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Justice Deferred: The 15 Year Anniversary of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission Verdict

by Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion

With the backing of the U.S., Ethiopia has “continued to militarily occupy large swathes of Eritrean territory and sustain a policy of unremitting aggression and hostility toward Eritrea.” Washington promotes turmoil, imposing unjust sanctions on Eritrea -- sometimes called the “Cuba of Africa” – to punish the country for “its principled adherence to the border ruling and for Eritrea’s opposition to misguided US policies in the Horn of Africa.”

Examining International Sanctions: The Case of Eritrea

by Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion

Under U.S. pressure, the United Nations refuses to lift an embargo against the tiny nation of Eritrea, while ignoring constant aggressions by its huge neighbor, Ethiopia. The pretexts for the sanctions “are nonexistent,” yet “Eritrea is doubly punished since the sanctions effectively mean it is restricted in defending itself.” The UN has abrogated its responsibility to uphold international law – and, instead, coddles Washington’s military ally.

Politics of Fear: The Crisis in Ethiopia and the Role of the International Community

by Fikrejesus Amahazion

A massive government crackdown on protestors and dissidents is underway in Ethiopia, but the international community has turned a blind eye to this reign of terror. The first, and possibly most far-reaching and effective, response by the international community should be to openly condemn the regime in Addis Ababa and withdraw the unwavering support for the repressive government.

Western Sahara: Another Misinformed Imperial Analysis

Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion

The same imperial nations that colonized most of the rest of the world now try to sit in judgement of which countries should be “allowed” their independence. U.S. operatives argue that Western Sahara should not be granted self-rule, because it would become a “failed state,” like Eritrea. But Eritrea has made great social strides, despite relentless U.S. subversion, while the U.S. has fomented misery and terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Empty Boxes – The West and Ethiopia’s Elections

by Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion

The ruling party in Ethiopia has gotten away with another sham election, this time with very little protest from the western powers, with whom the regime in Addis Ababa is strategically aligned. “The international community provides the regime with carte-blanche to continue its repressive rule,” including suppression of rival parties and oppressed nationalities, and massive land giveaways.

Ethiopia: Desalegn’s distraction?

by FikreJesus Amahazion

Ethiopian strongman Hailemariam Desalegn, like the late dictator (and darling of Washington) Meles Zenawi before him, threatens to overthrow the government of neighboring Eritrea. The regime in Addis Ababa has plenty of reasons to divert attention from its internal problems: ethnic rebellions, grinding poverty, scandalous land giveaways and forced relocations, and upcoming elections that few will regard as fair and legitimate.

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