Somalia: Will It Become Obama’s War?

1437somali-fightersEthiopia seems ready
to quit its nearly two-year occupation of Somalia. But will the U.S., which
instigated the invasion, allow Somalis to rebuild their nation "in ways of
their own choosing?" 
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Eshu’s Blues: We Are the People With Boxes On Our Heads

by BAR columnist michael

Racist mob talk is once again heard in the land.
"They were chanting ‘Kill him!' whenever Obama's name was mentioned the
other day at a rally where Governor Palin was speaking." John McCain is
compelled to assure his supporters that Obama is "a good and decent family
man." How liberal of him. Yet Black Obama supporters aren't exactly role models
for the children, either. "With the ascension of the black machine politics of
would-be President Barack Obama, we have achieved in our public polity a
narcissism and cultiness as craven and manipulative as anything that ever came
out of the mouth of a white politician." And that's saying a mouthful.

Opportunity’s Autumn Burial

7_foot_poet_upright_250wideby  Kemet Mawakana

 a.k.a. the Seven Foot Poet

This week the Seven Foot Poet nods at what is, and points to what's possible.  Which is really more important?  The world that already is?  Or the world we can make, if only we choose to try?  Which would you rather spend your future in?

Security Expert: Diebold Voting Machines Designed To Be Hacked

spoonamore333Stephen Spoonamore is a registered
Republican, leading cybersecurity expert, and a whistleblower. In
early September he gave an explosive deposition on the means and
methods by which the 2004 presidential election in Ohio was stolen,
and identified specific individuals with first hand knowledge of who
carried out these thefts.

Black Agenda Report here reprints his deposition, along with links to an extensive interview Spoonamore gave to questioners at Velvet Revolution in which he details how electronic voting machines not only can be hacked, but appear to have been designed to be hacked.

AFRICOM: America's Military Foot in Africa's Doorway

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixonafricom333

On October 1 the US launched AFRICOM, the Pentagon's outpost in Africa. Commanded by a Black American general and incorporating State Department and other civilian personnel from top to bottom it is billed as a “new kind” of US military command.

Incorporating nearly all US civilian programs in Africa under its umbrella, from trade to aid to public information, AFRICOM marks the militarization of US policy toward what is already the most war-torn region in the world.  AFRICOM's planners offer their twelve year intervention in Somalia, where a million out of ten million have died due to US intervention, as a "model" for the continent.

Crisis Will Test American – and African American – Social Compact

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford



Black and progressive forces are not holding up well as the current, acute crisis of capitalism unfolds. The Democratic Party has proven itself useless, including the Congressional Black Caucus, whose "progressive wing" collapsed in the second Wall Street bailout vote. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi try to out-Republican Bush's party. "It is difficult to envision how American society will weather the coming storms, when the Gods of Capital - who left no social space for any gods but themselves - have so utterly failed." With very little social safety net, and a weak social compact, the American people are in trouble.

Freedom Rider: The Other Bailout

FRUStroopsIraqby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

It's hard to keep track of two mega-thieves at the same time. "The defense bill is every bit as wasteful and just as much a harbinger of doom as the much discussed Wall Street bailout, but has elicited hardly any debate, even from progressives." And, just as with the bailout bill, Democrats in Congress are ever ready to run up the white flag. "The collective popular revulsion at the very presence of Bush in the White House has never stopped Democratic party capitulation." War begets war. "Not only is military spending completely unproductive, but it increases the likelihood of further American acts of aggression.

Jay Z Stumpin' For Prez?

PaulScottby Paul Scott

Jay Z is stumping for Barack Obama, "via free
rap concerts," but the author wonders "who is out there promoting Obama-ism,
the Jay Z who was just another black kid with big dreams from the hood 20 years
ago or the multi-millionaire business man, former CEO of Def Jam Records and
part owner of the NJ Nets, Shawn Carter?" 
Nowadays, "Hip Hop artists are business men and the only presidents that
they are concerned about are the dead presidents that are on the face of dollar
bills." Hip Hop "is now the voice of Wall Street."

Obama and the Funding of Black Community Turnout

ObamaVoteby Ron Walters

The Obama campaign is repeating the Democrats'
behavior in 2004, when party money bags bypassed Black churches and community
organizations in get out the vote campaigns. "Again in this election cycle, I
have heard stories of young Whites showing up in Black communities to register
Black voters." Out-sourcing Black voter turnout robs the community of a vital
component of political power. "The power of the Black community in elections
has always resided not only in its turnout but in the fact that the turnout was
controlled by Black leadership."

"Where's Kenny Rogers When You Need Him?

The Big Boys Got Their Bailout, But the Elected Leadership andcynthia mckinney the Voters Meet at the Election Day Showdown

Cynthia McKinney

"It should now be clear that the Democratic leadership in Congress must be removed and a political party that reflects the people's values must be built," says the Green Party presidential candidate. "Everyone can see that the system is broken: a system that was not created to serve the people of this country." The Democrats' betrayal in the Wall Street bailout joins the ongoing failure to protect the voting rights of its Black constituency, as compelling reasons to dump the party, once and for all. "Even while in control, the Democrat leadership has done nothing to prepare the way for election integrity in this election."

Gwen Ifill and Corporate Conformity

The Public
Broadcasting newsperson's new book should have been no concern to Republicans,
and is bound to get good reviews from white corporate media.
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Obama and McCain on Iraq: Imperial Double-Talk

Neither John McCain
nor Barack Obama have any intention of leaving Iraq. McCain is a more honest
imperialist, while Obama "plays word games to mask the same ambitions."
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Hiding America’s Crime: Mogadishu Empty and in Ruins

Somalia's capital
city has been emptied of its previous population of nearly three million people
- "the most ignored tragedy in the world," according to Human Rights Watch.
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FCC Commissioner to Public in Atlanta: "Shut Up And Watch TV!"

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

In Atlanta, the FCC's sham “Digital TV Consumer Education” town hall meeting was a near-secret affair, held in a conference room in rather than the advertised auditorium.  FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate refused to answer questions about how the FCC gave broadcasters 5100 additional digital TV stations without the public bother or notice of issuing a single license. “Shut up, get yourself a converter box, and watch TV” was the FCC's message, and let us and the broadcasters worry about who gets the frequencies and why.

Freedom Rider: No Debate on Iran

FRahmadinejadby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If George Bush and Barack Obama both call you crazy, you're probably in your right mind. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made perfectly good sense when he addressed the UN General Assembly, in New York. "He correctly pointed out that Iraq was invaded under false pretenses, that Palestinians are displaced from their homes by Zionists, that drug production has increased in Afghanistan while under NATO control, and that the U.N. Security Council, controlled by the guilty parties, is ineffectual and unable to stop these actions." In the Demo-Publican book, that makes him nuts.

Alaska's Blacks and Palin: a Strained Relationship

Linn Washington, Jr.

Alaska is one of 29 states that celebrates
Juneteenth, marking the day Texas slaves learned they had been emancipated. But
the holiday, and Black concerns in general, seems to mean nothing to Gov. Sarah
Palin, the White Queen of the North. "Alaskan blacks fault
Palin for not hiring African-Americans, dismissing blacks from government
posts, [and] spurning repeated requests to meet with black leaders to discuss
issues of concern."  Palin has "spurned"
invitations to speak with Blacks on issues of "economic growth, educational
deficiencies, family disintegration and young gang problems."

Racism As Reflex at a Time of Crisis

Tim Wise

No matter the nature of the crisis, white
supremacists will construct a logic that blames the "Other" - usually Blacks.
Professional racists Neil Cavuto and Rush Limbaugh claim that poor people
caused "the nation's current financial mess," rather than "greedy investors,
free-wheeling bankers, speculators and other assorted rich people taking
advantage of a largely deregulated market for bogus investments." Turning the
world on its head seems second nature for a huge section of "white
conservatives who simply cannot bring themselves to blame rich white people for

White America Lives in Vicious Racial Denial – Obama Is Making It Worse

by Paul StreetObamaRaceStreet

Defending Barack Obama against blatantly racist
attacks is made more complicated by - Obama, himself, who avers that, if he
loses in November, it won't because of his race. This, despite abundant and
compelling evidence to the contrary. But then, Obama denies that race is an
important factor in American life - again, against all the evidence. Worse,
"Obama has bent over backwards to align himself with mainstream white hostility
to blacks." Rather than being a "transformative" influence on race relations,
Obama hopelessly muddies the waters and gives comfort to the enemy: white

Black Radio Owner Produces Anti-Obama Ad

 "Never in the history of commercial Black media
has a candidate for national office gotten as much free publicity of all kinds,
as Barack Obama has reaped from Black-owned media." But he still shorted them
on campaign advertising.

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