The Misleaders

leadersby Henry D. Rose
Black American politics has been deformed by the intrigues and insults of a misleadership class that collaborates with the enemy while launching “wholesale attacks on the moral character of the Black working class and poor.” These new elites are disconnected from the historical currents of their people. “Their mantra is that there is no Black America, no Black agenda and no need for either.”

Whitewashing the Jobs Statistics

no jobsby Lee A. Daniels
Media repeat the pared down, sanitized jobless figures, even though they know the stats are misleading. “A truer picture of unemployment is to be drawn from including those involuntarily working part-time jobs, those who only sporadically find work and the long-term unemployed who have given up looking for work.”

Miracle Cure?

the seven foot poet


by Kemet Mawakana, a.k.a. The Seven Foot Poet

In this, the long awaited year of health care reform (or not) the Seven Foot Poet offers a potent cure for an insidious disease that has long stalked among us.

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“In Cold Blood”: White Deputy’s Killing of Homeless Black Man Sparks Mild Protest in Obama-Mad Iowa City

homelessby Paul Street
In what might be called “White Obamaland,” places like Iowa City, Iowa, “middle class 'liberals' and 'progressives' are proud of the support they gave to the nation’s first black president during the election last November.” But when a Black man was shot down without apparent provocation by a white policeman, most whites refused “to acknowledge and confront the continuing power of deeper, state-of-being societal and institutional racism in American life.”

The Battle For Health Care:  Between Now and Labor Day, It's Still On

obama health care againby BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
President Obama told us to judge his first term on whether he managed to provide quality, affordable health care to the American people, especially the uninsured and underinsured..  With various versions of his bill not beginning to cover the uninsured till 2013, it seems a test the administration has forgotten, and hopes that we will too.  We won't.  The weeks between now and Labor Day will be decisive in determining what, if anything, comes out of congress this year.  This is no time to lay back, or to wait and see.  This is the critical time to organize and educate, to mobilize and to act.

The Great Debate -- Is Barack Obama Good For Black People? Part 1 of 2

On June 25, hundreds of black America's formost thnkers and doers gathered at St. Mary's Church in Harlem NY to ask and answer the question of whether Barack Obama was good or bad for black America. We here present some of the 5 to 7 minute presentations pro and con on whether Barack Obama is good for black America. Click the flash players to listen to or the mics to download them in MP3 format.

Glen Ford

"President Obama has been very busy," asserts BAR's Glen Ford, and almost none of it has been good news for African Americans.  Torture, racism and unjust wars and other policies that progressive blacks condemned when the Bush regime did them, are denounced by black leaders no more.

Nellie Bailey

CUNY's Dr. Leonard Jeffries things Obama has indeed been good for black people, and declares it's time to study wht he calls "Obamology".  To find out what he means and more, give the guya listen.


Nellie Bailey

Nellie bailey of the Harlem Tenants Union belives that Barack Obama is no good for black America.



Nellie Bailey

Dr. Gloria Browne-Marshall of the John Jay School of Law is impressed that Obama has actually read the US Constitution, and fears that he might be too good for America.

Black Radio-One Tycoon Runs Republican Game

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

radio one montageWielding her 50-plus radio stations like weapons,


Wielding her 50-plus radio stations like weapons, Cathy Hughes gives “Black cover” to corporate, Republican politics while smearing the most progressive members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The presence of Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on her side of the fight over artist royalties is no surprise. How else are they going to stay on the radio?

Conyers: “There is no one more disappointed than I am in Barack Obama.”

conyers and obamaA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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The nation's senior Black congressman fears Barack Obama is in danger of becoming a one-term president. Obama's health care proposal is “crap,” says Detroit's John Conyers, and Obama loses whether it passes or fails.

Black Jobs Disappearing at Depression-Era Rates

where are the jobs?A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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There are no targeted programs to address soaring Black unemployment on the horizon, despite Democratic control of the White House and both houses of Congress. President Obama puts his faith in a “rising tide” that “lifts all boats,” but in the real world “the economic tide is sinking Black boats at two, three and four times the rate of whites.”

The Inside Man on the Great Bank Heist

inside manA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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The bankster class, awash in billions in bonus money, flaunts its unearned wealth, oblivious to the political harm their antics are inflicting on the “Indispensable Man” in the bank bailout, President Obama. The author believes “the president's intimate entanglements with the criminal banking class will be his undoing.”

Turning Racism Upside Down To See It Right Side Up: The Remix

upside downby Dr. Edward Rhymes
Attorney General Eric Holder described Americans as “cowards” when it comes to race. Certainly, white America refuses to confront white criminality and social pathology, preferring a narrative that “transfers” the ills of society to Black America. Won't some courageous white person stand up and tell the truth?

So Much for the Promised Land

book coverby Chris Hedges
The conditions for black men and women in America are sliding backward, with huge numbers of impoverished and unemployed removed from society and locked up.” Yet an often “craven” Black elite speaks a language that “ignores the institutional racism that makes sure the poor remain poor.” A shameful deal has been struck. “They are offered comfort and privilege, but they pay with their souls.”

Single Payer Summer

single payerby David Swanson
Although a single payer health care bill isn't ”even remotely likely to pass” this year, there are lots of reasons to continue the legislative battle. Says the author: “I think one can best campaign for justice if one knows exactly what one is up against but doesn't give a damn how grim that picture appears.”

The Crimes of Bongo: Apartheid & Terror in Africa's Gardens of Eden, Part II

by keith harmon snow
When Gabon President Omar Bongo died of a heart attack at age 73 in early June, multinational corporations and neocolonial leaders in Europe and the U.S. mourned his passing. He had served them well as the longest-running dictatorship in Africa.

Top Ten Ways To Tell Your President & His Party Aren't Fighting For Health Care For Everybody

obama on health careby BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon

With the corporate media relentlessly distorting the public discussion around health care reform, it time for some clear, bright lines to help us tell who is doing what to whom, and whether any of it leads to health care for all of us.  Here are ten of them.

The Peculiar Class Solidarity of Barack Obama and “Skip” Gates

thinking about his friendby BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Sean Bell and Oscar Grant were shot down like dogs, but that was none of Barack Obama's concern. But when a local cop racially profiled Dr. Henry Louis Gates as if he were just another Black man, Obama's world shook. “To be subsumed within the Black mass means class death. No one was safe!”

Freedom Rider: Black Unemployment Ignored

not hiring.  go BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
The damage inflicted on Black America since the economic meltdown is absolutely unprecedented in modern times – but African Americans have yet to “develop an agenda and make the requisite demands” of power. In New York City, Black unemployment is “more than four times as high as white joblessness. “The trajectory for black America goes ever downward, even as the presence of a black man in the White House gives the mirage-like appearance of success for all.”

Two Thirds of Prison "Lifers" Are Black and Latinos

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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American determination to arrest ever-increasing numbers of Blacks and to keep them locked up for as long as possible is creating a rapidly aging prison population. While African Americans and Latinos are one fourth of the nation's population, they are two thirds of all the prisoners serving life sentences. " More Americans are under life sentence than ever before – more than 140,000, compared to only 34,000 25 years ago.”

Courts Again Confront Racism in Firefighter Hiring

white firemenA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act still lives, despite the U.S. Supreme Court's reversal of then Federal Appeals Court decision against white firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut. Another federal court has found discrimination in testing applicants for the New York City Fire Department. The New York test was filled with firefighting trivia questions that have little to do with the actual job.


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