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“Think Through the Implications of Our Actions”: an Open Letter to Rep. Barbara Lee

by Norman Solomon

Et tu, Barbara Lee? The only member of Congress to vote against the invasion of Afghanistan appears to have gone over to the dark side with a tweet expressing outrage at President Trump’s willingness to meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The author urges Lee not “to participate in a profoundly irresponsible meme that castigates instead of encourages diplomatic discourse between the highest levels of the American and Russian governments.”

Talk Nation Radio: Millions Lose Their Minds Over Russia

TAlk Nation Radio with David Swanson: Millions Lose Their Minds Over Russian Hacking Allegations.

by David Swanson

This week on Talk Nation Radio: millions of Americans lose their everloving minds over unproven accusations against Russia. David Swanson explains how mockery and derision directed at Donald Trump don't scare the Pentagon or NSA, and don't prevent any of the outrages committed by Democrats when they retain power. Swanson takes the ACLU and CAIR to task for their ridiculous claim that war on Iraq was conducted to protect the U.S. Bill of Rights, and a torture report gets buried. Talk Nation Radio is a weekly half hour of political insight and discussion as if the people mattered.

Freedom Rider: 47 Republicans and Israeli Control of Congress

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

When it comes to Israel, the line separating Democrats from Republicans is essentially non-existent. Not one congressperson of either party will risk the wrath of the pro-Israel lobby. “To date, 15 Democrats have at various times expressed a willingness to go along with the Republicans and end any chance for negotiations with Iran.” If Obama’s own administration was not engaged in the talks, he’d probably be opposed, too, in deference to Israel.


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