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Corporate Economists Tell Lies for a Living

wall_street_da_signby Glen Ford
members of the economics profession are "shills and boosters" for the
(one-time) Titans of finance capital "The economists most cited in corporate
media are shills and boosters for capitalism in general, and Wall Street in
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Troubled White Troops on Ghetto Streets

troopsby Glen Ford

Washington wants "to assign 20,000 federal
troops to cope with terrorist attacks, domestic disasters and civil unrest." A
mixture of plain old racism plus rampaging PTSD and a counter-insurgency
mentality makes U.S. soldiers a threat to life and limb on ghetto streets.

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Obama Revitalizes Disaster Capitalism: The Shock Doctrine Receives a Make-Over

shockby Carolyn Baker

The president-elect's "adherence to neoliberal, globalist
policies couched in the rhetoric of ‘change' but offering no substantial
departure from the ultimate strategies of imperialism, corporate capitalist
supremacy, and almost total ignorance (or ignore-ance) of the energy and
environmental suicide perpetuated by endless growth." Yes, it's that bad. Obama
economics advisor Larry Summers "has embraced "the three ‘ations'...
privatization, stabilization, and liberalization." Obama trusts the advice of
someone who has been "preaching the [shock capitalism] doctrine."

The Great Land Giveaway: Neo-Colonialism by Invitation


by James Petras

Newly emerging nations have joined with the
usual neocolonial suspects in a massive bid to buy up poorer countries'
available land. How do they pull it off? "The process of agro-imperial empire
building operates largely through political and financial mechanisms, preceded,
in some cases, by military coups, imperial interventions and destabilization
campaigns." One factor might end the land grab. "The biggest constraint on the
advance of agro-imperialism is the economic collapse of world capitalism."

The Human Zoo: Making Jamaica Fit For Foreign Corporations

john_mawell06by John Maxwell

Jamaica is going to "borrow money to destroy the
integrity of Jamaica's loveliest town, dilapidated though it may be now, in the
interest of a foreign corporation." After despoiling much of the island's
natural beauty through industrial and tourist-generated pollution, the
government now proposes to spend US$122 million to develop Falmouth harbor to
accommodate super cruise ships. Says the author: "We are prostituting ourselves
for a foreign entity with no obligation or loyalty to Jamaica."

The White, White House Press Corps


by Sam Fulwood III

Black White House reporters are dwindling, even
as the nation's first Black president prepares to move in. "We are going
to integrate the Oval Office long before we integrate the media that covers the
president," said a veteran African American journalist. Jesse Jackson's
two bids for the White House a generation ago resulted in a respectable Black
press contingent on the campaign trail. Might Barack Obama insist on a larger
Black press presence at the White House? Said one Black media analyst: "He's
not going to be that kind of president."

Liar, Liar!! Barack Obama's Secretary of War

 by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon
Some Obama supporters are wringing their hands over the selection of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  Hillary was, after all, a consistent supporter of the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and much more.  But Barack Obama's selection of Reaganite and Bush family operative Robert Gates to continue as Secretary of War speaks volumes about the new administration's willingness to continue pulling the same wool over the public eyes as Democratic and Republican administrations past have done.  Is this the "change" tens of millions voted for?

The Neo-Yeltsin Administration? The Obama Letdown

by Michael Hudson
Although president-elect Barack Obama ran on a promise of "change", explains economist Michael Hudson, one has to look awfully hard and more than a little wishfully at his economic recovery team to see much of it.  The bailout, which the new administration owns as much as the old one, is calculated to bail out wealthy investors and leave untouched the housing and debt crises of tens of millions of American families.  The bailout may also prevent the new administration's proposed investments in jobs and infrastructure.

A Little Matter of Genocide

an audio speech by Ward Churchillward_churchill

Until recently, scholars have taught generations of American youth that there were at most a million natives in what is now the continental US when Europeans first reached these shores.  But demographic studies now indicate between 12 and 18 times that number lived here before Columbus, making the proportional native American population arguably the greatest and most thorough genocide in recorded history.  

Among much else, Dr. Churchill reminds us that during the conquest of this continent United States, bounties on Indian scalps, preferably with ears attached, were paid in what are now every one of the 48 states of the continental U.S.

Click the link below to hear this 29 minute presentation by Dr. Ward Churchill.

Community Organizer VS Corrupt Politician: The December 6 New Orleans Congressional Election


by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

December 6 New Orleans congressional election isn't just a local
choice between a privatizing "minority" Republican, a notoriously corrupt
Democrat and a caring, competent community organizer running on the
Green Party ticket. In these times when anyone, anywhere can
contribute to the efforts of real progressives with the click of a
mouse, or volunteer to reach undecided voters, the days leading to
this election are a test of whether there exists even the shadow of a
national movement mature enough to hold any black Democrats the least
bit accountable to the needs of his constituents

As is often the case, the Republican and the Democrat represent more of the same. But this time there's another choice.

Fronting for Paramilitaries: Holder, Chaquita and Colombia

AUC_paramilitariesMurilloHolderby Mario A. Murillo

Chiquita Brands was among the U.S. corporations that
funded Colombia's rightwing death squads, organized under the umbrella of the
United Self-Defense Groups. Known by its acronym, the AUC has butchered
thousands of leftists, peasants and shantytown residents in service of
Colombia's cocaine-connected aristocracy and foreign businesses. Eric Holder,
the soon-to-be U.S. Attorney General, defended Chiquita's relationship with the
death squads, as a corporate attorney. "Holder's appointment should sound alarm
bells, especially when it comes to bringing corporate criminals to justice."

Freedom Rider: Eric Holder and Marc Rich

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret KimberleyFRHolder

If you're a billionaire crook in the United States, flight from prosecution is easy. But what does a rich fugitive do if he wants to come back home? He hires an expensive law firm, and begins to lobby for a pardon. That's the route Marc Rich took when indicted for tax evasion, which brought him to the attention of Eric Holder, then Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton. Rich also spread his money around Israel, seeking endorsements of his pardon. Rich "will probably die as a fugitive," but he's still fabulously wealthy, and Eric Holder's reputation was tarnished.

African Americans, Peace and the Plight of Palestinians

by Cynthia McKinneyMcKinneyPIX

The former congresswoman and Green Party
presidential candidate charges that "Israel's lockdown of Gaza is keeping food,
fuel, and medicine from civilians." But that's just the most recent atrocity in
a human rights catastrophe that began 60 years ago, in Palestine, the same year
that birthed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration is
prime evidence that a civilized world is possible, but "Palestine is the place
that the Universal Declaration forgot."

Obama Sells Out America's Youth and Defenders of Civil Liberties with Eric Holder

by Richard SearcySearcy

Corporate media focus on Eric Holder's role in the
effort to pardon billionaire fugitive Marc Rich: basically, a wealthy man's
game. But the author reminds us that, as a U.S. Justice Department official for
Washington, DC, Holder was "an extreme drug warrior who believes that harsher
and longer sentences should be enacted for minor crimes such as marijuana use
and prostitution." Barack Obama's choice for U.S. Attorney General is "bad news
for America's youth."

The End of American Thanksgivings: A Cause for Universal Rejoicing

by BAR executive editor
Glen Ford

"Thanksgiving is not just a twisted fable, and
the mythology it nurtures is itself inherently evil." The holiday is rooted in
the massacre of hundreds of Pequot Indians, and has been used to justify
America's history of genocide, slavery and scores of wars against weaker
peoples. "The Mayflower's cultural heirs are programmed to find glory in their
own depravity and savagery in their most helpless victims, who can only redeem
themselves by accepting the inherent goodness of white Americans."

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