Barack Obama or Cynthia McKinney -- Who Represents Black America Toward Palestine, Israel and the Middle East?

by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon

Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has just returned from an Israeli jail where she was briefly imprisoned, along with human rights activists from several nations, for her second attempt at publicly running the brutal US-Israeli blockade trying to bring coloring books, food and medical supplies.  Why are the US and Israel imposing this collective punishment upon 1.5 million civilians.  How does McKinney's stand match up against that of our first black president, the most powerful man in the world who calls it a "humantarian crisis" but will do nothing about it?  And how do they both stack up against the legacy of Dr. King?

Barack Obama or Cynthia McKinney – Who Represents Black America Toward Palestine and Israel?

By BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon

Both Obama and McKinney have traveled to the region more than once in the last several months.”

It's almost an unfair question.  Barack Obama's many apologists have explained their lips off telling us how he could not run and cannot govern as president of Black Americans, or the president of Americans neck-deep in consumer debt, or the president of Americans who want an everybody in-nobody out health care system.  To get elected and to govern, they wisely assure us, Barack Obama has chosen to be and must be the "president of everybody," if by everybody you mean private health insurers, Wall Street banksters, Pentagon contractors and greedy chambers of commerce everywhere.  The president is a grown man, and he gets to make those choices.

So do the rest of us, and on questions pertaining to the Middle East, a Euro-centric place name if ever there was one, every public opinion survey that bothers to differentiate white from black US opinion indicates that African Americans are, in the main, far more sympathetic to the cause of Palestinians than either their white neighbors or their first black president. Barack Obama then, is operating well outside the black consensus on Palestine and Israel, while former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney swims confidently in the mainstream of black opinion and the prophetic tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Both Obama and McKinney have traveled to the region more than once in the last several months. The president gave a speech in Cairo sternly advising Palestinians to give up violence in pursuit of justice, while seeming to ignore the grossly disproportionate violence, official and unofficial, of the Israeli settler state against them. Obama acknowledged what he called a humanitarian crisis in Gaza without facing his own and the American role in creating that crisis, let alone advancing any measures that would ameliorate it.

““My suitcase,” McKinney told BAR, “was full of crayons. Somebody in authority should explain why crayons and coloring books for Palestinian children are a threat...”

What President Obama calls Gaza's humanitarian crisis is actually a medieval siege, in which Israel, with the full diplomatic and military backing of the US, its principal armorer and banker, has sealed 1.5 million people off from the outside world. For more than two years practically no Palestinians have been permitted to enter Gaza, either from the Israeli-occupied West Bank or elsewhere. Electricity has been cut to a few hours per day and water to a fraction of needed quantities while the Israeli armed forces prohibit Palestinians from purchasing or receiving parts to build, repair or expand capacity. Hundreds of ordinary items needed to carry on civilized life are also banned, including cement, soap, toothpaste, foodstuffs, medical supplies, books, paper clothing and crayons.

In December 2008, and June 2009 Cynthia McKinney, traveled to Cyprus and in the company of human rights activists from many countries attempted to sail to Gaza with a cargo of cement, coloring books, building, medical and humanitarian supplies in order to illustrate the inhumanity and absurdity of the blockade. Both times, the boats were intercepted by the Israeli navy, their GPS units destroyed, and the craft boarded. This time, twenty-one persons including the Irish Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire were arrested and imprisoned for several days before being deported.

“My suitcase,” McKinney told BAR, “was full of crayons. Somebody in authority should explain why crayons and coloring books for Palestinian children are a threat. Somebody should tear down this wall.” McKinney took pains to point out that the blockade, as well as the murderous assault that occurred in December, were carried on with arms and fuel supplied by the US, and with its full diplomatic backing. The blockade of Gaza is causing widespread malnutrition among Palestinians, including children, and is doubtless costing lives daily. “All of us need to ask,” McKinney said, “why our government, through the Israelis, is pursuing this barbaric policy toward the Palestinians, and we must demand that it end right now.”

Why are Israel and the US, with the help of Egypt, imposing this brutal siege upon Gaza?

McKinney also brought with her insights on the racial composition of Israeli prisons. She said she met women in the Israeli prison from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Coite D'Ivoire and other African countries. She observed that a huge number of prisoners, aside from Palestinians, were black Africans and Asians. Where Israel formerly depended upon Arab labor to do many of its everyday tasks, since the beginning of its policy of siege it has recruited large amounts of foreigh labor from non-Muslim parts of Africa and Asia to do all the jobs on the low end of the pay and social status scales. Foreigners, of course, have few if any rights in Israel, and can find themselves locked up for extended periods for the most minor of status offenses.

Why are Israel and the US, with the help of Egypt, imposing this brutal siege upon Gaza? After the death of Yasir Arafat in 2006, Palestinians held elections, closely supervised by observers from many nations, and certified by them to be free and fair. But the Palestinians had the poor judgment to elect a political party --- Hamas --- not favored by Israel and the US. Cutting off their trade and travel, what remained of their opportunity to seek work in Israel or visit their Palestinian relatives in the West Bank, only a few miles distant, curtailing their electricity, water, building, medical and other supplies was, according to US and Israeli policymakers, supposed to make them come to their senses. It hasn't worked. Outside pressure has, if anything, made the Palestinians of Gaza stick tighter together, and rally round the government that the US and Israel so disapprove of. It was the Bush policy for nearly two years, and now it has been the Obama policy for all of six months.

While Obama was the president-in-waiting, conducting daily news conferences on his plan for the economy, denouncing the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, and browbeating members of his own party in congress into voting trillions of public dollars for Wall Street, Israel launched a full-scale military attack against Gaza, throwing hundreds of thousands of rounds of artillery, including cluster munitions and white phosphorus along with strikes from helicopters and jet aircraft, killing more than a thousand civilians. Barack Obama declined to comment publicly, noting that his inauguration was still a few days distant, and that the US had “only one president at a time.” In a similar legalistic vein, during Obama's Cairo speech he pointedly said that the US did not recognize the legitimacy of “continuing Israeli settlements.” But the Israeli government has, with US government funding been planting armed colonies of Israelis on strategic hilltops and ridges throughout the Palestinian West Bank for more than twenty years now, connecting them with a network of roads which Palestinians are forbidden to travel upon or even to cross under pain of arrest. Obama said nothing about these and other longstanding outrages.

Next to Arab Americans, blacks are probably the nation's most skeptical group about the fundamental justice of an Israeli settler state”

Almost a year ago, when Barack Obama received the Democratic nomination, the air was thick with

comparisons and connections between his career and that of Dr. Martin Luther King a generation earlier. In the heady moments of Obama's historic nomination and inauguration it was easy for many to confuse and conflate one with the other. But the air is clearer now. The president's selective moralizing on violence and nonviolence, his legalistic evasions of responsibility, his lawyerly distancing from the consequences of his own actions and inactions are more the stuff of Boss Daley than they are the prophetic witness to injustice of Dr. King. Six months into the Obama presidency, the man whose career many saw as the culmination of the work of the apostle of nonviolence has killed more than 700 Afghans, many of them civilians, with airborne robot drones.

Next to Arab Americans, blacks are probably the nation's most skeptical group about the fundamental justice of an Israeli settler state which imparts rights of residence, citizenship, and more on the basis of Jewish identity, while denying these rights to people whose ancestors have lived there for thousands of years. To African Americans who bother to educate themselves at all on the matter, Israel's identity-pass system, its Jewish-only roads, its separate license plates that allow Israeli Arabs and other non-jews to be profiled at a distance, the ongoing settlement policy cited by President Obama, and the raw, unpunished racist violence of Israeli settlers toward Palestinians have all the hallmarks of a modern, twenty-first century apartheid state. Thanks to Cynthia McKinney and others, more of us are becoming educated on the real nature of the Israeli state, and the consequences of American support of it. We expect to see that work continue, and be taken up by an ever wider section of African American churches, student and civic organizations who believe, as did Dr. King that a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

We said at the beginning that the comparison was almost unfair. Almost. It's really not unfair at all. Neither Barack Obama nor Cynthia McKinney are being forced or compelled to make the choices they do. They are both grown, well educated, sober, sensible parents and US citizens. But between President Obama and former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, it's easy to see who is following in the prophetic footsteps of Dr. King, and increasingly, who is Black America's real representative to Palestinians, Israelis, and the Middle East.

Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at BAR and based in Atlanta GA. He can be reached at bruce.dixon(at)




I support C. McKinney (but am not a Green):I support the Palesti

nians; I'm a NYC Jew (older woman).  I confess to
voting for Obama.   Won't happen again, assuming
I still am alive and still can vote (I don't have a driver's
license, my birth certificate is in my father's surname,
and too ill to go and get alternative forms of ID)-
absentee ballot for homebound disabled.  I did vote for
Kucinich in the primary (mailed the day before he
dropped out!).
C.McKinney had a short segment, along with Adam
Shapiro, filmmaker, at the end of DemocracyNow
this morning, and video of C. McKinney at the airport
is on speaking as she returned from
I suggested to FAIR that they cover the noncoverage
in the US media (brief AP story and CNN also, but late)
of McKinney and the 20 others who were hijacked and
kidnapped by the Israeli military.
I noticed that Cynthia McKinney answered questions
on DemocracyNow, sometimes changing the question
as politicians do.  But her answers were good and to
the point.   She brought a lot of things about the prison
conditions to light that were not widely known, if
known at all, which are in this article also.  I hope
she will continue to look at prison conditions, now here
in the US.  I have a pen-pal in prison, also disabled and
an activist for wheelchair access in prison programs,
housing, safe travel for moving wheelchair users in vans,
medical care, etc.  Mumia Abu-Jamal has a wonderful
page yesterday in Znet on prison conditions "in hell".
So many things seem to be connected.

Obama Defends AFRICOM Military Command in Africa

Sorry for the interruption, but allow me to deviate off topic for one second.
During the speech, Obama offered “technical assistance and logistical support” to help Africa fight against terrorists and war criminals. He also defended the growing role of AFRICOM, the US military command in Africa.

Obama: “And let me be clear: our Africa Command is focused not on establishing a foothold in Ghana, but on confronting these common challenges to advance the security of America, Africa and the world.”


I beg to differ, Bruce

I don't agree with your statement that "the Palestinians had the poor judgement to elect a party- Hamas - not favored by the US and Israel". If my memory serves me well, the "condition that was imposed by  the US, the Zionist state and members of the quartet was that the Palestinians needed to have "free and fair" elections in order to advance the peace talks. Variations on the same theme included, among others, "a democratically elected government" and that in so doing, the Palestinians would have demonstrated that they were ready to govern themselves.
The Hamas was one of the parties contesting the elections. The Palestinians voted overwhelmingly for the Hamas. That the Zionist state and its sponsor did not approve of that outcome is no reason to label their judgement "poor". They had their reasons for doing so, chief among which were the organizational and mobilization skills of the Hamas and its ability to cater to the economic needs of the Palestinians under very difficult conditions.
The Palestinians cannot be blamed or faulted for the chauvinism of the US and the Zionist state. There still would not have been any "breakthrough" had the Palestinians voted Netanyahu to lead them for the simple reason that the cardinal issue in this one-sided conflict is land, and Israel wants all of it.!

Thanks, Bruce

To be honest with you, I did think of that possibility. Quotation marks would have been helpful as they are in your response. I have also come across some "progressives" who feel that the Palestinians made a blunder in voting the Hamas into power!

Who are the original people of this land?

I wish people would stop with this historical reference of who the land originally belongs to. Because historically, it doesn’t belong to neither the current Israeli people nor does it belong to the Palestinians. Yes, I said it. The current Palestinians people have no historical claim to this land as the original people. Just because you’ve been there longer than the current Israeli people doesn’t mean you are it’s original inhabitants. If you look back further into history the land for centuries was occupied by the original Israelites, who were black. And they took the land from the Canaanites, who were also black. Arabs didn’t come to the land until the Assyrians conquered it around 720 BC. Black people have more historical claim as the original people of this land than anybody else on this Earth.
The Palestinians should just face it. The Ashkenazic Jews(or Euopean Jews) stole the land fair and square. Just like we successfully stole America from the Native Americans. This has been going on since the beginning of time.
Why don’t we focus more on taking back African countries than giving a land back to a bunch of Arabs?

Dice you are spot on

Dice i totally agree with you we need to be more concerned about the needs of Africans and less on the needs of the Palestinians or Arabs as a whole.
They are not concerned with us for if they were,  they would not have been
dead silent on the bombings in Kenya and Tanzania a couple of years ago.
I appreciate Mckinney's efforts but let us put our struggle first before anyone

Oppression is just that...

Most Arab countries stood with us in the fight against apartheid. The Palestinians went to the extent of training some of our fighters while many African countries like Kenya, Zambia, Cape Verde, Rwanda and Burundi were secretly trading with the apartheid regime and providing the South African Airways with landing rights for refueling on their way to and from Europe and North America. The people of Palestine are not enemies of Africa! It is the Zionist state that is abusing and imprisoning Africans who go to Israel claiming to be the original Jews. It is the Zionist state that collaborated with South Africa in manufacturing nuclear weapons and other conventional weapons used against Africans in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia,  Cynthia met some of these Africans according to her report obviously intended to expose that it's not only the Palestinians who are the victims of Israeli fascism. Those who have immigrated to Israel perform menial jobs and are treated as third class citizens, the second class being the dogs the Israelis own.
Al-Qaeda kills everybody. That is no justification for what happened in Kenya and Tanzania. But why should we adopt their standards and spread hatred in a planet so morally bankrupt and simply overcrowded with racists and self-righteous nationalists? The Palestinians are an oppressed people and oppression cannot be allowed whether perpetrated against Africans, Asians, Arabs or anyone else!
You have stated that the European Jews "stole the land fair and square". What kind of theft is that and why do you justify it? The Palestinians have so dramatically compromised their rightful claim to the land in order to accommodate the Israelis. Why can't the Israelis do likewise especially since you say they have no claim to the land? Both the Indians and Palestinians were slaughtered and driven from their lands. There is nothing "fair and square" about that....

The "fair and square" comment

The "fair and square" comment wasn't meant to be a justification but more sarcasm.
I have nothing against the Arabs. But why are we trying to help them get land when we should be trying to take back the land and resources of our own people on our own continent? Don’t you think it’s funny that Africa has the most natural resources in all of the world but yet they have the most people in poverty? At least the Arabs have a country where their people benefit from their resources in Saudi Arabia. What country in this world where blacks are the majority AND run the government AND their people prosper?
I have nothing against the Palestinians trying to take the land back they were driven out of. BUT I do have a problem with both the current Israelis and Palestinians claiming they are the descendant of the original people of that land. That’s some bullshit. Neither one can claim the ancestry of the people of that land because the original people of that land was Canaanites, who were black. And neither the Israelis or Palestinians wouldn’t be dark enough to be classified as Canaanites. They wouldn't be dark enough to be classified as the original Israelites.

McKinney Should Demand Human Rights For Slave Descendants

  We invite our courageous, eloquent sister Cynthia McKinney (whom I was blessed to interview for Muhammad Speaks when she was a state legislator) to declare herself a citizen of our Afrodescendant Government.  We want her to stand tall inside the United Nations with other long-time freedom fighters (Mr. Silis Muhammad, Queen MIsshaki Muhammad, Queen Dorothy Lewis and President Ajani Mukarram) and denounce the intensely wicked U.S. government for its on-going imposition of ethnocide and forced assimilation on all slave descendants.  We want a united front of all Afrodescendant activists and scholars to demand Human Rights and massive Reparations for all 250 million Afrodescendants in the western hemisphere. We also hope that the U.N. will soon heed the wise advice of Mr. Silis Muhammad by correcting the grave mistake it made in 1948 when in granted Palestinian land to "the wrong scattered people."  The Jewish people are not descended from Prophet Abraham nor are they originally from the MIddle East.  They are originally from Lithuania.  We the Afrodescendants are descended from Prophet Abraham through his son Prophet Ishmael.
Senator Malik Al-Arkam 

How Can McKinney Represent the Palestinian People? Look At ATL

Cynthia McKinney has always been part of the problem and not the solution. How can she bring aid to Gaza or Palestine as a whole when she cannot bring aid to the SWATS (South West ATLANTA)? Why has she not pressed the Obama Admin for a billion dollar investment in economically depressed neighborhoods in the U.S. ? The Obama admin pledged $1 billion in Aid to Gaza. Not to mention the money that the Palestinians receive from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, and other Arab/Muslim nations. If the poorest areas received that kind of aid in the U.S. the black community would be a paradise.

However, from the Arabs the only thing we get are pawnshops, liquor stores, and second hand car dealerships. The Arabs and the European Jews have a lot more in common than they realize, and my community is living proof.

So, when I read about McKinney going to jail in Israel. i think it is good. maybe she will be tortured by the Israelis and really understand the Palestinians pain.  She's trying to use them like she used her district.

I always question running to a burning building in the middle east when buildings are burning in the Atlanta. I support the Palestinians but, who supports us?
There is no Black Agenda when we continually ignore our plight; and promote the plight of others that have yet to speak for us.  Now, I support the Palestinians but, we have war in the Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Newark, Camden, Detroit, Oakland, etc.   Where's McKinney at for these people?
Get rid of all of the fakes.   Let's define the world by our needs,
Start saying what needs to be said or sit down!

Show Me One Lie

Micah,  Show me one lie about McKinney that I posted.  I do not like to lie on people.  Now, if I have lied show me one lie.  Anyone can google the information that I posted.  
If McKinney was truly about the African American community, I would support her 110% but, she is not.
Micah, are you even African American?  I happen to notice your over use of the word black(s) as if you are apart from my community.  I like to say Africans or African American because it gives a time, date, and location of the people that I am talking about.   So, Micah, I do not even believe you to be African American.  You are just another idiot on this News mag, trying to influence African American politics. 

Well Said

I agree with you 100%.Thats a long way to go to find opressed people when McKinney could of took those supplies to Louisiana and helped the people down there.Or try CA,NY,TXand so on.The palistinians could give a rats a-- what happens to the ill treated people over here.For this reason I question McKinney's motives for going when the out come was obvious.



We should be against all forms of oppression.

I have encountered a lot of black people who argue that we should not be concerned about the plight of other oppressed non-African people.  I think this is very dangerous and disingenuous way of seeing things. Every form of injustice demonstrates the bankruptcy of man.  How could we hush the injustice of Palestinians and expect to protest injustices against us? Wrong is wrong. It does not matter if it is a white person at the receiving end.  The same philosophical arguments posited to justify our colonization are the same used to excuse that of the Palestinians.  Some one says the land does not belong to them neither does it belong to the Israelis.  The fact is the Palestinians are semites whereas most of the European Jews who call Israel home are actually not semites -- Ashkenazi Jews are not descendants of Shem.  That aside, it is generally repugnant to argue that the plight of the Palestinians should not be the cause of black people.  The new ploy is to use Darfur as rationale to engender our indifference. My friends, Darfur is not essentially a conflict between Arabs and Blacks so let us be careful here.  With all due respect to Mr. Dixon, I disagree on his title that Madam Mckinney is the best representative of black america. I think she is a representative of true humans. Mr. Dixon, most Black America do not see things as you or many of us on this fine forum.  They have been fed with disinformation and misinformation, it is sad most of them will side with Obama on this matter.  The same may be true for the  whole African world. Mr. Dixon, the level of consciousness amongst our people is currently appalling.  The fact that most black people have fallen asleep under this Obama hypnosis presents one of the calamitous points in African/black political consciousness. Mr. Dixon, the Congressional Black Caucas did not even make a statement about the matter.  The so called stalwarts of black american politics -- Barbara Lee and others have been silent.  This week Obama will show up at the slave castles of Ghana; and black people will be more galvanized by such cheap antics.

Black Community First!

I am sorry to tell you but, African Americans and African people as a whole, are losing.  We lose 5,000 people annually to street violence(more casualties than Iraq and Afghanistan).  We have lost the majority in the world per capita to the national prison industrial complex.   We have lost the most homes due to subprime mortgage foreclosure, recent employment statistics, and we have lost the most collective wealth since the collapse of the U.S. economy.
Until, African Americans and African people as a whole begin to view their concerns as paramount over all other groups in the world we will continue to lose. We must not think we are more important or better but we must understand that our issues are more important because, racism has made our afflications more profound.  In the U.S. we are the most organized and most consistent voting bloc yet, we demand NOTHING.
McKinney does not represent me.  McKinney does not represent African Americans or African people.  McKinney did not represent her district in Georgia.  She has been a joke since her father placed her name on the ballot back in 1986 (while she was in Jamaica).   Yes, we (African Americans) can support the Palestinians but, you cannot support the Palestinians when, your community is in shambles..  CLEAN UP!  Put your concerns first.
How many Arabs are attempting to save our communities?  How many Arabs are assisting African nations as partners? NONE!!!!!!   It is not "repugnant," to focus on African people and African Americans first.   In fact on such a journal called the Black Agenda Report,   it is paramount that we put African issues first.  At some point  we have got to limit this idea of putting other peoples plight before ours.  We are on the verge of becomming a permanent underclass if we do not "Wake up, Clean up, and Stand Up"- Malcolm X. 
Palestinians, receive funding from the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Egypt(an African nation), even the Iraqi government, UAE, Qatar, and Libya(an African nation). Not to mention the U.S> has pledged near $1 billion dollars to the Palestinians and only $73 million to Zimbabwe.  All of this while the black community here is suffereing.  
I am on point.  it is you that, has lost your way.  I hope that some of what I am saying will  cause you to check your ego and commit to my (or yours too) community.
McKinney represents herself and her own ambitions.   How can I or any African American sail into GAZA when the S.S. Detroit is sinking?  That kind of thinking is misguided, irresponsible and it disregards our (or my) people.  I say don't give me a McKinney and we should only cautiously support Obama.  Obama is where McKinney would like to be, and she is willing to use any cause or people to regain her position.   
If you look at her record as a congresswoman, she did absolutely NOTHING for her district.  Wait,  she renamed a post office.   We do not need political hacks.  We need community strenght and representation.  
If you support McKinney you are supporting a proven charlatan.
You do know that the founders of this site worked for the CBC (Cong. Black Caucus),  They have always supported McKinney.  Do your history!

Kendrick's post is a lie.

Kendrick is lying about everything he says.  Nothing he posits is true, it's all conjecture on his part, and it's flawed conjecture.  My wager is that his name is not Kendrick and that he works for AIPAC, B'nai Br'ith, the ADL, or some other nutcase "zionist" entity... or he is just a really deluded person who believes what those nutcase entities say.
Here's where Kendrick lies to us:
1) Black folks do not have to choose between supporting ONLY Blacks, or not supporting anyone at all.  It's not an either/or.  Supporting Palestinians does not cause erosion of Black people's rights in America.  There is NOTHING to support Kendrick's assertion here.
2) Cynthia McKinney was not ineffective.  She was simply too effective at criticizing Bush/Cheney, Israel, and many American corporate businesses.  I do not even live in her district in Georgia and I saw her do many things which are good for America.  Kendrick is lying!  Kendrick would have us believe she did nothing.  Where did Kendrick live while McKinney was a congresswoman?  In a cryogenic deep sleep in a science fiction movie?  Was he disconnected from reality?  McKinney was one of the few people in the US Congress who tried to tell Americans what Bush/Cheney were up to, what Israel was up to.  This is not "doing nothing."  She was working on issues that apparently make our friend Kendrick uneasy.  I'd say that's Kendrick's problem.  Not McKinney's.
Kendrick's post reads like psy-ops from Pajamas Media.  The only reason to argue that Black folks stop supporting Palestine is because Kendrick wants support for Palestine to stop.  He wants to cheer on Israel's slaughter of innocent Palestinians.
It's somehow refreshing to me to see that the nutcase "zionist" agenda has taken notice of Black Agenda Report and is sending duped stooges over here to post nonsense under names like "Kendrick."  I just wonder why he didn't choose the name "Navin Johnson" from the movie The Jerk.

My Name is Kendrick, And Yours is Micah. Michah, of the ADL

My Name is Kendrick, And Yours is Micah.  If anyone is going to be accused of working for the ADL, it would be you.
Moreover,  since I am on your mind, get off my jock and argue my positions. You cannot say my post is a lie because you do not want to believe it.  All the people must do is do a five minute research and I am proven correct.
You are another example of how low some outside people will stoop to influence African American politics and ideas.
To all African American people here, Think about your community first.  If you do not, no one else will.
Moreover, this is a silly comparison McKinney v. Obama.  Obama is the President, and with enough pressure we can force his hand.  McKinney is an opportunist.  She had no problem with Israel when she was taking the Jewish money in Atlanta to start her political career.
We need to stop wasting time on people that are trying to use our political unity to satisfy their personal political goals.

Inspired by your coverage

Dear Mr. Dixon,

I have been reading Black Agenda Report for about a year now and was interested to know what sources you review prior to writing your articles? I ask because I am interested in politics in addition to brown folks' issues and I trust that you would stir me in the right direction. The Cynthia McKinney arrest really got me motivated. After learning of the incident, I began calling my local newspapers in an attempt to have them cover the story. During the process I got the run around, was almost discouraged by a gentleman (shamefully he runs one of my local black editorials), whose name I do not recall, but who took a condescending tone with me because Cynthia had been released the morning before, and my surprise to the information lead him to believe I was young and naïve (I will admit to being young and green, but not stupid). Just when I was about to give up a gentleman from a different black journal encouraged me to write the story myself and submit it to his paper, however when I went in to meet him personally he instead tried to have me cover a local event (and even confided in me that he did not like political articles), which although would have gotten my feet wet, would have detracted from my efforts to cover the McKinney incident (which I had already began to research, and had brought in a friend to assist me with), or I should say, mainstream media's refusal to cover a former congresswoman and presidential candidate's incarceration in an Israeli prison. Instead of ending things there I have decided I would like to write editorials and Op-eds on stories I believe more pertinent than Sarah Palin's latest stunt, or MJ tributes (not that the man doesn't deserve them, I just don't see how they are more important than the Gaza situation and our government's silence when it comes the the injustice perpetrated by Israel).

I would appreciate any advice and sources that you can provide, so that I might be able to write responses that are not so afterthefact. Additionally, I apologize for posting this here. I didn't know how else to contact you.


Video with C.McKinney at JFK In'tl upon her return at WBAIX

Video interview with Cynthia McKinney and special
reports (cited earlier on BAR, also), including new
video material at WBAI-in-Exile.
Interview by Don DeBar, producer of WBAIX.  See
the video running and also go to the ON-DEMAND
Section below video screen, center for list of videos.
(It is a new website.) (Don DeBar has done coverage
with McKinney in the past, as well.)

Cynthia Represents!

Based on what I have read in this article, I would have to say that Cynthia Mckinney is a real representative of Black America  in Isreal, after just being released from jail. What exactly has Barack Obama done? I haven't seen him be very engaged with Isreal at all since he has become president.
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How do you define self-interest?

A cursory look at history would indicate that Ghandi and MLK first directed their energies to their local populations and constituencies before broading their agendas.  In fact, it is argued by many that (and I paraphrase the racists) as long as Martin focused on the niggas and not the military-industrial complex it was "all good."  When Martin expanded the War on Poverty to the criminality of the Vietnam War the complex turned up the heat on him.  Martin connected colonialism at home to colonialism abroad. So to those who argue that we should focus on Black concerns first and foremost you are right, and to those who argue an injustice is an injustice your are right also.  What I would argue is that there are two existential problems: One is the existential plight of Africans and African Americans, the other is the existential plight of the planet.  
For pragmatic purposes Blacks should worry about themselves first. That is the definition of self-help we hear ad nauseum from white/black "conservatives."   I don't remember many foreign goverments pressuring the US during the Civil Rights Era.  For equally pragmatic reasons Blacks should worry about the Palestinian conflict also.  Though not of our own choosing and for reasons part symbolic, quite idiotic, wholly strategic, and awash in religious milleniarianism the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a tipping point for nuclear war and potential world destruction, certainly the end of it as we know it.   In order to focus my energies on the plight of Black American and Africa, I must first "exist." 
Is there anyone here, religious or irreligious who doubts the potential for a world changing nuclear war arising out of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Is there anyone here who doubts the chutzpah of the Zionists to nuke a country?  Some of you forget that a few years ago their leading military strategists, Van Crevald, actually threatened to nuke Europe. Of course he also said that collective deportation of the Palestinians would solve Israel's problems.  Btw, Van Crevald is the only non-American military theorists who's reading is required by the US officers corp/academies.
So we have to address the Palestinian question for sheer self-interest, for survival, not because we necessarily love Arabs or Muslims who frankly don't care that much about us or Africans.  (for the record, I ain't saying I don't, some of the women are fine as hell, veiled or not).
It would be nice if we could get some kubiya moments with other races and ethnicities, but the door for those opportunities is shut tighter daily as competition for resources heats up and fiscal crises and scarcity looms.  Unfortunately, anomie, social disintegration, and atomization are on the horizon.  Especially since it's quite clear the Obama/Geithner/Summers Corporate/Bankster Welfare Program has failed miserably, and the economy and jobs continue to contract.   "God Bless the Child who got his own."

Is it Ronald McDonald Houses or Comm. Dev. Corps?

Some of the back and forth here reminds me of the discussion emanting from a Margaret Kimberly article about California's Prop 8 in either Nov. or Dec. of 08.  At that time I remember arguing that African Americans would be too busy trying to survive to worry about gay rights, notwithstanding their general support for them, or tolerance, and notwithstanding the passionate pleas of even the Black GLBT pop.  As the economy and jobs continues to contract, now you see where I was coming from. The same principle applies to the Palestinian cause.  
The first priorities of African American leaders should be their communities, which is not imposing a mandate that all people advocate for the same causes, all the time.  Maybe part of the problem is that we have no one getting arrested advocating for decent communities, jobs, wages, opportunities for Black folks, or perhaps part of the problem is we don't have enough Cynthia McKinnney's period.  But factually, it is impossible to say that African American leaders, including McKinney whom I admire way more than most, have applied their passion, intellect, voices and resources to the challenges facing the African American community.  (It was BAR aferall who informed me that Atlanta had the highest infant mortality rate in the country).  It reminds me of White folks jumping on the Mousavi bandwagon knowing most of them don't give a f***k if Israel nukes Iran.  And then not saying shit about the Chinese treatment of Uighurs because they are Muslims.  Glenn Greenwald at Salon does a masterful job exposing the hypocrisy of silence regarding Uighurs in China.  What is a universal cause?  Or what is the "flava of the month?"
I love Michael Jackson (see my post below) but WTF was Sheila Jackson doing pushing a resolution on his behalf when she ain't said jackshit about Nawlins?  Uhh, uh, aint' going for the oakey doak.  And why didn't Jesse, Al or Obama, native Chicagoan lead a fitting memorial for Emmett Till before those Black Ghouls desecrated his gravesite?  Black folks better get real about their plight and understand that as resources dwindle, competition increases.  And you ain't gone get no white folks living on the "Hill" advocating for more police resources for the ghetto when shit heats up in the ghetto.  Naw, they'll want the "thin blue line" to be guarding their side of the street/property.  Don't expect the local taxpayer, friendly neighborly type, co worker in your community to give jack shit about funding for the community center, or day care, or homeless shelters if the grass at the public links needs cutting versus the center needs closing. 
Frankly, don't expect NOBODY, not even the mainstream Negroes parading as leaders and politicians to look out for the interests of the African American community.  Politics is disentegrating in America, it's occuring real time right before your eyes:  the "coup" in N.Y., the "IOUs" in Cali, Palin resigning in Alaska, the Repugs hoping like hell that health care legislation is NEVER passed.  I ain't saying nothing about Sanford in S.C., that bitch was bad, and being a Repug in S.C. and leader of the GOP has to earn you some "strange," sometime, otherwise you'd go mad. 
Maybe Cynthia is a real hero, maybe we need at least one person willing to risk something to stop a nuclear holocaust, maybe we should give her a free pass for that reason alone?  But on the otherhand, so-called Black Leaders better start raising some hell, about our own communities.  The "Chinatowns" and "Little Havanas" are weathering the recession better than the "hoods", I wonder why? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the evidence is in, there's proof beyond a reasonable doubt that we are in "default" mode.  Those are big words meaning "ass out" and "on our own."  Now start acting like it.
It reminds me of the big time ballers, athletes, and stars and how society mainstreams their punk asses.  Is it photo ops at Ronald McDonald Houses (great cause no doubt) or money and fundraising for the local community development corp?  If "Black Nationalism" is too "Black" of a term or "divisive" for you, or waayy to 60's, then think Powernomics.  Better yet, take a cue from those conservatives pricks and think self-interest.

And one more thing...

Without ECONOMIC POWER/CLOUT you ain't jack shit in Amerikka.  Even the least enlightened Black person knows this.
You can organize, petition and protest till the cows come home (and we usually do) and won't nothing change (it usually doesn't).  Money equals political power, it translates into organizational and message strength.  Economic clout is the straw that stirs the drink.  Don't believe me?, ask any of those clowns who voted for Obama. Or ask the banksters. Haaaa.
And for all of your dreamy-eyed believers whose eye's glistened and teared over as you pondered a new age of racial relations in America.  NOOOTTT!!!!.  Now we know thanks to Gallup where those Progressives and Liberals who act like Rethugs and Conservatives come from.  They've been hiding behind their liberal veneer knowing all along their redneck tendencies.
America is becoming more conservative.  Big Ha to the dreamy-eyed sorts.  All that gushing about the new era turned about to be bullshit, just like the love for democracy in Iran.  Maybe Obama should adopt Cleavon Little's tact used in Blazing Saddles, "Step back (you rednecks) or the nigger gets it."  HAA

Either/or, please check one.

OK, now that you've made us aware that all four of our tires are flat. Which side of your forked road  would you unconditionally suggest that we take to arrive at the nearest and affordable repair shop to have them re-juiced and effectively get us home or at least back in the neighborhood?

Given your tangent of absolutism and their absolute progenitors as well as the non committal and unconvincing either/ or propositions; It may very well be that you simply are , yourself, absent of an effective unifying strategy besides the well worn one of instructing Black folks that they'd better wake up.
Concerning some of what  you've written below:
Statement #1contradicts the proposed logic of statement #2, or vice verse.
and it equally, in my mind, nullifies any pertinent grounds for making an attempt, impossible or otherwise, to challenge the power structure on any other turf and by any other means or strategies concerning public opinion manipulation than its own.

1) "You can organize, petition and protest till the cows come home (and we usually do) and won't nothing change (it usually doesn't).  Money equals political power, it translates into organizational and message strength.  Economic clout is the straw that stirs the drink."

2) "But factually, it is impossible to say that African American leaders, including McKinney whom I admire way more than most, have applied their passion, intellect, voices and resources to the challenges facing the African American community."

Also, your statement: "The first priorities of African American leaders should be their communities, which is not imposing a mandate that all people advocate for the same causes, all the time." is, despite you disclaimer. exactly that, a mandate to do what you and maybe a whole bunch others deem black leaders SHOULD be doing.With the exception of the President of The US (who should be doing his best to achieve the best for all of the country's citizens and looking their reality in the face instead of being dishonest about it) it is my opinion that black leaders should or have a right to concern themselves with whatever sector of the complex African American social matrix that exist in the United States and those in which they feel their talents and interest can make a difference. And contrary to what you state, I don't think the problem of effective leadership is played out only by not focusing enough on exclusively African American issues; But, possibly, the focusing too much on what is or are deemed absolute and unequivocally African American issues while ignoring extremely significant parts of that matrix that constitutes the whole.

And I don't know for sure which part of the three hundred year old civil rights era you're referring to, but to erroneously suggest that other nations, western ones in particular, did not, have not pressured the US in regards to its oppressive racial politics hence social structure is inaccurate at best. Two glaring examples of civil rights bills passing "Brown vs Board of Ed" and the bulk of the '64 Johnson administration bills were direct and indirect, respectively, responses from western nation's criticisms of the US over its deplorable treatment of African Americans, as a rebuttal to the US for attempting to shove its brand of democracy and Dollar diplomacy down its throats. And it continues.

Also you write: "A cursory look at history would indicate that Ghandi and MLK first directed their energies to their local populations and constituencies before broadening their agendas." Well, maybe you might do good to take more than cursory glimpse at that history to firstly discover what and who actually lies beneath and within that continuum from Ghandi to MLK in order to, secondly glean what the actual disastrous and fractional effects MLK's broadening of his  issues in the direction of the Vietnam War had on the death of the modern civil rights movement after it was awarded those bills. You may discover that a ball was dropped, never to be effectively picked up again, at least not in time to maintain its momentum from the march on Washington success.

Lastly, I would argue that all the African Americans that have and are being arrested and stockpiled in the the nation's Jails are the result of employing their version, however criminal, of a counter-narrative to what we've come to know as protest politics. After all, committing a crime in order to acquire what you want and find very little other means of attaining on the so called legal, normative social/political landscape can very well be interpreted as an action of protest. And that nugget of reasoning isn't meant as a justification, but as an acknowledgment of the fact that a fork is no doubt laid out for some, if not most, and the road chosen indicates a recognition, if not a full understanding, on their part that the plausibility of it being the right choice is worth the risk. And whatever the outcome, it must be admitted that there is courage in making a choice for either/or. And I disagree that American politics is disintegrating; it's simply and quite frighteningly acquired a diaphanous hue and the consistency of unleavened bread.

The "Tangent of Absolutism" or whatever the f----k

Put down the friggen thesaurus and talk to me.  You sound convaluted as hell.  Am I being nuanced or am I being absolute?  You seem to be more confused than you suggest I am.  Let me be MORE clearer.  First, I care about the human race,-- genetically, biologically, and in light of anthropological and archeological evidence, we are ONE.  My concern for the Palestinian cause is premised on my concern for the planet.  I linked their "cause" to the threat of a discharge of a nuclear weapon if not outright nuclear war.  No one has yet to refute my "real" concern for a nuclear conflict, nor explain why that concern is misplaced.  If I'm wrong, give me facts, not rhetoric.
But I care more about "my own race" (which btw, the "white" man "invented" and many have seized upon to prop up his own shit and subjugate us). I didn't come here to "attack" McKinney, hell I voted for her.  But facts can't be theorized away.  The fact of the matter, and the source of frustration for many, is that African Americans are NOT SUFFICIENTLY FOCUSED ON OUR OWN PLIGHT.  I cheerlead for no one, only the facts and Kendrick is as correct concerning his grievance of Black (mis)leadership/politicans (whatever you want to call them) and their opportunism and/or ineffectiveness as he is wrong about Obama.  Obama is one of the biggest opportunists on the planet and the white power structure will pimp him (and us) like a $2 ho.   Obama will only pay lip service to the concerns vexing Kendrick and me, and probably most of you as well, regardless of which side you take in this debate.  I interpet Kendrick's (and other's complaints) not entirely as a diatribe against McKinney as much as a (correct and warranted) diatribe about Black (mis)leadership's misplaced focus.  At times, we are to goddamn busy being "universal" or thinking on some "grand scale" about human rights when we have none at home.  It's almost as bad as when the white power structure sents us overseas to "fight for freedoms" we didn't have at home.  At least in those situations conscription removed consent. How about somebody going to Soutside Chicago, or Detroit, or Algiers near Nawlins and "take one for the cause?"  Nigga get your ass shot shutting down the crack trade rather than by some racist Zionist trying to save people abandoned by those with whom they share history, culture or religion. 
Some of us are frustrated that the Arab Niggas (Palestinians) get played by the Arabs the same why White Liberals and Negro Politicans play the American niggas.  Both of us are just a goddamn foils for political games won by rhetoricians espousing theoretical bullshit, absent of facts on the ground.  For the record, we (Blacks) will only get peanuts from the "system" how anyone can argue otherwise in this era of fiscal austerity is beyond me.  When Blacks start creating their own "Little Havanas" and "Chinatowns" they will have the money, clout and capital to better solve their problems instead of sending your punk-ass Black Congressman/woman emails begging them not to close the community center or daycare for single moms.
My argument is that we should also not keep a blind eye about how the Muslim/Arab world foments on and on about the Palestinian plight but won't do jack to rectify it.  Many enjoy using the Palestinians as pawns, Kendrick argues (and I understand where he's coming from) that McKinney is dong the same.  I don't suppose we can look inside of her heart and guage her motivations. My nuance is that if she help staves off a nuclear conflict I care less about her motivation.  But on the otherhand, who is getting arrested for advocating decent jobs, schools, day care, healthcare etc for Black folk??  Many of these jackbooted Arab regimes, like Egypt, are just uncle toms and puppets of the United States.  Look at what Mubarak did and has done repeatedly at the behest of his Masters (closing the border) after the Gaza massacre.  A cynic could argue why didn't McKinney seek a route through Egypt's border with Gaza not only as a more realistic route of delivery but for the dual purpose of EMBARASSING Egypt???   I don't expect anyone to come here and explain Egypt's conduct viz a viz the Palestinians.  You'll need to consult more than a thesaurus to explain that shit.   
You said:  " is my opinion that black leaders should or have a right to concern themselves with whatever sector of the complex African American social matrix that exist in the United States and those in which they feel their talents and interest can make a difference. And contrary to what you state, I don't think the problem of effective leadership is played out only by not focusing enough on exclusively African American issues;.."  Here we go again with that assimilationist bullshit. I clearly stated McKinney and others can say and do what WTF they want, and in fact they will.  They will do, as Kendrick argues, what best promotes their careers.  But I am sick and tired of this bullshit and the inferences about what constitutes "exclusive African American issues."  You soundlike some of the apologists for Obama's weak shit.  Man up or woman up goddamnit.  Decent housing, jobs, safe communities, good education FOR THE LAST GODDAMN TIME, are American issues, not BLACK ISSUES!!!  But this assimilationist mindset leads one to meld their concerns into the concerns of the whole when the whole could give a rat's ass about your concerns.  I believe that one reason other ethinic groups who can't speak the damn King's English do better than Blacks is because they DON'T GIVE A DAMN about assimilating into the "white world" as much as they give a damn about GETTING PAID and keeping that shit in the family. Blacks on the otherhand, run around, hair graying, worrying about what other folk think.  Damn what other people think, we need to get ours.  And worrying about assimilation when neighborhoods and schools are getting darker by the day is high-minded foolishness.  While you are theorizing and waxing eloquently about "post-racial America" the crackers are moving into white enclaves at warp speed.
And you and anyone with intellectual vigor will discern in the months and years ahead that Whites are going to become increasingly "tribalistic."  You can see this in the recent Gallup polling where more people increasingly identify themselves as "conservative."  Cut away the fancy words and verbiage, you know damn well what this bodes for the future.
 It's not only the kooky 2nd Amend. advocates who think the world is going to hell in a handbasket and that Amerikka is turning the corner into hell, there are a lot of "well-meaning" educated whites who feel the same.  Their "conservative" yearnings stem from their desire to return to the past.
As far as other nations "pressuring" Amerikka, I aint buying that whole hog.  Slavery in America continued long after Europe abolished it and any understanding of geopolitical power in the last century (or anyone who has read the Project for a New American Century) indicates that Amerikka does what she wants, when she wants.  Hell, the Iraq War is exhibit A for this last decade, is it not?  Who constituted the "coalition of the willing" or shall I say, who was "bribed" into the coalition of the willing?  Amerikka don't give a f***k about what people inside or outside of this country wants.  She will continue on her ways until she collapses.  And if and when she does we'll see how far that assimilation shit goes then.

Obama is a racially mix person

My question will be why should a racially mix like Obama be classified as a so called "black" at first? Obama represent racially mix, Africa American have been traumatized so
Much and now accept that Mix people are actually so called "black". We in Africa reject that attempt to dilute our race by classifying mix people within our race.
Why Obama is not called so called "white" since his mother is so called "white"? Babies are always closer to their mother than their father.
If so called Blacks in the USA accept mix people as part of the so called "black" race then we in Africa will see the so called Blacks there as people
Illegally using the term so called "blacks".
Do not allow the pink “white” man to destroy our race by accepting racially mix people as part of our race because those people are mix and cannot be classified as part of our race.

We are human beings!

I'm no fan of Obama. I'm also not not a fan of "racial purity". Blackness, as identity, does not refer to only color. If it did, very few would qualify, and not because they represent blackness but because they live in areas in proximity to the equator, their deep colour being an adaptation to a natural, regional and geographic phenomenon.
Obama should be judged by what he does or fails to do. Racial superiority is a myth that has been perpetrated against black people for centuries. Because someone says I'm inferior because I'm black does not mean I need to respond or even defend my blackness. Madea says "you are what you answer to"! I agree with her or is it him?
Your use of the concept- "so-called black" lays bare the contradiction in demanding that others be black to be African and that such a standard is not achievable. So is your use of the concept "so-called white" In that sense, your argument is merely a negation of racial purity and its inherent propensity to reduce humans into caricatures of anti-social and schizophrenic purveyors of hatred based on nothing other than appearance which tends to be in the eye of the beholder at best and inconsequential at worst!

Ahistorical silliness

The concept of "blackness" in the United States derives from our particular slave experience, which was profoundly different from those of Brazil and the Carribbean.  Slaves were brought from Africa in wind powered ships, and the winds blow directly from West Africa to Brazil in very little time, and to the Carribbean almost as quickly.  Therefore slaves were cheap and plentiful in those areas, the price being so low that masters typically worked them to death in few years and imported new ones.

Sailing from Africa to the mainland of North America was tougher and much more expensive because it was a longer trip, partially against the wind.  More human cargo died on the longer trips and slaves were consequently far more expensive in North America.  They became even more pricey after 1820, when a federal ban on new imports began to be sporadically enforced.

White slavemasters everywhere impregnated their slaves, but only in the U.S. did they feel it necessary to pass laws safeguarding their investment by allowing them to sell their own their children by slaves mothers, declaring all those with whatever detectable degree of African ancestry to be slaves.  Hence "black people" in the US can be any complexion and hue, as long as they have some African ancestry.  This is a choice that was made for us centuries ago. 

So what you are saying about "half-black" and all that is just stupid, ahistorical nonsense. 

This Guy is a Clown!

You are really a stupid person.  that is a term that I rarely use but, you are stupid.   Africa is a continent more than three times the size of the U.S.  Africa is suffering from teh same racism that had afflicted African Americans.  
You call African Americans  blacks and there is this attempt to draw a distiction between us and Africans. I am not going to go that route because, I do not believe you to be the person that you claim.
African people be proud of who it is that we are.  No person not even this slave that would write such a thing can divide us.  Only we can divide ourselves.

  You are a Deceiver, you

You are a Deceiver, you have a criminal agenda against our race and I challenge you to explain how does a person born from 2 parents of different races can only be one of the race involved? 
You are not fooling me, you are fooling yourself, and we reject the evil plot against our race by imposing mix people into our race.
You are only so called "black" if both of your parents are so called "blacks" and that is it.
Obama is a racially mix as seen by the fact that his mother was so called "white" and his father so called "black".
We have no problem with racially mix but we will not accept illegal imposition of another race in ours.
If that is too hard to understand for you then you should quit calling yourself a human.

African Americans only if you are pure us, if you mix then you racially mix American.
i hope you get my words of truth straight in your brain.
Unity based on a hoax is fake unity that will hurt the African americans

good idea about doing research

To the commentors on this thread who are only here to trash the 2008 Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney:
Please follow your own advice and do some research--real research.  McKinney was one of the strongest advocates for right-of-return of those displaced from Louisiana and Mississippi after the Katrina hurricane.  She has long been an advocate for environmental protections as well as civil rights.  If I recall correctly, one of her legislative successes, i.e., one of her bills that became law, preserved forest lands and was co-sponsored by a couple of western state Republicans.  Ms. McKinney speaks truth to power, and for that, the Powerful have tried to punish her and will continue to do so.

Who Stole Your Soul?

To those arguing for McKinney(Argue my points, you can't!):
Well, Hell, I said it. Cynthia McKinney “ain’t” worth the conversation that you are giving her. She has  been a proven opportunist.   This article is nothing more than a favor for a longtime friend.   I am an advocate, for a lot of things. However, if I am in the position to put forth my legislation and I cannot do it then, the people would be correct to call me a failed politician.    McKinney is a politician, and a failed one at that.
She never wanted to be a politician. She was grandfathered into politics by way of her father. Let’s wake up.   So, now she is trying to prove to self righteous black people and a so called liberal left that she is the woman that can bring about “change.”    Hell, she could not get my roads paved. Damn that, stop trying to sell the people politicians and lets start promoting ideas.  
If this is truly a black agenda report, where’s the agenda? And why do the articles seem so non black?    At this point we have Barack Obama in Office. If a page like this agitates enough, we can push for serious change. However, the only thing you hear from this group are regurgitations of over inflated egos about how much of a “sellout,” Barack Obama is. We have got him for the next for years. So, are you “keeping it real?”
And what is keeping it real? In my neighborhood young kids can buy a gun for $50. They can buy into the drug game for $150. So, we have got $200.00 thugs Yet, we can’t get any agenda passed because of what? So called politicians are going to jail in Israel. Man please, my people need jobs, dignity, love, unity, and respect.   My women need respect, love, jobs, and men.    Buck what you heard.
Damn, don’t we want the same chance in our everyday lives? Oh, that’s right, we can call Obama a sellout because he is not black enough for some of us. He’s black enough for me.
However, to the people that make these claims, have you fought for your community? Do you know your community? Do you know your local city rep? have you ever done anything outside of complain and point the finger?   I can tell you some stories but, it’s not about me. It’s about us! Right now, WE (African Americans) are feeling good about Obama. So, why is this magazine not serving the will of the people? Why are you all so high and mighty pretending to be advocates for my community?   LIARS!

Who stole your mind?

Is Obama not an oppurtunist?? He sides with Wall Street and all of his invinsible neo con mentors and advisors who lets him know what the agenda is. You feel good about that?? Do you feel good about his pro Israel position in which he doesn't care anymore about Gaza than the Israeli goverment?? Perhaps you have fallin in love with his image and hallow rhetoric, the man figure that mainstream media hyped and created??
Those unfortunate kids in the hood you talk about is who she(Cynthia) cares much she left the Democraps because they were not a representation of those kids you talk about...because those same kids parents possibly voted the leading Democraps in office but they in return did nothing for those kids. Think about who the favorite parties really represent then give a better analysis(side note- America is the leading seller and profiteer in the world on weapons so think about that when it comes to kids getting there hands on guns).
When Mr. Obama can finally stand up to injustice everywhere(and not just from the side of certain profitable allies) then maybe he can match Cynthia McKinney's courageous and humanatarian efforts. When he can speak with absolute honesty about the "issues" he tries to remain poltically correct on then his rhetoric won't be what it is and will actually show some courage. When he can get arrested or ridiculed for doing some good for people then he will gain some heart. Once again, is he not an oppurtunist?? Its the kind of opportunites he takes that shows who he really is as a person and not because he's taken advantage of an opportunity. I can't remember him at anytime before his presidency going to Gaza with supplies, food, and crayons. Thats an oppurtunity he should have taken advantage of. I can't remember him at any point standing up for blacks and their communities. Was the Sean Bell incident too black for him? Maybe it didn't have as much political gain as being pro Israel but at least he would have shown us a little soul and compassion instead of leaning in favor of our justice system when they ask him what he thought about the very questionable verdict.
But you do have one good point, I need to contact my local city rep. Only the bamboolzed African Americans are feeling good about Obama, others like me see thru his media created false image. He is nothing more than a created figure, great orator and motivator but so was Hitler(No pun intended).

Sista McKinney Is Hated For "Good Reasons."

The long standing haters of Cynthia McKinney probably saw the interview she did in 2003 on a show called "Like it Is."  During the interview she told how American soldiers were getting sick off Halliburton's food. She called the war contracts given to Dick Chaney's company (Halliburton) a "conflict of interest" because he was receiving a deferred salary from Halliburton.

On that same show, you think the haters got pissed at her when they found out she got the then Treasury Secretary to admit that "...contracts were given to the Bin Laden Family?" Maybe.

I bet they were hopping mad when Ms. McKinney embarrassed former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld into admitting that war contracts were given Dynco, a company that was involved in human trafficking (prostitution).

I'm sure the haters got agitated when during the election fraud In 2000, while everyone was counting hanging chads in Florida, Cynthia McKinney was the ONLY elected official to investigate Choicepoint. Choicepoint was the company hired by Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris to produce a "felon list" that knocked thousands of non-felons (mostly people of color) off the voting rolls in Florida. In fact, Ms McKinney used her power as a Congresswoman to make Choicepoint's C.E.O appear at a town hall meeting and admit that the felon list that was requested by Katherine Harris kept "thousands of Florida voters (mostly minorities) from voting." That disenfranchisement of minority voters helped George W. Bush steal the Presidency!

Maybe the haters angry because the Congresswomen voted against Georg Bush's war which cost the lives of over 4,300 American soldiers and over one million Iraqis.
Those critics who attack someone like Congresswoman McKinney reveal more about themselves than about her.

Defining McKinney

More than any other race of people to have ever existed, Afrikans are notorious for running between the legs of others, tongues and tails wagging, trying to befriend those who could not care less about us. In extreme cases, it has cost us our very lives. We want to prove that we are not only human, but more human than others, and nothing says "I love you" more than giving your life to a cause that has nothing to do with you or your people. Which brings me to our modern day Crispus Attucks, former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.
McKinney seems to be jockeying for martyrdom these days. Despite having been told to mind her own business in the Gaza Strip, she continues to thumb her nose at Israeli authorities and risk her life to provide relief to Palestinians. It's her life to do with what she will, mind you. My problem is not with her per se, but those of my peers who believe that I should be concerned for her welfare and support her cause. You see, Black folks who range from left-leaning to radical, seem to believe the only threat to the well being of Afrikan people are racist White capitalists (some would say all Whites). We are blind to history and to the ambitions of those who are not White. We think every non-White human is our friend and ally.
I am in no way relieving Whites of their role in our enslavement and hundreds of years of terrorism in the United States, the Caribbean and the West, but the Arabs were first. They were the first to enslave our ancestors, the first to treat us as brutes. Their Quran, much like the Bible, charges them to destroy those they can not convert. Let me be clear: There are individual Muslims who tolerate other religions (and who are they to "tolerate" anyone?), but Islam tolerates no one who is not a Muslim, much less respect the religions and spiritual beliefs of others. The Quran is unequivocal on that issue. I can not recall offhand the word Arabs use in reference to our people ("abd"?, but I do know that it is the equivalent to "nigger". Why do you think northern Afrika and Egypt is completely under their domination? How did Afrikans come to be Muslims? Do you think that after having practiced their own culture and beliefs long before there were White people or Arabs, that they simply abandoned their culture in favor of something superior? That they simply said "Your Islam is superior, we will change our sinful ways immediately"? You believe that, you are a fool.
Let's not forget China, who for all of their posturing and seeming generosity, are merely assisting in Afrika because they know it pisses of the West to no end. Make no mistake, were the United States of America to fall today, and/or White people vanish from all existence, it would still be open season on Afrikans. We are ripe for rape and exploitation; Afrika provides the natural resources and we ourselves provide the labor. There is nothing to stop China or the Arabs or anyone from having their way with us, should the U.S. and Whites fade from history.
Arabs as an ethnic group are far more knowledgeable of the world than our people are. They are organized, they are skilled, and they are highly trained in the military arts. Arabs possess weapons with which to defend themselves, weapons our people could only dream of. They possess nuclear and (quite possibly) chemical and biological weapons, the same as Caucasians. For all of our simple-minded jokes on their accents and dress, they are, as people, in a superior position to us. Having said that, it puzzles me as to why they have not sent troops (or at the very least, better weapons) to their brothers in Gaza. Of course, going to war with Israel would mean going to war with the United States and her allies, but isn't that what they desire anyway? They burn U.S. flags and talk a lot of tough talk. Well, I could see no better way of engaging the U.S. than sending in reinforcements to the Palestinians. Maybe they view the Palestinians as bastard Muslims, or something. Who knows?
Cynthia McKinney can do what she likes. She was never a Black leader (though she has done some good for our communities), she was a congresswoman. A servant of the United States of America and all American citizens. This is her philosophy: justice for all, and all that. People like me are considered narrow-minded because we put race first. We are told that there are issues bigger than us. There always seems to be something (or some one) bigger than us. This is why we are on the brink of extinction as a race. Our history, our culture, who we are as a people don't matter any more. Not even to our own. And we continue to sacrifice our lives on the altars of the causes of others.

Been Gone, Fishin'

To the commentary below:
Yes, and I'll add to what SAMMNNJ lists. McKinney was also quite ceremoniously repremanded, threatened and booted, like an impertinent school girl, from the coungress by that foorked tongued, neo-conservative wax figure known as Nancy Palosi for challenging her authority and the status quo that it plays watch-dog over.
African diaspora peoples may be notorious for a great many things and the least of which falls with in your narrow and absurd accusation to be sure. However, it is widely known that the unknowing will remain unknowing until he or she looks out and beyond that fleshy spiral that constitutes a belly button and out into the more expansive vistas of the anatomy of the human race. If you are at pains to connect the dots that teather US foreign policy to its domestic agenda and their subsequent paralizing effects on the underclasses of all ethnicity's in the nation; well then, it your responsiblity to wonder why and search for the answers. Not to simply say Poo Poo on Mrs. McKinney.
At any rate, you wrote:
"You see, Black folks who range from left-leaning to radical, seem to believe the only threat to the well being of Afrikan people are racist White capitalists (some would say all Whites)."
that may have some truth in it. Yet, I would also argue that there are eaqually if not more African Diaspora Peoples who believe that a more threat to eaquality and freedom is narrowmindedness and simple minded and ultimately self defeating strategies that alienate it form the larger more inclusive picture.
And in your unsuccessful attempt to define Mrs. McKinney you have successfully defined and personally sanctioned a major road block to her fight for freedom. And that's a problem; but unlike those who spend their waking hours scribbling baseless diatribes against her; she has a history of, if not absolutely solving all the ones she chooses to undertake, at least being granted the empowerment that comes with the knowledge and awareness that she has made an earstwhile attempt.
So, what are you doing besides fishing for lint?

To BAR editors

You might find this article useful.,7340,L-3744516,00.html
As James Baldwin said; I don't hate anybody, because I know how it feels to be hated.
And the Zionist trolls here at BAR must understand that regardless people's skin colour who are being oppressed, they too hate oppression, because they know what it means to be oppressed.

Killing ourselves with kindness

Why are Black people cowed into the assimilationist mindset?  I will probably go to my grave with that question remaining unanswered.  While we do everything in our power to appease and make whites "comfortable" that don't give a shit about saying what's on their minds.  Imagine the editorial pages of the WaPo, the NY Times or the Wall St. Journal or USA today if there was a Black radio or tv personality(s) that spewed the venom and hatred of Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, and Coulter??  Yet the white power structure rewards their banality and bile with more money, more exposure and increased legitimacy.  Imagine if they did to Rush and Ann and Neal what they purported to do with Rev. Wright?
I listen to NPR, everday, all day long. And I can tell you that every lying, piece of shit conservative or neocon who got us into the Iraq War remain guests speakers and "experts" on NPR.  The "liberal" NPR continues to legitimate people who plain ol f***ed up.  To this date, the media won't admit yet that Boy Genius, Karl Rove, has f***ed up the GOP, straddling them, hamstringing them with rabid, racist Southerners and Northerners.  No, the "Liberal" WaPo rewards his "brilliant" insight with a column and his visage continues to grace the pages of Time, Newsweek, or CNN, et. al.
So STFU and stop apologizing for your "Blackness," that's if you have any after all these decades of groveling and seeking white folks approval or promotion.  (You will note that at no time have I or others advocating "Black interests first" approached this from a "kill Whitey" attitude).  Black people are facing extinction like the dodo bird.  Adapt and learn how to fly dammit.  If not, expect society to give us about as much respect as you give your shiftless niece or nephew who refuse to get a job or complete their education.  Oh yeah, you'll give him/her a few dollars and then turn around talk shit about them out of sight. At the end of the day respect is earned.  Don't think the "liberal" whites don't do the same.  And don't think they won't become more vocal about saying it as fiscal austerity sinks in.  And the ascendancy of Lord Obama has emboldended like never before and explains Amerikka trending increasingly conservative although they may disdain GOP membership.  My humble suggestion is for all you dreamy-eyed utopians is to take 2 aspirin and read some Harold Cruse.  It might help you grow a pair.
Take a stroll through memory lane, go back 400 years or so, and see what assimilation, accomodation, and killing folks with kindness got you.  And don't get me twisted, I didn't say squat about Black separatism, or fictions like Black superiority. Why is it so hard for people to look at, for example, the history of busing, it's failures, and the ever consistent retrenchment of white neighborhoods, the futility of integrating them, and take heed??  The lessons are right before our eyes, but we are too damn "nice" to learn them.

Reality TV Writ Large

Slightly off topic ... but what do you know?  Sarah Palin's intellectual largesse graces the pages of the Washington Post Op-Ed pages.  Can you imagine the WaPo allowing a Black person this stupid, ignorant and deranged writing an op-ed piece?  Hell no!  Andrew Sullivan, whom I am no particular fan of, does succincintly set forth the political rot in this country, the kind of rot and cynicism some folks believe is "unleavened bread."  Sorry, more like chitlins than unleavened bread, afterall it's a process of constantly, repeatedly washing and cleaning the shit out of the entrails.  Here's a quote from Sullivan that is actually as enlightening as it is provacative.
Sullivan:  "But I want to explain why I think the Palin drama is actually important. It's not because of her: she's a delusional, narcissistic and disturbed person who would be voted off a reality show in the first rounds. It's because of John McCain, the Republican establishment and the mainstream media. What happened last fall was a warning sign to all of us about how corrupt and cynical the GOP, McCain and the MSM are. They colluded in such a way that this unstable, erratic, know-nothing beauty queen could actually have been president of the United States. What matters is that all those in on this scam be exposed and their way of conducting themselves be reformed until they stop risking the fate of the country and the world on their own vanities and cowardice."
Sorry Andrew, but it seems WaPo didn't get the memo.  This clown and buffon was that close to becoming the Vice President of the United States, and some of you have the nerve to say there is no political disintegration in this country, that everything's fine, it's just a work in progress.  Where do you live making such statements?  The suburbs of Wasilla?
Go read Palin today in the pages of the esteemed WaPo, that liberal bastion, those first scribes of history.  My daughter, when she was in the 9th grade, had more smarts and moxie than this dumb bitch, the symbol and icon of the white rabble rousers who thinks Obama is part of the "illuminati."  Reality TV writ large.  Yeah politics could never be more healthy in Amerikka as we watch the white boys beat Sotomayor down to complicity, whitewash her "Latina" mindset.  "Fidelity to the law."  My ass,.. every M.F. with their ass in the sling wants a lawyer who CREATES THE DAMN LAW.   Everyone hiring a lawyer wants someone who can pull a miracle out of his/her arse.  The "Rule of Law"  WTF is that?  Go ask the Iraqis about the "rule of law."

Video of the "event" and interviews in on has video of the ship seized as well as
several good interviews.  There is updated material
all the time.  WBAIX is WBAI-in-Exile.  Don DeBar is
the producer.  (I thought I was posting this as a reply,
further down.  But the new material on the website is great, as is the "older" on McKinney
and the kidnapping of the ship/people.)
Update: C. McKinney is in Egypt - new material
on - July 14, 2009.

Thanks NYCartist

I tuned in to those broadcasts from the beginning.
WBIX & B.A.R. (of course) stayed on top of this dispicable act while corporate media covered it up.

thanks. is new,great work - updated

Update: at Don DeBar has an update now on
with interview of him speaking with Cynthia McKinney
who is in Egypt with the Viva Palestina mission.
She has gone back to the region, caught up with the
caravan which has been delayed in Egypt.  She is
with British MP George Galloway and NYC
Councilmember Charles Barron.   Waiting for OK
to deliver the aid to Gaza, includes medical supplies.
Are you a listener of WBAI?  You might want to also
go to  for information on what's
happening at WBAI in re the coup and the fight to get
WBAI back.  (I am a long time listener.)


Yes I am a long time listener of WBAI.  Unfortunately there was a coup of that station but WBAIX has taken up the slack thanks to Don DeBar.

Hi SAMINNJ:we can undo the coup;hope you are a

member and can vote in coming LSB election.Good
video of meeting, at    Also produced
by Don DeBar.  At St. Mary's Church, with Nellie Bailey,
Michael Tariq Warren, Esq. and Ms. Warren,Esq.,
Mimi Rosenberg and Don DeBar is speaker also.
(My typed link didn't but is now working, but it is and you might have to type it in.)


Yes I am a member of WBAI and I will continue to vote and show my support for WBIX also.