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Why Africans Have No Land in South Africa

by Motsoko Pheko

If South Africa is an independent, decolonized, democratic country under the control of its Black majority, then why is 93% of the land still owned by whites? The author maintains that the real anti-colonial struggle was betrayed, and “became a civil rights movement.” The descendants of white settlers were allowed to keep their stolen spoils. “Apartheid” was declared the problem – “a colonial a ploy to hide colonial theft of the African country.”

The Shame of South Africa’s Black Political Prisoners

by Motsoko Pheko

More than twenty years after the end of formal apartheid, several African nationalists who resisted the inhuman system are still languishing in prison. Yet many apartheid agents who committed atrocious crimes against the African people were pardoned, some without even expressing any remorse. This is unacceptable. The ANC Government must release all political prisoners now.

Are America and NATO replacing the UN?

by Motsoko Pheko

The United States and its allies behave as if their will is international law, in Syria and everywhere on the globe. “To trust such America and NATO investigators to be impartial in their search for chemical weapons and to identify who used them is like naively believing that jackals can look after sheep without reporting that some of them are ‘missing’ or ‘dead.’”

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