“Amazing Self-Correction”: Reflections on Barack Obama and the Perverse Racial Politics of the Post

by Paul StreetObamaStreet

The closer Barack Obama gets to the White House, the quicker some white folks are to declare that the United States is a "self-correcting" nation that is miraculously curing itself of racism. They are encouraged by Obama, himself, who "has shown a disturbing propensity to see the racism that oppresses and angers black America as purely a function of past injustice." Far too many Americans "fail to understand and/or refuse to acknowledge cold realities reflecting the perverse color politics of the post-Civil Rights age of neoliberal racism." The rise of Obama has given white America yet one more "shining opportunity to congratulate itself"


War-Talk and Speculation Drove Oil Prices Skyward


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

As the economy approaches rock-bottom - wherever that is - the public should remember who brought about the "cascade of catastrophes."  The recent oil price explosion was caused by Big Capital speculators and "greatly accelerated" by American and Israeli threats to Iran's existence.

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: The Palin Propaganda Machine

Palinby Sikivu Hutchinson

Middle-American (i.e., white) moral hypocrisy is in graphic relief this campaign season. "Had the Palin family soap opera played out in the Obama household his bid for the presidency would have been gutted by right wing hysteria about promiscuous black welfare mothers in training and irresponsible baby daddies." Yet the V.P. candidate from the Great White North is a hit - so far. "The Palin choice was a transparently racist bid for the votes of white women enraged by the prospect of a black man in Hillary's White House." 

Freedom Rider: Boycott Israel

FRboycottIsraelby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

To call attention to Israel's apartheid policies is to ask for immediate labeling as an "anti-Semite." Just ask former president Jimmy Carter. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performer Abdur-Rahim Jackson was separated from the troupe and made to dance for Israeli airport security - twice - to prove he wasn't a danger to the Jewish State, based on his name. "Israel's dismal human rights record has created numerous calls for economic boycotts of that nation," and cultural boycotts, as well. "The Israelis at the airport acted like Jim Crow segregationists of old, never forsaking an opportunity to publicly humiliate black people." Israel acts like the U.S. "did in its own apartheid era."

U.S. Risks Catastrophic Defeat in Pakistan

The U.S. is risking
"incalculable" consequences with its raids into Pakistan, the only Muslim
nation with an atomic arsenal. Pakistan is the least hospital place for
American troops, a nation where "Osama bin Laden is infinitely more popular than
George Bush." If Washington continues to violate Pakistan's borders, it might
get "run out of South Asia on a rail."
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Preserve Gangster History

Newark, New Jersey's
historic preservation authorities aren't enthusiastic about the landmark value
of the site where mobster Dutch Schultz met his violent end. But
preserving history is one way we answer the question: "What kind of country
allowed assassins, pimps, pornographers and racketeers of all kinds to rise to
such wealth and prominence?
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Politics and Religion in America: Imagine There's No Heaven

Religionby David Swanson

"We now elect presidents who launch wars after discussing the matter directly with ‘God' but not Congress." God is all over the campaign trail, in this election cycle, aided by His inquisitors, the press. "The corporate media now asks presidential candidates to name and explain their favorite Bible verses, and accuses candidates of not being sufficiently christian." You know the end of church-state separation is near when "Senators Obama and McCain each [sit] for an hour of questions from a preacher at the front of a church."

9/11 and the Great American Decline

by BAR executive editor
Glen Ford



The author begins with his encounter with two Israelis
on the banks of the Hudson River as the second tower fell at the World Trade
Center, and proceeds through the brief euphoria at "victory" in Iraq, and
subsequent reversals in U.S. fortunes. "9/11 may one day be viewed much like
the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, in 1914: as an occurrence that merely served to ignite the
inevitable. The Bush regime desperately wanted a global war, and it got one."
But rather than ushering in an era of unchallenged American hegemony, the U.S.
entered into irreversible decline.

The Genetically Programmed Urge to Vote

Some of the people
the rich pay to think for them believe that "genetics may motivate a citizen to
cast a ballot or not, and that one can inherit the urge to run for office."
Follow the inane logic to its bizarre conclusions.


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The U.S. is the Worst Kind of Neighbor

The U.S. dangled Cuba
a measly $100,000 in Hurricane Gustav disaster relief - and that, with strings
attached - compared to Cuba's offer of shiploads of medical aid in the wake of
Katrina. Whatever happened to FDR's Good Neighbor Policy?
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Great White Snark

MAXWELLjohn_maxwell03by John Maxwell

For personal reasons rooted in his childhood,
the author tends to "see many politicians as comic book characters."  If John McCain had tapped Joe Lieberman for
Number Two, it would have meant the "pairing of those quintessential bumblers
Elmer Fudd and Mr. Magoo." As it turned out, the top of the Republican ticket
looks more like "Daddy Warbucks" and "his Little Orphan Annie." It is
sufficient that Annie knows that Russia "is a Very Bad Place, chock full of
Very Bad Men. Little Orphan Annie is so cute she doesn't need to know anything
about foreign policy, except never to find herself alone with that bad Mr.

Taxicab Confessions: More Intervention, More War, More Lies

Billy Buntin
taxicab copy

Take a ride with a Somali taxi driver and you
might learn something. "European and Western intervention
from the past is the number one cause of the troubles we're seeing in African
countries," said the author's temporary foreign policy advisor. "We're also still
suffering from residue of the Cold War tactics that occurred in African
nations. To this day, there is a small country that neighbors Somalia called
Djibouti, there is a huge U.S. military base there from which they control the
entire Horn of Africa!" But Barack Obama, who supports the U.S. Africa Command,
is "not just another politician, I can feel it..." The cabbie is being taken for
a ride.

Say No to Lying, Spying and Torture

McKinney08by Cynthia McKinney

At what point do the American people say, "No"?
When the Pentagon admits it "lost" $2.3 trillion? "Yet both the Democratic and
Republican nominees plan to increase the Pentagon's budget, continue to add
countries to Dick Cheney's list of 60 against which the United States must be
prepared to go to war," says Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia
McKinney. Executive impunity is the order of the day. "Torture, war
crimes, crimes against humanity, lying to and spying on the American people,
and crimes against the peace are all hallmarks of our country today, and yet
impeachment has been taken off the table!"

Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”

by Charley JamesArrogantPalin

Barack Obama is a "Sambo," Hillary Clinton is a
"bitch," and Alaskan Eskimos are "Arctic Arabs." According to the author's
sources, that's the way the world looks to Sarah Palin. The mean, vindictive
core shines through - "No wonder the vast sea of white, cheering faces at the
Republican Convention went wild for Sarah." Even Palin's mother-in-law doesn't
much care for her - and Palin returns the sentiment. The press get no respect
from Barracuda Sarah. "I heard she had a wild temper and vicious mean streak,"
said one journalist, "but it's nothing like you can imagine until she turns it
on you."

Freedom Rider: Biden = Palin

FRbidenby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Joe "Foot-In-Mouth" Biden and Sarah
"Abstinence-Only" Palin are perfect matches for the Twin Business Party
campaigns for top executive power. Biden gruffly rejects the "liberal" label by
reminding reporters he is from a former slave state. Palin appeals to "white America's reptilian brain." The schlock level at both
camps gets thicker by the day. Barack Obama morphs politically into his
72-year-old opposite number, joining hands with John McCain as a new convert to the
Iraq "surge" that has "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams."

Heroes and Heroines of Community Organizing

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Community organizers are our best defense against the likes of Rudolph Giuliani and Sarah Palin. "In this age of Disaster Capitalism, it is the rich that sow the seeds of ethnic cleansing in the heart of urban America," while the community organizer fights to stabilize America's cities.

It Is Better To Give Than To Receive


by  Kemet Mawakana, a.k.a the Seven Foot Poet

While every truism ain't true, some are altogether on the real.  Some are, in fact, more real than the truths that elders and common sense teach us. 

the Seven Foot Poet knows that some are more real than the truth.  Some things you just know.

Why Black Agenda Report (and Your Support For It) Matters

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon
The owners of private media, and their
puppets at the FCC have decided you don't need news.  As a result,
the number of working reporters and journalists have been in free
fall for some time, as newspapers, TV and radio stations are
permitted to buy out each other, merge, consolidate and savagely
curtail their news operations in an effort to produce enough revenue
to pay back the debt it took to acquire them, along with the standard
bonuses, stock options and platinum parachutes for the geniuses who
engineer this kind of thing.
 The honest and sometimes biting commentary and journalism we bring you every week at Black Agenda Report is no substitute for a democratic mass media or an accountable FCC, but we do our best.  At Black Agenda Report, we don't believe in "herd journalism", so we
don't necessarily follow the packs of pundits, bloggers and
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