Fifteen Issues this Election is Not About

by Bill Quigley

The ties that bind the two corporate parties and their presidential candidates are much stronger than any differences that separate them. That’s why a progressive platform could be built almost entirely around opposition to those positions shared by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Below is a litany of issues that will not see the light of day in corporate campaign 2012.

Fifteen Issues this Election is Not About

by Bill Quigley

Neither candidate is interested in stopping the use of the death penalty for federal or state crimes.

Neither candidate is interested in eliminating or reducing the 5,113 US nuclear warheads.

Neither candidate is campaigning to close Guantanamo prison.

Neither candidate has called for arresting and prosecuting high ranking people on Wall Street for the subprime mortgage catastrophe.

Neither candidate is interested in holding anyone in the Bush administration accountable for the torture committed by US personnel against prisoners in Guantanamo or in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Neither candidate is interested in stopping the use of drones to assassinate people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia.

Neither candidate is against warrantless surveillance, indefinite detention, or racial profiling in fighting “terrorism.”

Neither candidate is interested in fighting for a living wage. In fact neither are really committed beyond lip service to raising the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour – which, if it kept pace with inflation since the 1960s should be about $10 an hour.

Neither candidate was interested in arresting Osama bin Laden and having him tried in court.

Neither candidate will declare they refuse to bomb Iran.

Neither candidate is refusing to take huge campaign contributions from people and organizations.

Neither candidate proposes any significant specific steps to reverse global warming.

Neither candidate is talking about the over 2 million people in jails and prisons in the US.

Neither candidate proposes to create public jobs so everyone who wants to work can.

Neither candidate opposes the nuclear power industry. In fact both support expansion.

Bill Quigley teaches law at Loyola University New Orleans and is Associate Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. You can reach him by email at [email protected]


"Neither candidate is interested in fighting for a living wage."

Interesting how much smarter are the CEO's of Sweden. There the Minimum wage is $19.00 an hour, health care is free with no deductable, so is college and the average CEO of Sweden's 50 top companies is $1.8 Million, or about 25 times that of the average employee, while in the USA the average CEO income is 500 - 2500 times that of the average employee, at about $15 million to $25 million a year.

Here there are few pensions and what we do have are calously being removed even for those already retired.

Swedish CEO's are far smarter than those of the USA and here the fascism which FDR seemed to have erased from the oldworld is blooming in Congress and the White House. Recently a paper was published showing the careers of those with IQ's far higher than those of the CEO average included: Professors, scientists, Doctors, architects, engineers, Film directors and Producers, Writers, airline pilots, and some pets including mice, frogs, a few viruses, and at least two avocado's.

Surprise, neither party is acting in your interest

Both parties have continually failed to represent the people and the interests of the United States. They serve primarily the corporate elite. They say this is the best money that government can buy.

It is why I support third party candidates. I will no longer give my consent to the the corporate parties who work against my interest and basic human rights for all.

Check out youtube of Don't Trust the Government.

Thanks for helping spread the word.