Freedom Rider: Obama’s Hollow Legacy

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Democrats used to value things like global peace and justice in the workplace. But, for decades they have given their votes to warmongers and job-exporters. This week, they are mourning the defeat of a politician they once would have despised. In January, lots of Black Democrats will cry over the exit of a president who “won by making himself palatable to white people while also taking advantage of undeserved black pride.”

War Less Imminent After Clinton Defeat

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Are most Americans warlike, or are they just easily misled into going along with the War Party that dominates both halves of the duopoly? In a certain sense, the distinction doesn’t matter.  Most American don’t care enough about the lives of the millions of victims of U.S. empire to do much of anything to save them.  And, if they voted for Hillary Clinton, they did not even have the presence of mind to save themselves from nuclear annihilation.


Federal Judge Orders Water Delivery to Flint Residents

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo

Lead kills brain cells, but it took a federal judge to order that households in Flint, Michigan, be delivered four cases of bottled water to prevent further damage to their health. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the mass poisoning “were rewarded with blanket immunity and protection by the State.” One wonders, “How different the reaction of the Obama administration would have been had ISIS claimed responsibility for poisoning Flint?”

9/11... My lil’ 1.5 cents: What’s Trump Got To Do With It?

by BAR poet ion residence Raymond Nat Turner

Hope. Change. Yes we can. I'm with her. Or maybe not. Make America Stronger Together Again....

System Breakdown: Trump's Chickens Come Home to Roost

by Danny Haiphong

The crisis that has enveloped U.S. imperialism, under both Republican and Democratic rule, rocked the corporate duopoly system and opened the door for Donald Trump's ascension to power. Decades ago, “the Republicans became the White Man’s Party while the Democrats neutralized the left.” Trump is the result. “A genuine, radical left with any vision at all would not tremble before a Donald Trump Administration or mourn a Clinton loss.”

Actually Existing Fascism

by Dolores Vek

It appears that millions of folks that have tolerated -- and even cheered -- Barack Obama’s Kill Lists, assassinations of whole nations, and abject service to the ruling class, are suddenly panicking at the prospect of fascism. “So where the fuck were all these protesters when Obama was actually doing what Trump says he’ll do?” They fear the fascism of their imaginations, while oblivious to fascism in the real world.

Social Justice Attorney Andrea Burton: Jailed for Refusing to Remove Black Lives Matter Lapel Pin

by Bill Quigley

A young Black lawyer from Youngstown, Ohio, had to sue a judge who held her in contempt of court for wearing a Black Lives Matter pin. The judge said his decision had nothing to do with politics. “The local NAACP chapter questioned that assertion and wondered whether the Judge would have jailed Burton if she was wearing a ‘Support the Troops’ pin.” Atty. Andrea Burton ultimately agreed to wear her pin in the courthouse, but not in the courtroom.

One Treaty Could Change the Fight to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

by Yessenia Funes

The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline isn’t only about water rights and sacred sites; it’s also about the U.S. government’s historical refusal to honor treaties—when “they interfered with Manifest Destiny.” Washington violated its treaty with the Sioux in 1877, and later declared its power to void all Native treaties. “There are now talks of using the treaty to legally regain land rights to end the pipeline's construction.”

What the Clintons Did to Haiti

by Nathan J. Robinson

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s role in the “remaking” of Haiti after a devastating earthquake and foreign occupation is “indefensible,” according to the author’s article, “Superpredator: Bill Clinton’s Use and Abuse of Black America,” from which this piece is excerpted. “Many Clinton projects “have primarily benefited wealthy foreigners and the island’s ruling elite.” Other projects simply fizzled. “The money donated and invested was extraordinary, but nobody seems to know where it has gone.”

Black Agenda Radio for Week of Nov 14, 2016

Cornel West: Class Becoming “Much More Central”

“We are witnessing the end of the neoliberal era,” said Dr. Cornel West, the nation’s most prominent Black public intellectual, assessing the import of last week’s election. West backed Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries, then endorsed the Green Party’s presidential ticket. The election “did not go left-populist, following Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein,” he said. Instead, “it went rightwing-fascist. But the neoliberal era is coming to a close and the neoliberal establishment is being exposed. The issues of class now are becoming much more central.”

Trump Supporters Mounted an “Insurrection”

Duboisian scholar Dr. Anthony Monteiro was among the few observers on the Left that thought Donald Trump would win at the polls. But, even he was startled at the scope of Trump’s sweep. “I felt that the insurgency would grow and deepen, but I never thought that it would become an insurrection,” said Monteiro. “In a certain sense, white working and poor people in these small, rust belt towns have a sense of achievement in having brought the Clintons down that Black people had in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected with a huge Black turnout,” he said. Monteiro is one of the organizers of a Conference on Political Science for Radical Times, set for December 9-10, in Philadelphia.

TPP “On Its Death Bed”

With Donald Trump’s victory, President Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership corporate rights trade deal is “looking like it’s on its death bed,” said Kevin Zeese, of Popular Resistance. “We’ve worked for five years to make TPP stand for Toxic Political Poison, and that seems to have happened,” said Zeese. Trump won in “the rust belt that was destroyed by NAFTA” -- Bill Clinton’s jobs-exporting bill of a generation ago -- “and was going to be threatened again by TPP.” Zeese said Obama may make a last bid to pass TPP in the lame duck session of Congress that begins this week.

Finally, a Practical Guide to Black Self-Determination

The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations adopted a 19-point Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination, at a conference in Washington. The document applies the principle of self-determination to the broadest range of issues, from Black Community Control of the Police, to Mass Black Incarceration, to Nationalization of the Banks. “Everybody wants self-determination,” said Coalition chairman Omali Yeshitela, “but what does it mean, practically?” The 19 points give direction to the struggle. “This isn’t something you work on every four years,” said Yeshitela. “This is something you work on every day. This is our program.”

Margaret Kimberley, an editor and senior columnist for Black Agenda Report, told the conference: “When we meet together, today, we are showing the world what self-determination looks like.” Voting for “your enemies” is not self-determination, and “thinking that electoral politics is the only road to liberation is not self-determination,” said Kimberley.

Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network is hosted by Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey. A new edition of the program airs every Monday at 11:00am ET on PRN. Length: one hour.

America Might Not Deserve Trump, But Dems and Hillary Deserved To Lose

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

President Donald Trump? How did such a thing happen? A competent and purposeful Clinton campaign should have beaten Donald Trump. How did Hillary Clinton and one-percenter Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory?

The Democratic Debacle – The Day After

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The GOP won at the polls, but Black, brown and working class Democrats have been taking a beating from their own party for decades. “The Democratic Party has failed to deliver even small net increments of social justice to its base constituencies, always giving away more than it gained, and at times taking the lead in savaging the people.” Hillary Clinton hoped to lead a Government of Ruling Class Consensus – a victory only for the One Percent.

Freedom Rider: Dump the Democrats for Good

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Donald Trump, the white nationalist that claimed to oppose the corporate establishment, appears to have won the U.S. presidency. But, “even the victory of the openly bigoted Trump poses an opportunity to right our political ship.” The Democrats were not “our” party, but the party that thought they owned us. Their “rejection must be complete and blame must be laid squarely at their feet” for raising those chickens that have come home to roost.

The Anatomy of Crisis and the Decline of US Empire

by Danny Haiphong

There are multiple dimensions to the crisis that afflicts U.S. imperialism. The latest election is evidence of a crisis of legitimacy for the ruling parties. Americans are estranged from a government that spies on every one its citizens – and on the rest of the world, too. “Unemployment, poverty, racist state repression, and war are all the system has to offer.” Unable to escape a 40-year economic slump, the U.S. instead plots the destruction of its rivals.

Margaret Flowers’ Retrospective on Running as a Green for the U.S. Senate

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo

The major parties are more concerned with preserving their duopoly than with defeating each other. So-called “progressives” help preserve duopoly rule, failing “to understand that as long as they are complicit with the Democrats, they have no power.” Most people are actually more Green than Democratic in their views, but “have a hard time comprehending that there are more than two parties,” according to Green candidate Dr. Flowers.

Tuesday Takeout

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

Terror Tuesday is what the White House calls the basement meetings at which the First Black President profiles and targets individuals and groups of people for summary assassination anywhere from Somalia to Standing Rock. Before Donald Trump even assumes the Oval Office, it's already the new normal.

Black American Anti-Imperialism: an Invisible Subject for the New York Times

by Bryan K. Bullock

To read the foreign policy pages of the New York Times is to enter a world of whiteness. “Whites are the only ones who are presumed to have an opinion on such issues that is worth mentioning.” Although Black America is the nation’s most anti-imperial constituency, foreign policy is considered a white preserve. Blacks “serve the function we have always served: subjects of imperialism, scapegoats for repression, but not shapers of foreign policy.”

Clinton Is the Most Dangerous Person Alive – An Interview with Edward S. Herman

Ann Garrison's picture

by Ann Garrison

The just-concluded election revealed as much about the corporate media, which has broken every rule of journalism to support Hillary Clinton, and the fraudulence of much of the American Left, which turns out to have no real problem with war or capitalism, than it did about the candidates, themselves. Edward Herman is an exception, a genuine man of the Left. He says “a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war with Syria and Russia.”

In Chicago, Teachers and Black Lives Matter Activists Partner to Build a Bigger Movement

by Leah Fried

When the Chicago Teachers Union goes on strike, it doesn’t walk alone; Movement 4 Black Lives organizations have their back. And, when young Black activists campaign against police terror, the teachers union is with them. When it comes to the school-to-prison pipeline, the teachers and Black Youth Project 100 are on the same side.


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