U.S. imperialism

July 4th and the Crisis of US Exceptionalism

by BAR contributor Danny Haiphong

U.S. imperialism has finally found the enemies it has been searching for all these years. Most of the world’s people are already in some form of resistance to Washington’s bullying. Love of war is what makes the U.S. truly exceptional. Domestically, “only an opposition that fights for a potential world war with Russia is acceptable to Washington.”

The Crisis of US Imperial Governance and the Struggle for a New World

by Danny Haiphong

The struggle against neo-liberal capital and anti-Russian hysteria is a struggle to transform and revolutionize society,” writes Black Agenda Report contributor Danny Haiphong, who delivered the following remarks at BAR’s “Resisting Trump, Exposing the Democrats” panel the Left Forum, in New York City. “This system has run its course,” said Haiphong. “It cannot hold onto political legitimacy any more than it can spur economic development.”

Freedom Rider: Obama vs. Trump

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

President Barack Obama sold Saudi Arabia record amounts of weapons, joined its murderous war in Yemen, and interfered in European elections by supporting Angela Merkel in Germany and Emmanuel Macron in France. Yet the corporate media pretends that this continuity of U.S. imperial policy is, somehow, all Donald Trump’s idea. The rulers care only about the Empire. “The ICE raids, emboldened racism, voter suppression and cuts to government programs don’t concern them.”

10 Examples of How US imperialism Continues to Kill the People and Planet

by Danny Haiphong

The capitalist narrative, aggressively fronted by the Democratic Party in 2016, holds that “conditions in the U.S. were never better.” But all the objective facts say otherwise. “Imperialism's contradictions have been pushed to their natural limit.” By every social, economic and moral measure, conditions of life are deteriorating for the masses of people, while the rich suck up the wealth of the world.

Freedom Rider: Do Americans Have No Shame?

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Putting aside the lack of any proof of Russian interference in U.S. elections, Americans have some nerve complaining about outside meddling when they have violated the sovereign rights of much of the planet. Americans owe the world heartfelt acts of contrition. “There ought to be a march of apology from Americans to people in Grenada, Haiti, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, and yes in Russia too.”

Freedom Rider: Syria, Russia and American Desperation

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Legions of people will protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. The Democratic rank and file “are anxious about racism, immigration, Islamophobia, judicial appointees and voter suppression,” but their leaders have a different agenda. War Democrats and Republicans care only about maintaining imperialism -- through lies and repression. The bipartisan War Party is desperate to continue its regime change policies and foil improved relations with Russia.

US Imperialism is at a Dead End, But Why?

by Danny Haiphong

Imperialism is stuck in a rut, and can’t get out. “Every time the imperialist system attempts to expand economically, the sheer impoverishment of the exploited classes ensures that such maneuvers will lead to a loss in the overall rate of profit.” War used to be the answer, but no more: “US imperialism’s expansion of the war apparatus no longer brings economic tranquility. Rather, war is just another agent of chaos and crisis.”

White Supremacy, U.S. Exceptionalism and Capitalist Dogma are All “Fake News”

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The U.S. ruling class faces a crisis of legitimacy, having no solution to any of the multiple crises of capitalism. Therefore, it is compelled to lie about virtually everything, and to call speakers of truth purveyors of “fake news.” The false narrative must be maintained because “the world is outgrowing the U.S.-led, rigged economic and political system that is the last vestige of half a millennium of colonialism and white supremacy.”

Philippines President Has U.S. Target on His Back

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Americans – including, and maybe especially, Black Americans – were upset that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte called President Obama a “son of a whore” at a summit meeting, last week. But, what would Americans call the head of a country that killed a million of their compatriots, colonized their country for half a century, dominated its affairs for another half century, and then gave lectures on human rights. Son of a what?


Mom, Is it War Yet? – Part II: Two Suns in the Sunset

by Dr. T.P. Wilkinson

The United States has been under no threat from any other nation since the end of World War Two, but has invented various menaces to mask its own unrelenting quest for world domination. The Soviets, the “Red” Chinese, falling dominos, and now “terrorists” (created by the U.S.) provide “imaginary enemies that would continue the super-profits that had begun in the West.”

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