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Obama Brings More War to Planet Than Bush, Says McKinney

Certainly, we have more war under President Obama than we had under Georg Bush,” said Cynthia McKinney, former Georgia Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate. “Yemen and Somalia are ramping up, and the war never ramped down in Congo,” where as many as six million people have died.

Rwanda Tribunal Unjust

The international tribunal on Rwanda that has been holding so-called “genocide” trails under United Nations auspices is engaged in “selective justice,” charges Claude Gatebuke, of Friends of Congo. He maintains the tribunal focuses only on the Rwandan government’s version of events, ignoring other, non-Tutsi victims of the conflict.

Divest Dealings with Abusive Banks

The grassroots People’s Organization for Progress, in Newark, New Jersey, demands that city and state governments cease doing business with banks that abuse the home foreclosure process. “Even before the latest revelations,” said P.O.P. executive director Larry Hamm, “we’ve been saying they’ve been doing these foreclosures improperly and, perhaps, even illegally.”


BAR’s Jared Ball says it is ridiculous to believe that social media, which enriches its billionaire owners, will “also make possible the revolution that will overthrow them.”


Justice for Oscar Grant: Longshoremen Will Shut Down All Bay Area Ports

by Jack Heyman

On October 23, dock workers will halt work in the San Francisco Bay area in solidarity with those seeking justice for Oscar Grant, the Black youth summarily shot to death by a transit policeman. The day-long work stoppage is nothing new for Local 10 of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which has staged solidarity actions on many issues over the past 75 years.

The Unraveling of the Empire of Finance Capital

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The more the Wall Street financial class dominates political affairs in the United States, the sooner they will meet destruction. By giving the banksters everything they wanted, including free money, the Obama administration actually accelerated the processes of finance capital’s decline. That’s because, unfettered, capital behaves in ways that make its contradictions even more acute.

Freedom Rider: Foreclosure Fraud

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

It is senseless to expect Democrats to save the people from the worsening housing crisis, since Democrats are as culpable for the disaster as the Republicans. It was Democrats in the House and Senate that passed a bill to allow banks to bypass state law to repossess homes. President Obama only exercised a quiet “pocket veto” when it became clear that failure would spell disaster with elections only weeks away. “If predicted losses in congressional races become a reality, the Democrats bear as much blame as the Republicans.


The Evangelists of Social Media

by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball

Just because millions of people can interact at the speed of light, does not mean they are going anywhere. Indeed, by providing the illusion of common action, social media tend to suppress the kind of methodical organizing necessary to sustain a real “movement.” And, who owns the new media, anyway? The super-rich. Social media are “perfect for illusion-development and propaganda dissemination but horrible for the oppressed engaged in political struggle.”


Obama and the “Superman” School Predators

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Waiting for Superman” is pure propaganda for the hedge funders that seek to “create a private market in for-profit educational services that can be traded on the stock market and bet on derivatives.” Obama has deployed his presidential bully pulpit as a booster for this “bait-and-switch” scam of a film, and for the underlying privatizing project.


Uganda, America’s Pit Bull, Wants to Lead a Larger War in Somalia

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

America’s top hit man in Africa, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, is calling for a much larger air, sea and land war in Somalia – with Museveni’s forces on point. The saber-rattling follows on the heels of Uganda’s and Rwanda’s threats to withdraw from UN “peacekeeping” missions, such as in Somalia. What’s up?

American Terror

by Sikivu Hutchinson

It is not enough to preach mere “tolerance” of those who do not conform to gender norms. “Gay identities have moral value both as part of the range of sexual identity and in their difference from the compulsory heterosexual norm.” And, as is usual in a racist society, the damage to non-whites whose sexual identities challenge the norm is routinely ignored.

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U.S and Britain to Blame for Congo Genocide

A recent United Nations report on Rwandan massacres of Hutus in the Democratic Republic of Congo has reopened discussions blocked by the United States and Britain more than a decade ago, said Maurice Carney, executive director of Friends of Congo. “We need to hold everybody accountable,” said Carney. “We have rebels in Congo, Rwanda and Uganda are the point countries, but they’re backed up by the U.S. and Great Britain. We have to follow the chain all the way to Washington and all the way to London.”

Need for a “Movement” to Stem Corporatization of Education

Last week’s “Days of Action in Defense of Public Education” showed that “young people want to see a change, they feel angry, the feel shortchanged,” said Shanta Driver, national chair of BAMN, By Any Means Necessary. While demonstrators around the country protested the Obama administration’s corporate educational policies, the president “was holding meetings to give the private sector far more control over community colleges.”

Michelle Rhee Brought Down DC Mayor

Washington, DC school’s chief Michelle Rhee, the darling of school privatizers and the Obama administration, was “absolutely” an albatross around the neck of Mayor Adrian Fenty, who was defeated in a Democratic primary election, last month, said community activist and writer Leigh Dingerson. Rhee is best known for her “negativity and disrespect for teachers.”


A cadre of young organizers fight gentrification and illegal evictions in Oakland, California. BAR speaks to Robbie Clark, of “Just Cause.”


The legacy of Nat Turner’s 1831 rebellion is made accessible to visitors to Southampton County, Virginia, where Khalif Khalifa is senior tour guide of the Nat Turner Trail.

The Tea Party Does Not Exist

by Anthony Dimaggio and Paul Street

The white nationalist Boogie Man that has the NAACP and the Democrats on the run isn’t a bonafide social movement, at all, but a top-down creation of media and millionaires. The Tea Party is generally drawing much smaller crowds than the leftish U.S. Social Forum, but garners far more coverage from a corporate media that portrays the phenomenon as “rising up from the grassroots against establishment politics.” All indications are that the Tea Party is poorly organized and funded at the local level.


Nine Months After the Quake – A Million Haitians Slowly Dying

by Bill Quigley

After all the media fanfare about American “generosity” to Haiti – a nation tortured by the U.S. throughout its history – one million people have been left to rot with not a penny of aid from Washington. “Every park, every school yard, every parking lot appear to have people living under sheets or lean-to tents,” writes the author, from Port-au-Prince. But “only 13,000 temporary structures have been built and they are far away from family, school, jobs and healthcare. There is no place to go.”


Black Chicago Teachers Win Discrimination Lawsuit Against Arne Duncan's Mass Firings

Back in June of 2009, BAR told the story of activist teachers who sued the Chicago Public Schools to reverse the firings of hundreds of committed, experienced, mostly black and female teachers in dozens of schools and their replacement with less experienced, younger, whiter teachers at lower salaries. This pattern of discriminatory firings and school closings has since been replicated across the country, and is a core element the Obama administration’s education policy. Since then, some of those same teachers have won the leadership of Chicago's 30,000 strong teachers union. Earlier this week, a US District Court judge ruled in their favor.

Is Barack Obama Bad for Racial Justice?

by Paul Street

For a long list of reasons, the answer is Yes, the net effect of Obama’s presidency has been to weaken the forces for racial justice in the United States. A prime example: “The Obama presidency has convinced a significant number of black Americans – long the leftmost ethno-cultural segment of the U.S. citizenry and electorate – to turn a blind eye to persistent harsh and worsening race disparities.”


Down Prison Roads

by David Bacon

It started out as a teachers’ action, but the “March for California's Future became a march through California's prison towns.” There, in the San Joaquin Valley, the connecting links of mass incarceration and massive defunding of education, are painfully obvious. “Small agricultural towns like Delano and McFarland are filled with workers who can't find jobs, while at the same time budget cuts reduce the social services for unemployed families, and shower teachers in the local schools with pink slips.” Prisons are the only dependable employment.

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U.S. Housing Policy “Absurd”

Federal housing policy “defies any kind of rational logic” with its “overwhelming focus on homeowners” while neglecting the dire plight of renters, says Keeanga-Yamahta Taylor of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign. “We confront the absurdity of empty housing, a growing homeless population, and a growing population of people who are evicted.”

Black Cops Back Proposition 19

The National Black Police Association has joined with others in law enforcement in support of November’s referendum on legalization of marijuana. “More white people use drugs, more white people sell drugs, but more Black people get arrested,” said association executive director Ronald Hampton.


Blacks are closing the “happiness gap” with whites, says University of Pennsylvania researcher Justin Wolfers. Although not as “happy” as whites, African Americans are significantly happier than they were in the 1970s.


Jared Ball marks the passing of young, gifted, female and Black Green Party mover and shaker Natasha Pettigrew, and Glen Ford presents a background report on Newark Mayor Cory Booker, the Black Trojan Horse for the most reactionary moneybags in America.

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One Nation, Under A Grip, Not A Groove

by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball

The political exercise at the Washington Mall on October 2 “held out no real challenge to power” and was, therefore, of no use to the powerless. “What is being heralded as a largely successful mobilization of a young, energetic, diverse movement led by unionized labor and civil rights organizations was really a carefully manicured slap in the face of those traditions of struggle.”

Ignominious Surrender On The Mall

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The "One Nation" pep rally for Democrats wrapped itself in "movement" images and language, yet never spoke a word of Truth to Power. "Only by pretending that the Tea Party's legions are equivalent to the second coming of Genghis Khan, can Big Labor and Black Obamites justify their abject failure to fight for anything meaningful from Obama and the Democrats."n

Black Is Back: Let's March on White House Again, Nov. 13

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The Black Is Back Coalition's second march on the White House, November 13, signals that "a critical mass of activists and organizers are determined to push on to freedom, by any and all means necessary, no matter what the color of the war monger and corporate front man in the White House."

The Latin American Revolution, Part 4 of 4: Toward Integration

By Asad Ismi and Kristin Schwartz

After being bled for 500 years by the colonial and neocolonial empires of the North, the nations of Central and South America are defying their former masters and shaking off imperial domination. They are proceeding toward multinational cooperation and integration, forging their own ties in finance, resource sharing, media, economic development and medical research. Asad Ismi and Kristin Schwartz explain how and why despite clouds of lies, threats, bribes, coups and rumors of war , Uncle Sam is powerless to stop them.

About 30 minutes.

To download the MP3 of this program, click here.

Privatizing Education: The Neoliberal Project To Re-Imagine America For Them, Not Us

In this 55 minute audio by U of Illinois scholar and activist Pauline Lippman, she explains how the bipartisan push to privatize education by starving existing public schools, introducing charter schools in the name of “choice” and destroying teacher unions is key to a radical re-fashioning of American society by our wealthy corporate elite, one that is disastrous for the rest of us, our communities and our children. Courtesy of KPFA's Against the Grain.


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