The Real “Obama Effect” – Not the Movie


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

African Americans have lost, by some measures, two generations of gains since the onset of the “Silent Depression” in the early 2000s. So profound is the decline, “nothing but the most wrenching and thorough social transformation – something like a revolution – offers any hope of eventual economic parity with whites.” But the “Obama Effect” convinces many Blacks that, despite the evidence, the African American condition has actually improved under Obama.” It is a fatal delusion.


The Real “Obama Effect” – Not the Movie

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

There is absolutely nothing on the horizon that would reverse the steady relative deterioration of the Black economic condition, absent massive, targeted government intervention.”

In the soon to be released movie “The Obama Effect,” the protagonist, played by Charles S. Dutton, has a heart attack. “Facing the end,” intones the trailer voice-over, “it was time for a new beginning.” Dutton’s character becomes obsessed with the idea of a Black president, and throws himself into the Obama campaign, neglecting all else.

I’m sure the movie has a happy ending, but in the real life and history of Black people, “The Obama Effect” has been disastrous. Black economic progress is not just at an end; the African American economic condition has so deteriorated, nothing but the most wrenching and thorough social transformation – something like a revolution – offers any hope of eventual economic parity with whites.

The latest Census Bureau figures show that the median white household is now 22 times more wealthy than Black households. White families are worth more than $110,000, compared to just under $5,000 for Blacks.

The gap has widened, since 2009, when whites registered only 20 times more wealth than Blacks. The State of the Dream Report for that year described Blacks as experiencing a kind of “Silent Depression” – one that is “unnoticed, unacknowledged and unaddressed – and yet the evidence is striking.” Back then, more than three years ago, 30 percent of African American households had no wealth at all, or negative wealth, less than nothing, and the gap between Black and white incomes was proportionately larger than it was back in 1968, the year Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.

Last week’s numbers confirm once again that the Black condition is only getting worse.”

And now, almost four years after the Wall Street meltdown and President Obama’s election – and going on a decade since the Black Depression began in the early 2000s – African Americans are in even worse shape. There is absolutely nothing on the horizon that would reverse the steady relative deterioration of the Black economic condition, absent massive, targeted government intervention. The Republicans aren’t going to do that – and neither will President Obama, of his own volition. He avoids even the whiff of targeted federal intervention that might tend to favor Blacks. It’s against his philosophy, as he has repeatedly stated since the Spring of 2009, when Obama declared that a “rising tide” will lift all boats and that Blacks should not make special pleadings. Even when the Congress provided him with $6.7 billion targeted at those worst hit by the housing catastrophe – and the certainly means Black folks – Obama’s Treasury Department let most of the money sit there, unspent.

I would call Obama a fraud – except for the fact that Black folks mostly fooled themselves into believing that Obama’s success was their own. As a number of polls and studies have shown, even as Blacks were losing two generations of economic ground, large numbers of African Americans believed that the Black condition had dramatically improved under Obama. Last week’s numbers confirm once again that the Black condition is only getting worse. The Obama Effect might have saved the fictitious Charles Dutton movie character’s life, but it’s made African Americans blind and deaf, seemingly incapable of putting up a fight. The real Obama Effect can destroy a people.

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Obama Effect = Cheer while you're being lead to your own grave

I held my nose and voted for Charlie Rangel, and appealed to as many Brooklynites as I could to vote their own class interest, vote for a fighter, vote for Barron!

Unfortunately, people are so disillusioned with the entire system that they aren't paying attention to the urgency of certain elections, and they didn't bother to vote when they were finally blessed with the opportunity to vote for someone worth voting for.

If this article is true, then black people have gone completely insane and need to be educated by any means neccessary:

Barron lost in his own backyard?

Hakeem "Obama" Jeffries, even beat Barron in some heavily black populated areas like Canarsie. If you watched the debate on NY1, when the moderator brought up Barron's support of Mugabe & Qathafi, Hakeem basically said forget all that. I got something even worse. CHARLES BARRON HATES OBAMA. HE CALLED OBAMA A UNCLE TOM & MURDERER!

Jeffries knew that this message (along with the million dollars he got from hedge fund operators, school privatizers, real estate developers, and Zionist alike) would resonate better with black folks who are in love with Obama.

Now the people are going to get all their benefits, & assistance programs cut! And get completely priced out of Brooklyn!

It's clear what's happening here: Social Darwinism obama style

They want to push blacks out of New York and back into the slave wage south, or into certain segregated corners of the city, then redraw the congressional districts to include historically racist communities (Howard Beach), so no authentically black or pro-worker candidate emerges. These people want to destroy unions, the New Deal, Great Society, Civil Rights, WIC program, food stamps, section 8 etc.

The new House negro Democrats with their Bill Cosby speeches (promoted by racist, claiming to represent the black masses), Neo-Cons, and fascist republicans have one thing in common: They love to scapegoat black people for everything.

They would like to blame black people for the financial depression and the taxes they have to pay to the FED. They like to blame us for the conditions we live in.

Well, I got news for house negroes. Whether they realize it or not, their treachery and capitulation is giving tacit support for fascist republicans and Wall st. Democrats who want to commit economic genocide/Darwinism against the people!


"Black population surges in East New York as it falls across the borough and city"  


Thursday, May 10, 2012

A surge in the number of black residents has made East New York one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Brooklyn, even as the black population across the borough and citywide fell dramatically.

The black population increased by 13% in East New York from 2000 to 2010, according to a new analysis of census data by the Department of City Planning - absorbing many residents who were priced out of other neighborhoods as the borough’s black population fell by 6%.

Moving out of neighborhoods like Bedford Stuyvesant, some black residents left the city altogether, decamping for the suburbs or the South - but many of those who stayed in the borough ended up in East New York.

Many described the move as a last resort.

“In Bed Stuy it used to be a lot of black and Latinos and the rent wasn’t bad...It used to be easy to find an apartment in Bed Stuy, but now the landlords don’t want to accommodate people in government programs because they have a demand from white people,” said Jasmine Bennett, 32, who moved from Bed Stuy to East New York two years ago.

Bennett, a stay-at-home mom, moved because she couldn’t find an apartment big enough for herself and her husband and eight kids that would take Section 8 benefits.

She now regrets it, citing high levels of violence in East New York. “I don’t like it here for my kids. I don’t even like going to the park. If I had known how bad it is here, I would have tried to stay in the three bedroom apartment in Bed Stuy,” she said.

“I know I can’t afford to go back there. I'm thinking about moving out of New York."

The East New York numbers mirror an opposite pattern in neighborhoods in Central Brooklyn.

In the western part of Bedford Stuyvesant, the white population shot up 634%, while blacks fell 14.6% - from 69% of the population to less than half. Northern Crown Heights lost more than 10,000 black residents, a 12% drop, while the white population grew 186%. Similar changes took place in Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Prospect Heights, and Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Besides East New York, Canarsie and Flatlands have gained many new black residents.

Holly Hall, 28, was apartment hunting in East New York Thursday, planning to move from Crown Heights, where she has trouble affording her $1200 a month rent.

“The only reason people are moving out of Crown Heights is that the rent is too high,” she said. “The high rents are pushing us to East New York and Brownsville. I can’t even afford Bed Stuy. They’re going to cram all the black people out here.”

Black residents seeking a neighborhood they can afford have also moved to East New York from other parts of the city.

“This is the cheapest place you can live, and that’s because people are getting shot and robbed,” said Jason Turner, 24, who moved from Queens five years ago.

Some are considering following the thousands of black residents who left Brooklyn over the last ten years - a net migration of 121,597 people.

"I'm planning on moving out of the city--out of the state even,” said Alisha Fields, who moved to the neighborhood from Astoria five years ago. “The rent here is going up and up, and at the end of the day people won’t be able to live anywhere.”

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