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Obama White House Committed Impeachable Offenses by Encouraging Leaks Against Trump and Russia

The Ford Report on the Real News Network

Glen Ford on The Real News Network In its last months in office, the Obama administration facilitated massive leaks of Trump team members’ telephone conversations and other raw intelligence. The operation succeeded in creating great clouds of innuendo intended to buttress the totally unproven allegation that Russia and Trump operatives collaborated to meddle in the election process. In deliberately encouraging leaks, former president Obama probably committed impeachable offenses –- that may still be indictable.

US Has Interfered in More Elections Than Any Other Nation

BAR executive editor Glen Ford on The Real News Network

There is no proof that Russia had anything to do with the Wikileaks revelations about the Democratic National Committee's sabotage of Bernie Sanders' campaign. However, even if the Kremlin did interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections, the actions don't match the scale of America's interference in elections across the world, according to Glen Ford.

March 7, 2017 Judge Accepts Class Action Lawsuit Against Use of Slave Labor in Private Detention Centers

The Ford Report on the Real News Network

Does $1 a day forced labor amount to slavery? A judge has certified a class action suit by immigrant detainees that could also bolster challenges to involuntary servitude in federal and state prisons.

The Ford Report: Life Sentences Are Slow Death Behind the Walls

by the Real News Network

U.S. incarceration levels remain so high because this country hands down longer sentences than anyplace else in the world. People sentenced to life serve twice as much time behind bars as they did in the 1980s. The Trump administration, not give to the token gestures of his predecessors, is not expected to change this.

Jesse Jackson Calls for Clinton Pardon But None For Chelsea Manning, Mutulu Shakur, Leonard Peltier or Other Political Prisoners

Jesse Jackson Calls for Clinton Pardon But None For Manning, Shakur, Peltier or Political Prisoners

by the Real News Network

Rev. Jackson displays loyalty only to himself and his patrons. In his eyes political prisoners like Mutulu Shakur, Leonard Peltier, Chelsea Manning or Rev. Edward Pinkneydon't deserve pardons, but Hillary Clinton does.


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