Black Politics Atrophies Under Obama


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Traditional Black progressive and movement politics has been replaced by fear and sycophantism, as Blacks once again circle the wagons around Obama and contort the events of the last three years to justify their unrequited loyalty to the Banker’s President.” Can the proud African American progressive legacy survive another four years of cowing to the corporate servant in the White House?


Black Politics Atrophies Under Obama

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Something insidious is at work, here: a kind of Black group ‘patriotism’ that values vicarious African American association with imperial power.”

This will mark the second consecutive presidential year that organized Black America makes no demands of the Democratic Party standard bearer – the political equivalent of a deep coma. It is as if the Black corporate presence in the White House triggered an autoimmune disorder, causing the African American body politic to shut down its normal defenses against economic and political assault.

Congressional Black Caucus chairman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), speaking in the strange voice of someone who is passively observing his own bodily decline, acknowledges that African Americans should be angry, and that the only reason Blacks are not marching on the White House is because the president is Black. “If we had anybody else in the White House,” said the Kansas City congressman, “with this level of unemployment, that you know, you would see a lot more African-Americans, African-American organizations and retro organizations speaking out against it. But because he is revered, you know, he gets I guess the benefit of, you know, understanding that the situation was terrible when he came in. So, we’re not doing that.”

What Barack Obama actually “inherited” was his fellow corporatists’ profound disdain for Black America’s historical demands for targeted relief from the effects of past and present institutional racism. The First Black President offers Black America nothing, not one rational reason for hope of rescue in the current, unprecedented crisis.

Obama has resisted mandatory measures against home foreclosures, resulting in the collapse of countless Black neighborhoods and decimation the Black middle class.”

A rising tide lifts all boats,” Obama told a Black reporter at the 100-day mark of his presidency. Obama has since caused the tides to rise dramatically for his banker friends, whose fortunes have soared to obscene new heights through infusions of trillions of public dollars, while a bipartisan austerity is the prevailing order for the rest of us. For three years, with every resource at his command, Obama has resisted mandatory measures against home foreclosures, resulting in the collapse of countless Black neighborhoods and decimation of the Black middle class. Obama has been remarkably consistent in his steadfast service to the banks, having opposed moratoriums on foreclosures since early 2008, while still a candidate, even as presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and John Edwards backed voluntary and mandatory halts on foreclosures, respectively.

Yet, organized Black America absolves Obama of blame – as Obama immunizes bankers from indictment. When Occupy the Dream protested Federal Reserve policies in 13 cities on January 15, Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, it was as if the Fed had not been Obama’s intimate partner in resuscitating the financial industry at everyone else’s expense. While Blacks pilloried his Federal Reserve accomplices in multi-trillion-dollar crimes, Obama’s name was hardly mentioned.

The East African-fathered president, in the midst of an unprovoked air war against Libya, launched a proxy invasion of Somalia at the height of its worst drought in 60 years, vastly exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. In the run-up to invasion, even as international food agencies warned of impending disaster, Obama’s administration drastically cut food aid to Somalia, condemning many additional tens of thousands to a horrible death. But Obama paid no domestic political price for his cruel barbarities against Africa’s most helpless people, because Black America exacted none.

While Blacks pilloried his Federal Reserve accomplices in multi-trillion-dollar crimes, Obama’s name was hardly mentioned.”

In late February of 2003, with the U.S. ground assault on Iraq only weeks away, the Zogby polling organization asked: Would you favor an invasion of Iraq if it would result in the death of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians? Although large majorities of whites affirmed their support for invasion regardless of civilian deaths, only 7 percent of Blacks would countenance such slaughter – a result consistent with historical African American opposition to U.S. military adventures abroad. However, there is little evidence of revulsion in current Black leadership circles at President Obama’s aggressive war policies in the Middle East and Africa – as if Obama is still “inheriting” conflicts for which he bears no responsibility. George Bush should be fascinated at the abiding potency of his policies, three years after his exit.

Obama, who arrogates to himself the right to kill designated enemies at will, is permitted by Black America to commit crimes against peace with political impunity – testimony to the disorder and disfunction that has descended on the African American body politic with the advent of the First Black President.

Obama paid no domestic political price for his cruel barbarities against Africa’s most helpless people, because Black America exacted none.”

Traditional Black progressive and movement politics has been replaced by fear and sycophantism, as Blacks once again circle the wagons around Obama and contort the events of the last three years to justify their unrequited loyalty to the Banker’s President. Fear of Republicans is deployed as an excuse for failure to defend the community from its worst domestic crisis in many generations, and for Black America’s collective failure to intervene in Obama’s assaults on peace, in general, and Africa, in particular. But something more insidious is at work, here: a kind of Black group “patriotism” that values vicarious African American association with imperial power. When a Black man is virtual king of the world, African Americans must be more than simply the bottom rung of the domestic social ladder – no matter what the statistics say. African Americans may account for one out of eight prison inmates on the planet, but one of their own is also the most powerful person on Earth.

Thus, the proud legacy of Black American progressivism and activism is trumped by the narrowest, self-defeating nationalism. A Black misleadership class that cannot raise a finger in defense of its own people manages to move their lips all day long urging Blacks to rally around Obama – a man held in such high esteem among the enemies of Black people, on Wall Street, he will undoubtedly be the biggest recipient of corporate campaign funding in 2012, repeating his 2008 performance.

It’s all about the children, we are told. Black kids need role models like the handsome couple at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. African American youth need to bear witness to Black folks engaged in pomp and ceremony. Who needs a people’s movement, when a Black reality show is playing at the White House?

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].


And Obama White Momma Was Related to Several US Pres

In addition to Bev's references to Wayne Madsen's break down of Obama white side the family's possible CIA connections [including Obama himself working for a CIA front Business International Co. after leaving Columbia U {more on Columbia below], There's the fact that he, thru his white momma, is related to several US Pres IE: Bush Sr & Jr, Gerry Ford, LBJ, Harry Truman, FDR & even so-called 'founding father' James Madison. Plus he's related to Dick Cheney, Head Confederate Gen Robert E Lee, & even ex-UK PMs Maggie Thatcher & Winston Churchill!!!

Then there's the fact that he majored in international affairs w special emphasis on the USSR at Columbia U at the same time that ZigZag Brzezinski was a tenured Prof at Columbia- a known expert in foreign policy & international affairs- especially on the old Soviet Block nations. So 'suddenly' ole ZigZag turns up as the 'Obama Candidate's' top foreign policy wonk during Obama's 2008 run for US Pres- Coincidence? IMO NO!!! Look at ZigZag's 1997 book 'The Grand Chess-Board' & compare it to Obama's foreign policy moves especially RE: Af-Pak [but even in the entire so-called 'Mid-East' region].

Obama's from my home town so I heard of him well before his name went national & then international. His 2004 race for US Senator from IL ought to be reviewed closely- for how the way was paved for him. In an recent 2011 interview w his ex-pastor Rev Jeremiah Wright by Chris Hedges - Rev Wright said how Obama once told him that he [Obama] could never run against a Black Woman [Dem] for office. In 2004 ex-US Democrat Senator from IL- Carol Mosley Braun [the 1st & only Black Woman to ever be a US Senator], had a good chance to regain her senate seat, BUT instead she inexplicable 'chose' to run for US Pres in the Democrat primary- for which she had virtually NO Chance of winning [How many even remember Ms Braun's 2004 campaign for US Pres?]! And then there's the 'ODD' way that Obama's other main potential obstacle - GOP candidate Jack Ryan's campaign curiously blew up in his face [NOTE: ] - effectively leaving the field wide open for Obama - It seems the way to the US senate for Obama was paved & cleared of ALL Obstacles! Needless to say Obama then used his US senate seat as a launching pad to the White-House!

You have it dissected

Very good assessment of the cognitive dissonance.  Very sad it is pervasive among our people. It is a fact that most people are idiots and clueless.  Let them rot with their rotten role models.

Speaking Freely: Cornel West Takes Aim and Fires

By Jamal Eric Watson , February 9, 2012

So when West announced last year that he was leaving Princeton University and returning to Union Theological Seminary where he began his teaching career in 1977, most of his friends were not surprised. It was just the kind of move that only West would make. But sources at Princeton say that it also became clear early on that many high-level administrators were beginning to grow weary of West’s critiques of Obama, particularly since the first lady, Michelle Obama, is a graduate of the Ivy League school. But they also wanted to be careful not to censor West, who left Harvard University in 2002 after a public spat with then-president Lawrence Summers who questioned West’s scholarship and his visibility on campus. At Union, where students are encouraged to confront society’s social ills, West will be welcomed with open arms.

“Union is a place where Cornel West’s view of the world is in our life blood,” says the Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, president of Union. “Some call Cornel West this generation’s Reinhold Niebuhr, but I think he’s in a class by himself. Cornel is, quite simply, the leading public theologian of our age.”

In recent years, West says that higher education has become so “commoditized and bureaucratized that almost everyone is up for sale.” West says he worries about the younger generation of intellectuals who focus too much on “raw ambition and careerism.”

At Union, he will teach philosophy courses “connected to a robust Christianity.” And “I can hit all of the Stephen Sondheim musicals and can catch up with George Clinton and Bootsy Collins when they pass through.”

While a number of Black people enthusiastically supported Obama’s candidacy in 2008, West suspects that the enthusiasm has waned as many poor Blacks continue to struggle. Today, he says, they are less excited about Obama but remain deeply protective. “I want to protect him too, especially against FOX’s vicious lies,” says West, adding that Obama is “not a socialist. This man believes in capitalism to its core, and I’m going to tell the truth.”

West, who broke onto the national scene with his bestselling book Race Matters, says that he is surprised that others such as civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton, who hosts a daily show on MSNBC, have not been fierce critics of the Obama administration. Sharpton and West sparred on the cable network in April about Obama’s policies, with West questioning whether Sharpton had traded in his fiery activism for access to the White House.

“Whoever thought that Brother Al wouldn’t be protesting any administration?” asks West, who served as an adviser to Sharpton’s 2004 presidential campaign. “You watch his show on MSNBC and you want to say, ‘Brother Al, you come out of the Black prophetic tradition like me. Tell the truth about the White House,’ but he won’t say a mumbling word.”

West says that the attacks by his former colleague, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, in The Nation and on cable news were strictly personal. Harris-Perry left Princeton last year and is now a professor at Tulane University. She also hosts a weekend show on MSNBC. In 2006, West was responsible for bringing her to Princeton from the University of Chicago after the two met at a conference. She held a joint appointment between the Center for African American Studies and the Department of Politics and arrived with tenure.

But West says that, shortly after she arrived, she no longer wanted to teach in the Center for African American Studies and later turned on him and Glaude, the chairman of the department, calling them “hypocritical leftists.”

“I have a love for the sister, but she is a liar, and I hate lying,” says West, adding that Harris-Perry later said on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” that West attacked Obama’s White mother in the interview with “I don’t talk about people’s mamas. She’s reinforcing all of the vicious perceptions of me as a racist, and she knows better than that.”

Harris-Perry’s scathing critique, West says, has more to do with the fact that the Center for African American Studies unanimously voted against her when she came up for promotion from associate to full professor, adding that her work was not scholarly enough.

“There’s not a lot of academic stuff with her, just a lot of twittering,” says West, who added that her book Sister Citizen, released last year, was “wild and out of control.”

“She’s become the momentary darling of liberals, but I pray for her because she’s in over her head. She’s a fake and fraud. I was so surprised how treacherous the sister was.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins, a public intellectual and a scholar in residence in entrepreneurship and innovation at Syracuse University, says that Sharpton and Harris-Perry have become the two major “pit bulls” of the Obama administration and have been busy trying to silence Black criticism directed toward the White House. As a reward for their work, he says they were both given shows on MSNBC, adding that Sharpton, in particular, is “too close than a civil rights leader probably should be” to a United States president.

For now, West shows no signs of slowing down.

He recently completed a new book with Smiley called The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto, scheduled to be released in April. He continues to crisscross the country speaking in crowded churches, college auditoriums and at rallies aimed at addressing economic inequality.

Not that i'm all that big on cornel west

But we have no serious vehicle to express ourselves at the ballot box this november.

If I can, I'll be writing in either Cornel West or Webster Tarpley's name on the ballot and then voting.

Also, Can we have some stepped up critiques of all of these so-called "Black" people they're parading in front of us -in their media- in the run up to the election?

All the Black talking heads and professional commentators they have on their political tv shows (CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN,BSNBC). These Black clown radio personalities, these so-called "Black" websites that are ran by the CIA's favorite newspaper (Washington Post) and these so-called "Black" Journalist/Obama apologist, and cornball's like Eugene Robinson, Jonathan Capehart, Stanley Crouch , etc. too many of them to name all.

West will be voting for obama again

That's what he confirmed on his radio show, Smiley and West. So despite Cornell's rhetoric, Barack still has Cornell in his hip pocket.


BAR is one of the last places left that has remained principled!

"Socialist Equality Party announces US election campaign"

"Vote Socialist Equality in 2012!"

Statement by Jerry White, SEP candidate for US president

WSWS is for the middle class and the poor, without the Malthusian "Green" scam.

WSWS recognizes that the global elite/illuminati-bloodline/the-rich etc., uses the environmental movement in order to shutdown NATO/Israeli capitalism's domestic and foreign competitors.

The illuminati also wants to use the environmental and charity movement to halt production, modernization, and self sufficiency in developing countries (Africa), and impose carbon taxes on the world population that goes straight to the World Bank, IMF etc.

The BIG litmus test: The WSWS is highly skeptical of the official story of 9/11 that is pushed by our corporate state run media. They understand that al qaeda is NATO's arab legion of dupes, puppets, fall guys, and cannon fodder.

Where i part ways with the WSWS is their anti-Christian, anti-Islam rhetoric, and their radical position on "women's reproductive health" I.e. Black ABORTion and "emergency contraception" I.e. Black BIRTH CONTROL pills.

Unlike the DemonRats, I do not believe that 12 year old girls should be allowed to purchase over the counter "emergency contraceptives" I.e. Black BIRTH CONTROL pills, and I would think that the abortion question would be a touchy subject with grey areas given the fact that the DemonRats want to have abortions all the way up to the ninth month (and probably well into childhood for Black kids) while nearly half of all women in this country are pro-life:

The evil liberal feminist and their handlers from the left-wing of the illuminati might say that this is do to Male/Islamic/Christian brain washing, but what if its not? What if its a natural, biological thing to feel guilty?

Another thing I don't like about WSWS is their position that everything is about class, and race/tribal factors play a minor role in things. I could fully agree with this position if the NATO/Israeli oligarchy currently trying to enslave the planet wasn't exclusively all white, and their chief geopolitical strategy was not "divide and rule" - while keeping their tribes united.

This is the same as the days of old: A group of European powers -with the British crown and British Rothschild money at the head of the pack- competing and cooperating with each other in the enslavement of the planet using economic warfare and gun boat diplomacy. The precursor to the NATO/Israeli alliance. Who is the WSWS kidding.

WSWS supported Zionist rheotoric targeting Libya

The WSWS also was on the wrong side of the Libya Jamahiriya and help to spread the Zionist demonization campaign against Qaddafi that justified the "rebels" who turned out to be paid Zionist and CIA lackeys.  These so-called traitors of Libya society targeted lynching Black Libyans.

The WSWS never offered a retraction from their position and tried to cover their position by claim to being against NATO.  The WSWS NEVER offered information about the condition of the Libyan people since the revolution that overthrown the monarchy in 1969.  Qaddafi relinquished power in 1979 yet either the ignorance of WSWS regarding the African Diaspora or their faux-Leftwing posers for Zionism was on display.

Also the WSWS reveres Leon Trotsky who was a paid shill for the Shiff and Wall Street bankers.  The Russian Czar and his family was murdered by the Bolsheviks headed by Trotsky without trial with the Bolsheviks purging Catholic churches while spearing Jewish synagogues.  There are estimates that 36 million (or more) were killed by the Bolsheviks.  This is the history that WSWS embraces.

The WSWS appears more to being a Zionist front group that who jobs it is to control the Left and to deflect it from challenging Jewish supremacy.