Al Sharpton: King Rat

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The fact that Al Sharpton is the administration’s “made man” tells us a great deal about what President Obama’s team really thinks about Black people. The White House seems drawn to Sharpton’s amorality and infinite capacity for corruption – his usefulness as pit bull and King Rat.

Al Sharpton: King Rat

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

“Everything he does is an act of prostitution.”

Al Sharpton is a crook who is always for sale. This is not an opinion, but a fact that is known in great detail to scores of movement activists whose paths have intersected with this talented but totally amoral hustler over the past 40 years. I personally watched him sell out the campaign to elect Jersey City, New Jersey’s first Black mayor, whom Sharpton had pledged to support, in 2001. Sharpton’s price to sow confusion among Black voters was a mere $5,000.

This was only one of countless career transactions by a man whose self-proclaimed role models are the entertainer James Brown and the boxing racketeer Don King. Sharpton has sold out Black New York City many times over through his well-compensated service to billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg. He sold out Black children and the institution of public education in a bizarre multi-city, salt-and-pepper tour with arch-racist Newt Gingrich on behalf of school charterization. The 2009 Sharpton-Gingrich traveling show, chaperoned by Education Secretary and Obama basketball buddy Arne Duncan, marked Sharpton’s rise to “made man” in the Obama organization – a pit bull primed to maul any political dissenters from the First Black President’s corporate agenda.

MSNBC, the corporate megaphone for the Democratic Party brand, provides Sharpton the kind of media platform that substitutes for independent Black leadership in the 21st century. Rev. Al is what he always wanted to be: a celebrity locked in the embrace of the rich and powerful.

“Top of the political garbage heap.”

Sharpton will reach what will probably be the pinnacle of his phenomenally corrupt career on Friday, in New York, when the annual convention of his National Action Network will host President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Sharpton’s traveling companion Arne Duncan and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. If Sharpton were part of a genuine, independent Black political movement, the occasion would be an opportunity to confront the president on his global offensive against peace and world order, his militarization and destabilization of Africa, and his plans to step up the pace of the global economic Race to the Bottom through a new wave of NAFTA-like trade treaties. The convention might challenge the Attorney General to explain why Wall Street banks are too big to jail, but Americans can be imprisoned without charge or trial under a system in which the law, itself, is a secret. The National Action Network delegates would be allowed to ask why Black people in Detroit have been disenfranchised with the acquiescence of the Democrat in the White House, and how did it come to pass that President Obama became the greatest deporter of immigrants in U.S. history? The Agriculture Secretary could explain why the administration seemed positively happy to sign a bill that wipes out billions in food stamp benefits to the poor. But, none of this will happen at Sharpton’s convention, because everything he does is an act of prostitution.

In the presence of such monstrous corruption, recent confirmation that Sharpton was an informant for the FBI’s campaign against Italian mobsters in the early Eighties seems very tame, indeed – except that it also tends to confirm other allegations that he tried to rat on Black radicals during the same period. But today, Al Sharpton is at the top of the political garbage heap, the administration’s go-to guy in the sewers. He is King Rat.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to Black Agenda

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].



What about Assata Shakur

Didn't he try to help them find Assata Shakur, before she fled this country to save her life?


Well, here's what Chokwe Lumumba, an attorney and chairman of the New Afrikan People’s Organization, had to say about the accusation, from the article linked from this very story:

“I can’t say that we were able to make any definite conclusions” about whether Sharpton was acting as an agent for the government, Lumumba said.



About Assata Shakur pt.2

Yet, Glenn Ford states that because Sharpton was an informant on mob figures "that it also tends to confirm other allegations that he tried to rat on black radicals during the same period". 
Except it doesn't, unless logic and reasoning use different rules today. That he informed on gangsters confirms zip about anything beyond that. Especially so, when the linked story he has us read says nothing to that effect, and in fact, says there's no conclusive proof.
If this is "confirmed", then please share some facts that will support it.

"...if you form the habit of taking what someone else says about a thing without checking it out for yourself, you"ll find that other people will have you hating your friends and loving your enemies." . . . - Malcolm X


About Assata Shakur, Part 2

Saxman, your responses sound like that of a troll, in particular, a troll paid by the secret police, to " dirsupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize" the good work of BAR. Now, having said that and having exposed the essence of your presence on this site, let us look over the facts as they have been presented. BAR is projecting an analysis of someone who is having Eric Holder, and other leading Black faces in high places at one of his summer meetings. That in itself should rasise suspicions about the good reverend if your premise is Black freedom. If it is not, then it is OK for these Black faces in high places to parade at Rev. Sharpton's event.

As far as the suspicions about Sharpton's actions with respect to the meeting with the Black Liberation Activist, my question is, if  Rev. Sharpton had $50,000 to give to Assata, where is it? I mean, where is the money?

As a a troll, you are not going to even deal with what I am writing. Instead, your job is to " dirsupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize"the work of BAR. So, let me go deeper into your criticisms.

The fact that Sharpton would work for the federal government in an undercover role just stinks. Period. That in and of itself is an indictment of him forever. Where is your criticism of that action of Sharpton? You have none, again, becuase your writing is designed, not for truth, but to " dirsupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize" BAR.

I have no idea where your quote from the recently deceased Chokwe Lumumba came from, and I have no way of knowing if it is true or false. Irrespective of what he may or may not have said, the facts regarding Al Sharpton are clear. Where has he been with respect to Assata Shakur recently, within the last year, when she was placed on the governments lists? (And where were you, BTW?). I know where I was - holding meetings and organizing support for Assata. Again, your role to " dirsupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize"BAR, and mine is to expose you as a disrupter aginst Black Freedom and Self Determination.

Sharpton has done nothing for Black Liberaiton. He is the essential "poverty pimp." He meets all the characteristics of this stereotype, unfortunately. Why you choose to defend him is unknown to me, or to anyone who knows real Blak history.

And, like the disruptor that you are, you even use Malcolm X to attack BAR. Don't you know that we know that state agents study the works of our heroes to use their writing against us? That is exactly what you have done by quoting Chokwe and Malcolm. Shame on you! But you have no shame. And that is the real issue, to me.

Get out of here, troll!

Still nothing of substance...

Not much help there, because someone who was said to be 'overly paranoid' "had a feeling"? Sorry, I'm just looking for even a little bit of proof... so far, nothing but heresay, and feelings.  

@saxman--and of course, YOU

@saxman--and of course, YOU have provided nothing in the way of facts or evidence either but you demand that of others. Typical deflection apparatiks of state agents. You are asking to prove an unproveable while all you offer is deflections and unproveables. lol..circular antics.

And I don't need anything but common sense to know that the media will release so called evidence that Sharpton was a snitch against italian mafia types (who were probably working for the fbi/cia too lol) but don't make any mention of any evidence of those whom it would seem he would have more valuable info on---black progressives and organizations. What was left out is what speaks volumes.

That's like saying Gloria Steinem (another alleged snitch) was known to have spied on AARP...but make no mention about other progressive or radical feminist organizations or figures she would naturally have more contact with. It's all a con game.

And let's be honest: the system is never going to finance or give employ to their true enemies--knowingly anyway. If you are on their payroll, it's b/c they believe they can use you to further their agenda. Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & many others have been bought..lock, stock and barrel. They wouldn't let somebody like me within 20 miles of CNN--just for a peak, let alone give me a whole SHOW...puleeze.


Thuis commentary is spot on...


Except it doesn't, unless logic and reasoning use tintapatron vásárlás different rules today. That he informed on gangsters confirms zip about anything beyond that.

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