The Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Moammar Gaddafi’s last minutes gave clarity to NATO’s war in Libya. It is a mission of mass murder and theft of sovereignty through the arming of savages. “The saner sections of America’s psychological operations machinery were doubtless as horrified as anyone at the Libyan jihadis’ insistence on revealing so graphically to the entire planet the barbaric character of the ‘revolution.’” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s “hands and gums ooze blood – a lasting impression on decent world opinion.”


The Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared like ghoulish despots at a Roman Coliseum, reveling in their Libyan gladiators’ butchery.”

Last week the whole world saw, and every decent soul recoiled, at the true face of NATO’s answer to the Arab Spring. An elderly, helpless prisoner struggled to maintain his dignity in a screaming swirl of savages, one of whom thrusts a knife up his rectum. These are Europe and America’s jihadis in the flesh. In a few minutes of joyously recorded bestiality, the rabid pack undid every carefully packaged image of NATO’s “humanitarian” project in North Africa – a horror and revelation indelibly imprinted on the global consciousness by the brutes’ own cell phones.

Nearly eight months of incessant bombing by the air forces of nations that account for 70 percent of the world’s weapons spending, all culminating in the gang-bang slaughter of Moammar Gaddafi, his son Mutassim and his military chief of staff, outside Sirte. The NATO-armed bands then displayed the battered corpses for days in Misurata – the city that had earlier made good on its vow to “purge Black skin” through the massacre and dispersal of 30,000 darker residents of nearby Tawurgha – before disposing of the bodies in an unknown location.

The saner sections of America’s psychological operations machinery – including their collaborators in the corporate media – were doubtless as horrified as anyone at the Libyan jihadis’ insistence on revealing so graphically to the entire planet the barbaric character of the “revolution.” The months of gushing, ad nauseam press reports of near-universal jubilation in Tripoli and elsewhere at rebel “victories” – always under cover of NATO bombs – now made great sense. Who but those in search of instant martyrdom would voice displeasure at the NATO-jihadi triumph, with murderous fiends such as this roaming the streets?

In a few minutes of joyously recorded bestiality, the rabid pack undid every carefully packaged image of NATO’s ’humanitarian’ project in North Africa.”

The United Nations Human Rights Office and Amnesty International found themselves compelled to ask for investigations into Gaddafi’s death – as if the immediate circumstances were not excruciatingly apparent to anyone with eyes and ears. Although the same U.S. domination of the UN that enabled NATO’s regime-change operation will ensure that the neocolonial powers escape legal liability for the results, the world still sees the executioners, correctly, as monsters in league with Washington, Paris, London and Riyadh. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who gave a snarling thumbs down to Gaddafi just days before his death, appeared like ghoulish despots at a Roman Coliseum, reveling in their Libyan gladiators’ butchery. Their hands and gums ooze blood – a lasting impression on decent world opinion.

The assault on Libya began as a desperate bid by the West and Persian Gulf royalty to bludgeon their way into the dangerous (for them) dynamic of the Arab Spring. The “rebels” (now, ludicrously, the “revolutionary” government) are their guys, just as the Afghan “mujahidin” were the foot soldiers of the Saudis and Washington from 1979 through the Eighties and (for the Saudis) beyond. Here lies the certainty of catastrophic “blowback.” As Trinity College political scientist Vijay Prashad points out, Tripoli may soon resemble 1996 Kabul, a place of mass carnage between rival warlords.

The world still sees the executioners, correctly, as monsters in league with Washington, Paris, London and Riyadh.”

The Libyan jihadis are far more Saudi Arabia’s and Qatar’s brethren, than the West’s. The Arab Spring has both emboldened and frightened the wealthy Persian Gulf despots, who have their own agendas in the Arab world that are not necessarily consonant with the U.S. and Europe (the same applies in Pakistan and elsewhere in the region). All reactionaries are not alike. The oil-rich monarchs are fighting to preserve legitimacy in their own, Muslim milieu, not for Western-based corporate hegemony, and will cause at least as much problems for Washington as the accommodating Gaddafi they set out to depose at the beginning of the Arab Spring.

But that is secondary. As always, U.S. imperialists cannot resist the temptation to overreach. John Pilger writes, “With Libya secured, an American invasion of the African continent is under way.” It is by no means certain that Libya will remain “secure” or under American sway. And President Obama’s all-out offensive to the south – now centered in East and Central Africa, but soon to become generalized – takes place with the cell phone imagery of Gaddafi’s demise fresh in the minds of tens of millions of Africans. Obama may believe the pictures send the message that resistance is futile, but it is likely to have the opposite effect. As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said, of the Americans, “The most lamentable thing is that in their determination to dominate the world…they are setting it alight.”

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My great pleasure

"Who but those in search of instant martyrdom would voice displeasure at the NATO-jihadi triumph, with murderous fiends such as this roaming the streets?" Glenn, you are an excellent writer.

Wayne Madsen Says Khadaffi's Convoy Attacked Under a White Flag

The circumstances of Khadaffi's brutal murder is apparently even more atrocious & outrageous than even I could have imagined!!.. Apparently Khadaffi was brutally tortured - including being Sodomized [IE: ASS Raped] w a Knife [one can imagine he may have been castrated too - sounds like Abu Ghraib Redux] before being executed! As bad as that is, according to Wayne Madsen on an Alex Jones Show interview, Khadaffi was set-up & drawn out into the open under the internationally recognized symbol of truce &/or surrender- The WHITE FLAG! Khadaffi came out in broad daylight w a multi-car convoy clearly flying White Flags which were also seen in & around Sirte itself. They apparently drew him out in the open by telling him [lying to him] that he could negotiate a surrender &/or cease fire under protection of the White Flag [Note: He tried to negotiate cease-fires several times before- including just before FUK-US NATO bombed his son's house on April 30th murdering his son & 3 small grand-children.] & then attacked [incinerated] his convoy, which were FLYING WHITE FLAGS of TRUCE, w Hell-Fire missles & FUK-US NATO Jets' Bombs! Then they let [ordered] that AL-CIAeda / King Idris Affiliated Racist Lynch Mob [or maybe they were really NATO's &/or Qatari Special Ops Mercs dresses as rebels] Torture & Murder Him! This is a VERY SERIOUS WAR CRIME! If this is proven true- Who will Ever Trust FUK-US NATO Word [LIES] for Negotiating a TRUCE &/or Suerrender Under the White Flag EVER Again?!! ... - And their Rebel-Rousing Lynch Mob cronies [the NTC] aren't even decent respectful Muslims! According to Islamic Law- Muslim dead are supposed to be buried within 24 hrs of death. Yet these guys blaspheming themselves as Muslims still have Khadaffi's, His Son's & Defense Minister's Bodies held-up in a meat-locker for almost a week now!


A word about Khadaffi supposedly being pulled from a Drain Pipe Gutter- which those so-called 'liberal' Hawk / Cruise-missile Liberals' Bill Maher & Rachael Maddow joked about as being so 'Saddam' like... IMO- That's all CIA MSNM Psy-Ops BS [although Khadaffi may well have driven off or stumbled off the road into a ditch- after being treacherously attacked by FUK-US NATO rockets & Bombs under the White Flag of Truce!]! First of all Saddam Hussein Was NOT Captured in that Rat-Hole! According to one of his Lebanese-American interrogators [who spoke fluent Arabic] & was part of a detail of both US & Iraqi troops that was tracking Saddam- He had been capture in an Intense Fire-Fight in which Saddam Himself actively took part! This all took place in a Farm-House & went on for hours before he was finally captured! The US forces later STAGED [IE: Scriptued] that Saddam hiding like a chicken in a Rat-Hole scenario- in order to humiliate him before the World & hype how heroic the US forces were compared to how cowardly Saddam was!!! Like those Brothers Said 'DON'T BELIEVE The HYPE'!!!

I think It Must Be Said as Hard as it is to imagine- the O-bomb-em, Billary, Sue Rice, Sarkozy, Cameron Cabal is At-Least [if not even more so] Depraved as the Water-Board Bush Jr, Darth-Vader Cheney, Rummy Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Bliar the Liar Cabal! At least Saddam at the hands of Bush / Cheney / Bliar- got a phony kangeroo court show-trial before they hung him. Khadaffi at the hands of O-Bomb-em / Billary / Sarkozy / Cameron- got suckered into a trap by abusing & disrespecting the White Flag of Truce, & then ASS Raped w a KNIFE, Tortured, had his Brains Blown Out on the Spot & then His Body Left to ROT for a Week in a Meat Locker - all while Billary jokes 'I came, I saw, He Died'  Ha, Ha, Ha!!!  These folks are like those Depraved Roman Emperors Presiding over those HIDEOUS Colosseum Games!!! 

"The Butchering of Gaddafi"

Usually I agree with many of the viewpoints on this site,however, I take issue re: the death of Gaddafi.  This tyrant terrorized many in his country for years and many others outside of his realm of influence.

He suffered the consequences of an environment he created for many many years.  There is a article written by Nkwazi-Mhango titled Why Don't Dictators Learn.

I agree that Gaddafi should have been shown more grace than he has shown to many of his countrymen and others.  The way he was killed is something none of us should gloat over, however, he should have been tried for his crimes in a just manner.  The hate & violence his regime promoted finally caught up with him and to be fair and balanced; his crimes during his rule should have been a part of the article.  Peace....

You should check out the BAR archives before posting up nonsense

This ain't the "" lol... I remember when a bunch of Clinton trolls came on talking about how much Clinton loves Haiti, and they received a severe smackdown by some of the regulars here lol...

Let's take a look at some of the Al Qaeda lynch mob the House Negro -in- Chief turned loose on Black Africans:

1. Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi (Hasady)
2. Salah al-Barrani
3. Sufyan Ben Qumu

4. Abdel Hakim Belhaj
5. Ismail al-Sallabi
6. Ali Al Salabi

7. Abu Yahya al-Libi

It's worth noting that the token negro -in- chief has nothing to say about the Saudi's, Bahraini's, and Qatari's slaughtering and oppressing their own people. No "peace" and "democracy" bombs for them? In Qadhafi's Libya today the women own guns (that will be confiscated by Obama's mujahideen forces) and are driving cars, while Saudi women aren't allowed to do any of that. In the new radical Obama-Muslim Brotherhood "democracy" in Egypt, women are receiving virginity test and the Coptic Christians are being slaughtered.

This is all about installing puppet Sunni emirates and military juntas across the oil rich regions of North Africa/Middle East in order to oppress the Libyan people and form a Sunni mujahideen bloc against Shia Iran, Russia, China, Brazil, India, Malaysia, the rest of Africa (and Israel?).

NO... We do not support Black Genocide, and the halt to African development/independence because some sellouts want to keep an Uncle Tom in the WHITE house. The only people who benefits from this ARE wannabe "elitist" UNCLE TOM's and rich baffoons like Al Sharpton, Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden and the rest these characters. There needs to be a formidable class war waged against all House N * * * * * S. DONATE TO BAR!

The international platform massa gives his slaves to shine his shoes in front of the world is ruining all of our reputations in Africa and want to have nothing to do with this. I want be able to travel to Africa some day.

Slanders of Gadaffi -&- Pillaging & Plundering of Libya Continue

The MSNM Media, FUK-US NATO's unofficial propaganda agencies, are now claiming that Khadaffi amassed a $200BILLION 'Personal Fortune' [perhaps they've mistaken him for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers or Oppenheimers]! A guy w $200 Billion in the bank would have taken the money & run &/or bought off everybody he needed to when he saw that FUK-US NATO was coming for his head!

On Aug 26 the BBC reported that: 'Libya {was} a relatively rich country [until this FUK-US NATO Assault]. According to the IMF, Libya's income per head {was} a relatively healthy $11,300 a year, putting it well into the top third globally. Oil and other natural energy resources are the lion's share of this, providing 25% of gross domestic product and 95% of export earnings. The country has 41bn barrels in oil reserves, the highest in Africa. These earnings lead to the development of the country's sovereign wealth fund, the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), which has estimated assets of $65bn (£40bn)... Gold too is in abundance. The IMF estimates it has reserves of 4.6m ounces, worth about $8bn, among the highest per head of population holdings in the world. As former central bank governor Farhat Bengdara puts it: "We {didn't} need donors. Libya {was} a rich country. The state activities from the Libyan Investment Authority, the central bank and gold reserves are worth $168Billion. But it is all frozen" [by the FUK-US NATO Powers].

And From Pambazuka News Article entitled: 'The execution of Gaddafi and the attempted humiliation of Africa' by Horace Campbell [ ]

> 'On Tuesday 25 October 2011 the Los Angeles Times reported that Libya had more than US$200 billion in reserves. As outlined in my article, ‘Global NATO and the Recolonisation of Africa’, it is no secret that leaders such as France’s Nicolas Sarkozy deeply want to get their hands on this money to save the banks in Europe and to save the Euro. But the crisis in the Eurozone area is too far gone and the depth of the structural and systemic crisis is too extreme to save the politicians who oversaw this military campaign inside Libya. '<

AND- From Info Wars Oct 25 Article: 'NATO Countries Set to Steal $30,000 from Each Libyan Citizen' - by Scott Creighton @ Poor Richard’s Blog

>The pro-Western corporatist media outlets are hurriedly trying to help spin every aspect of the murder of Moammar Gadhafi and the ongoing rape and pillage of the Libyan people’s assets. Yesterday Paul Richter of the LA Times wrote an article claiming [IE: spinning the truth] that Moammar Gadhafi was the richest man in the world, holding some $200 billion dollars in assets hidden all over the globe. Buried deep within the body of his article, the truth finally comes out… ["Most of the money was under the name of GovernMent Institutions such as the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Investment Authority, the Libyan Foreign Bank, the Libyan National Oil Corp, and the Libya African Investment Portfolio. The new $200 billion figure is about double the prewar annual economic output of Libya, which has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa.” – LA-Times' Paul Richter]... All of the money was invested in Libyan enterprises for the Libyan people but because “investigators” 'claim' Gadhafi {allegedly} could have accessed it {hypothetically}, the globalist spin on this wealth owned by the Libyan people, is that it was Gadhafi’s and not theirs. The difference is that if this money belongs to the people of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, then it must be returned to them and cannot be touched. If it were to belong to Gadhafi then it simply becomes spoils of war and can be seized by whomever claims it. The $200 billion dollar figure represents (as Richter points out) “about $30,000 for every Libyan citizen”. This is the amount that is about to be stolen from the people of Libya. The US has still got somewhere around 29.3 billion dollars of Libyan money it took at the beginning of this conflict. Other NATO partners also turned a profit thus far in this conflict. <

So in on Aug 26 the BBC said Libya's State owned Bank had $170 - $200Billion in assets [NOT Khadaffi himself]- frozen by the FUK-US NATO Cabal. Now they're claiming that all of of this some how 'belonged' to Khadaffi Personally, even though it all was under the auspices of KNOWN & OFFICIAL Libyan Gov't Finacial Institutions! But as was said above- If these funds are officially recognized as Libyan state owned funds, then it must be returned to the Libyan People - BUT If Its 'SPUN' Into Khadaffi's own PERSONAL LOOT- It Can Then Be PLUNDERED By THE FUK-US NATO CABAL! Plus It's real self-serving to try to smear someone that you've openly Raped, Abused & Slaughtered in Broad-DayLight!

Your Comparison of Khadaffi & Liberia's Samuel K Doe Off Target

[Opening Comment: The Problem w folks who express a similar disdain for Khadaffi is they never seem to see the Bigger Picture - This is Bigger than Khadaffi & He was most definitely NOT a bigger Monster {nor even the monster that they've claimed} nor caused more Hell & Death & Destruction for African & 3rd World People than the US [along w Belgium {who under King Leopold Slaughtered & Maimed Millions of Congolese} helped over-throw & kill Congo's Patrice Lumumba {& Kwame NKrumah too} & Backed that notorious Mobutu which has lead to the deaths of Millions more Congolese - up to this day], UK [rolled-out that notorious Aparthied system in S.Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, etc], France [Slaughtered 1MILLION Algerians - & has suffered Haiti for nearly 2 centuries], Italy [Under El-Duce'{IE: the doushe-bag} Mussolini Slaughtered nearly half of Libya's people {see the movie 'Lion of the Desert'} & reigned hell in Ethiopia too], & the EU {what did the combined Euro-Nations do to the Native Americans & the African Slaves?!}= the FUK-US NATO powers! - And the Lord Said 'Only He Who is WITHOUT SIN is worthy to Sit in Righteous Judgment' - Because- 'It is an Outrageously GREIVIOUS SIN to take the life of someone when You Yourself have FAR MORE INNOCENT Blood on Your Own Hands'!!!]


Your comparison between ex-Liberian Leader the Late Samuel Kanyon Doe & Khadaffi misses the mark. First Doe came to power on April 12, 1980 in a Bloody coup after Killing then Liberian Pres Tolbert, his son & most of his cabinet. Khadaffi came to power in 1969 in a Blood-Less coup- over-throwing but NOT Killing a monarch King Idris. Doe's Coup had much to do w the long simmering tensions due to the suppression of the indigenious Liberians by the so-called Amerigo Liberians for nearly 1.5 centuries. Under Doe Liberia's Standard of living went down, Under Khadaffi Libya's over-all Standard of Living went UP Dramatically [Note: Under King Idris Libyans were some of the most impoverished & illiterate Africans - under Khadaffi Libyans enjoyed the highest standard of living & became some of the best educated Africans {& Arabs too]...- Doe was an ally of the US from the get-go giving or maintaining the US' access to much of Liberia- which was linked to the US from its inception; Khadaffi was NEVER really a US ally [Libya has no such historical link to the US] - although he tried to improve relations w the US, UK, & EU in recent yrs [which probably contributed to his demise]- but when he came to power he kicked the US & Brits out of Libya [IE: He Closed Wheelus Air Base]...- Under Doe Liberia was in hock to the usual suspects [IE: The IMF, World Bank, USAID, UNESCO, etc], Under Khadaffi Libya had essentially NO Foreign Debts [explains why Libya's standard of living was so high]...- Under Doe Liberian money was printed &/or coined in an EU country [maybe the UK?] & pegged to [IE: subservient to] the $US; Under Khadaffi Libya's State owned Bank printed & coined its own money backed by Gold [Explains why Libya was debt free & why the FUK-US NATO countries Froze Libya's monetiary assets - they were/are stealing Libya's money!]...- Under Doe much of Liberia's infrastructure failed to develop or fell into disrepair, Under Khadaffi Libya's infrastructure DID Develop... 

Doe's ex-commanding Gen the Late Thomas Quiwonkpa's attempted over-throw of Doe in Nov 1985 was most likely not US instigated [Note: This author is seemingly sympathetic to Quiwonkpa vis-a-vis Doe- yet Quiwonkpa was as much a party to the 1980 Coup resulting in Tolbert's Death as was Doe -&- was even called the 1980 Coup's Real Strongman],- but Charles Taylor's [also an ex-Doe cabinet official who looted his dept of $millions & ran off w the money in 1983] return in 1990 resulting in civil war & ultimately Doe's demise- left Liberia in shambles [up to this day] w armed conflict lasting for 1.5 decades & spreading into Ivory Coast & Sierra Leone. Taylor's return  resulting in Liberia's first & only civil war- had the US' finger-prints all over it- though not as blatantly obvious as is the case in Libya [Note the current Liberian Pres & this Yrs' Nobel Peace Prize Recipient was also involved]. This FUK-US NATO assault on Libya obviously is the work of the US along w France, the UK & NATO. Unlike Charles Taylor's over-throw of Doe- this AL-CIAeda / King Idris Affiliated Rebel-Rousing Racist Lynch Mob would have NEVER beaten Khadaffi without FUK-US NATO's air-cover & out right carpet-bombing- which even took place last week when Khadaffi's convoy was Treacherously attacked by FUK-US NATO under the protection of the WHITE FLAG of TRUCE- resulting in his capture & then being ASS Raped w a Knife, Tortured & Murdered -&- Billary [who just 48 hrs before had issued a Hit Order out on Khadaffi] & company thought it all some damned sick joke ['I came, I saw, He DIED' Ha, Ha, Ha]!  Khadaffi would have easily crushed this armed rebellion which was falsely portrayed in the MNSM Media as a peaceful up-rising early on if FUK-US NATO hadn't abused that phony 'R2P' 'humanitian' intervention ploy [under UN Res 1973] as an excuse for their Long Planned Regime-Change Agenda in Lybia & else-where [Note- Not only will Libya's Oil, Fresh Water, & Banking resources be privatized & divided-up for western foreign Corps - But FUK-US NATO will likely set up bases in Libya for AFRICOM to Reek Even More HAVOCK in Africa]! If Khadaffi had the chance to put down this armed rebellion without FUK-US NATO's military intervention against him, Libya's total death toll would have likely been between a few hundred to a couple of thousand- but due to FUK-US NATO Relentless Carpet Bombing Libya's death toll is likely 30,000 - 50,000 PLUS- w 1300 Dying in Just 1 DAY [compared w 1300 Gazans dying in 3.5 weeks in IDF's Op Cast Lead] w the fall of Tripoli & God knows how many died w FUK-US NATO's near total demolition of Sirte!    

[Its interesting to note that the author of the article you linked to - praises Nelson Mandela as he blasts Khadaffi - Mandela himself chided Ole Slick Willie concerning Khadaffi, w Mandela going out of his way {to the chagrin of Slick Willie, the US & most of the West} in expressing his support & appreciation for Khadaffi's faithful support {along w Castro} of S.Africa's Liberation struggle against aparthied - when few {most definitely NOT the US} would actually help the ANC in that righteous struggle...]

Now for the similarities between the demise of Liberia's Doe & Libya's Khadaffi: Charles Taylor's over-throw of Doe was DISASTEROUS for Liberia & Sierra Leone too - Expect a similar fate for Libya w the Death of Khadaffi...- The Stats: Estimated dead for Liberia 150,000 - 250,000 - estimated dead for Libya 30,000 - 50,000 plus & counting... - Estimated Liberian refugees about 1 million - estimated Libyan refugees several hundred thousand to a couple of million... - Although Liberia's infrastucture was NOT nearly as advanced as Libya's {even though Liberia had/has the closest historical ties to the US of any other African country} it was still Devasted & largely remains so nearly 22 yrs after the beginning of its Civil War - Libya can look forward to the same fate thanks to FUK-US NATO... - Liberia's civil war fanned a major tribal clash between Doe's Krahn Tribe & Quiwonkpa's Gio Tribe - this AL-CIA / King Idris Affiliated Rebel-Rousing Racist Lynch Mob has been unleashed by FUK-US NATO on Black Libyans & Africans... - Liberia's conflict spilled over into neighboring Ivory Coast & Sierra Leone - Libya's conflict may very well spill over into neighboring Chad & Niger & else-where...- Liberia was said to have been [& perhaps still is] the CIAs HQ for West Africa [if not All of Africa] - I know there was [is?] a US Controlled ELF Transmissions Submarine Communications Tower [Note the Sub Movie 'Crimson Tide' w Denzel Washington & Gene Hackman or Wikipedia- ELF submarine communications] outside Liberia's Captial City Monrovia [named after US Pres Monroe] - With the death of Khadaffi expect Libya to become HQ for AFRICOM & other FUK-US NATO bases...

Its noteworthy that this article's author criticizes Khadaffi [if not mock his demise], but doesn't say a mumbling word of criticism about that so-called son of an African- US Pres O-bomb-em; nor that notorious anti-Muslim BIGOT w a Napoleon Complex- Sarkozy [Note: Obama & Sarkozy along w Billary {both Bill & Hillary}-&- Bush Sr/Jr & Canada {where this author currently lives} have ganged-up on {or some would say Gang-RAPED} Haiti- but he doesn't critique that either], or that scandle plagued UK PM Cameron- who just blamed the UK riots on oppressed Blacks after UK Storm troopers gun-down an un-armed Black Man... And the Lord Said 'Only He Who is WITHOUT SIN is worthy to Sit in Righteous Judgment' - Because- 'It is an Outrageously GREIVIOUS SIN to take the life of someone when You Yourself have FAR MORE INNOCENT Blood on Your Own Hands'!!!

Sorry but it is rubbish

First, there is no evidence of such atrocities.  Second, most people I know who have lived in Libya will tell you Brother Moammar was a good man loved by a lot of his people. Judging from the way he empowered women of his country, one has to be seriously ignorant to believe these lies about Gaddaffi.  Gaddaffi at worst was a soft dictator but it is often the traitors that he punished.  Moammar Gaddafi paid for not allowing the vultures to get his oil for cheap.  He was charging them 93 percent tax rate. He was not a quisling even during his rapprochement with the west.  You can read his will.  This was a man who would not sell his country out.  He made some accommodation with the West but they still realized he was not going to let them have the Hen that lays the golden eggs.  It is strange they have still not been able to come up with a litany of his atrocities yet.  So they fall back on Lockerbie and other crimes he was framed for.

More On That Sham Pan-Am 103 Beef Frame-up Job...

The main thing that most Americans 'legitimately' feel they 'personally' have against Khadaffi- is that Pan-Am 103 Beef [one of his most well known alleged 'crimes']. But as you said it was a Frame-up Job- but lets give some details to Make the Point: 

At first the Feds & Scotland Yard said Iran did it- because just a few months before the US had shot down an Iranian airliner over the Persian Gulf killing 290 people [most were on their way for the Mecca Pilgrimage]. Then a few yrs later they spun it to incriminate Libya. A law suit was filed [& won] against Pan-Am & the Frankfurt Airport- which said the bomb was planted in the Frankfurt Germany due to lax airport security- Then that got spun into the bomb was 'air-mailed' from Malta allegedly in a manner that was also a major breach of basic security! Two alleged Libyan 'agents' were charged- but the one who was accused of building the bomb was acquitted of all charges - So are we to believe that his alleged partner in crime is guilty of planting a bomb that the other partner never even built??!! Plus a key prosecution witness [a Malta shop-keeper] who fingered the convicted Libyan - apparently perjured himself [Note: Scotland's authorities were seriously considering overturning al-Megrahi's conviction before he was released for supposed 'health' reasons]!

Plus there are multiple indications of fore-knowledge including- At least 2 dozen or more CIA, FBI & DEA agents [Note: There were several CIA, DEA, DIA agents on Pan-Am 103] that got to the crash site within a few of hours of the crash [which occurred at about 7:15PM at night] who then limited the access of the local Lockerbie authorities to the crash site. How did the Feds know from the Get-Go that Pan-Am 103 had been bombed -&- what were they looking for that they apparently didn't want the local authorities to find?!
Then there is this From Wikipedia - Pan-Am 103: 'The South African {Apartheid Regime's} foreign minister Pik Botha w a delegation of 22 [including S.African Apartheid Regime's Defense Minister Gen Mallon, & notorious Secret Service (BOSS) Chief Gen Van Tonda], was supposed to be aboard Pan-Am 103, but {just so happened} to take the earlier Pan-Am 101 flight. They [Pik Botha & company] were on their way to New York to sign the tripartite agreement whereby South Africa agreed to hand control of Namibia to the United Nations. BUT- The UN commissioner appointed to take over, Bernt Carlsson, was among the victims of Flight 103...'
AND- The lead FBI Pan-Am 103 investigator's son & daughter-in-law were supposed to be aboard Pan-Am 103 but apparently he managed to pull them off the flight just before it took off!


The one incident that I know of that may have been a legit case of out-right human rights violation by Khadaffi was back in 1996- when there was an apparently violent prison uprising in which 1200 were killed by Khadaffi’s forces. BUT- I’ve only heard about that this yr [after FUK-US NATO’s Full Spectrum Assault on Libya] because at that time the US, UK, EU etc were only concerned about framing Khadaffi for that Sham Pan-Am 103 Beef! PLUS- The US has that notorious Attica incident w nearly 350 casualties including 40 DEAD [NOTE: All 11 guards that were killed- died from NY State troopers’ gun-fire!]! YET- None of Attica’s prisoners were accused of Treason & attempting to over-throw & KILL the US’ &/or NY State Gov’t & Governor [like was in the case of Libya’s incident]. NOTE: After the Attica Blood-bath then NY Gov Nelson Rockefeller was PRAISED & PROMOTED to US VP under Jerry Ford! AND There's that notorious Waco incident in 1993 [on Ole Slick Willie's watch]  where 80+ men, women & children were burned alive at the hands of FBI & ATF agents!

You're correct. All sorts of

You're correct. All sorts of bogus crimes were pinned against him. He might not have been perfect, but he was a far better ruler of a Muslim nation than most. Women were basically liberated in Libya, unlike nearby countires like Saudi Arabia that still won't let women drive. The entire Libyan campaign has been fishy since the start. —deandre

Wanna know why Hilary and the un wants an investigation?

Because if this story is true, Obama won't be getting re-elected, and this will be the biggest counter psyop (hoax) in recent history:

This was fishy from the start. Why would a military man that's been building underground bunkers and thousands of miles of underground mazes throughout the country for the past 40 years get caught in a convoy of vehicles?

Why would he be in Sirte when there are vast areas in in south where he can hideout?

The Colonel has probably been anticipating a Euro invasion for decades and probably has multiple body doubles like Saddam did. How does Hilary Clinton just waltz into Libya and a few days later Qadhafi is "dead"?

Remember you heard it here first: this a campaign stunt made to make Obama look strong in 2012. "Killed" Bin Laden. "Killed" Awlaki the CIA lackey. "Killed" Qadhafi. Pulled the troops from Iraq (to deploy them elsewhere).

The Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime

I appreciate the responses to my comment as well as the link I provided.  I must say that I read a number of news sources..third world press as well as western propganda.  There are two extemes I've encountered and that is either he's a butcher or a benevolent "soft dictator".  Since, I don't live there nor do I have any personal experience under the leadership of Gaddafi; I have to rely on other sources.  I try to read diverse views for I'm quite aware of western propaganda as well as some third world propaganda.

As I said before, his death is nothing to gloat about and I would have preferred a world court tribunal instead of the horrendous way he was slaughtered.  Having said that...would any of you consider that maybe this man was a chameleon who changed to accomodate whatever circumstances he would find himself in that would be advantageous for him.  His effort to placate the west when he reportedly removed "weapons of destruction" and made others changes when it was to his advantage.  In reading the pros and cons...I would say that he was a very complicated and complex man with many "faces".  I offer absolutely no defense for the Obama administration, however, there were so many in his own country who wanted this man removed from his "one ruler seat of power".  Must we judge ALL of them as lackeys for the west.  I think not..  I'm sure this isn't over by a long shot and more will be revealed.  I will be truthful that initially I wasn't as incensed or angry about his fall from power as the readers who've made comments thus far.  Again...usually when a leader draws such extreme polarizing assessments--opportunist comes to mind.

As always BAR  peace and I support you financially as well as part of your loyal readership.

Any leader who does not kow tow to the West is demonized.

Gaddafi and Fidel Castro helped in the fight against apartheid.  In my opinion, apartheid was as ignoble as slavery, nazism and  the holocaust of the Jews.  While apartheid was being perpetrated against blacks in South Africa, there were a lot of so called butchers aka brutal dictators who did not care about the plight of South African blacks.  Have you ever heard any western mainstream source describe Mobutu, the man who butchered, Patrice Lumumba in despicable terms as they did with Gaddafi? Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda are responsible for over 5 million deaths in the Congo -- more than King Leopold of Belgium ever was responsible for; yet, you hear nothing about their crimes because they are lackeys of the west.  Even now, the so called Transitional Ruling Council of Libya plans to put in place policies based on Sharia Law.  Women will no longer be able to keep their homes after divorce; Gaddafi allowed them to do that.  The only thing the West is interested is control of the economy and access to the geo-political use of Libya.  The next government could rule so poorly; as long as they control Libya as they do in other reactionary and backward countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the West will look the other way or at best say they hope things get better.  This is very simple.  Gaddaffi was the leader of a very wealthy African country.  Even while he made some accommodation with the west, he still would not let them control his oil wealth as they thought would come with the rapprochement.

A thought: have you noticed all the spellings of Gaddafi in Eng?

   It's a symptom of the English-language speakers of the lack of something, understanding?, of Arabic language users.  I have seen many different spellings of Gaddafi in use - English-language users can not agree on translation of the spelling.  To me it's a symptom of the whole problem that Americans (and others) have with others, particularly speakers of Arabic.  

   An aside: I just saw a very clever French film comedy, "The Names of Love", a new release on DVD, which touches on French (and western) stereotyping.  I am a Jew (atheist Jew) and could relate to Muslims talking about being Muslim culturally and atheist. One of the best things about the DVD is the extra, a short documentary by the co-writer, the director's wife.  The film is fiction but based on the married couple's histories: immigrants of their own families.  ( I had a French Jew grandfather who I never met.)  I just looked up the meanings of the words in the title in French, "Les noms des gens" which is "The names of people."  It is a much better title than the changed title in English; no doubt making "people" into "love" is thought to get more English speakingconsumers: the stereotyping of French in re love/sex.... Language and culture.  People.  Differences. 

"Here one drowns Libyans"

Imperial Massacres By Alexander Cockburn

21 October 2011 — CounterpunchCounterPunch Diary—

Denied post mortem imagery of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, the world now has at its disposal photographs of Muammar Qaddafi, dispatched with a bullet to the head after being wounded by NATO’s ground troops outside Sirte. Did the terminal command, Finish Him Off, come via cell phone from the US State Department whose Secretary, Hillary Clinton, had earlier called for his death, or by dint of local initiative?

At all events, since Qaddafi was a prisoner at the time of his execution, it was a war crime and I trust that in the years of her retirement Mrs Clinton will be detained amid some foreign vacation and handed a subpoena.

My friend and neighbor in Petrolia, Joe Paff, wrote a response to a dreadful story about Qaddafi’s killing on Yahoo’s site, commenting ‘This kind of gloating is bound to come back and bite your butt. Imagine how many people in the world would like to see Netanyahu or Obama dragged from their hiding holes and tortured. It will take about six months for everyone to regret the ‘new’ Libyan ‘democrats.’’

Yahoo’s initial electronic response was to write to Joe, ‘Oops! Try again’. So he checked ‘post’ a second time. Yahoo then rewrote his comment, complete with misspellings, stripped of any mention of Netanyahu or Obama, and ‘posted’ it, as ‘This is the kind of gloating that comes back and bites you on the butt. Just imagine how many peopel in the world would like to see Americans dragged through the streets and tortured to death.’ As Joe wrote me, ‘Just another small episode in artificial intelligence and the present taboos.’

I suppose the first triumphalist imperial post mortem photo of such an execution in my lifetime I can recall is that of Che Guevara, killed on the CIA’s orders at La Higuera in Bolivia on October 9, 1967. Perhaps Che’s finest hour came with his leadership of the Cuban anti-imperial forces deployed in Africa, defeating South African and white mercenary forces in one of the greatest acts of revolutionary solidarity the world has ever seen.

Qaddafi, even in his latterday accomodationist phase, was always a bitter affront to Empire – a ‘devil’ figure in a tradition stretching back to the Mahdi, whose men killed General Gordon in the Sudan in 1885. I remember fondly the leftists and Republicans who trekked to Tripoli in the 1960s to appeal to Qaddafi for funds for their causes, some of them returning amply supplied with money and detailed counsel.

Dollar for dollar I doubt Qaddafi has a rival in any assessment of the amount of oil revenues in his domain actually distributed for benign social purposes. Derision is heaped on his Green Book, but in intention it can surely stand favorable comparison with kindred Western texts. Anyone labeled by Ronald Reagan ‘This mad dog of the Middle East’ has an honored place in my personal pantheon.

Since we’re on the topic of imperial executions, let us not forget October 17, 1961. Last week saw the fiftieth anniversary of the massacre in Paris of hundreds of Algerians by the French riot police. Called by the FLN, the Algerians had mustered from their neighborhoods and bidonvilles to central Paris in support of the Algerian war of liberation, then six years old. Algeria, remember, was, in formal terms, a French department.

Centering on the Charonne metro station, the French riot police attacked with lethal savagery, battering and shooting peaceful demonstrators to death and throwing their bodies into the Seine. Corpses were later dragged from the river as far downstream as Le Havre. These days the death count is reckoned as at least 300, some of the victims murdered in detention centers around Paris. The French Interior minister of the time in De Gaulle’s government was Maurice Papon. In 1981 , the French weekly newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné published an article accusing Papon of having collaborated with the Germans during World War II. Papon was officially charged with crimes against humanity in 1983. His trial for overseeing the deportation of 1,690 Jews to a detention camp in the Paris suburb of Drancy did not take place until 1997. Papon’s role in the massacre of October 17, 1961, and indeed details of the massacre itself – long suppressed in French public memory — surfaced during his trial.

In February 1962 there was a huge protest demonstration about the October 17 massacre in Paris. Joe Paff and his wife Karen were recently in Paris, staying in the 20th at a hotel owned by French Algerians. The owner pointed to a photo of himself in the vanguard of the demo, remembering how he was astonished at the number of photographers eager to take his picture. Only years later did he realize that the man with whom had linked arms was Jean-Paul Sartre.

The massacre has now been reconstructed in a documentary by Yasmina Adi, Ici on noie les Algériens, ‘Here one drowns Algerians,’ words painted in red on the parapet of one of the bridges over the Seine.