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The New Black Politics


The New Black Politics

by Jonathan D. Farley

This article originally appeared in the Harvard Crimson.

"Just because you are a first for blacks does not mean blacks are first for you."

A Message to the African Political Scientist

by Benjamin WoodsAApoliticalScientis

Young Africans in America require exposure to genuine Black political scientists, the kind that will "articulate an African worldview that is distinct from their colonizers." What's needed is "an African anti-imperialist analysis for the 21st century" in order to rebuild the African Freedom Movement. Barack Obama's foreign policy is "a continuation of western imperialism." Blind faith Obama-ism is a destructive force. "The acceptance of the colonizers worldview impedes Africans ability to think and act independently."

Obama’s Crusade to Save the Banksters

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford


Much of Black America has been politically neutered, incapable of even imagining a situation in which they would make demands of Barack Obama - "whom many believe is literally a God-send." In any case, the president's attentions are focused on his primary mission: to save the core institutions of the financial capitalist class at the unlimited expense of the real economy and its dependents - the rest of us." The sacrifice will be for nothing. "In the process of attempting to breathe life into the bankster zombies, Obama and his bipartisan buddies will exhaust the capacity of the federal government to create money out of nothing."

House Democratic Leader Declares National Health Care Legislation “Off The Table” This Year

clyburn-pelosiby BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon
What does it mean when leading House Democrats, and apparently the White House repudiate their own campaign promises to enact a universal-coverage national health care plan only days into the new Congress and new administration, even though they have a popular president and the biggest Congressional majority in two  generations?  What does it mean when this doesn't even make the evening news?  It means the awesome power of corporate media decides the topic of our political conversation.  It's not about health care, or campaign promises, or  hypocrisy.  It's about  Blago.  Or Britney.  Or whatever they tell us it is.

The Great Black Hajj of 2009

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The huge inaugural gathering on the Washington Mall - two million people, about half of them African American - resembled nothing so much as a Hajj. The assembled multitudes "were committed to a once (or, at least, first) in a lifetime trek to Washington to bear witness to The Biggest Black Event in History." Largely oblivious to the actual political import of his words - including threats against Social Security - the throng imagined "that their wildest dreams had come true in the form of Obama" - an unsustainable delusion.

Freedom Rider: Black America Surrenders

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberleyunder the bus

The disproportionately Black Washington Mall crowd, their coats covered with Obama buttons, "didn't care what Obama did as president, they just wanted him to become president." These to-the-bone "Obama lovers...don't care that Obama pledged to use his political capital to change Social Security and Medicare, their only safety nets in an uncaring society." Unconcerned about the impact of their champion's specific policy positions, these legions of Black Obama followers happily and "loudly proclaimed themselves to be less important than one man's career success." Obama and his wife wowed the nation, and "just 72 hours after the new president took office, he started killing people" in Pakistan.

Eshu’s blues: Obama scabs on the autonomy of Palestine-and the rest of us

ESHUfuture war criminal-1by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

President Obama, if he were truly "the humanitarian he pretends to be, would be upholding the Geneva Convention, and condemning the State of Israel before the world." But of course, he won't, and America's "so-called ‘war on terror, which President Obama embraced in the opening lines of his inaugural speech, knows neither humility or shame." Most of Black America mistakenly anticipates some sort of imperial exceptionalism in the Obama White House. But "despite the election of a black man to the presidency, the dictatorship of race and class remains at the core of both U.S. and western ideology and practice."

Blacks Get Buried Under “Shovel-Ready” Stimulus

Obama's economic stimulus plan is built around "shovel-ready" projects already vetted by the states. That means "Mississippi will be enabled to do more of what Mississippi always does."

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Who and What Will Obama Fight For?

>"Obama relentlessly gives ground to the GOP while help for unions and desperate homeowners is delayed indefinitely."

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The Crime of Walking While Black

BARwalkingWhileBlack_cops"Over a period of three-and-a-half years New York City police made 1.6 million stops on the streets - many of which involved stopping the same people in the same neighborhoods over and over again."

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Barack Obama's Not-So Non-Ideological Inaugural Address

by Paul Streetobeyobama-1

The new president dismisses "ideology" in order to promote his own brand of neo-liberalism. He is a partisan in the corporate war-against-all who slimes the opposition as purveyors of "dogma,"  "stale" ideas and "tired" recriminations, a proponent of government "that works" who never addresses the question, "for whom?" Obama blames the current crisis on a "collective failure" of the people, a form of "vicious victim-blaming" that suggests "the country's broad populace shares equal responsibility with the investor class for the nation's dire economic straits."

Cynthia McKinney: "Mr. President: Give Us a Clean Break from War"

"The American people voted for change and peace," says the Green Party's recent GazaMcKpresidential candidate. "President Obama's current path will produce neither." Former Georgia Congresswoman McKinney urges Obama to call directly on "the elected representatives of the Palestinian people and that means dealing with Hamas." She plans to "attempt another trip to Gaza" - the first was aborted by the Israeli military - "to assess the depth of the worsened humanitarian catastrophe now there."

Why An A**Hole is Always in Charge

by Greg PalastPALASTGoldToilet_wideweb__470x314,0

Former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain is a man who can parlay catastrophic business failure into mind-blowing personal enrichment. After reducing the company to worthlessness, he sold the "busted bag of financial feces to Bank of America for $50 BILLION." Then Merrill Lynch lost another $5 billion, but Thain still thought he deserved a $30 million bonus - in addition to his already acquired $35,000 toilet. The guy's got hutzpah. He ought to be named Secretary of the Treasury so he can "con Saudi sheiks and Chinese apparatchiks into lending us another trillion."

So Now We Know A Black President Is Possible. What Does That Mean?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce Dixon
Hope is not a plan.  Barack Obama was carried into office on the hopes of ordinary people.  But his plans seem to come from the same people that brought us multiple overlapping wars and crises in the environment, in education, in the economy.

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