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We're Running Ads, But BAR Still Needs Reader Support

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixonmoney_vanishes

readers cannot fail to notice that in the last month, we have begun
running commercial ads on the site. It's an experiment.  We're not
marketers, so we use a broker. The broker sells the ads, takes his
cut and sends us a check for what's left. It's not much, but it
helps. The financial model for sustaining something like Black
Agenda Report is somewhat unsettled because like we've always said,
there just isn't anything quite like Black Agenda Report.

Even with the small but necessary revenue we expect to realize from ads, it is still vital to the survival of BAR that our readers click on the PayPal buttons at the bottom, top and sides of the pages and send us something. Do it today.  We are now equipped to handle monthly donations through the PayPal link at the top of each page.



Lions, Heroes, CNN and Mulattoes

by Kemet Mawakana, a.k.a. the Seven Foot Poet 7_foot_poet_upright_250wide

Those who watched, or endured the blizzard of stereotypes and right wing talking points that was CNN's "special" on Black  America, the Seven Foot Poet tells us, got just about what they should have expected.  CNN is Big Media.  It's job is to own our information, our conversation, and tell us what to think about.  Our job, on the other hand, is to seize our own information, to take control of our own conversation, to tell our own stories, and to make our own voices heard. 

The Fictitious Economy, Part 2, An Interview With Dr. Michael Hudson

nasdaqTranscript of a A Guns And Butter Interview by Bonnie Faulkner

In the second half of an hour long interview with economist Dr. Michael Hudson broadcast on Guns And Butter June 25, 2008, Dr. Hudson explains some of the factors in the price of oil that are seldom discussed in the mass media, and details why the price of a gallon of gas may double again before year's end.   He also predicts a long, slow and inevitable economic depression in the US and in other nations which do not decouple themselves from the US dollar, and talks a little about what to expect from a new US administration next year.

Freedom Rider: Obama Pardons Bush


by BAR editor and senior
columnist Margaret Kimberley

There will be no need for George Bush to pardon
himself and his fellow criminals. Barack Obama promises to let the "W Gang"
off, scott-free, when he takes over the White House. Impeachment? Heavens, no!
"That is not something I think would be fruitful to pursue because I think that impeachment is something that should be reserved for exceptional circumstances," says Obama, apparently in the belief that Bush's behavior has been routine for an American president. Obama surrogates say bipartisanship should decide the question of investigating current and past presidents. In other words, Obama will let the Republicans decide if Bush gets away with murder. "So Bush crimes will be buried by a Democrat."  

Imperialism With a Black Face










A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

on his own statements, delivered repeatedly and consistently over the years,
Barack Obama promises to be another in a long line of imperial American
presidents, dedicated to the maintenance of U.S. hegemony by any means
necessary. "The African American reputation as the most consistently
progressive ethnic group in the United States will stand or fall according to
how Blacks comport themselves, politically, under a Barack Obama
administration." What will it mean to African Americans when the face of
imperialism is their own - when the world comes to hate Obama "as they have
other American presidents."

To listen to this Black Agenda Radio commentary, click the flash player below


His High Imperial Holiness Obama Does Berlin


by Paul Street

Democratic presidential nominee-to-be wowed them in Berlin - feeding the crowd
a steady stream of sugar-coated propaganda on the unfailingly good intentions
of America. The U.S. is "generous" to a fault - but that's the only fault Obama
acknowledges.  America "sacrifices" for "freedom," he says - not mentioning that
it's mostly other people who get sacrificed for the sake of U.S. freedom to
rule over them. "People of Berlin - people of the world - this is our
moment," said Obama. Just last year, Obama told the  U.S. Council on
Foreign Relations another story: "We must ‘revitalize our military' to foster
‘peace,' Obama claimed, echoing Orwell, by adding 65,000 soldiers to the Army
and 27,000 to the Marines."

CNN’s Shallow Look at Black Life

CNNblackInAmericaby Mel Reeves

CNN went down a predictable path with its "Black in America" special, providing prime time play to "lots of self-flagellating black folks pointing the finger at their lesser-off brothers and sisters." Barack Obama has given the all-clear to wholesale badmouthing of poor African Americans, who are treated as some kind of clinical problem to be studied and acted upon. "Personal responsibility" is the watchword - for Blacks only. "Yet there is not a peep about personal responsibility among the rich folks who rob us blind on a daily basis."  The not-ready-for-mainstream-TV truth is, "There is nothing wrong with Black America that large doses of justice, political power and money can't cure.

The Myth of Transcending Race

by Shannon Joyce PrinceGraphicTranscendence

the attempt to absolve racists of past and current crimes, words are made to
perform supernatural feats. "Transcend" is such a word, promising a cost- and
struggle-free existence, once race is "transcended."  The problem is, "race and racism cannot be transcended, only
dealt with."  Similarly, the term
"post-racial" has a magically benign effect on white people, while "the onus of
having a post-racial attitude is always placed on the oppressed." Barack Obama
"mislabels those who address racial inequities as the authors of societal
divisiveness." It seems that at some point in the "post-racial" era certain
persons "transcended" themselves, causing great divisiveness. Or maybe not.

The Inescapable Tasks Africa’s Leaders Try to Ignore

by Mark P. FancherAUnitedAfrica

From the Mediterranean to The Cape of Good Hope,
Africans face "refugee crises" that would not exist if the continent were
politically unified, without borders. "For example, if state boundaries were
erased in Africa, Algeria would be no more likely to have an ‘immigration
crisis' than would the state of New York if large numbers of New Jersey
residents were to cross the river in search of job opportunities in The Big
Apple." Establishment of a "continent-wide socialist national structure" would
go far toward providing "a solution to the problems that prompt neighbors to
cross borders in the first place."

Shanty-town Law

MAXWELLjohn_maxwell03by John Maxwell

The transition from slave societies to whatever
comes next sometimes seems permanently stalled - although forces of evil are as
busy as ever. "In the last 30 years, starting before the collapse of the Soviet
Union, the forces of finance capital launched a hostile takeover bid for the
world, and, in places like Jamaica, recruited a substantial quota of middle
class people who bought into the idea that if their lusts were attended to,
health, wealth and happiness would naturally follow for the ‘less
fortunate.'"  The result has been a
great waste and confusion, requiring a more sane form of governance that
"rescues those who are most at risk."

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels

by BAR executive editor
Glen Ford

media and their accomplices at the FCC may have pulled off the biggest public
rip-off since "Congress conspired to grant millions of acres to the railroad
barons." Valued at $80 billion, the 5,000-plus new channels are to become
the quasi-property of the same corporations that already hold the licenses for
all of American television. The public has been provided no chance to influence
the disposition of the digital treasure trove, a resource made possible by
science, not station owners. Big Media "used their political and economic power
to take possession of digital channels they have done absolutely nothing to

Obama (and Big Media) Turn Blind Eye to Israeli Apartheid

by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon
Israel is now an apartheid state, according to the publisher of Ha'aretz, that country's largest circulation daily newspaper.  The occasion was the recent renewal of Israeli citizenship  laws which refuse to recognize marriages and families among most of the Arabs living in that country.   How can Barack Obama, himself the son of an American mixed marriage remain an apparently uncritical supporter of Israeli apartheid, and why does corporate media continue to pursue a longstanding "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward the odious policies of racial and ethnic discrimination in Israel?

Rolling the Dice Once Again – in Iran

by BAR executive editor
Glen Ford

Most sane people think a U.S. attack on Iran
would invite catastrophic consequences - some of which, like skyrocketing oil
prices, have already occurred as a direct result of mere threats to
attack Iran. Yet a school of thought holds there is a threshold of risk that
even the Bush regime will not cross, and that "every day that passes makes an
attack on Iran harder to pull off." That's a comforting thought, but what if
the Lords of Capital - George Bush's bosses - truly believe their very
existence as a ruling class requires courting Armageddon? History shows they
would rather risk igniting a global inferno than go quietly into the night.
"The grand vision of corporate globalism - the finance capitalists' imperial
heaven - cannot exist in the real world except through the application of

Freedom Rider: Death to Afghanistan


by BAR editor and senior
columnist Margaret Kimberley

After eight years of U.S. occupation, the Afghan
people live in terror, "not only caused by bombs and bullets, but by no bid
contracts, private mercenaries, theft of resources and destruction of
infrastructure." Barack Obama promises more of the same, as he preens and
struts his imperial stuff to demonstrate his fitness for the American
presidency. With his calls for big increases in U.S. troop strength in Afghanistan,
Obama delivers the kiss of death for additional thousands in the region, and
proves for the umpteenth time that he is no peace candidate. "The endless Iraq
occupation and the escalated Afghanistan occupation will bring more harm to the
region than Bush could have dreamed."

The U.S. Treats Afghans Like Roaches

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

To be occupied by foreign soldiers is always a
degradation, but some countries are singularly unsuited to lord it over other
nations. The United States seems incapable of conforming to the most elemental
standards of civilized behavior when occupying Muslim lands. Americans
routinely commit horrific atrocities against populations they are legally
obligated to protect from harm. Since the beginning of the U.S.
occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, wedding parties have been especially
attractive targets of U.S. airpower. "The crimes - mass murder from the air -
point up the casually racist nature" of U.S. rule over non-European "others."

To listen to this Black Agenda Radio commentary, click the flash player below


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