Burkina Faso

29 Years Ago, Thomas Sankara, the African Che Guevara, was Murdered

by Darío Mizrahi

Thomas Sankara was a young communist officer who attempted to take Burkina Faso out of the neocolonial orbit of France, but was murdered by his closest comrades. During Sankara’s short time in power, Burkina Faso became self-sufficient in grains. “He was the first to forbid female genital mutilation, and included women in all realms of public administration.” His killer, Blaise Compaoré, ruled for 27 years, until run out of the country in 2014.

Burkina Faso Courts Allow Exhumation of Thomas Sankara Remains

by Abayomi Azikiwe

During his four years as head of a revolutionary government in Burkina Faso, Captain Thomas Sankara captured the imaginations of Marxists and Pan-Africanists throughout the world. He was assassinated by treacherous comrades in 1987. The exhumation of his body could shed light on the circumstances of Sankara’s death, and breathe new life into his program for African liberation.

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