Freedom Rider: Israel, Big Money and Obama

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Wealthy Americans whose paramount issue is unlimited support for Israel create huge distortions in U.S. politics, bending presidents to their will. Barack Obama’s career has long been nurtured by one such billionaire hyper-Zionist, who hopes to instigate an attack on Iran.

Freedom Rider: Israel, Big Money and Obama

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Barack Obama has established a strong record as a true friend of Israel, a stalwart defender of Israel’s security, and an effective advocate of strengthening the steadfast U.S.-Israel relationship, publicly stating that Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state should never be challenged.” – Lester Crown

Lester Crown is a Chicagoan with a net worth of four billion dollars. He owns a large stake in and is a former president and board chairman of defense contractor General Dynamics. He also has held large holdings in Hilton Hotels, Maytag (now Whirlpool), and the Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees.

Crown was an early supporter of Barack Obama’s candidacy first for the U.S. Senate, and then for president. He is one of the first and one of his most prodigious fundraisers. As the Obama presidential campaign website says, the candidate “… systematically built a sophisticated, and in many ways quite conventional, money machine.” The Crowns were an integral part of that machinery. One of Lester Crown’s children, James Crown, personally bundled $500,000 in campaign contributions for Obama and served as chairman of the Illinois fund raising effort. Lester Crown and his wife Renee hosted a fundraiser for Obama in 2007 at their home. The event invitation made it clear; their support for Obama was due to his support of Israel, its “right to exist“ and his willingness to strike militarily against Iran.

Every American president has wealthy individuals and families dedicated to getting them elected. The reliance of candidates for public office on the largesse of the rich may be common and expected, but it is nonetheless extremely dangerous. This corruption insures access for the rich, which guarantees that their interests are at the top of any president’s agenda, usually at the expense of what is good for everyone else.

Their support for Obama was due to his support of Israel, its “right to exist“ and his willingness to strike militarily against Iran.”

For Lester Crown the top issue on his agenda is Israel. As he has said himself, "While my involvement in politics is motivated by a variety of issues, there is one issue that is fundamental: My deep commitment to Israel and to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship that strengthens both Israel's security and its efforts to seek peace."

According to a recently published article in The Atlantic, Israeli general Amos Yadlin traveled to Chicago in an effort to enlist Crown’s help in convincing the administration to attack Iran. White House visitor logs show that Crown did in fact visit the White House in April of this year to meet with Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applied “hidden pressure” on Obama which came “from Chicago.”

When asked about this report, Crown denied only that Yadlin traveled to Chicago. He confirmed that the two spoke and were in agreement about wanting the United States to attack Iran. “ ‘I support the president,” Crown said. ‘But I wish [administration officials] were a little more outgoing in the way they have talked. I would feel more comfortable if I knew that they had the will to use military force, as a last resort. You cannot threaten someone as a bluff. There has to be a will to do it.’ ”

Lester Crown’s opinions are not like anyone else’s two cents. He is a defense contractor, meaning he has a personal interest in maintaining the state of permanent war for the United States. He is also a very wealthy man who worked hard to get Barack Obama elected. Crown’s October 1, 2007 fundraiser was directed primarily at Jewish contributors who may have been insufficiently convinced of Obama‘s support for maintaining the status quo in America‘s relations with Israel. The event invitation read in part, “The purpose of the evening is to show Barack how appreciative we are of his steadfast, honest and proud support of Israel.”

No one becomes a serious presidential contender without first passing muster with the Lester Crowns of the world.”

Those are the words out of Crown’s own mouth. No one should be squeamish about questioning his actions and his motives and the very fact that a private citizen conducts foreign policy in secret. Lester Crown was not elected to any office, he was not appointed to pursue foreign policy on behalf of the government, he hasn‘t been confirmed by the United States Senate. If congress had even a small amount of courage, Crown would be subpoenaed to testify about his communications with Yadlin and with the president and his advisors.

The story of a presidential campaign contributor’s contacts with a general of a foreign nation’s military ought to be front page news. Sadly, that lack of coverage is not surprising. The corporate controlled media would reveal too much about themselves if they told us the truth about the little bit of democracy we have left. No one becomes a serious presidential contender without first passing muster with the Lester Crowns of the world. All of which means that American style democracy is little more than a sham. Iowans and New Hampshirites don’t determine who will be president. The Crowns and their ilk are the ones who get to choose before anyone pulls a lever in a voting booth.

The story of Lester Crown’s foray into foreign policy will not make headlines as it should. Congress will not question him under oath. Only individuals who are interested enough and savvy enough will know a little of the tale of how a nation’s people gave up their rights so the rich might have their way. The issue at hand for Lester Crown is Israel, but the CEOs and board chairmen of other industries hold sway in their spheres as much as Lester Crown does in his.

There will always be people of great wealth who influence what happens to people in the rest of world. Today Israel, tomorrow big pharma, and big oil the day after that. BP poisons the Gulf of Mexico with impunity and Lester Crown wants to commit a crime of his own. The only crime worse than an attack on Iran is acquiescence in the face of corporate control of our lives.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)


Behind it all

I made some comments on Facbook about the late, great James Baldwin discussing the founding of the State of Israel and mentioning how David Ben-Gurion went to then still colonial power Britain and said "If you give us the land, and not the Arabs, we will guarantee your empire for a thousand years." I also paraphrased Frances Welsing when I talked about how the rip off, which shows you who's in charge, the master, not Jewish people, began when Europeans allowed Jews to play white in their own state but only under the condition that they serve Western interests, kill their Palestinian cousins and in the process get killed themselves(two birds with one stone, a discount for the master). As I wrote that, I wondered how outdated those arguments were, considering how out of control America's proxy state, Israel, has become, bold enough state frequently it will do what it wants, no matter what America thinks.
However, no matter how much money and power fuels Pro-Israel lobbyists, organizations and other interest groups, I still have that sinking feeling that we really don't know who's in charge here. If you still have fear and awe for the master deep inside of your head and heart-this can be demonstrated with almost all of us-then you will never be ahead of the game.
My suspicions on who's running the show are really heightened when I think of a potential attack on Iran. Think about it, really. The frightened proxy state gets to maintain its privileged position if the strike is successful. However, from a larger geo-political perspective, considering the current shifts in global power relatons, the appearance of new powers on the scene like China and Brazil, who really stands the most to gain from a successful attack on Iran? Isn't it truly like another Ben-Gurion scenario: "Let's us attack Iran, master, alone or together with you, and your position will be guaranteed for another hundred years. If you let us attack Iran, master, you will have a chance to take on China and Brazil by having full control of the Middle East. C'mon master, what have we been sitting on all of this military might for, just to swat some neighboring flies? Let's do this and do this now!" The master considers the proposal, what he, and not his proxy, has to gain from it, and then makes a decision. The proxy gets ots, its comfort(back), but the master gets much, much more. Doesn't that sound logical? We really need to look at who's in charge, here.
But wow! I really wish I had read the entire article before I wrote all of the above. Just finished it, and I get the much more important point, the seizure of foreign policy by big money military-industrial, PRIVATE interests. Oh, our beloved democracy, down the drain. How did it actually begin, though? With George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and "Don't open that can of worms(referring to the issue of race)" Ben Franklin? When they talked freedom, with respect to Black people, they only meant their freedom............slave cabin........big house.........women....whenever they wanted.

Who's zooming who?? Reconciling delusions

I must admit it remains a conundrum. White power structure needs Jewish money to "win" elections. Zionist Jews need White power structure to vex the Middle East, to remain the hegemon. Christian Zionists rally around Israel, but only to see them get obliterated during "Armageddon" for not accepting Christ. Military is increasingly politicized towards White Christian "values." More accepting of the clash of civilizations meme.
More willing to embrace the war on terror as a war on Islam. It's only natural to them, especially when wound up in the phony American Exceptionalism, the root and branch of racism,-- which by the way, the State of Israel is also practicing to the hilt.

Delusional countries during crazy times.

To be honest I've thought more than once that the fucking lunatics in Likud (and now Kadima) and the American contingent of "cons" whether neo or liberal would attack Iran. Now, I'm not so sure.

Tony Karon's Rootless Cosmopolitan Blog is an excellent starting point for critical thinking naysayers, at the end of his blog he lists several other essays dismissing an attack as well. Jane Mayer has also weighed in by noting that all of the US "war gaming" spells no success for the US in an attack on Iran. Both the US and Israel are talking shit and shooting blanks.

Take a look at the inability of the Dual Axis of Evil, the US and Israel, to bloody the nose of their antagonists. Hizbollah and the Sunni showed the efficacies of Gen. Wm. Lind's 4th Generation warfare. They can bomb Iran but Iran can strangle the world's economies by strangling the Straits of Hormuz, and all the gold and drachmas, and yen and dollars, and pesos piled to Pluto won't buy shit.

(Btw, read the comment section and get a true reading on world reaction to an attack on Iran. More than a few posters there predict the military and economic collapse of Israel and America, and they're right)

Iran is the true winner of the Iraq war notwithstanding US propaganda and the bullshit about the surge and it's anointed one. Juan Cole peeped this shit years ago. Who's in power in Iraq, Shia or Sunni, who are the co-religionists and supporters of the Shia? Game, set, match.

Nine years going in Afghanistan and the mighty US army can't defeat the "rag tag" Taliban. Because the motivation of our military machine is robbing and stealing and the motivation of the Afghanis is to repel the invader. Who has the most motivation? Somebody trying to get a paycheck while their significant other is sexting back home and watching Desperate Housewives? Or someone avenging you killing their wife, children and loved ones? I'll let "Fred on Everything" break it down for you.


"Perhaps the US should recognize that it has a second-rate military at phenomenal cost—an enormous, largely useless national codpiece. It is embarrassing. The Pentagon’s preferred enemies are lightly armed, poorly equipped peasants, which makes for a long war and thus hundreds of billions of dollars in juicy contracts for military industries. Yet the greatest military in history (ask it) gets run out of Southeast Asia, blown up and run out of Lebanon, shot down and run out of Somalia, with Afghanistan a disaster in progress and Iraq claimed as an American victory rather than Shiite.Do the aircraft carriers intimidate North Korea? No. Iran? No. China? No. For this, a trillion dollars a year?"

If you want to know how the "standing up while we stand down" thingy is going, then check this out:

The conclusion and simple fact of the matter is that the only people getting fucked in the end will by the US and Israel, two lunatic nations drunk on hubris. Poor fools, if only they knew how many nations actually want them to attack Iran. Unlike the "Smart Power" crowd in DC and the septic(think)tanks across the country, they know that such an attack will, in the end, render the US a third world country and spell the demise of it's military hegemony. As for Israel? No longer will it be the hegemon in the Middle East... if it ever was based upon it's poor military showing of the last decade.

The Empire is sclerotic, Israel too, and the end is near for both, an attack on Iran will accelerate it. Assymetric 4th Generation warfare has left the US and Israel with only one superior military option, the nuclear bomb which is why they are scared shitless that no one else possesses one, especially Iran. But alas, as no other than the famous Israeli miitary theorist Van Crevald said himself of Bush's invasion of Iraq (that the teevee didn't broadcast):

"For misleading the American people, and launching the most foolish war since Emperor Augustus in 9 B.C. sent his legions into Germany and lost them, Bush deserves to be impeached and, once he has been removed from office, put on trial along with the rest of the president’s men. If convicted, they’ll have plenty of time to mull over their sins."

Read the whole piece especially his comments about becoming a "coward."

"Basically it’s always a question of the relationship of forces. If you are strong, and you are fighting the weak for any period of time, you are going to become weak yourself. If you behave like a coward then you are going to become cowardly – it’s only a question of time. The same happened to the British when they were here… the same happened to the French in Algeria… the same happened to the Americans in Vietnam… the same happened to the Soviets in Afghanistan… the same happened to so many people that I can’t even count them."

Don't be fooled by the vaunted US and Israeli militarys, notwithstanding all of the propaganda what they do best is transfer wealth from the poor to the rich, winning wars? You review the record(s) success and make your own judgment, meanwhile both societies are crumbling as I write.


This is a point that time and time again I have tried to make to the people at the Brad Blog which gets itself all worked into a tizzy over election fraud when even with hand-counted paper ballots voting in America STILL won't mean shit until private money is 100% removed from this country's politics. Until then it will still be a dog & pony show designed to make the average citizen think he or she has some kind of a say in who governs them. If the choices are controlled then all the fair and transparent counting of ballots won't amount to a hill of beans.

True, Enlightened Cynic

What Enlightened Cynic says is very true. I talked to some well-informed people here in Berlin awhile back, not people well-connected to the "Services and Agencies", but very well-informed, intelligent, unbiased people, who have a more than vivid memory of exactly what happened to the great powers of their continent and why. They've all said very soberly to me, or subtly in public, if America attacks Iran then the chapter will be closed for the US as a superpower. It really will be all over then. They've always said this ominously, with a frightening ring of truth, and almost as if they are afraid to explain exactly why, since they never do, and also as if they can't hide how much they would regret this outcome.
"See the sadness in the audience", as FC Welsing said when silence fell over the Black audience after explained to them that George Orwell originally titled "1984" as "The Last Man in Europe", which she decoded for the audience as "The End of White Time". That's the sadness I pick up on when people talk about America attacking Iran, stretching itself too thin, unleashing that which it can't control, and heading toward the same fate as Rome. Pardon me for being blasphemous and not looking across the chess board, but you can find that same sadness in Cairo, Riad, Dubai, Istanbul, Seoul, (all over)Rio(?), Accra(?), Amman, (all over)Beirut(?), Taipei, Jakarta, Yamoussoukro(yes, but not all over!), Kuala Lumpur(?) etc. We have a lot of work to do before we can see the light of true liberation at the end of the tunnel.

Sobering reality

The sobering reality is that the US and Israel, being the largest purveyors of violence and mayhem on earth, are in a state of panic and desperation. As you, oggy, have stated more than once and in lucid tones, both see their power and influence waning with each passing year and the fear is that they will double down their bets, which means the nuclear option is still on the table. As John Pilger and others are saying, the US is trying to propagandize to blur the distinction between nuclear weapons and so-called "tactical" nuclear weapons. The United Hypocrites are developing tactical nuclear weapons (so-called "bunker busting bombs" and the like) as they grandstand on the world stage over Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program. Though the US National Intelligence Estimate says Iran is not pursing a weapons program.

The insanity and propaganda is so rank, and such old news it smells like dinosaur shit. If Iran wanted to "destroy" Israel then why hasn't it gave Hamas or Hizbollah some low grade uranium for "dirty bombs?" How much of that shit would make Tel Aviv unlivable? Or why hasn't it given it's proxies chemical or biological weapons to destroy Israel? Who needs a nuke when there are extant WMD available? It's all bullshit. Israel is going to keep playing with fire and get it's ass burned.

Too bad, so sad the hubris of the United Hypocrites has brought them to this juncture of weakness. As to the survival of Israel, I believe all people on this planet deserve a right to life and the pursuit of happiness, but if you want "sobering reality" Israel's survival never has and never will mean shit to me, other than that they have a right to survive.

Israel better get a grip. It's support in the US is dwindling every year, and if they think Americans are going to sacrifice their livelihoods for them they are damn fools. Americans don't even want to sacrifice for their fellow Americans.

Israel would do well to remember that latent antisemitism will become patent antisemitism if the economy goes to shit as it will from an attack on Iran. In case the mad dog Zionists need a reminder, close to 5 million people died in the Congo in the past few years and no one blinked, it wasn't even reported outside of "left" publications. 5 million dead and no one stopped shopping at Wal Mart or visiting water parks in the summer or sexting or getting their on-demand porn. 5 Million dead Israelis won't stop it either. Better wake the fuck up!!

Another sobering reality? We need Iranian oil 100x more then we need Israel stirring up shit in the Middle East? How's that for cost/benefit analysis? I ain't seen shit imported from Israel that I wanted or needed. I have seen shit imported that I despise, like creating death squads and assassination teams who respect no geographic boundaries, like a mass surveillance state, like incessant spying, like being "leading intellectuals" who talk down Black political aspirations and grievances, like the poisoning of our political process and dialogue with right wing noise, like turning the US into Sparta on steroids and a creeping fascist state.

Israel is not facing an existential threat and if, for the sake of argument it was, who gives a fuck? It's obvious nobody gave a fuck about the existential threat to the Congolese. Brown, Black and yellow skinned people are murdered en mass every year and life skips not one beat. Apparently we live and survive, psychically and otherwise, just fine with millions of dead Congolese, don't think we can't do the same with millions of dead Jews? Remember, nobody said shit while the Holocaust was occurring, there were no "pinpoint strikes" on Auschwitz or Buchenwald to my knowledge. It's quite obvious the ovens kept burning until the war was over. So don't overplay your hand, don't confuse 2 of a kind with a royal flush.

Don't like what I'm saying, upset that I don't buy the "no moral equivalency" bullshit, the "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East" lie? Too bad, it's all a part of a sobering reality. I need Iranian oil more than Israeli terrorism and apartheid. And I damn sure don't believe they are the "chosen people" so keep your Bibles tucked away, "that" propaganda ain't working here either.

Update 1: Will they ever stop spying on the U.S.?

"Declassified files from a Senate investigation into Israeli-funded covert public relations and lobbying activity in the United States were released by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on July 23rd, 2010. The subpoenaed documents reveal Israel's clandestine programs for "cultivation of editors," the "stimulation and placement of suitable articles in the major consumer magazines" as well as US reporting about sensitive subjects such as the Dimona nuclear weapons facility."

More articles exposing U.S. Zionism

Keep publishing article like this. Blacks especially need to be aware of these kind of connection and its effects on the Black community

In case I didn't make myself clear

In this current economic climate, one that over 60% of Americans think will get worse. (about 90% based on my anecdotal surveys), if the price of gasoline increase by $1.00 let alone $2 or $3 as a result of an attack on Iran and the resultant shutting down of oil shipping lanes and world wide speculation in the oil futures market based on uncertainly...or rationing occurs, or industries shut down or do mass layoffs..

If Zionists believe that Americans will care about what happens to them and not concerned with individual survival and self-interest than they are DELUSIONAL.

I can't wait to see what happens with the polling numbers (that are already headed south) when Israel attacks Iran and a gallon of gas costs $4.50 (hardly a stretch, in fact $4.50 might be "cheap") and food costs and all other costs spike too. (Because there are few things in America not affected by energy/transportation costs)

As Mama would say, "don't get too big for your britches." There is no amount of propaganda on earth that will cause Americans to change from individualist, self-interested people to Israeli-Firsters when their pocketbooks are affected.

Five Million dead Congolese didn't "cost" Americans anything, however, fuck with gas prices, the economy, hasten a double dip recession and job losses, let someone get laid off or stand in line to redeem their gas rationing coupon, limit their access to their middle class consumerism, and we'll see how quickly they turn on the Israelis. In fact, you might see an American invasion of Israel a la flotilla style. LOL

I mean, it's not as if they cared about them during WWII. In fact, I would bet as many Nazi's immigrated to America and were integrated into the US government as were Jews.

Message to Zionists threefold:

1. Not everyone who says they are your friend, is, and

2. Don't believe the hype. You ain't that loved, fuck with people's lifestyles and you'll be hiding out in the ghetto, the Black one.

3. Your arrogance, stupidity and hubris, is likely to set off a wave of world wide antisemitism likely morphing into pogroms. That would be classified as "unintended consequences," if you get my drift.

HA, looks like Black folks aint the only ones afflicted with a short historical memory. Once upon a time Jews were classified as the "other," as "outcasts." Today Muslims are "outcasts", strike Iran, tomorrow it'll be Jews. Heed a piece of advice from a "soul brother" who's lived through "been there, done that," LOL America ain't got no problem finding "victims" or "threats" or whatever....or have you forgotten??

"...especially during times of economic hardship or war.... Hmmmmm...??? It's deja vu all over again.

Right on

Right on, Enlightened Cynic. Little more to be said, by anyone else, that is. Couldn't have expressed it better, makes me want to shut up at times. Point #2 was a hammer. Lots of people will be living with or like "us" soon. They are doing so much to devastate our humanity, I hope the people who end up with us can survive the "crab basket" they are trying to perfect. What goes around comes around. People don't understand how sped up things are now. Karmic retribution used to come sometime between a quarter of a lifetime to the next life. Now it can come within a week or month, and even that gap is narrowing.