School to Prison Pipeline

100,000 NYC School Children Face Airport-Style Security Screening Every Day

by Cecelia Reyes, ProPublica, and Jenny Ye, WNYC

Every day, more New York City public school kids pass through metal detectors and undergo head-to-toe pat-downs than the traffic through Miami International Airport. “The daily ritual is borne disproportionately by students of color; black and Hispanic students in high school are nearly three times more likely to walk through a metal detector than their white counterparts.”

Black Children’s Dreams Crushed on a Field of Nightmares

by Mark P. Fancher

Organized Little League baseball last year stripped Chicago’s champion Jackie Robinson West team of their World Series title. The injustice blends their anguished voices “with those of today’s young black scholars who are unfairly suspended or expelled and then shoved through a school-to-prison pipeline.” Dreams can be great motivators, but “at a certain point a dream can become dangerous self-delusion.”

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