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2 Poems - About How and Why Some Things Work. And Some Others Don't

By BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

In two works of poetry this week, Turner offers cogent observations on two phenomena, one that pretty much works as intended, and another enterprise that despite the wishes of many consistently and predictably goes awry.

Freedom Rider: Sanders Supporters Can Bring Down the Democrats

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Bernie Sanders supporters could truly be on a revolutionary mission – if they choose to accept it. “They must not support or vote for Hillary Clinton in November and they must say so loudly and clearly.” Should their idol endorse Clinton, then Sanders’ people must reject him, too. And, if Sanders’ folks are blamed for Clinton’s defeat, these attacks “should be considered as a badge of honor” for sending the Democrats into the dustbin of history.

The Democratic Road to Black Ruin

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Democratic Party operatives claim that Blacks are voting “strategically” when they support the corporate warmonger Hillary Clinton for president. The reality is, Blacks believe only Clinton has the money and organization to beat the White Man’s Party – the GOP.  But, only two outcomes are possible from such a “strategy”: “either the triumph of the White Man’s Party, or electoral victory for Black people’s worst enemies among the Democrats.”

Freedom Rider: Americans are Poor

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If Americans understood how poor they actually are – on a par with Latvians and Romanians, according to newly released data – they would dump the Democratic Party. With “more black children in poverty than white children,” it’s past time for African Americans to rid themselves “once and for all of their useless political party” which only pretends to fight for working people in election years.

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