Black Madness Under Obama: African Americans More Pro-NSA, Anti-Snowden Than Whites and Hispanics

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

A new poll shows “Blacks remain more NSA spy-friendly than whites and Hispanics.” Earlier surveys showed Blacks were the ethnic group most willing to go along with Obama’s threatened air war against Syria. What happened to Black progressivism? “If an individual exhibited such lifelong personality and values reversals, her relatives and friends would immediately suspect an emotional breakdown.”


Black Madness Under Obama: African Americans More Pro-NSA, Anti-Snowden Than Whites and Hispanics

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The “African American worldview has been mangled beyond imagining.”

In yet another example of African American moral and political deterioration in the Age of Obama, a new Pew Research poll shows Blacks are more in favor of NSA spying on Americans than are whites or Hispanics. Moreover, the data indicate that Blacks are probably more likely to favor prosecution of Edward Snowden for his NSA spying revelations, than are other ethnic groups.

Back in September, polling history was made when Black Americans were more in favor of air strikes against Syria than whites and Hispanics – the first time, ever, that African Americans were ranked as the most bellicose major ethnicity in the United States.

Something ugly has happened to Black America since 2008, eroding – if not reversing – the progressive Black historical consensus on issues of peace, civil liberties and social justice that has prevailed since pollsters began soliciting Black opinion. One must conclude that, either Black progressivism was a much shallower political current than previously believed, or that the presence of a Black president has been such a shock to Black consciousness, so profoundly disorienting, that it has grievously distorted collective Black perceptions of reality. The African American worldview has been mangled beyond imagining.

Back in June of last year, when MSNBC’s Black plantation hands Melissa Harris-Perry and Joy-Ann Reid were calling for Edward Snowden’s head on a platter, and Black South Carolina congressman James Clyburn was telling people that Snowden’s NSA revelations were nothing more than “an effort to embarrass the president,” 60 percent of Blacks and an equal proportion of Hispanics approved of “the government’s collection of telephone and Internet data as part of anti-terrorism efforts.” Only 44 percent of whites wanted the NSA’s metadata collections to continue. Pew Research pollsters asked the same questions after President Obama’s speech on NSA spying, last Friday. The survey showed that NSA’s stock had fallen considerably over the past six months, but Blacks remain more NSA spy-friendly than whites and Hispanics. Forty-three percent of African Americans still approve of the agency’s telephone and internet data collection, compared to 39 percent of whites and 40 percent of Hispanics, while majorities of whites (55 percent) and Hispanics (52 percent) opposed Obama on spying. Only 49 percent of Blacks would break with  administration policy. In conventional political terms, African Americans – who are subjected to hyper-surveillance like no other group in the U.S. – are most heavily represented on the far Right on this issue, steadfast with “their” president.

Blacks are prepared to sacrifice their own civil liberties in order the safeguard the prestige of the icon in the White House.”

Democrats are substantially more likely than Republicans to favor criminal prosecution of Edward Snowden, according to the Pew poll. Sixty-two percent of Democrats, versus 54 percent of Republicans, want to throw the book at Snowden. African Americans make up one quarter of the Democratic Party. The data indicate that Black zeal to protect Obama contributed significantly to the Democrats’ lynch-mob mentality.

The polls show that the “Obscene 14” Black lawmakers that voted to shield the NSA’s meta-data trolling from congressional defunding, in July, represented the majority of Black opinion at the time (60 percent). Put another way, Black majorities appear prepared to take even the most right-wing positions if they perceive it to be in defense of the First Black President. (The House effort to curtail the NSA’s telephone and internet data-gathering failed by only 7 votes.)

Forty percent of Blacks told a Washington Post/ABC poll, in late August and early September, that they supported President Obama’s threatened airstrikes on Syria. Although majorities of Blacks (56 percent), whites (58 percent) and Hispanics (63 percent) opposed Obama’s air war, African Americans were the most supportive of war – the first time that has ever happened. Given that Blacks were far more pro-peace than either whites or Hispanics in the pre-Obama era, the conclusion is inescapable: substantial proportions of Black Americans are now more concerned with defending Obama than with preventing the death of thousands of innocents abroad, at U.S. hands. In siding with the NSA’s spies, Blacks have shown they are prepared to sacrifice their own civil liberties in order to safeguard the prestige of the icon in the White House.

If an individual exhibited such lifelong personality and values reversals, her relatives and friends would immediately suspect an emotional breakdown, and seek professional help. Caregivers would try to identify the cause of the mental collapse, and find ways to avoid further harm.

Actually, a diagnosis of collective African American mental illness, brought on by the sudden and unexpected advent of a nominally Black president, is the kindest analysis available. The alternative diagnosis is that Black folks were always closet reactionaries, who were just waiting for the emergence of a Black chief executive to show their true colors.

I’ll go with sudden onslaught of collective mental illness. The second theory is even crazier than the first.

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 Ethnoitis is worse than

 Ethnoitis is worse than crack.  No wonder the black masses have benefitted little from years of black faces in high places.  This child-like satsifaction with just having head Negroes to admire has allowed said Negroes to "get theirs" while the masses get nothing.  Talk about digging your own grave.  Don't people know that the fascist agenda they approve of under their dear leader Obomber will bite them in the ass once he leaves office?  It's already biting them with cuts to Soc Sec, Medicare/caid, gutting of public sector, and poisoning of foods by Monsanto.  When the next president and the ones after that come along, they damn sure ain't going to relinquish the Nazi powers Obomber is setting in stone now.  If Obomber signs off on TPP, even if future presidents wanted to roll back some power or re-institute some regulation, he/she (i.e. the nation) will probably be sued by corporation if said roll back interfered with corporation's ability to loot, pollute, and plunder.  How damn stupid do you have to be to not realize this?  I guess if your info source is CNN, Tom Joyner, and MSNBC you get more ignorant by the minute.

Colored People

In defense of "Colored People", they don't use their computers, even when they own one, and that's the only place information is available in regard to the subject of what President Obama is really doing, and not doing, there is very little information available on Tee Vee.

"Colored People" get their news from one another; consequently, there is a kind of "group think", and those with a higher intelligence find it easier to go along and get along, rather than disagree; you know how emotional "Colored People" are.  Since they can not intelligently debate a subject, they are prone to get extremely hostile when you disagree with them, "You git ma meaning".

Thank God for White people!


I think working class black america doesn't trust any institution too much, (with good reason) whether it is one that has a big online presence or not.  White working class america doesn't much either.  This is part of why people, black or white or cuban or kenyan don't dig through all the info and misinfo out there to find the truth.  The other reaosn is because they feel that there is no hope anyways, the machine is too strong, people are too dumb, weak, immoral, -whatever negative quality you want to throw in there.  Truth is that the hopeless and negative view of people and social/political change is EXCATLY what the ruling class wants us to be feeling.  It immoblizes us and makes victory impossible.  The ruling class puts much effort into making us feel this way because the truth is that most of us want an egalitarian revolution for real dmeocracy and real equality, but we don't know that we are not alone in feeling this way.  We think we are alone, cuz Tee Vee tells us we are, so no one talks about it, and so no one does anything to try to really put pressure on the system.  This is why the ruling class pushes this 'you are alone' idea, to trick us - but its not true!  We have to always remember that we are NOT alone, and we CAN talk about it with people, and when we do that we CAN WIN.  

As for the second paragraph and the generalization in the first, very racist. ick.

Blacl madness Under Obama

The findings of this article are truely freightening.  We who were once the conscience of the nation have decended into the lap dogs of Obam. Is Black America in such need of vicarius identification with a Black Face in a high place that we throw out all of our values?  Apparently so.  As was stated here in BlackAgenda Report we have been seduced by the image.  Our lack of power made that seduction even stronger.

I do not want our people to be the scape  goat for the failures of Obam.  Yet we say he is trying to do right but republicans are stoping him. Or that Bush did it. The covering up for Obam we do is truly bizarre.  Even if a Obam supporter admints that an Obam policy is bad for us they will say the republicans are really behind it.

If Obam supporters are  in such in denial about obvious things what else in their life are they in denial about?

Has our support of Obam become idolitray? Have we lost our first love which is Christ Jesus and replaced Him with Obam instead?

Why have not the Black church, sociologist and psycologist raised these questions and suggested solutions?

The craziest thing I am seeeing is that Obam supporters don't know what he does or ignore what he does.  These free trade agreements Obam  pushes send jobs out of the U.S. and contain visa provisions.  Our people don't know this and maybe don't want to know.

May God save us all!






"Why have not the Black

"Why have not the Black church, sociologist and psycologist raised these questions and suggested solutions?"

The church is just like the rest of black misleadership - steadfastly in the service of the empire's Democratic side of the aisle.  The majority of socio/pyschologists are no different than the bleeple - clueless and misinformed. Some in both groups, church and socios/psychs, know better but remain silent for fear of losing tenure, kickbacks, positions, etc. because they spoke out against the empire's guy.  They'll soon experience the havoc wrought by their silence.

There is a third diagnosis

I wouldn't call it mental illness, it's just that most of these black folk are so simple minded, they don't actually believe in anything until someone influential tells them what to think.  And I find that they're typically too ignorant about political matters to have principled opinions, much less a genuine progressive ideology.

And it's so sad--we've just recently observed the holiday for MLK, one of the most outspoken critics of violence perpetrated by this nation. We so much need a voice like his today, from someone equally prominent. In his absence, I can't think of anyone who is speaking out the way that he did, who is anywhere close to garnering the same amount of attention. Who do we have that's even close?

The Hypocrisy Of Denial & Cognitive Dissonance

Glen Ford is absolutely correct as to the "madness" on the part of a huge portion of Black America, under the insidious misleadership of Barack Obama and his minions. I am reminded of the immortal words of the late Frantz Fanon, who decades ago, warned about the 'cognitive dissonance' of those who choose denial over principles.

Back in 2009, in a succinct article titled, To Be Black & Head of the U.S. Empire: A Contradiction in Terms, [ the then increasing hypocrisy, double standards, and madness of so many so-called "progressives," including an inordinate amount of Black Americans, in their unprincipled support for Barack Obama, was also specifically alluded to.

Obviously, this state of affairs is unacceptable and unless it is reversed I fear that a large portion of Black America may go down in historical infamy. We've much work to do.

Larry Pinkney, Black Activist Writers Guild                                                                 &                                                                                       Associate Editor, Intrepid Report


So are you an OBomber-laid Drinker???

Firstly Assad almost certainly did NOT use Sarin against the civilian population [or even against those Al-CIAeda / Saudi-GCC linked FSA rebels] at any time. Even the UN inspectors are now saying that the Sarin shells fired in Aug 2013 were too short ranged to have come from positions held by Assad's forces. Plus the whole scenario for the Aug 2013 Sarin attack did NOT make sense for Assad to be the culprit, while the AL-CIAeda / Saudi-GCC linked FSA rebels have been caught red-handed trying to bring Sarin & other toxic agents into Syria several times before. 

2nd} Only the O-bomber & Kerry regime claimed that the Aug 2013 Sarin attack killed over a thousand, nearly every other source [at-least initially before the US came out w its dubiously inflated figures] put the death toll below 500. 

3rd} If Assad was so bodaciously loony &/or ruthlessly reckless to cross O-Bomber's [phony] red-line RE: chem weapons [even w UN inspectors on the ground just a few miles away from the site of the attack], then why would Assad agree so quickly to give-up his chem weapons stock pile- to avoid being attacked by the US [& NATO]?

4th} Even if Assad did use Sarin in Aug 2013 [IMO a Mighty BIG IF], still OBomber had NO legal right to attack Syria. The idea that O-Bomber would avenge the death of a few hundred [or by his count 1400] Syrians by launching an attack that would likely have killed hundreds or even several thousand more Syrians [& likely would have led to a wider war that would have killed 10s to 100s of thousand of more folks or even led to WWIII] is just Pretzel Logic! The Logic of a war-mongering military imperialist mindset!

The AL-CIAeda Linked Saudi-GCC Backed 'FSA' Said 1300???.

So you just take the FSA's [who had the most to gain from an US-NATO attack using the Sarin attack as a provocation] word for who was behind & how many died in the Aug 2013 Sarin attack??? WOW!!!

So because I'm not buying the anti-Assad, Assad just masqueraded [was it 300, 500, 1400 or 1700- & for what & why?] of his own Syrians HYPE- that, according to you, puts me in the Pro Assad Camp? Talk about ad-hominems! FYI: I do NOT know Assad & have never dined w him [unlike John (Skull{duggery}& Bones) Kerry]! However IMO most Syrians would likely rather go w 'The Devil they know' [Assad], rather than the Hard-core Al-CIAeda type Fanatics FSA rebel mercs [many / most of whom are NOT even Syrian] that they don't know. IMO Assad's like most leaders of Islamic nations in the region- & yet far less oppressive & fanatically dogmatic than the US backed Saudi-GCC monarchy cabal. In fact Assad like Khadaffi & the Iranian leadership are considered too 'liberal' for the Saudis-GCC monarchs & their Al-CIAeda type allies. 

FYI: I'm NOT in the so-called 'Pro-Assad camp'- I'm in the anti US-EU [= NATO] military imperialism camp!!! 

This same lame-ass / tired-ass meme [ad Hominems] that- If you're NOT in favor of the US attacking a nation [for their regime-change agenda] that puts you in the camp of the "boggie-man bad-guy dictator 'de-jour' "- is the very same meme the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-NeoCON regime used when they presented BS phony evidence about Saddam's phantom WMD's & non-existent ties to OBL's Al-Qaeda ['If you're not w us, then you're w Saddam'- GWB Jr]. As bad as that was, the fact is there likely would NEVER have been an OBL-Al Qaeda if Zig Zag Brzezinsky, Ronnie Ray-gun, GHWB Sr & the CIA, the Saudis & Pakistan's ISI had NOT used OBL as a CIA asset againt the USSR in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Ditto for Saddam whose brutal rise to power was backed by the same usual suspects: the CIA, Ray-gun, Mr CIA [Skull{duggery}& Bones] Bush Sr, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, etc... 

Character Attacks? Cause I said O-Bomber & Skull & Bones Kerry

I call him O-Bomber because of his relentless illegal & murderous drone assaults in several different Muslim nations- including droning to death a 16 yr old US citizen in Yemen [along w his father & another US citizen 2 wks prior]. And his murderous 8 month phony 'R2P' bombing assault on Libya that unleashed that AL-CIAeda linked RACIST LYNCH Mob in Libya [aka the NTC] against Black Libyan & African migrant workers there [FYI: ironically Obama's nick-name in Jr Hi-School was O-Bomber]. NOW- If you take that PERSONAL- HEY TOUGH!!! DITTO for Skull {duggery}& Bones Kerry who is a fellow ‘Bones-man’ [& relative] to George Bush Jr & Sr [FYI: O-Bomber is also related to the Bush Sr & Jr & also 'Darth Vader' Cheney]. Or are you offended that I call those so-called 'FSA' AL-CIAeda & Saudi-GCC linked Rebel Mercs- a bunch of Fanatics- cause they've executed young teens [even in front of their families], Christian priests & nuns, & even cut the hearts out of Assad's people & then ate it!!!     


Apparently there indeed was a Sarin attack in Aug 2013 in that Damascus suburb. I NEVER said anything different- so this is just a 'red-herring'. The real question is who & why? Who had the most to gain from that attack? IMO it was NOT Assad. We saw this same Blame Assad Game w the 2005 assassination of Hariri in Lebanon, w all the usual US & EU suspects insisting that Assad had to be the culprit. But ultimately the main beneficiary was the IDF, cause there was backlash in Lebanon against Syria resulting in all Syrian forces leaving Lebanon after being there for at-least 2 decades. Now few still insist that the Syrians were behind Hariri's death. [PS: Claiming that valid questions that I {& many others} have posed RE who actually had real motive to unleash that Sarin attack, which according to you, makes me sound like I'm so-called parroting Assad on this issue- Is just a Diversionary Response, That FAILS to actually ANSWER those valid questions!]

If those Al-CIAeda linked FSA rebel mercs were in that area of-course Assad's forces used shelling to try to drive them out. So what does that prove? I'm certain the FSA rebel mercs returned fire & in fact likely initiated the shelling.

I'm sure that both Assad forces & the FSA Rebel mercs have killed many civilians caught in the cross fire. This is par for the course for most Wars- especially extended bloody civil wars, particularly if one side of the combatants tend to embed themselves into the civilian population as a primary tactic- as the FSA does. But out of the 100,000+ plus killed in the Syrian conflict so far, over 40% have been Assad's forces & associated militias, about 40% have been civilians & not more than 20% have been the FSA rebel mercs. IMO Assad’s forces are likely responsible for about half of the civilians killed & the FSA's responsible for the other half. 

Photos & videos can be & have been faked. Note this excerpt From Global Research article: 'Is the Syria “Peace” Conference Laying the Foundation for War?' [@ } The kickoff of the current [phony] so-called 'peace' conference coincided w an anti-Assad propaganda campaign... Reporter Dan Murphy of the Christian Science Monitor points out some problems w the report. He writes it is “a single source report, from an unidentified man, who is RELATED by MARRIAGE to a similarly unidentified MEMBER of the ‘Syrian National Movement’- which is an opposition group funded by Qatar that has been trying to remove Assad since 2011. Further, the report was rushed to publication; the source was “interviewed on Jan. 12, 13 and 18 of this year. The report was provided to reporters on Jan. 20, 2014.” This resulted in NO Thorough Examination of the Photos. Further, Murphy reports the document actually indicates 835 individual cases were examined, NOT all of the purported victims were shown to have been killed or tortured, and the 11,000 figure that made headlines was an 'Extrapolation'.... - Yet, this has been trumpeted in the western [lame-stream] media as fact... {

As for HRW- IMO HRW's credibility & impartiality is questionable at best, after HRW helped hype the standard line [LIE] about Khadaffi using Viagra for mass rapes, was out to massacre the civilian population of Benghazi & attacked civilians there w jet fighters [all were unsubstantiated 'rumors' {= BS mis-info} or Out Right LIES]- But then HWR shows-up ‘A day late & a dollar short’ RE the NTC RACIST LYNCHING of Black Libyans & African migrant workers- {mis}Using the false meme of them being so-called 'Khadaffi African mercs' as justification- & also RE the ethnic cleansing of the Black Libyan town of Twerga! And there's a recent critique of HRW's slanted & biased report against Venezuela [IE: the Gov'ts of the Late Hugo Chavez & current Pres Maduro- see 'Latest HWR Report: 30 Lies about Venezuela @

> Your last point is just a BS accusation verging on SLANDER!!! Nothing I've said belittles anyone's death- especially innocent civilians! Now of course if OBomber's relative Darth Vader Cheney's pacemaker quits & he suddenly 'kicks the bucket'- OH Well, Pardon me if I don't shed NO Tears!


PS: This assault on Syria as well as IRAQ, LIBYA, Somalia, Sudan, & IRAN- was spelled out by ex NATO Gen Wesley Clark, who said the Bush-Cheneyite NeoCONs had, in the immediate wake of the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' event, planned to target all of these countries for 'regime change' &/or destabilization & break-up [in the case of Sudan]! 

Who's going to do something

Who's going to do something about Obomber murdering thousands with his drone strikes and ongoing wars and "humanitarian interventions" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Congo, Sudan, and the list goes on?  As for the dreaded sarin gas, that shit came from US and its allies.  Those rebel rebels in Syria are bought and paid for by the West.  Israel used white phosphorus on Palestinians - why didn't Obomber do anything about that?    This selective concern about who's murdering whom is getting old, especially when the US and its flunkies are usually knee deep in the murdering spree.


What people on the street think

I enjoyed this article very much, but have to wonder what the people of Dudley Sq Boston MA think.  While collecting signatures there with my father we talked a lot about politics with whoever was going through the bus station at Dudley.  We were/are collecting signatures for the statement This I Believe, which calls for revolution against capitalism because capitalism is immoral, and that we should have a money-less sharing economy with no rich and no poor, and local communities should have supreme power over their affairs - as opposed to a federal or central government dictating everything.  At times 90% of those who stopped to read the statement signed it, never less than 66% signed it.  The goal is to show everyone that they are NOT alone in wanting a truly egalitarian society.  When people know they are not alone, we can make a revolution for real democracy and real equality.  So we are starting where we are, in Boston, and trying to spread the message around the globe.

Obomba would come up occasionally, and he was not enjoying a high approval rating as far as we could tell.  There was virtually no vocal support for him, and there was much dissatisfaction.  

So I wonder who exactly was polled in this article, and what their reasoning is.

You can find the statement by searching "This I Believe pdr" in google.

We will be hosting a public discussion in Grove Hall in Feb and will include Black Agenda Report's url with what we distribute to people.  People need the 'ok' to criticize Obomba and the system he heads, BAR is very important in giving people that 'ok.'

Thank you! 

Given the fact that the goal of Snowden supporters

appears to be the neo-Confederate goal of legitimizing, nullification and states rights.  I don't think it is incomprehensible that blacks and women don't make a priority of Snowden's cause.  He is a Ron Paul, John Birch type.  Not traditionally good friends of the minority and women's rights.  The method employed to destroy the nsa happens to be the one used to attack all civil rights legislation.

I am suspicious of Snowden's motives and the motives of his supporters.  I think subtle racism and misogyny are more dangerous than the overt kind.  I think Ron Paul's supporters are neoconfederates.

"collective African American mental illness"

African Americans who work in government offices have no delusions about what the consequences would be if any one of them had pulled a stunt like Snowden pulled.


In the first place being granted access in that time frame to information either by management or coworkers handing out their passwords would have required great finesse. Not that it couldn’t be done. After all, Snowden did it and no one wants to suggest that there is racial discrimination as to which government employees are considered trustworthy. Then there is a probable difference in how the press would report the theft, whether the press would take the value of the leaks seriously or whether the press would suggest clemency for the perpetrator.


Instead of "collective African American mental illness" or going through a long history or the race of the President the explanation might lie in things like Edward Snowden does not think there should be consequences for his actions. He isn’t asking for clemency like the NYTimes suggested: Snowden won’t return to go to trial without amnesty. For an African American Federal contract employee who had done the deed Snowden did to demand amnesty would be indicative of personal mental illness. For Snowden it isn’t necessarily mental illness: Trayvon Martin’s killer just got off free.