Obama Sec'y of Education Says Katrina "the Best Thing to Happen" to Education in New Orleans

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

If obscene utterances were a crime, education secretary Arne Duncan would be jailed for life. Like all disaster capitalists, he views poor people's catastrophes as his own golden opportunities. In Haiti and New Orleans, Black lives were a small price for (someone else) to pay for the chance to create a new order “more advantageous to the rich.”

Ruling Provides New Hope for Felon Voting Rights

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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In what is being hailed as a landmark ruling, a federal court found that the criminal justice system is “infected” with racial discrimination. As a result, said the judges, disenfranchisement of felons is a violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

War Looms in Nigeria's Oil Fields

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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A headless Nigerian state braces for renewed civil war in the Niger River Delta, where guerillas threaten “all-out” assaults on oil facilities. Attacks on vessels off the Nigerian coast are already comparable to Somalia.

Protecting Haiti's Interest

by John Maxwell
The “Big Three” tormenters of Haiti – the U.S., France and Canada – now posing as the quake-struck nation's benefactors, ponder how to rebuild Haiti without Haitian input or permission. “France, the United States and Canada owe the Haitians billions in damages. It is not for them to tell the Haitians what to spend it on.”

What Next for Haiti as “Recovery” Replaces Relief?

wrecked shantytownby Danny Schechter
The U.S. corporate media, the Empire’s mouthpieces, blame the powerless people and feeble institutions of Haiti for their plight. “Few reviewed the history of Washington’s occupations and support for dictators as a reason for why the country was kept so poor and unable to run a relief effort when they needed to.”

Obama State of the Union: Guns For the Pentagon, Butter For Wall Street, A Spending Freeze For You

state of the unionBack during the Vietnam war, Democratic presidents Kennedy and Johnson promised we could have guns and butter too. They lied. The cost of the Vietnam war and the world's biggest military machine quickly gutted the War on Poverty. At least our First Black President isn't telling us that old, old lie. Not all the time anyway. At his first State of the Union tonight, President Obama is expected to declare an across the board freeze on federal spending. But not on military spending, or on the Federal Reserve pipeline to Wall Street.  Hail to the chief.


Larry Hamm, Organizing Black Communities in the Age of Obama

by Larry Hamm
With chapters from Camden NJ in the south to Plainfield and Newark NJ in the north and New York City too, the Peoples Organization For Progress has established a solid tradition of educating and organizing African American communities against war, empire, privatization, and corporate power. At the 2010 Black Is Back national conference Larry Hamm explains what working for peace and justice in the age of Obama looks like.

Freedom Rider: Useless Aid, No Donation Without Agitation

from the rubbleby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
The time has come for a new paradigm: No donation without agitation.” The United States has succeeded in plunging mainstream disaster “relief” into disrepute. “No donations to groups like the Red Cross, who sit on millions of dollars but do nothing but hand out blankets and move victims away from their homes in order to convenience the powerful.” And, especially, no donations to any group associated with George Bush or Bill Clinton.

Building a Social Movement: Black is Back Coalition Meets in Florida

black is back againby BAR executive editor Glen Ford
At long last, the Black Left is on a path to organizing a new movement, to replace the one that was “wiped out” a generation ago. The Black is Back Coalition gathered “to consolidate alliances, solidify the Coalition’s organizational structure, and reaffirm Principles of Unity.”

US Military's Haiti "Relief" Ops A Rehearsal For Troop Deployments in Latin America

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
When the U.S. sent thousands of troops into Port au Prince airport, earthquake relief was clearly not the primary mission. Otherwise, ships and whole military units would not have arrived with only supplies for themselves.

Supreme Court: Humans Have No Rights That a Corporation is Bound to Respect

cold campaign cashA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

More than a century ago, a Supreme Court decided that corporations had the rights of “persons.” Last week, the High Court awarded the paper corporate avatars the right to swallow human political affairs, whole. “The more profound effect will be to complete the corporatization of the Democratic Party.”

Boojum Hunting in the Caribbean

Jamaica's John Maxwellby John Maxwell
The United States is historically and culturally primed to commit atrocities against Haiti, it seems. “It is the place where apparitions like Pat Robertson, Roger Noriega, Otto Reich and Luigi Einaudi flourish and have their being, sustained by vicious fables invented 500 years ago to justify human slavery.”

“We Talk of Assuming Protectorate Over Haiti.”

Frederick Douglassby Frederick Douglass, 1893
Even in Frederick Douglass's day, American “sharks” circled Haiti, hoping to steal her people's land, liberty and sovereignty. “Men in high American quarters have boasted to me,” said Douglass, “of their ability to start a revolution in Haiti at pleasure.”

Obama Did Not "Inherit" Afghan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Somali and Other Wars

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At the Black Is Back conference in Florida last week, Glen Ford explains that President Obama didn't 'inherit' the imperial wars around the world.  Obama embraces and promotes American global hegemony.  He campaigned long and hard to be head of the empire, and the job was purchased for him with more than $600 million in direct campaign contributions, mostly from the same large donors that financed George Bush four and eight years ago.

A Year Into the Obama Presidency, High Black Expectations Have Not Been Met

A full year after the swearing in of the nation's first black president, notes Glen Ford, African American expectations are far from being met.  Still, it will take a good while before many African Americans can begin to distance themselves from their First Black President. BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford is interviewed by Paul Jay of the Real News Network.

Haiti, Katrina, and Why I Won't Give To Haiti Through the Red Cross

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

At Katrina, the Red Cross used funds generously donated by millions of Americans to disperse tens of thousands of black New Orleans residents to the four corners of the continental US, knowing it was very unlkely they would ever be allowed to return.  If the Red Cross didn't respect the persons, the families, the communities of black US citizens, do we really imagine it will respect Haitians?  And why should we believe Wyclef Jean about much of anything?

Living a Black Fantasy: The Obama Delirium Effect

your presidentby Glen Ford
Barack Obama’s presence in the White House is bad for Black people’s mental health. Even as the African American economic condition deteriorates by the day, Blacks perceive a world in which their prospects are improving. Something did change for the better for Black people in 2009. The problem is, it only happened in their minds.


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