the fore where they couldn’t be ignored. Times of crisis bring clarity. The clarity of the Zimmerman verdict is an ugly one. The verdict tells us that we remain defeated, an oppressed people surrounded by but dependent upon enemies. Our past victories are constantly undermined and we live a very precarious existence.

We don’t honor Trayvon Martin by shutting up and pretending that there is some mystery involved in preventing future hate crime murders. We honor him and ourselves by demanding justice. A few prominent cases of Zimmerman style vigilantes going to jail will prevent more killing. Obama and attorney general Eric Holder shouldn’t be let off the hook because they investigate this case. They must investigate all of them and use their power to end the “stand your ground” laws which are a license for racist murder. If we demand anything less, we are just helping to blow the dog whistle.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)






1. A defendant whose father was a judge in the area where he is being tried.

2.  A small jury made up of 6 whites to decide the fate of the defendant that killed a member of a black family. (From now on:  New rule! All juries will be representative of the racial make-up of the area.)

3.  A prosecution that is as right wing, racist and white as u can possibly get.

4.  A defendant who seem to disappear for a period of time (wasn't it a week at least) and no one in the public physically saw him during that time.

5.  Where the defendant was advised not to testify. (This makes him guilty to me - what u afraid of - racism?)


Not in America!!!!!  The land of the slave and the poor masses.


"Tide of gun violence” meant only one thing. The president was in agreement with the white people who minimized Trayvon’s death by constantly bringing up violence within the black community."

"The “black on black violence” trope was intended to silence the outrage directed at Zimmerman’s slave patroller style murder."


and that is MY point (for those who don't get it) in response to those who raise BnB here and elsewhere, everytime a cracker kills a black person. 

Your point is tremendously salient....but....

However, Black folks can and must dissect compartmentalization as much as we accept it as a coping mechanism.

Point being Black on Black Crime is seperate and apart from Crackers having year round hunting season on Blacks.  But for philsophical, political, tactical, and most of all, PRAGMATIC reasons Black folks can't shirk from BnB crime no more than we can shirk from open season on N**gas, 24/7/365.

Both demand advocacy and resources.

I'm sorry, but if we don't respect each other that gives more fodder for racists who already dehumanize us, INATELY, to think even less of us. 

That two are not naturally conjoined, but the two are signficantly conjoned (by the "other" side) for tactical, political reasons nontheless.  And while we rightly compartmentalize one, the Crackers don't.

If Black folks don't VALUE THEIR OWN LIVES, then how do you think the scales tip for Whites making the same valuation of the life of a Black person, when the scales are already tipped from the damn git go? 

My humble point is even greater than the nuance I set forth above.. it is:

F**k what White people think and how they execute those thoughts.  You (we, I, us) can't change their mindset, indeed is that not a lesson learned from this debacle of a "trial?"

We Black Folks need to truly start focusing inward and being INSULAR in a strategic sense.

My God, what more do we need to see, listen, discern, pain over to understand OUR PLACE IN AMERICA has not changed in 400 years?  AND NEVER WILL?

White folks respect us about as much as we respect that forlorn cousin-crack addict, in his or her 40s or 50s, waiting on his/her poor Mama who bailed their pathetic ass out of jail, over and over again.  We mull how this piece of work is waiting on that parent to pass so they can live cost-free and continue their bullshit ways.

Yall know WTF I'm talking about.  Let's do US and work on US.  As I've said many many times, integration was one of the worse things that ever happened to us.  It has happened to NO OTHER ETHNIC GROUP IN AMERICA.

Why?  Because they tell White Folks to kiss their collective asses.  Think for a second yall.

How well have those English Only laws targeting Hispanics, Latinos and Mexicans went?

You don't even hear about the shit no mo because they REFUSE TO GIVE UP THEIR CULTURE and crackers had to acquiese at the end of the day.  The Latinos/Hispanics didn't march on D.C., they didn't wage protests, do sit ins, they didn't do shit but simply IGNORE THE MOFOS!!

We Blacks on the otherhand, are constantly angling and crowing about and breaking our goddamn necks to be the first (what would Paula Deen say) of whatever the f**k in America.  What has the first Black Billionaire done for Black Progress vs. the First White Billionaire for Anglo Saxon progress?  You think the Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations ULTIMATELY about Black uplift?  You can't be that f**king stupid.

But hey, neither is the venerable, admired, primo role model of "Black Success," the Honorable Robert S. Johnson done a damn thing about Black uplift either.  People ain't stupid yo...

EVERYBODY reads signals, from Obama's Dog Whistling to Robert Johnson's apathy and capitulation to the White Power Structure.  (Give me a billion and crackers would have to kill me to silence me).  Tiger Woods on Oprah seeking redemption?  HA!, E.C. in Brazil on sex tourism jaunt, with nude Play Girl photo shoot next month in Sweden... "Oh," and there's a condom commercial in Japan my agent is negoitiating, hopefully substitutes for the loss of the Accenture deal.  I'll show you MoFos ala Charlie Sheen. LOL

Everybody except us understand that the ONLY integration is ECONOMIC integration.

Then too, yall need to UNDERSTAND DEMOGRAPHICS folks combined with power centers.  White folks ain't about to give up something RIGHT NOW they know they'll lose over time, why do you think we are in a period of RETRENCHMENT?

Looks like they understand shit better than yall do????

You ain't got to goddamn Gunnar Myrdahl or Dubois or Fanon to figure this out.

"I seek power by my ability to define reality, I find liberation through knowledge of self, I love with clear understanding."  


black on black crime

If you mean that we should be just as vigilant in our outrage around black on black crimes as we are aournd cops and vigilantes killing our youth, I think we should be equally vigilant in solving all of the problems confroting our community.  But when you mention black on black crime in context with the killing of our youth by cops and vilgilantes you confuse the issue and unwittingly align yourself with those who disrespect and devalue black life regardless.   First of all you seem to, I believe erroneiously, assume that black on black crime is simply a case of black people hating other black people, if I understand you correctly.  

Black on black crime is not a product of black people seeking out black people to kill becasue they hate black people.  It is about the drug trade, the fight over turf and seeking an identity through gangs as a means of feeling needed and valued in a society that places more value on the life of a dog than they do on black life.  White power exploits their own creation by the introduction of drugs into a dispossesed and desperate community where unemployment is at depression levels, barriers to higher education is strong and opportunities to gain meaningful skills is drastically limited for young black men.  We must never forget that drugs have been introduced in our communities for the sole purpose of eroding out ability to fight white power and creating conflict and violence as a way of destablizing those communities to the degree there is little fight back left. 

We should not fight black on black crime because the racists use this as a fodder to justify their racist attitudes,  in  the expectation that  it is going to make a difference in white attitudes toward black people.  

I don't feel  we should  be in the business of seeking approval from white people, or making ourselves look better in their eyes.   Our objective has to be to gain power so that we can determine for ourselves what kind of solutions we feel will solve the many problems in our community.  Anything else is just a surrender to whtie power.   We don't owe white people anything.  Personally I am not interested in changing white peoples attitudes on anything.  I am only interested in making it impossible for them to exercise  power over us by destroying thier ability and capacity to make decisions regarding our livelihood, well being and  destiny.

Black on black crime and white racist attacks on black people is NOT a seperate issue.  It is all part of the same process and a system of oppression of black people, a construct and brainchild of white power.

Stop with the Black Black redherring

The last time I checked, white people are more likely to be killed by white folks, asian folks are more likely to be killed by asian folks, you get the idea. The Black on black crime trope, is no different then saying black people need to get off of welfare. I live in a majority white neigborhood where they have a sign at a local store that lets folks know they take ebt (food stamps). Institutional racism is not something we can just ignore as an excuse for the black communities problems.

Red Herring my ass

How many times must I reiterate how you, Hamadi and I compartmentalize ain't how Whites do it.  Just that damn simple.

The problem is that a lot of yall look at the world through a (White) Liberal lense that is not rooted in reality, and you keep pushing and pushing this bullshit to your own detriment.  It's not for us and our world, case in point is how many of you all correctly predicted how the White Liberal Media would mute the verdict (or your phony Black Prez for that matter).

I don't give a f**k who's killing Whitle folks or Asians, just like they don't give a f**k about who's killing Blacks.  Won't be no Asians or Hispanics and not too many Whites either at federal court houses (VERSUS THE WHITE HOUSE) protesting the verdict.

They don't care about us, so we must care about each other. 

Institutional racism ain't gonna be fixed by no goddamn moral persusion directed towards Whites, be they Conservative or Liberal.  The Liberals are just as invested in it as the Tea Party pricks, it's just a kindler "gentler" version aimed at being the fiduciary of the social programs designed for us.  White Executive Directors pulling down 6 figures to uplift the Negroes before returning to their gated communities.

For the record a lot of BnB  crime ain't got shit to do with econonic poverty it has to do with a poverty of spirit.  Some of us are so goddamn afraid of speaking the truth because you think it sounds "Conservative" or what have you, or you "letting the cracker off the hook."  I just news for you THE CRACKER NEVER ALLOWED HIM/HERSELF TO BE ON THE HOOK.  Ask Trayvon's jurors if you don't believe. Well how's the 100% LIBERAL shit going for us??  The people from the deep South who moved North like my parents and most of yours were sharecroppers who lived in debt-peonage, but they weren't jacking MoFos in the backroad ditches after chopping cotton for 12 hours n 100 degree heat, or ending up year after year in debt, because the plantation owner owned the general store.

THEY WERE SELF-SUFFICIENT, but my God, how that terms scares the living shit out of some of yall whose perspective  and mindset is poisoned with the lense of White Liberalism. It's the same way I cringe when I hear the term "urban gardening."  WTF??  My parents are in the mid 80s and only stopped planting and harvesting a garden 2 to 3 years ago, when they were in their early 80's.  But now you need a goddamn grant or some executive director to get MoFos to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and collard greens on vacant lots.  PATHETIC.

You all keep insisiting that with advocacy, moral susasion and marches and sit-ins you gone change White folks.  Who the f**k gone solve our problems including our pathologies Move (the f**k) On. org???


50 Years Ago

Malcolm  X  warned   blacks  about   white  liberals;  they  are  not  our   friends. He  also  stressed  respect   for   each  other   and   the  community,  self   reliance and   Blacks  needing   to solve  many  of the problems  in  their own  communities  and   stop   waiting  for  the  white  man  to  do it  for  us.

You  are  absolutely  on point about too  many   Blacks  viewing    the  world,  and   in  some  ways   themselves,  through   a    "(white) liberal  lense."  The  primary  component  of   the   lense is  the   white   controlled   media &   their   pseudo  Left (liberal)   proxies.  Steve   Biko   accurately   described    the   end    result  as  the  "oppressors   controlling  our  minds."

Nearly all of   the  prominent white liberals,  progressives  and   their   Black   proxies  including   Je$$e &   Sharpton  helped    package  and  sell  Obama  to   Blacks  just   like  a  pair   of   those    original  Air  Jordans;  and  we   bought  it  without  question.

Glen   Ford   warned   us  about  the  dangers  of  NOT  MAKING   DEMANDS,  of  treating the   Obamas  like    royalty  and   just   voting  for  him  because  we   wanted   a   Black  President.

During  Obama's  2008  campaign,   I   frequently   thought  of  a  Malcolm  X  quote:

"when   whites   start   telling    you  how   great  some   Black  leader  is,  its   someone  they  control"

Consequently,   I  never  considered  voting  for   Obama.

Armchair revolutionaries are angry children.

First off, I suggest you actually learn to read a damn post and stop being reactive. If you understood the point I was trying to make, you would see that I meant that the Black on Black crime trope is a missdirection, a redherring that is used to ignore issues of social justice when it comes to the black community. My example of welfare and people of other communities killing each others was just to show that we get blamed for things that others do or go through and the powers that be use this as away to dismiss our problems. ie"We aren't the problem you are, because you kill each other more than we do." So if we complain about police brutality, or vigilante killings we are just being hypocrites somehow.

Secondly dept of the human soul, well IN THE REAL WORLD, there is real cause and effect when it comes to social issues.

I could care less if you respond to this post because I am done responding to you.

"poverty of spirit"

It   was  late  last   night  but   I  believe  it  was   your   comment  on  the   "poverty  of  spirit."  Excellent   points!  These   taboo  subjects  need  to  be  discussed   pubicly.

The Our First Step...

Should be to run these so-called pastors out of these monuments of failure on every block in the hood. Todays pastor is a modern copy of the slavemaster's hand picked preacher. 

Then, hire carefully vetted and mission-oriented  business/legal people to use the pastor's former money to build vocational schools, help blacks start and maintain businesses with the dough, hell, teach our children to write business plans in middle schools then help them start thier businesses when they are ready. We have the aggregate capital to fix our problem(s) if we divest, assess, re-invest and prioritize our COLLECTIVE mission.



See how f**king easy and doable Black Liberation is?  If only MoFos stop playing and pretending to be Melissa Harris Perry.

Frankly, we better off turning the wannabe liberating but slave master pastor's church into a liquor and lotto store than that Christendom pimp game.  Want some moolah?  Then goddammit sell me a pint or half pint versus yo bullshit pie in the skie mind f**k.

Trust me, most of us--myself included-- would be far more appreciative than if you try to sell (pimp me) some ol pie in the sky sweet bye and bye bullshit.

Case in point!

On Friday I flew home on American Airlines for a family reunion and lo and behold I picked up the Airlines (AA) magazine.  Guess what I found??

American Airlines magazine is BILINGUAL.  On one side of the page is English language, on the second column on the same page is SPANISH.

Looks like them English Only rednecks lost out?   Not only that but it looks like them pro-Spanish//Bilingual proponents won out.

Que pasa Mofos???


Taking a Cue From EC RE BS PC & White-Women's Role in US of Z

[US of Z = United States of Zimmerman] There's a [false] presumption since the rise of moderm main-stream [= white] feminism, that the interest of most white & Black women are in automatic & even natural alignment [vs white patriarchy]. So I'm going to very un-PC like & question that presumption.

In a verdict where white women had major roles [white women literally were Judge, Jury, & Supervisor of the Prosecution], the court effectively Judged the unarmed non-criminal victim, Trayvon GUILTY, concluding that Z-Man only exercised poor judgment but that 'His heart was in the right place' [even after he literaly blew a hole thru Trayvon's]- so they felt 'Sorry for poor Georgie'

Thus these white-women have effectively officially given NOT only official cops the license to kill unarmed / non-violent Black victims every 28hrs- but now every white [or 'honorary white'] yahoo cop wanna-be &/or vigilante that same license- using that BS SYG self-defense as an excuse [PS: FL's SYG defense ain't for Blacks- just ask Ms Marissa Alexander & 71 yr old Mr Trevor Dooley]!!!
Now a Black guy doesn't even have to be armed w a weapon or committing any crimes to be gunned down by the cops or cop wanna-bes- cause the Trayvon verdict just sent the message that even if a Black guy's walking on concrete- that can be called his deadly weapon [aka Guilty of walking while Black]!!! 

An insight into the thinking of the white-woman jury from Think Progress & AlterNet: 'I Feel Sorry for George" 7 Shocking Moments From Zimmerman Juror B37′s First [CNN] Interview' [ ]
1. Trayvon was responsible for his own death [in other-words she/they judged him guilty].
2. She [they] sympathized w Z-Man.
3. So Zimmerman should continue to serve as a neighborhood watchman because he has learned his lesson about going too far [right- all the wrong lessons].
4. Their Verdict hinged on “Stand Your Ground” law, even though Zimmerman did not use it in his defense [Z-Man's lawyers were clever about this. If he officially used it he'd likely been required to testify, so why take that risk when they knew SYG would be in play anyway].
5. Zimmerman was only guilty of using poor judgment and was “egged” on to follow Martin by the 9/11 operator [WTF How in HELL did she come up w that when the 9-11 dispatcher clearly told Z-Man's 'creepy-ass' to stop following Trayvon??!].
6. Race played absolutely no factor in Zimmerman’s profiling of Martin [yeah right - so Z-man 'profiled' Trayvon but ignored his color -Humm- & what about that 'F-ing Coons' remark].
7. Therefore Zimmerman’s history of reporting Black men [& even a 9yr old boy] to the police and his decision to follow Martin [even after being told NOT to] played no role in their verdict [w this kind of pretzel-logical thinking, they've got some nerve questioning Ms Jeantel's mental capabilities].

With this kind of mind-set Trayvon's parents had NO chance for justice! Obviously these 5 white-women & 1 Latina [Note- Z-man's mom's a Latina from Peru] plus the white-woman Judge sympathized more w Z-Man's mom than w Trayvon's mom! IMO besides his parents, the only one  in court who truely sympathized w Trayvon was Ms Jeantel & we know what most lame-stream whites {including women} thought of her!!! - [PS: To be fair it must be noted that some witnesses {including a couple of white & Latina women} testified truthfully that it seemed that basically Z-man was the aggressor & Trayvon was the one begging for his life]

Ironically the white-woman lead prosecutor over Z-man's case, Angela Corey [a FL Repug], was the very same one who put Ms Marissa Alexander in jail for 20 yrs for NOT shooting her threatening husband whom she even had filed a restraining order on, in her own home!! [Note Ms Alexander didn't even knick this jerk- she just fired a couple of warning shots into the wall]! SYG defense did NOT work for Ms Alexander- but some how Ms Corey's lame-ass prosecution failed to convict Z-Man's lying-creepy-ass for gunning down an unarmed non-criminal Trayvon who was returning to his dad's house from the store- based on his BS SYG LIES!

Maybe it's the fact that it was a white woman who put Ms Alexander in jail for 20yrs- that there's been barely a peep from the lame-stream [= white] feminist movement RE her miscarriage of {in}Justice! Also note that it was mainly white-careerist women prosecutors who helped persecute the Central Park 5 Youth [all Black & Brown Kids younger than even Trayvon] for a rape & attempted murder beef- for which they were all INNOCENT- yet their white-women persecutors failed to even admit & apologize for their mis-carriage of {in}Justice! 

And why has lame-stream feminism gone MIA / AWOL RE: the on-going 12yr NCLB / RTTT assault on teachers, whom 75% - 80% are women??? But NCLB & RTTT {mis}Education [of the Negro] DeForm- mainly targets inner-city Black & Brown schools, students & teachers! Why is it that it seems that lame-stream feminism's only major concern RE Black & Brown women & girls, is for them [including underaged teen girls without parental consent] to have unrestricted access to abortions & artificial birth-control modalities- at public expense??? Is that the only issue that lame-stream feminism thinks is really important RE Black & Brown Women??! 

Excellent Erudition

...but let me go primitive or Medieval for a minute....

Whoever coined the phrase POST-RACIAL AMERICA, AND whomever, Black, White or Purple, the cosigned that Bullshiggity, needs to have their NATURAL ASS caned in a public square, without Due Process.

Think about how insidious a propagandistic "terribly quaint" notion that was?  MoFos had 95% of yall "hoodwinked and bamboozled."  Thanks to Z-man to set the record straight.   Paula Deen not so much, she was frankly castigated unfairly to feed the public's consumption of Bullshit racial reconcillation kinda like when the (What would Paula Deen say) flexed when they thought they muscled Limpnuts out of the ESPN booth and NFL minority ownership piece.  (Yall see how you took the wind out of Limpnut's sails?)   Like yall ain't said cracker, or peckawood in the last 72 hours.  Me personally?  I only coin those phrases under the media/journalistic principles of  "fair usage."  LOL

Now reflect back to YOUR OWN (most if not all of you(r) embrace of that bullshit because a Black man was elected to the White House?   I hope 99% of you are now mulling: "What the f***k was I thinking?"   I hope you're kicking your own asses in lieu of me doing it...OR A PUBLIC CANNING!

Some of yall's "intellect" need a good ass kicking, as Aunt Mae Mae would say.

Wake up damn it, the clocks been ticking for 400 years + and yall (What would Paula Deen Say) still crying like Bitches about inclusion, and being accepted, and loved and patted on the hand and all of what.. just, like the White "Progressive" Crackers crying about how NSA gone save me (by proxy) via the minimum wage security guy (who is checking out the honeys, most of the day--(AS I WOULD MAKING LESS THAN $8/HR-- on the ground floor of my 40 story office tower.

Come on yall, I ain't that goddamn brilliant?  

Even this white Woman Author's Honest Enough to Write about It-

in this Common Dreams Article: 'White Female Jurors and Florida Justice'- An Excerpt:} 'During the trial the 6-woman jury was described as such with little or no mention of their race.  They were not described as five white women because whiteness has a silent neutrality—you name race when it is other than white... There is little examination of the relationship between being white and female, or what (white) motherhood might mean to and for these women, or their fears of young black men, as they sat in judgment of Trayvon Martin...' {

Also note that even at white more progressive alternative news sites [IE: Common Dreams, AlterNet, The Real News {note some of the even blatantly racist comments RE Bro Glen Ford's interview RE KILLER Z's acquittal @ The Real News] - though most people posting on these sites seem to get what the real-deal is- there's a small but significant & very vocal Z-Man fan club even on those sites [often pretending that they're making logical conclusions based on facts- which just so happen to be repeats of the {tall}'tales' of KILLER Z]- let alone the more lame-stream 'liberal' sites [IE: MSNBC, Huf-Post, Yahoo News, etc]. One must conclude as Bro Glen did in his Real News interview that most whites, including most women & many / most so-called 'liberals', are either undercover or unconscious racists- who become offended when this fact is pointed out. Cause they'd rather believe in the fantasy-land of so-called 'post-racial' [NOT!] USA in the age of Obama = the US of KILLER Z!!! 


But do you really think...

colored folks (not to be confused with the few Black people still left in this nation) will open their eyes and see white gals for what they are (i.e., equal partners with white men in the maintenance of white supremacy)? It's pathetic that many negro gals have enthusiastically jumped on board the white gal's fashionably-feminist circus train and have eagerly derided black men as if we're the root cause of all that ails this sleazy, hypocritical, duplicitous society. Lots of colored folks are probably all out of sorts & discombobulated over the ugly spectacle of a white-gal judge, jury, & prosecutor coddling the vicious murderer g.z. White gals can be just as bigoted and dangerous as white men, and if negroes had a good memory and an iota of sense, they'd know this.




What were the parents of Trayvon Martin thinking when they walked into that court room of WHITE FACES? Did they honestly believe they would find Justice?

Let's look at the picture:








WHITE PRESIDENT ( oBAMA'S not really Black)


Now at the end of this trial all the WHITE FACES are smiling, yes even the face of the WHITE KILLER who slaughtered our son, Trayvon Martin.

When George Zimmerman was pulling the trigger of his gun he was not just killing Trayvon Martin but every Black Boy who he saw to destroy.


This case is much BIGGER than ROSA PARKS and we need to rise to the height of this thing and secure JUSTICE for ourselves and our sons and daughters.


Our elders are watching us!

Aint got no time fo dat

These people have had it explained to them what the objections are to bnb violence deflections, many times. 

However, rather than agree, for the sake achieving the consensus and clarity of purpose that precedes action - to defer their "concerns" about bnb violence and acquisce to peoples' immediate ardor to DO something about the acquittal of the murderer of a black child - they dogmatically insist on conflating, what are IMO related but separate issues.  

In the words of Sweet Brown 

"Aint got no time fo dat."

Either you're with Us or you're agin Us. 

The message from this latest atrocity is clear to those who are listening. 

We must organize for Self Defense and Power.

We must learn how to fight. 

No Justice No Peace

No Compromise No Sell Out. 


I love that picture, so muchpower in the woman's face, where is it from?


"Empty words never reach heaven, movement is what God wants to see, and that movement must come from YOU and ME." --Charles Micheaux



STAURDAY, JULY 20TH 2013 @ 12:00 P.M.




"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins...

not through strength, but persistence." H. Jackson Brown Jr.