Freedom Rider: Being Black is Deadly


by Margaret Kimberley

Injustice is the law of the land for Black people in America. Life cannot be lived safely, when one belongs to the prey population. Even safety devices can get a Black man killed, if they are wired to local law enforcement. The post-mortem might read: “Police say that the dead man wielded a knife, the officer who fired the bullets hasn’t even been named, a recording shows evidence of racial slurs and the family doesn’t believe the police account.”


Freedom Rider: Being Black is Deadly

by Margaret Kimberley

Trayvon Martin, Kenneth Chamberlain, Anna Brown and nameless others are dead because they showed the world a black face.”

It is very, very dangerous to be a black person. Outrageous and inexplicable things happen to people because they are black, and neither the passage of time nor supposed economic or political advances have changed that fact.

The killing of Trayvon Martin has sparked righteous indignation around the country. The story of a teenager who was doing what the law said he had the right to do, walk down the street, but who nevertheless met death at the hands of a racist vigilante has galvanized the public.

As his family and attorneys worked to bring this case to national recognition, similar stories have emerged on a daily basis with no end in sight. That is because there is no end to the injustices done to black people.

In White Plains, New York last year, 68 year old Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. accidentally set off his medical alert alarm. These alarms are marketed as life savers to senior citizens. Everyone has seen the commercial, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Well, Mr. Chamberlain lived to regret doing something ordinary which was supposed to protect him, because he ended up dead, shot by police who responded to what was supposed to be a call for emergency assistance.

The story is fairly typical. Police say that the dead man wielded a knife, the officer who fired the bullets hasn’t even been named, a recording shows evidence of racial slurs and the family doesn’t believe the police account. A retiree and marine veteran is dead under circumstances which rarely befall people of other races.

They are dead because they were black.”

It is not only black men who die at the hands of authorities. Twenty-nine year old Anna Brown was arrested when she refused to leave a hospital emergency room in St. Louis, Missouri. The mother of two young children died when she did what everyone is told to do. She went to several hospital emergency rooms to seek treatment for pain in her legs.

We are usually advised to seek medical treatment for unexplained pain, but no matter, Brown ended up dead anyway. She was arrested when she refused to leave a hospital and died within minutes of being placed in a jail cell when blood clots traveled from her legs to her lungs.

There is no logic which explains why Chamberlain and Brown are dead. They are dead because they were black. Black people are seen as dangerous and as people who may not really be people after all. Not being viewed as fully human in a society which is built to put and keep black people at the bottom makes life very risky. Add the element of aggressive policing and a system of mass incarceration of black people, and the result is injury and death for the innocent.

Anna Brown was either arrested or escorted out of hospitals by the police every time she sought treatment in the week before her death. She was assumed to be “drug seeking”, lying about being in pain in order to obtain narcotics.

We are all Anna Brown. Studies have shown that black people are likely to be dismissed, ignored, or denied the best medical treatment. The disparities occur whether they have insurance or not and even when class and income are factored into the equation.

She was assumed to be ‘drug seeking,’ lying about being in pain in order to obtain narcotics.”

The latest outrage and proof that our civil rights and civil liberties may soon be things of the past is exhibited in the case of one Albert Florence. Florence is a black man who was jailed in New Jersey in 2005 because of an erroneous report of an unpaid bench warrant. Florence spent six days in two different jails and was subjected to strip searches in both facilities.

Florence sued and the United States Supreme Court decided to take up this case because lower courts were rendering different verdicts on the issue. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time in history to bring such a case to the highest court in the land, and it ruled in a 5-4 decision that it is constitutional to strip search anyone arrested for any offense, no matter how minor.

To add insult to injury, the first black president’s Justice Department urged the Supreme Court to reach this decision. In words worthy only of bad comedy, an Obama Justice Department attorney argued as follows:

"protesters...who decide deliberately to get arrested...might be stopped by the police they see the squad car behind them. They might have a gun or contraband in their car and think hey, I'm going to put that on my person I just need to get it somewhere that is not going to be found during a patdown search, and then potentially they have the contraband with them."

It is interesting that the Justice Department lawyer would use the hypothetical case of a protester in his bizarre attempt to justify the unjustifiable. Those words should be remembered when progressives try in vain to defend Obama as their friend.

Trayvon Martin, Kenneth Chamberlain, Anna Brown and nameless others are dead because they showed the world a black face. It didn’t matter that they lived in the 21st century, or that the president is a black man. Albert Florence’s quest for justice was squashed in part because of the efforts of the first black president.

Their stories resonate because their fate could be ours and because we clearly see and name the elephant in the room. The elephant is racism, and it won’t go away. The struggles against slavery and the old Jim Crow and the New Jim Crow were all worth fighting, but justice seems to always be out of reach. That fact is sobering but ignoring it is deadly too. The only thing worse than the senseless and endless injustice would be pretending that it didn’t exist.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)


American Racism is Permanent

Professor Derrick Bell made exactly the same points back in the early 90's in "Faces At The Bottom Of The Well: The Permanence Of Racism" -- a book that I would recommend to everyone who frequents this site.

Back then you were labeled as "not encouraging" for bringing up the issues that were outlined so exquistely in the book. So, lo and behold, its 2012, and the power of racism remains as virulent as ever.


The West was pathologically racist even before the United States existed. The original U.S.  constitution recognized Indians as having sovereign rights, while it defined Black people ALONE  among all of the races as less than human. None of the societies in this hemisphere with origins in race-based chattel slavery (the United States. Brazil, Cuba, Domincan Republic, etc.) has healed or repaired the damage done to the descendants of those who were abducted from Africa. Nor do they intend to.


Whom do police departments actually serve. Who do they really protect? Who are their traditional enemies? What is the mentality and worldview of the typical American police officer?  Black cops, just like Black troops in the military, or Black politicians, or religious leaders etc. know their place. They knew the "rules" before they signed on. Black cops know that they cannot brutalize and murder White people so they don't. The system is designed to "allow" them either to participate, or to stand by and watch while White officers or others commit atrocities against Blacks and other minorities, so that's what most of them do. Otherwise your backup may not show up when one calls for it. The myth that inserting a few token Blacks into existing racist and dysfunctional institutions such as police departments (or Congress) would bring genuine positive change has been dead for a very long time. The only way to cleanse such institutions is to completely dismantle them from the the top to the bottom by replacing the current personnel with people with  completely different cultural attitudes. Good luck with any such endeavors. Most Americans, not just the 1%,  love their bigoted, trigger happy, fascist cops just like they are.


I have been waiting for this comment.  

In my town, Roanoke, Alabama, blacks and whites, of course, play work together on the police force, but I have no doubt the black officers will never strike, or refuse to obey a racist command.  It is so pathetic. It is sickening.

In Alabama tho, when the shooting starts the local whites will be out to kill as many blacks as they possibly can.  They are considered "different"  in this Southern place of shame.  Christians, none.  Acting Christians, tons and tons, and they are the prosperity types, if u are white.


AND, Obama condones the hell fire shit.  None at the top of the sycophantic pyramid we call Congress is worthy of a vote.  They are all co-conspirators and shud be replaced.  Good Luck!!!


The West was pathologically racist even before the United States existed. The original U.S.  constitution recognized Indians as having sovereign rights, while it defined Black people ALONE  among all of the races as less than human. None of the societies in this hemisphere with origins in race-based chattel slavery (the United States. Brazil, Cuba, Domincan Republic, etc.) has healed or repaired the damage done to the descendants of those who were abducted from Africa. Nor do they intend to.

What's the Real 411 Why Cops Determined to Kill Mr Chaimberlain

Why would the cops, responding to a Medical alert of a 68 yr man w a heart condition, come to the scene armed like a SWAT / Drug squad raid??? It seems that they used Mr Chaimberlain's Medical alert as a 'License to Kill' him! In Fact Mr Chaimberlain predicated as much- That when the cops broke into his apartment, after he insisted that he was OK & that they please leave him be- that they would do exactly what they did do- KILL HIM! So why was Mr Caimberlain seemingly on these White Plains NY cops {s}HIT List??!!

The elephant is racism

Ms. Kimberly is correct to point to the elephant of racism.  But we should not only be outraged by the version known as White Supremacy.  We need to also confront the Jewish version as well which is the most powerful and dominate version. 

There is a tendency even amongst the Black Left to use euphemism like "oil" or "resourse wars" rather than identify the large scale murdering and wasteful military spending and bank bailouts that are ocurring on the behalf of Jewish Supremacy.

The Left unfortunately misuses incidents of White Supremacy to divert attention from Jewish Supremacy and to create a false alliance with Left Zionists that in turn not only corrupts the Left but weakens any discourse against Jewish Supremacy.

Also the new Jim Crow today include not only racism but classism as well.  Blacks are amongst the biggest losers of the economic policies during the past 40 years while only a few Blacks have been able to achieve any real economic success.  A lot of Whites have fallen as well but Jews as a group have dispropotionally gained economically as well as politically.

Civil Liberties are being rollback.  Ms. Kimberly doesn't mention that in the Chamberlain case one of the officers at the scene was Black.  He did nothing to stop the White officer from killing Chamberlain.  Was the Black officier "racist" or was he part of the club of "stormtroopers" who view civilians as the "enemy"?  The "same us vs. them" mentality also hold true for Zimmerman who is Jewish.  Martin was killed just like any Palestianian -- in his own neighborhood.  It is time that Blacks realize that they need to not only take an anti-White Supremacist stance but an anti-Jewish Supremacist stance as well.  Blacks will find themselves forging new coalition by doing so.

There is an "Israelized" mindset in America, especially now with Abe Foxman's of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is receving taxpayer money to training the police in Israeli policing tactics.  The Left bears responsibility due not only to its failue to confront Jewish Supremacy but by being the primary obstacle to confrontation.

I See DEAD Black People!!!

Thanks Ms Kimberly for another outstanding throw down about the recent unjustified killings of black folks that is not getting the attention of the Trayvon Martin killing.  The most horrible is the Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. lynching.  What the police did not know is that all their actions were being recorded by the emergency medical device.  Go here and watch the interview of his son .  This retired marine and retired security officer (so he would know a thing or two about police protocol) but the police who kicked down Mr. Chamberlain’s door tasered him shot him with high velocity bean bags and then shot him DEAD Because “They Feared For Their Life” (I didn't see that coming)!!!

Then there is Anna Brown who had the nerve to complain about the lack of care at the hospital she went to after having gone to several other hospitals and been turned away (I wonder if Obama care would have helped in this situation – Just asking)???  As Ms Kimberly says we have known for a long time that the medical profession thinks very little of black folks unless they are being used as guinea pigs in some experimental nonsense.  Somehow you go to the hospital to get help and you get arrested jailed end up DEAD (How does that happen)???

The Obama administration used the Albert Florence case to codify and legalize strip searches.  What else would you expect from a POTUS that has signed into law NDAA, bombed Libya back to the stone age and has American solders going out and whole sale killing of civilians in Afghanistan (I thought we knew)!!!

Also there is Kendrec McDade who was gunned down by the Pasadena PO (close cousins to LAPD!!!).  You can read about it here  This whole situation started with a bogus 911 call that the police responded to.  They approach Mr. McDade and here we go again “They Feared For Their Life” so Kendrec ends up DEAD (go figure)!!!

Then there is Bo Morrison and Dante Price watch a video clip here and just this morning Rekia Boyd read the article here .

This kind of mass murder mayhem has been going on in this country since they brought the first of our ancestors off the slave ships.  From Emmit Teal to Yula Love to Amadou Diallo to Oscar Grant to Sean Bell Troy Davis and list the list just keeps going.  In the words of MLK “How Long” will we allow this to keep happening???  Because it is pretty clear that if you are a black person driving, walking, at home or trying to get served at a hospital or any other public setting you are subject to be stopped, frisked, verbally abused, assaulted and if necessary (and it always seems like it is) be shot and killed.

What is really scary is that I have read on various blogs that all these killings may be an attempt to on purpose create some sort of racial confrontation so to give the government the pretext to institute marshal law.  This clearly may be case with the Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. lynching.  The police had been told more than once by Mr. Chamberlain and the medical alert people that he was alright and that there was no emergency situation but the police ignored them.  At that point they could have backed off and reassessed the situation and stood down.  But NOOOOO they put it in overdrive and started shooting at an unarmed man who was standing right in front of them.  Then made up a lie about the man having a knife and here it comes just wait for it…. “They Feared For Their Life”.  The news media worked hand in hand with the police and pushed the knife lie to add some cover for the police.  Oh by the way they have not as of yet released the video clip of the taser which would show whether or not Mr. Chamberlain actually had a knife.  Seems to me that police are withholding information in this situation so as to provoke a violent or hostile response from the public.  If that were to happen then you have a perfect case for marshal law.

With Homeland Security, Patriot Act, NDAA, and US troops deployed on American soil it would seem that there is a move to shut the country down a foot all they need is a excuse and if one doesn’t just happen then they will create one (we are really good at creating Mass Murder Mayhem), just ask the Iraqis or the Afghans or Somalis or better yet ask the Katrina refugees (Aw you remember Katrina don’t you)???

If you want to review longer list of DEAD Black People just read the article above this one by Bruce Dixon.

LOL Please help us all



S Murph

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