The Black Panther vs The Corporate Candidate


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The corporate media are screaming like banshees in fear that former Black Panther Charles Barron might win a seat in Congress. Their preferred Black politico is Hakeem Jeffries, a charter school supporter flush with corporate funds. “The media demonization machine has kicked into high gear on Charles Barron, with the New York Times calling him a ‘showboat’ and ‘provocateur.’” But of course, that’s what happens when rich white men claim the privilege of choosing Black leadership.


The Black Panther vs The Corporate Candidate

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The media demonization machine has kicked into high gear on Charles Barron.”

There might yet be a Black Panther in the U.S. Congress. I don't mean a former Panther like Congressman Bobby Rush, from Chicago. Rush crossed definitively over to the other side back in 2005, when he became a key ally of the telecommunications industry, for which he was rewarded with a $1 million grant from AT&T for a community technology center with his name on it.

Charles Barron, on the other hand, is a say-it-loud-and-proud veteran of the New York chapter of the Panther Party, and a city councilman from Brooklyn since 2002. He’s going after the congressional seat being vacated by Edolphus Towns, a rather conservative Black politician who, nevertheless, has endorsed Charles Barron. Barron has also won the backing of the largest union of city workers.

The big corporate money is riding on State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, who ingratiated himself to the fat cats with his support for charter schools. Wall Streeters are the real power behind school privatization, and they love Jeffries with a passion that has sometimes proven embarrassing. He’s had to reject hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from a charter school advocacy group bankrolled by billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg. But, there’s plenty more money where that comes from.

Hakeem Jeffries ingratiated himself to the fat cats with his support for charter schools.”

The corporate media are all giddily comparing Jeffries to business-friendly Black politicians like President Obama and Newark Mayor Cory Booker. The Booker comparison is accurate. Cory Booker was an obscure and ineffective first-term Newark city councilman until he hooked up with the far-right moneybags at the Bradley Foundation, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That’s where Booker, a hardcore advocate of private school vouchers and charters, found the cash and corporate connections to take on a four-term incumbent mayor, in 2002. He spent twice as much as the mayor, but still lost the first time around, winning four years later with the universal support of corporate media.

If Hakeem Jeffries is Cory Booker – and he certainly draws his funding from the same sources – then Charles Barron is Cynthia McKinney, of Atlanta, who was called everything but a child of god by the massed national corporate press when she was unseated by a big money-backed candidate, in 2002. The media demonization machine has kicked into high gear on Charles Barron, with the New York Times calling him a “showboat” and “provocateur.” The New York Post says Barron is a racial demagogue – which means he has a strong disdain for white supremacy.

Since Cory Booker’s first race for mayor in 2002 – and then, on a much larger scale, with the rise of Barack Obama – corporations and their media have exercised unprecedented influence on Black politics, down to the local level. They fund the Black misleadership class. But the moneymen haven’t bought Charles Barron, and that’s why they’re in a panic over what might happen in the June 26 primary.

If Black folks understood their own interests, every New York Times endorsement, every Wall Street dollar that goes to candidates like Hakeem Jeffries, should translate to a vote for someone like Charles Barron – who is a Panther, still. For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to

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I voted for Barron for Gov. in that primary

Yes.  There were allegedly only 20,000 votes, which seems peculiar, to this day, since so many more people signed the nominating petitions (hundreds of thousands)- Dem. primary vote for Gov.

They talking about florida

From the looks of these headlines Democrats are about to disenfranchise the Black voters in Brooklyn:


Stop Charles Barron, Now

By The Editors

Schumer joins stop-Barron effort

Gillibrand rebukes Charles Barron

Obama Camp Signals Opposition To “Reckless Clown” Barron

A radical Democrat rattles nerves in Washington, D.C. Jeffries got a quiet photo and blessing from Obama.

At ‘EMERGENCY Press Conference,’ Russian Jews Rail Against ‘Dr. Evil A.K.A. Charles Barron’

MoveOn targets Anti-Israeli Candidate Barron

Democrats Nervous About Possible Towns' Successor

Politicians Gather To Denounce Charles Barron As An ‘Anti-Semite’ And ‘Enemy of the State of Israel’

Is Charles Barron an 'Enemy' of Israel?

Donate your time or little bit of money. It's the least we could do considering that Occupy Wall st. failed to put any anti Wall street candidates in congress. The Tea Party astro-turfing operation sent a whole bunch of fascist to D.C.

We need a counterbalance:

Charles Barron couldn't last 5 minutes in the fascist Fox News studios lol... He'll never get invited there again (Unlike other operatives..idiots..punks.. who are frequent Fox News guest, who adopt the Black Panther name -- who need to be ostracized, ignored, or maybe confronted for dirtying that name)

Jews on War path

It is time for the black left to face reality. It's not about "whites". Jews dominate American politics as well as Black politics and especially the Left. Only when blacks can get together with "whites" are blacks going to defeat the real stranglehold over her aspirations.

'When Blacks Get Together w Whites'_Which Whites Do You Mean???

I've made this point before- Which whites are you referring to [FYI: most Jews you're refering to ARE Euro-WHITE -&- for the matter which Jews? FYI: There are some African & Afro-Asiatic Jews]? Do you really think most whites will join Blacks in a 'fight' against {white} Jews [I don't think so]??! Traditionally some of the most stridently vocal anti-Jewish whites have been KKK & NeoNAZI types. Is this who you think Blacks should join forces w vs the Jews??! If So- DO COUNT ME OUT!!!

To Illustrate My Point: White Mormon [until just the 1980s a blatantly racist religious doctrine] Mitt Romney, a filthy rich guy who just said a few months ago while campaigning that 'I'm not concerned about the poor...' [code for Black & Brown people]- has a good chance of being the next POTUS. Definitely most white voters are going to vote for him. YET he's even a more vocally strident Likudnik / AIPACer candidate than even O-Bomb-er is!

The racist press

The racist press has solicited fellow racist - David Duke' endorsement of Charles Barron, in order to undermine the black vote, and undermine a black candidate who would be a serious thorn in the side of the racist 1% establishment:

The Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI):

"While Barron collects endorsements from the likes of David Duke, the Emergency Committee for Israel is proud to stand with those Democrats fighting to keep Barron out of Congress."

The National Jewish Democratic Council:

"In the newly-configured Eighth District including parts of Brooklyn and Queens, the staunchly pro-Israel Assembly member Hakeem Jeffries -- a rising star in the Democratic Party -- faces a challenge from the David Duke-endorsed infamous City Council member Charles Barron, who has counted murderous dictators among his political heroes and has promised an Israel-last foreign policy."

Bar Charles Barron from Congress; choose Hakeem Jeffries instead:

"A great big thanks to former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke for endorsing Brooklyn-Queens congressional candidate Charles Barron."

David Duke endorses Charles Barron:

Congressional hopeful Barron endorsed by former KKK leader Duke:

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke endorses Councilman"

TheDC Morning: David Duke's back and this time he's black

David Duke Backs Charles Barron In Brooklyn:

All Help Ain't Good Help...

It's obvious the power structure fears Barron [just like its obvious the power elites prefer Obama, Romney or even Grinch-witch to Ron Paul]. Just like they dug up some old news-letters [all of which to my knowledge weren't even fully authenticated] to imply Paul was a bigot to stop him from winning in Iowa, but then let Grinch-witch race-card his way to a N.Carolina win without much of a fuss from the lame-stream media - Now they've dug-up an old bona-fied KKK / Racist / anti-Jewish bigot from Louisiana [David Duke] to endorse Barron in a NYC primary race [no dirty trick is beyond these people]. IMO: Barron needs to disavow himself from ex-KKKer Duke quick fast & in a hurry -&- in no uncertain terms- or he'll likely lose support even from his Black supporters.

NOTE: Barron putting the stiff-arm to ex-KKKer Duke Ain't the same as when the Obama Candidate renounced first Farakhan, then his own pastor Rev Wright & then even the church he was married in & 2 daughters baptized in - just to appease 'liberal' whites.

Charles Barron

I live in NYS and I will recount some painful history.  In 2010 the NYS Black community sought to establish an independent Black political party in NYS.  Up state and down state Blacks wre united in this effort. In NYS new politcal parties must be established in a gubenitorial year.  Charles Barron was our candidate for govenor.

We had to obtain 50,000 valid signatures to obtain ballot status in NYS. We, Black folks did it. NYS has the most difficult standards to obtain ballot status of any state in the U.S..  Once this was accomplished there was very little effort by the Barron campaign to keep the momentum going.  After the Freedom Party came in last in the vote count, it was clear that crookness had taken place. Many who had worked hard for this effort called for a recount.  Barron did not call for a recount.  Some attempted to go to the Justice Dept. to address this matter.  Barrone offered no assistance in this effort.  If you don't belive me ask Alton Maddox.

If Mr. Barron loses the election for the congressional seat will he ask for a recount or will history repeat itself?


Hand ballots only!

Hi Eric,

I think I was the first one emailing some of the lawyers in that camp about watching out for vote rigging & irregularities with those new damn electronic voting machines (word must've got back to Maddox), and sure enough:

They found out that Tens of thousands of votes got tossed in the South Bronx!

How many more votes were tossed throughout the state (particularly in heavily black populated districts throughout NYC) that they didn't find out about yet? has reported that TWO ACADEMIC COMPUTER SECURITY EXPERTS HACKED AN AVC EDGE SEQUOIA/DOMINION ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE in the months before the 2010 congressional election (I remember skimming through an article about this in the past, and here it is: I didn't realize -at the time- that these were the same voting machines used in NYS!). The voting program was replaced with a Pac-Man game! The machine was opened with a screwdriver without breaking any of the "tamper-evident" seals. The AVC Edge is used in precincts with 9 million registered voters.

Pac-Man Hacked Onto a Touch-Screen Voting Machine Without Breaking "Tamper-Evident" Seals

Saturday 21 August 2010


NY: 50 Percent of Sequoia Voting Machines Flawed

July 14, 2008  |  Categories: E-Voting, Elections

Why Go To The Arcade On Election Day----------When You Can Go To Your Nearest Voting Site!

PAC-MAN being played on voting machines


Shocking! Voting Machines Get Hacked in hours ! (1080P)

DAN RATHER REPORTS (the illuminati had to fire his ass, because Dan Rather started reporting some real shit)

Complete, Disturbing Investigative Exposé, Featuring Troubling New Revelations About America's E-Voting Companies, Now Available in Full Online..

There were high level employees claiming that Sequoia used the "hanging chad" controversy as a pretext to introduce their Pac-Man machines (In the same manner that Chertoff hyped the FBI's stupid, drugged out, entrapped 'terrorist' (patsies) in order to introduce his biometric/radiation porn machines at our nations airports).

Trailer: HDNet's 'Dan Rather Reports' to Run Another Investigative Report on E-Voting Tuesday