“Coon Huntin’” in New York City

coon huntin NYCA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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Nightriding white terrorists are not confined to the South. They also roam the streets of New York City, in search of Black victims. The election of 2008 was especially rough for Up South white supremacists. Barack Obama's victory provoked four young New Yorkers to go on a Black-bashing spree that last week earned them serious prison time.
Coon Huntin’” in New York City
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
They piled into a car on a mission to show African Americans that whites were still boss in that part of the world.”
White folks used to call it “coon hunting” – terrorism as community sport. I’ve witnessed it myself: caravans of cars filled with white men in varying stages of drunkenness cruising country highways or the fringes of Black neighborhoods, in search of victims. In the Deep South, such “coon hunting” parties were not necessarily hitched to any special occasion or specific racial incident; any excuse would do to demonstrate that Blacks’ very existence in a White Man’s Country was a privilege that could be arbitrarily and violently revoked at any time.
Coon hunting” and related white racist rituals were never confined to below the Mason-Dixon Line. New York City contains enclaves of entrenched bigotry as concentrated and vicious as anyplace in Dixie. Last November, on learning that Barack Obama had won the presidential election, four young white men in Staten Island – the whitest of New York City’s boroughs – piled into a car on a mission to show African Americans that whites were still boss in that part of the world. They drove to a Black neighborhood, found a teenager walking by himself, and beat him with a metal pipe and a police baton. Not satisfied, they assaulted a Black man in another minority neighborhood, and drove off in search of a third victim. This time, they slammed their car into a man they thought was African American, but who turned out not to be. The victim’s head smashed the car’s windshield, and he stayed in a coma for weeks.
The four young white men admitted they set out to punish people they assumed had voted for Barack Obama.”
The four whites were last week sentencedto from four and one/half to seven years in federal prison. Loretta King, of the U.S. Justice Department, said the Civil Rights Division “will remain vigilant in our efforts to combat hate crimes.” Republicans in Congress continue to quibble about what constitutes a “hate crime,” who specifically should be protected from such crimes, and the circumstances in which the federal government can intervene. But the case from Staten Island, New York, certainly fits anyone’s definition of a hate crime that threatened federally protected rights. But it also says a lot more. The four young white men admitted they set out to punish people they assumed had voted for Barack Obama. But of course, they didn’t ask their victims who they voted for, or if they had voted at all, and one of them wasn’t even an African American. What these night-riders resented was the very presence of non-whites in Staten Island, or New York City, or in positions of prominence anywhere in the United States. They are terrorists whose hatred of Black people is general and uncomplicated – and renders them unfit to circulate freely in society.
It is also interesting to note that these modern, New York City, “Up South” terrorist nightriders’ surnames are Nicoletti, Garaventa, Contreras, and Carranza. They’re not the good ol' boys of your grandparents’ experience. But they’re just as dangerous.
For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to www.BlackAgendaReport.com.



Re: “Coon Huntin’” in New York City


Some people have heard a saying that goes "si vis pacem para bellum." What si vis pacem parabellum means, literally, is "if for peace, for war," or more commonly, those who desire peace must plan for war. The phrase is getting tossed around because there is believed to be a major conflict brewing between Iran and Israel. Ahmadinejad has been quoted numerous times about wanting to wipe Israel off the map, and there aren't many fans of the idea of an unhinged theocratic dictatorship run by vicious thugs with a nuclear capability. A lot of people would put some payday advances to stop such a conflict, but at times it must be remembered – Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum.

Yeah, debt =wealth and war=peace...

I'm not quite sure what your response has to do with the above article, but....
Does Habeas corpus ad subji´cien´dum mean anything to you. If it does, then I think it would be in order that you re-consider which country or heads of state you choose to designate as dictatorial,vicious thugs. Or the 600 Bahgram Base prisoners in Afghanistan whom Obama has just denied this slice of law.
I think the Palestinian mothers and fathers of the inocent civilians and children would present a convincing argument as to whom they would list under that category. It is a shame that with so much real journalism present and available to get the facts straight, that there are still some who preffer the Emperial propaganda productions with which to point their hateful rhetoric at. I suppose you don't remember the threats of attack against Iran in recent years by both Irael and the US; not to mention the zenophobic language used by Israeli leaders over the decades in reference to Arabs as well as Musim nations(Iran in particular); and i suppose you've forgotten Hillary Clintons vow to anihilate Iran from the face of the earth; or Obama's scarcely disquised pledge to defeat Iran at his Inauguration address. Also, where do you believe that the civil protests over Ahmadinejads election were hatched and given fuel. Yes, if the number of 60+  people that have died in prinsons under his watch are accurate then that is a travesty. But are you aware of the estimated 45, 000 humans that die each year in the United States as a result of no health care? How many people pull rotten teeth from their mouths every morning or evening because the've never been able to afford a dentist? The list goes on....
Funny, I have'nt read anywhere recently that Iranian cluster bombs or unmanned drones, or Iranian snipers and tanks and soldiers have been killing multitudes of poor, disenfranchised citizens lately. And if you think that Obamas reversal of Bush's missle deployment plan in Eastern Europe(wich is still an option on the table) is something to rave about; I'll remind you that instead of planting missles in the region; The US will be sending and stationing Naval convoys on Europes north eastern shores. But they'll probably only be loaded with care packages waiting to feed the traumatized Iranian population after the preimptive attack.
We live in a twisted world where as, Mr. Hudson points out, bankers have alchemized debt into equaling wealth only for themselves and where war equals peace and prosperity for the war monguers and resisting invasion comes to equal terrorism. But, this is no excuse to remain blinded to truth.
Or is it?

Stay on subject and stop promoting a war based on lies

that is both criminal and unnecessary.  Do your homework, the "wipe Israel off the map" claim is pure bullshit.  Propaganda bandied about without critical analysis by warmongers; and put forth as conventional wisdom.  All this tough guy talk and what to do when gas prices peak at $6 when the Straits of Hormuz are shut down?  What then of the phony "green shoots" in the economy?.  Dumbasses, one and all.

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 15:34:18 -0400 From: "Cole, Juan"

The speech in Persian is here:

Sorry that I misremembered the exact phrase Ahmadinejad had used. He made an analogy to Khomeini's determination and success in getting rid of the Shah's government, which Khomeini had said "must go" (az bain bayad berad). Then Ahmadinejad defined Zionism not as an Arabi-Israeli national struggle but as a Western plot to divide the world of Islam with Israel as the pivot of this plan.

The phrase he then used as I read it is "The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] from the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad)."

Ahmadinejad was not making a threat, he was quoting a saying of Khomeini and urging that pro-Palestinian activists in Iran not give up hope-- that the occupation of Jerusalem was no more a continued inevitability than had been the hegemony of the Shah's government.

Whatever this quotation from a decades-old speech of Khomeini may have meant, Ahmadinejad did not say that "Israel must be wiped off the map" with the implication that phrase has of Nazi-style extermination of a people. He said that the occupation regime over Jerusalem must be erased from the page of time.

Again, Ariel Sharon erased the occupation regime over Gaza from the page of time.

I should again underline that I personally despise everything Ahmadinejad stands for, not to mention the odious Khomeini, who had personal friends of mine killed so thoroughly that we have never recovered their bodies. Nor do I agree that the Israelis have no legitimate claim on any part of Jerusalem. And, I am not exactly a pacifist but have a strong preference for peaceful social activism over violence, so needless to say I condemn the sort of terror attacks against innocent civilians (including Arab Israelis) that we saw last week. I have not seen any credible evidence, however, that such attacks are the doing of Ahmadinejad, and in my view they are mainly the result of the expropriation and displacement of the long-suffering Palestinian people."

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Phony "justice" in NY

4 to 5 years for hunting people down like animals, and 2 years for shooting yourself (Plaxico), the scales of justice are blind in NY.

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Coon hunting is one of the most popular sports in America today, it is quickly becoming more and more popular seemingly everyday..

But of course, they didn’t

But of course, they didn’t ask their victims who they voted for, or if they had voted at all, and one of them wasn’t even an African American.
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