Obama Prepares to Triangulate Himself

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

What a guy! Barack Obama has neutralized Blacks, the white left, and the majority of his own party in service to Wall Street, and some still call him “liberal” (The insane call him “socialist.”) With Social Security and Medicare in his sights, “the stage is set for a performance of presidential political gymnastics that will make Bill Clinton, once known as the Great Triangulator, bow down to the master.”

With Social Security and Medicare in his sights, “the stage is set for a performance of presidential political gymnastics that will make Bill Clinton, once known as the Great Triangulator, bow down to the master.”


Obama Prepares to Triangulate Himself

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Obama invented the deficit reduction commission as his customized vehicle to subvert his own party’s cherished ‘entitlement’ programs.”

One thing is certain: the corporations will win and civilization will lose on November 2nd. The outcome is foreordained, since the dwindling electoral forces of civilization don’t have enough candidates in contention even to fill an effective caucus.

With 83 nominal members, the Progressive Congressional Caucus is, on paper, the largest of the House ideological groupings, but has been neutered since Barack Obama entered the White House. The Congressional Black Caucus has not been a coherent force for progressive change for most of this century, and now behaves as if lobotomized by the presence of a Black chief executive. Having allowed themselves to be whipped, kicked and scorned by a White House concerned only for the president’s most narrow interests and schemes, “left” Democrats are at their nadir of legislative influence, despite their chairmanships.

Whether the GOP actually wins one or both chambers of Congress or not, the people’s interests are in deep trouble. The most immediate threat looms, not from the Tea Party, which will no doubt have its own little caucus in the next Congress, but from Barack Obama and his President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. When the right-heavy commission makes its recommendations in early December, the stage will be set for a performance of presidential political gymnastics that will make Bill Clinton, once known as the Great Triangulator, bow down to the master.

Barack Obama will triangulate himself.

“’Left’ Democrats are at their nadir of legislative influence, despite their chairmanships.”

President Clinton skillfully triangulated his own Democrats, seeking to position himself between the party’s liberal-ish core and the Republicans, thus moving the center of political gravity rightward through the Nineties. Obama, whose first major act while still a candidate was to save the Bush bank bailout after it failed a first vote in October, 2008, has elevated Clinton-style triangulation to what he hopes passes for statesmanship. Obama likes to calls it “non-partisan,” “consensus-building” politics and other variations on the theme, but the result is always the same: the fundamental interests of corporations are protected at the beginning of the process, which can only end with the people in worse shape than before it started. This is how a broad and deep public demand for comprehensive health reform was transformed into a guaranteed, subsidized, central role in the national health system for the hated insurance and drug companies for the foreseeable future.

Obama, a genius at creating opportunities for himself while undermining the life prospects of others, invented the deficit reduction commission as his customized vehicle to subvert his own party’s cherished “entitlement” programs: Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and others. Republicans didn’t force his hand or box him in. Instead, Obama set the torpedoes in motion against entitlements in the days before his inauguration, declaring, on January 8, 2009, that an overhaul of Medicare and Social Security would be “a central part” of his presidency. Not long afterwards, he said that Social Security and other entitlements would be “on the table” for cutting. All this, before any Republican had blurted an angry word about Obama in congressional debate.

Obama has elevated Clinton-style triangulation to what he hopes passes for statesmanship.”

Obama’s ambush of entitlements is premeditated. He was determined from the very start to succeed where George Bush failed – by gutting Social Security. That’s how Obama measures greatness.

The problem was, most Republicans remembered Bush’s Social Security debacle of 2005, and were not anxious to relive the experience, while debating Social Security was the last thing on Democratic congressional minds. With Republicans in no mood to launch a legislative attack on Social Security, there was nobody for Obama to make one of his grand comprises with. So, in February of this year, he issued an executive order creating his own anti-entitlement missile, the 18-person panel that quickly became known as the “cat food” commission, harkening back to the pre-Social Security days when many of the elderly where reduced to eating cat food.

Obama’s trick was to conjure up a political demand for the gutting of entitlements when no serious movement in that direction existed in the Congress. The commission route allowed him to concoct a majority right-wing constituency in a bottle, so to speak, by weighting the membership with pro-corporate players.

No one doubts that the panel is rigged to recommend cuts that Democrats (and a few Republicans) would be prepared to fight tooth and nail if proposed by the GOP. Blood would flow in the halls of the House and Senate, and in the end the assailants would likely lose. But by packaging the poison in a commission, Obama is allowed to behave as if the entitlement debate has oozed from the ether, demanding to be made manifest.

The commission route allowed him to concoct a majority right-wing constituency in a bottle, so to speak.”

Now comes the good part. In a classic triangulation, Obama would position himself as close to the Republican legislative position as politically convenient. However, that’s easier said than done, and full of risks, in the heat of debate on tricky congressional terrain. Instead, the presidential commission, acting as the supposed “deliberator” of the fate of the nation’s sick and elderly, will spew forth a range of recommendations from which Obama will pick and choose. He will vow to protect “the most vulnerable” from the more draconian ideas put forward by his commission. In the end he will stake out and occupy a “non-partisan,” “consensus” center as defined by the makeup of the commission, the president’s own creation.

Obama will have triangulated himself, and screwed us all. Mark my words.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].


Yes, we'll be screwed;1 word disagree:"insane" - the ideologues

on the fringe call Obama "socialist".  It's absurd but not "insane".  People who are insane take a lot of myth/stereotyping "hits" in the political realm - and it goes back into the 19th century (as far as I've heard.  It's in We Are Lincoln Men: Abraham LIncoln and His Friends by Prof. David Herbert Donald copyright 2003, used in a presidential election as a put-down of political opponents.).  People with mental illness have the same range of intelligence as people who are not mentally ill and are not "insane" all of the time. The Left and Right use "insane" and variations on the word to slam political opponents.

I prefer the mentally ill to our "insane" politicians

Some of these people are in fact insane.  Totally insane.  The American public is by and large insane too.  Insanity rules the roost.  Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com called it "bizarro world."  He asserts (sarcastically but I think realistically) that 9/11 created a rupture in the "space/time continuum" and ushered in "Bizarro World," where up is down and down is up.  I agree.

I'd much rather deal with the mentally ill, in fact most of us deal with mentally ill folks every day, (homeless, pandhandlers, folks in the next cubicle) some properly medicated some not.  I prefer their company to "rational" persons or those perceived as rational who are in fact "insane," so-called intelligent people who act insane, VOLUNTARILY.  Let's be honest, some of the Tea Party scum is certifably insane.  Likewise, some Black folks and Libs who swear by Obama are also certifably insane. Brings to mind two of my favorite quotes:

"Two things are infinite:  the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."    Albert Einstein

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."

Mark Twain


First paragraph:

"We’re living in a comic book world, where American superheroes confront an “Axis of Evil,” and the Evil One (Lex Luthor?) is defeated but lives to fight another day. I hear that comics have fallen on hard times, and that today’s sophisticated kids just can’t be bothered (too much like reading), but, really, if it wasn’t for my early infatuation with the world of DC Comics – Superman especially – the post-9/11 world would seem completely inexplicable. I remember one story-line that had Superman trapped in “Bizarro World” – another dimension, existing alongside our own, in which everything was weirdly skewed, perversely inverted: a parody of our own. As preparation for the world of 2002, I couldn’t have had a better education, for what else are we to make of this story of the airline passenger facing 20 years for using the lavatory without permission….?A FELONY URINATION"

Add:folks w/mental illness in prison who shouldn't be - got put

inside instead of treatment on outside.  I repeat my comment above but enjoy your reply.  In another comment, you seem totally pessimistic.  Do I read you right? Finally, I guess comic books span the generations - I was a comic book fan as a kid (1940s, 1950s).  I can't look at the Superman movies with Chris Reeve on DVD now; too depressing: Superman broke his neck and probably died from an allergic reaction to antibiotic.  And on another distantly related topic: I just saw, finally, the movie, "Serpico" and did some searching on the web for corrections of errors and updates.  He did some blog entries on HuffPo not long ago and NYTimes article (a paper I dislike) on him earlier this year.  John Lindsay was mayor of NYC at the time (not said in movie)...I was clueless at the time.  My real education began late...


Using pessimism to describe my state of mind is tantamount to, "You are being too nice to T.T."

I ain't the Enlightened CYNIC for nothing my dear.

Pessimism is what I experience on "good days."  lol  Sorry, won't be humming the "Stars and Stripes Forever," anytime soon. Go to rawstory.com.  The headlines can be a little sensational at times, but the stories are factual.   Survey the landscape of American political "discourse" if one could call it that.  And you'll be hinding the valium and percocet, or moving to Cali for medical maryjane.

Either way, things don't look to good.

Did you see how the cretin Newt Gingrich has come out with an assault on NPR over conservative hack Juan William's firing?  Talk about triangulation?  NPR was taken over by the Right Wing during Bush's tenure. Apparently that's not good enough for the scum in the Rethuglican Party. Watch Obama's response or nonresponse.  If the Dummocrats were true to the word and hand any guts, they'd destroy the Right Wing organ grinders, but you watch for yourself how the mellifuous one takes a pass, while the cretins from the Right Wing push NPR further to the right. 

There was only one aspect of Glenn's essay I disagreed with.   Obama aint PREPARING to trinagulate the little butt boy's been trinagulating FROM DAY ONE.  In fact, he done trianglated himself into a corner already and won't be able to extracate himself.


The Monopoly capitalist are socialist in that they want socialism and total government dependence for YOU! And control of all the resources for themselves. Socialize the risk, privatize the profits.

In other events:

Attention Glen:

Total vindication of your prediction, bulldozer Rhee might be coming to your hood lol..

Forget "The Situtation,” Jersey Wants Michelle Rhee

Outgoing D.C. Schools chancellor reportedly eyed for NJ education position


Rhee Considers Post at New Jersey Schools, Star-Ledger Reports


Obama the DLC (Trojan Horse) Gift to Black America

These people really see this as progress. They think that they can tell Black people who to be before they can be accepted. The people who take this deal I call the Crossover generation. They insist that the Civil Rights struggle has opened the door for them in the embodiement of Obama. He justifies the struggles of the past, symbolizes the ideals of that struggle in the present, and provides an attractives example of the success through this philosophy for the children to emulate in the future. People who share this wolrdl view are now saying things like if it wasn't for our "culturally specific pathologies" that create a "permanent under class" and "divides Black America into four separate and distinct groups." We would be able to compete with other ethnic and racial groups in the capitalist global system. These statements in quotes are all statements made over this past week by none other than the esteemed Eugene Robinson when selling his new book about the destruction of Black America. This is, in my opinion, the outlook that many of this so called "Joshua Generation or Crossover Generation" opportunists like Al Sharpton have adopted and plan to sell (using Bill Gate's money) to Black America through Charter Schools. This is why there is no plan to address issues that specifically and adversely affect Black people in America in any meaningful way because in the eyes of these people there is no Black America. The astounding thing about this, in my opinion, is that they know full well that in whatever way it is constituted and regardless of how it doing economically, politically...etc there still exists a Black America. This is why they have this massive marketing campaign to undermine the only reliably progressive group of voters in America and that is Black people. The leadership within our community, in most instances, needs to be replaced but we are the only real hope for progressive change in America. We must build the relationships with like minded people from any community and make the progressive change we need. To paraphrase Slavo Sezek who said this week that Fascism succeeds in the aftermath of failed revolutions and that it is the absence of an active left that is the root of our problem not the invincibility of the reactionaries in power. Please excuse any spelling and/or grammar errors

beverly: thanks for Zizek reminder; I went back to listen/read

transcript of his segment on Monday's Dem.Now because a)sometims I don't "get" what someone is saying in one listen and reading is good followup and b)he's both confusing to me due to accent and content.  I did like his line about asking What is the real problem?  I heard the show on Mon. and kept thinking, "just below the surface" in Germany and Europe, and in U.S. is the old hatreds...minorities, immigrants....

Wonderful summation

On my "dark" days and moments I fear that slavery has succeeded (to borrow Obama's lie about the "surge") beyond my wildest dreams.  I think that mental slavery is 10X more effective than physical slavery.  And the pitiful example of this is exemplified in the morals and cowardice of our current Black leadership.

There is a deep, deep mental and intellectual atrophy in America, and as is the case with most things in America, Blacks are afflicted worse. One reason I have little to no hope for America's future is my unshakeable belief that we have left the Age of Enlightment and entered the Dark Ages, quite a feat if you consider this is suppose to be the Information Age.  The era where information is at our fingertips.  If anybody thinks that this current crop of buffons can do anything but screw up this country even worse, then you are sadly braindead. 

Who was it, was it Sinclair Lewis or Upton Sinclair who said that America always gets ignorant, coarse politicians because that's who we are?  The political class today is a mirror of America as a whole.  And we enter the most competitive, complicated, vexatious period in this nation's history with nothing but clowns, crooks, buffons, egomaniacs and perverts and the criminally insane guiding the ship of the nation. 

I hope I live long enough to see the debacle that will be Tea Party governance, nuturered and aided and abetted by Obama and the Dummocrats.  It's coming, it's coming whether it comes this  November or 2012, or 2013, doesn't matter, the die is cast.  Some folks prefer a slow creep to social and political "Armageddon, " me? I prefer to get it over with.  It's obvious that a catastrophe(s) must rain down on America before the lunatics are restrained to the asylum.

Because the media refuses to report on the emotional, physical, economic devastion of Black Society (fuck Soledad O'Brien) or even White Society at this juncture, I have long toyed with the premise that it just might take the White radicals, whether on the Left or the Right to stir shit up.  The Tea Party could have been that "Right-leaning" catalyst but they were coopted at breakneck speed by Dick Armey and the Globalists.  But when the vaunted Tea Party movement turns out to be a friggen dud, turns out to be a political model of a three ring circus, then the suffering whites will crash the gates for real. Right now they are just engaged in "incohate rage."  The question is will the incohate rage coalesce and how will it manifest?

the threat

Several of my die hard Dem friends are saying "The Republicans will slash S.S. and Medicare."  This is repeated on all the "left" talk shows as well, when these hosts know damn well that Obama's appointments are the ones that will make the cuts.

Obama's fiscal commission

Peace Glen. Thank you for always challenging Obama to do the right thing. You write that his deficit reduction commission was a tool he intended to use to subvert entitlement programs like Medicare.  What evidence do you have for this? I think he ultimately serves corporate interests, which as a by product guts important programs like these, but is there evidence that he personally calculated and plotted to gut these programs?

I found my answer

Greetings Glen. After re-reading your 9/1/10 piece, I found my answer. Obama ultimately does cooperate with forces to gut entitlement programs when he cooperates with powers in the Fed who could, if they wanted to, "use their magic spreadsheets to close the modest gap which may appear in Social Security revenues two or three decades from now, or they could raise benefits immediately." OK. Thanks. -RF. 

This discussion of the dark,

This discussion of the dark, mad world we seem to be in, headed toward, makes me think of Hugo Chavez' interview comments to RT the other day.  Chavez said that we are living in a place in history where a world that should die is refusing to die (the imperium), and a world that needs to be born, a world of solidarity and freedom, is blocked and cannot come forward.

Here's the skinny folks, "Centrism" is the "New Left"

Thanks to the Nobel Laureate's "Lincolnesque" moves, his love of bipartisanship and of Ronald Reagan, aided and abetted by Right Wing Media or MSM, centrism will become the new "Left."

The organ grinders have already annointed Obama as a "Liberal," and as Mr. Ford accurately predicts, the timid one's response to the November beat down will be to move further to the Right.  Obama's gonna tell us that he has to temper his "Liberal" agenda and of course many delusion Liberals and Rethuglicans will join the chorus.

The Rethuglicans will champion Centrism as the antidote to Tea Party Extremism.  Of course after November, the Tea Party will become expendable.  And once their "goverance" skills are on full display the Rethuglicans will cringe along with the rest of the nation.  The Rethuglicans will be preaching we need to govern from the center to distant themselves from Tea Party idiocy.

I posted a essay from Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque blogger several months ago in which he demonstrated that by comparison,  the current Dummocrat agenda look makes Tricky Dick Nixon's social agenda/policies look practically "communist" by comparison.  When Nixon is to the "Left" of the Dummocrat Party...well.... what more do I need to say.

The Corporatists and Globalists will join Obama in singing the praises of "Centrism."  Which in practice is slightly to the left of Facism.  Boy how I long for the days of Richard Nixon.

Here's another bloggers compare and contrast with Obama and Nixon:


"I have many disagreements with Barack Obama on his policies but they don't extend to his wife or his children or his dog. I simply disagree with the way he wants to run the government. I'm a liberal Democrat, Barack Obama is further to the right than Nixon, has cut more taxes than Reagan and spent more on the military than Bush. That's the reason I have problems with Barack Obama but I still don”t understand why so many Republicans do."

Welcome to the mindnumbing word of Facism folks, perpetrating as Centrism.  "Centrism," that is TODAY'S VERSION, is the "New Left."  lol  You heard it here first.  You won't hear it from a suckass like Eugene Robinson of WaPo who writes the most second rate, vapid shit imaginable.  Gino has his Putlizer, I'm still waiting for Mr. Ford to get his.   Gino's words aren't fit to put in the bottom of your hamster cage, btw.   

yes,EC. But Pulitzer is no great goal

they've had some bummer choices.  Recently: the one to NYTimes and ProPublica for story exculpating drs. for murders in NOLA at Memorial Medical Center in Katrina aftermath flooding. Also, NYTimes for series on racism that really wasn't.

  I think we may already have reached Center as "new" Left...maybe even more R than center.  Nice comment.


in Gino's case is the Empire's seal of approval.  Gino, Clarence Page, and their ilk would have been unemployed a long time ago (in constrast to Juan Williams) had to they spoke and wrote truth to power.  Robinson is a Dummocrat spokesperson. He, like Obama is propped up to put a smiley face and soften the hard edges of the Empire and Globalists.  Robinson was triangulating before even Obama rose to fame.

I, along with many others, enjoy trashing his pablum and nonsense at Truthdig.com on a regular basis.  His writing his horrible, more Sesame Street quality than Pulitzer.

p.s.  There's a cholera outbreak in Haiti as I strike the keyboard. Another example of US "nation building" on full display.

In case some suffer from amnesia

let me remind you that the GREATEST and most SIGNIFICANT act of Obama's Trianglation, a harbinger of the doom and gloom to come, occurred when the Reagan wannabe declared on Fox News, with his master, Bill O'Reilly, BEFORE BEING SWORN IN AS PREZ, that:

"The surge has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams." 


That my friends was the wakeup call but far too many were still asleep or perhaps still recuperating from their lobotomy. With that comment Obama went "all in" w/r/t to the phony WOT, the criminal occupation of Iraq, the "Unitary Executive" kingship, the trashing of the Constitution, and the ramping up of CIA assassination teams.  And some of yall still wonder why GWB era war criminals have not been prosecuted?  Puhleez.

Juan Williams vs. Helen Thomas: Right Wing wins again

If you want to understand the trajectory of American politics compare and contrast the treatment by the press of Juan Williams vs. Helen Thomas.  Thomas was fired w/o any fanfare, William's firing is now "national news."  The Right Wing always gets a NATIONAL platform, the Left Wing, tossed in the trashbin.

In other news, here's the World Socialist Website's take on Obama:

Obama’s 2010 campaign: Fake populism and right-wing policies


"In his interview with the New York Times magazine published on Sunday, Obama told reporter Peter Baker that Republican gains would not necessarily be a defeat for him. Baker wrote: “Obama expressed optimism to me that he could make common cause with Republicans after the midterm elections. ‘It may be that regardless of what happens after this election, they feel more responsible,’ he said, ‘either because they didn’t do as well as they anticipated, and so the strategy of just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs didn’t work for them, or they did reasonably well, in which case the American people are going to be looking to them to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way.’”

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell responded by telling the Associated Press that he hoped to work more closely with Obama on tax cuts, trade agreements and other economic policies.

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama’s closest cronies, told the CBS program “The Early Show” Wednesday that Obama still held out hopes of bipartisan cooperation with the Republicans. “He’s not going to give up on that,” she said. “He’s going to keep trying, no matter who’s in Congress.”

Get that folks, more "bipartisan cooperation" from the feckless one.  We've seen how well that's gone.  He's gonna keep trying NO MATTER WHO'S IN CONGRESS!!!!  Good grief Charlie Brown.  Actually Obama is more pitiful than Charlie Brown.


Most of the policies of Obama

Most of the policies of Obama are against the common men. So he must take into consideration the public whilw making policies. Thanks for this invoking post and draw our attention towards important matter.


Its Obama's handlers, not him....

Although I wholeheartedly agree with the devious political moves that Ford describes, labeling Obama as a tactical genius is a big mistake. It should be clear by now that the man is mostly an empty shell; a cipher. He was given very astute handlers who are telling him exactly what to do, or performing the tasks themselves without the need for his authorization. I seriously doubt he has a major say in any policy decisions.

Obama & The 'Ethusiasm Gap' of Progressives for the Dems

Mr Rob Parry's of Consortium News put out a article called the 'Teach the Dems a Lesson Myth' - which boils down to - Vote for the Dems cause the GOP is full of crazies. He evens blames progressives who voted for Nader in 2000 for the rise of the Bushites / NeoCons. But the Dems have alienated their progressive base & haven't accomplish any progressive agendas & often failing to even really try- even though they have solid control of both houses of congress & the White House w the 2008 election of Obama. Yet they’ve failed - or even worse PRETEND to do something as they SELL OUT to Corp interest - IE: the fake health-care, finance, RTTT school - Reforms [let alone jobs program, fore-closure moratorium, etc] - & then PROCLAIM SUCCESS. Their whole shtick is vote for us cause the GOP is worse - as is happening now & what happened in 2004. I saw Mr Parry's [who does sometimes puts out some really informative info] argument to progressives preluded by Norman Solomon on The Real News a couple of weeks ago. But they won't acknowledge that the reason there's an 'enthusiasm gap' is because since 2008's election of Obama, there's been nothing for progressives to be enthusiastic about – Poly-tricks as usual. Parry [like Solomon] blames Al Gore's 'defeat' in 2000 on Ralph Nader, though unlike Solomon he at least acknowledges the 2000 election was stolen. But 'as stated above' he blames progressives 'teach the Dems a lesson' position as much as Nader [going beyond even Solomon's / Dem loyalist - Nader 2000 scapegoating].

The 4 reasons Gore didn't get the White house in 2000 are: 1} the Busites / Neo-Cons HIJACKED the election in FL... 2} The Supreme Court's [5 out 9 members] violated the Constitution's mandate that all votes be counted - ordering a halt to the recount - thus giving Bush FL... 3} Gore FAILED to protect either his &/or Clinton's home states of TN & AK (reverse just this tactical error & Gore would have won despite FL & the Court)... 4} Nader's 2000 bid- which only became significant after the first 3 conditions. Yet Dem loyalist talking-heads only focus on the least significant factor [Nader] & scapegoat him - as a fear tool to keep progressives towing the Dems' line.

Parry's has put out info about Nixon / Kissinger interfering w LBJ's efforts to have 'peace' talks w the N Vietnamese [a prelude to Reagan / Bush 'October Surprise'] which is definitely note-worthy, BUT- what about the False Flag- Gulf of Tonkin Incident [Myth] by LBJ himself [along w McNamara] that they used as a pretext for the massive escalation in Vietnam. If Mr Parry & other Dem apologist talking-heads won't even acknowledge these OBVIOUS FACTS, they certainly won't touch evidence indicating that LBJ, Nixon, Jerry Ford, & Bush Sr may have in some way be implicated in JFK's assassination &/or cover-up -OR- that there's likely much more to 9-11 than: 19 Muslim guys w box-cutters {most of whom shouldn’t have even been able to get in &/or stay in the US in the first place -&- half of them most likely shouldn’t have been able to get on those planes that day} successfully outwitted a Trillion-$ defense-security-intelligence network while being directed by a Muslim ‘Phantom Menace’ in an Afghan cave half a world away while he was hooked-up to a dialysis machine... NOR the implications of the fact that John Kerry is a distant relative of the Bushes & a fellow SKULL & BONES-MAN [which may explain why he just bent-over for Bush when the Bushites repeated their 2000 FL magic-act in 2004 OH] - OR- that Obama is related to the Bushes, Cheney, Ford, LBJ, Roosevelt, James Madison, & now apparently Sarah Palin & Rush Limp-balls -&- apparently may have been a protégée' of Zig Brzezinsky since he [Obama] graduated in political science w focus on the USSR / Soviet Union from Colombia Univ in 1983, while Brzezinsky was a tenured Prof in Colombia's political science dept & a known expert on Russia / USSR. He then turns up as Candidate Obama's top foreign policy wonk. Old Zig{zag} helped ‘Set It Off’ in Afghanistan in 1979 - leading to the Russian invasion & rise [w US support] of the Mujahadeem / Taliban / Al-Qeada. In 1997 Brzezinsky wrote 'The Grand Chessboard' whose main thesis was that the US as the world's lone super-power should focus on Eur-Asia especially the Stans - which has VAST Mineral / Gas / Oil Wealth. And that US should deploy itself to prevent any alliance - especially between Russia & China [& even Iran & Turkey] that could challenge its objectives [of Full Spectrum Dominance] in the Eur-Asia-Stans. So where is Obama's War on Terror focused - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran [w implications for Tagikastan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc - IE: the 'soft under-belly of Russia & at China’s Eur-Asia-Stan frontier] - IE: right where Old Zig{zag} talked about in /on his 'Grand Chess-board'.

The 2 party DEMs vs GOPs, liberal vs conservative, 'left vs right' paradigm is a STACKED DECK.

"King Solomon" lol splits the baby

I think both you and Beverly are right... to a point. Yes the Police State has be unfolding for over a decade and the citizenry are poised to accept it in full bloom. (Watch how the Juan Williams firing is used as another salvo to attack the "liberal" media, a massive lie--Liberal Media-- itself).

Here's my nuance for whatever it's worth.  Afroseer you correctly stated that the "debate depends upon how it's framed, on the verbage we use" I agree. And with that in mind where I take slight issue in your forecast about some "collective enlightment" taking place over despondency with both parties, the problem is and has been and will be HOW IT'S ARTICULATED.  We take for granted that the masses can digest what's taking place, I know that sounds "arrogant" but it is what it is.  The pain and despair thus far has translated or created the Tea Party Movement, so in keeping with the spirit of Mr. Ford's thesis what we see and will continue to see is a further rightward shift in America; this also coincides with the corporations owing America lock stock and barrel.  The corporate money pouring anonymously into elections will only increase exponentially.  The networks have a vested interest because it translates into revenue, so the networks are going to bob and weave with the globalists, corporatists and facists.  (It's already happening).

If and I should say WHEN the Tea Party scum demonstrates conclusively that they cannot, will not, don't have the intellectual capacity or skills to govern, lack creative problem solving skills, and are basically full of shit, when THAT epiphany occurs the shit might get interesting.  If that epiphany is coupled with a reality check by AAs when the Cat Food Comm. does it's dirt and Blacks are even more ass out thanks to Obama, then I can see your vision coming true.  But two caveats: (1) I'm just not convinced we the people can stop the organ grinders, the propaganda machine known as the Mainstream Media. The CIA has won the propaganda struggle at least in America. (2) With the political rhetoric moving further to the right, with xenophobia and racism being ratched up with further economic calamity, I see a full frontal assault on people of color.  That defensive mechanism alone will cause Blacks to support Obama; in fact we see that now.  In otherwords, Blacks lack the ability to understand that not all White critique is right wing critique.  And they'll correctly use their six senses to observe the continuing creeping of what I just described that will render them incapable of critically thinking and breaking through the bullshit.  In reality, Whites have the same problem, just cast different.  They are too stupid to understand the fates of the White Middle and Upper Classes is tied to the lower classes, that as Browns and Blacks remain "uncompetitive" in the global marketplace that doesn't bode well for their retirement accounts, or the fiscal soundness of government at all levels.

Hey were Americans, we're individuals, right???

Look at the cholera epidemic unfolding in Haiti, or watch the response to new wikileaks info that the US lied about Iraqi deaths,  Americans don't really give a shit, they don't care about their own, their individual families or their neighbors.  I see dystopia on the horizon, not collective angst and reformation.

I'm afraid, nay almost "convinced" that Blacks folks, being victims of mental and psychological slavery will use their last dying breath to defend Obama.  My father-in-law quotes Farrakhan as saying Obama's getting bad advice from the Jews that the Jews want a disastrous war with Iran.. well.... wtf... is Obama that much of a puppet?  This lil bitch sees the world the same way as Elite Whites see it, he's a cipher true dat, but he's a tool and a willing one also.

I'm afraid niggas will be whining and gnashing teeth through the razor wire and getting into fight with cellmates arguing to their last breath, "If only the crackers and Jews would let Obama be Obama."  It might go down differently, but I doubt it.

The World Liberal Opportunists Made

By Chris Hedges at truthdig.com


The lunatic fringe of the Republican Party, which looks set to make sweeping gains in the midterm elections, is the direct result of a collapse of liberalism. It is the product of bankrupt liberal institutions, including the press, the church, universities, labor unions, the arts and the Democratic Party. The legitimate rage being expressed by disenfranchised workers toward the college-educated liberal elite, who abetted or did nothing to halt the corporate assault on the poor and the working class of the last 30 years, is not misplaced. The liberal class is guilty. The liberal class, which continues to speak in the prim and obsolete language of policies and issues, refused to act. It failed to defend traditional liberal values during the long night of corporate assault in exchange for its position of privilege and comfort in the corporate state. The virulent right-wing backlash we now experience is an expression of the liberal class’ flagrant betrayal of the citizenry. 

I agree with your points, however..

I'm just not as optimistic as you.  And it's not because I enjoy a state of pessimism.  Take your point #4.  It's true, but why did AA churches allow the bastardization of Christianity by the Right Wing?  I understand the media forces arrayed behind Right Wing worldviews, but (for better or worse) Black church leaders have always had an political platform, we know the first place White polticians go, even Obama is more likely to address a church than a group of black professionals.  Why didn't the Black church use their political platform? There were reasons that the African American church stood mute at best and capitulated at worse, what are they?  I believe the answers will prove very disturbing and also underscore how daunting the task of reeducation and reformation.  I mean, gee whiz, the Black church won't even challenge the notion of a White Jesus or Europeans being the Biblical Chosen People when common sense let alone history says otherwise. I guarantee you that the typical Black Christian willfully ignores or pretends that racism doesn't exist in Israel, the Biblical "promise land."  Negroes like the pastor at my family's church go on "pilgrimages" to the Holy Land and come back acting like they've seen the face of Jesus himself; them "Palestinian niggers" are invisible.

I also think in many cases not having the internet was a blessing to the activits of old.  The internet cultivates a false sense of community and commonality, a false sense of empowerment, it is a poor substitute for face-to-face exchange just as writing a letter by hand requires a more "refined intellectual operation" that a "tweet."  Just like calculating a math problem by hand requires a "higher" intellect than using a calculator. This false "community" with it's false "intelligence" is one reason (other than time) I don't  have a Facebook account.  This article here at the American Thinker sums up many of my thoughts about today's "Information Age.":


Last, I found this article at dissident voice that captures some of what I may be poorly describing in terms of the complex racial and psychological dynamics at play. The title is:

Punish Obama

Ignore the Scare Tactics. There is no Tea Party


Interesting the writer cites a Paul Street essay written here at BAR. 


"The Tea Party is especially useful in this regard. It is great for the Republicans because it gives the appearance that the GOP has some connection to real people at the grass roots.

But for the Dems the Tea Party is even more bountiful since it is pictured as a mass movement, racist to the core and about to plunge the country into a fascist abyss. However, as Anthony Dimaggio and Paul Street report in an article entitled “The Tea Party Does Not Exist” in Black Agenda Report, “The white nationalist Boogie Man that has the NAACP and the Democrats on the run isn’t a bonafide social movement, at all, but a top-down creation of media and millionaires. The Tea Party is generally drawing much smaller crowds than the leftish U.S. Social Forum, but garners far more coverage from a corporate media that portrays the phenomenon as ‘rising up from the grassroots against establishment politics.’ All indications are that the Tea Party is poorly organized and funded at the local level.” Yes, there is anger aplenty out there as there should be, but it has not yet found a mass organizational basis, certainly not in the Tea Party. And neither the liberal “Left” nor the Right, neither Dems nor Republicans, with their basic loyalty to the elite of Finance and the project of Empire, are in a position to tap that anger which is after all directed at their masters. (emphasis mine).

Now, if Paul Street can figure this shit out than what's wrong with Ben Jealous and the hundreds of NAACP branches?  This writer does a better job than I in explaining how racism as depicted by the Tea Party becomes a useful foil for both parties. In short Afroseer, I don't see the means, methods or architecture needed for a "mass organizational basis."  And I don't think it can exist in the current mass media and economic climate, and American "individualism" is reaching it's apex.  As I predicted more than a year ago to the anger of gay marriage proponents in response to an essay by Ms. Kimberly: people won't give a shit about gay marriage if they trying to survive day to day.  For the record I could care less who people marry, if anything I'm wondering why gays WANT to get married (lol)  And interestingly enough Afroseer, I read a fascinating article at Counterpunch several months ago that said the original gay movement, the founders of the gay movement, had NO INTEREST IN ISSUES LIKE MARRIAGE,  in fact disdained it to some degree because they viewed it as an attempt to impose typical Ward Cleaver American values upon them.  In otherwords they were not trying to be "mainstream" they were just proud to be gay and wanted recognition as such. 


(The origins of the LGBTQ movement are revolutionary. The rebellions at Stonewall and San Francisco City Hall were led by drag queens and butches who rejected heterosexual roles and restrictions.)

With "garbage in" and "garbage out," with Right Wing media and Right Wing religious viewpoints permeating the minds and perspectives of both Whites and Blacks, I don't see any rainbows on the horizon, I see sleet, hail and thunderstorms.  I think the next few decades will find everyone so consumed with day-to-day survival that there will be little momentum or incentive for mass action, the default mode will be dog-eat-dog, that's what individualism breeds, that's part of the American DNA, it explains the death of Liberalism among other things.

I respect your optimsim however, far be it for me to kill optimism, but you are the "seer" whereas I'm the "cynic", we need both.

Apparently there is no recession when it comes to politics

House Candidates To Spend Over $1 Billion On Elections

Posted: 10-25-10 10:32 PM



"Candidates are raising more money in 2010 than ever before, and spending it at a much quicker pace than 2008," said David Donnelly, director of Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch project. "With all the attack ads, candidates have to spend more time dialing for dollars and less time talking with voters. They have to feed the beast -- the endless raising and spending for campaigns -- that is devouring our democracy."

Now, think about the related "cottage industries" that spring from this spending glut.  Do yall think that newspapers, media outlets, public relations firms, campaign strategists and television networks are upset at the complete corruption of our political process, or are they laughing all the way to the bank?   Americans care only about cash, not cohesion.

This is but a harbinger of things to come; the Citizens United ruling will destroy what small remnants of democracy we have.  Case in point.  In Iowa judges are appointed by the presiding governor after a review process results in 2 finalists.  While the inherent politics often translate into the presiding governor appointing someone with similar party affiliations, it's not always the case, because the selectees are by and large "peer reviewed," and the system, while imperfect, has way more integrity than most.

Thanks to an obscure group calling itself the "Freedom Foundation," (Orwelle would envy the language usage today) our judicial system is being corrupted by outside money.  Despite the fact that Iowa Supreme Court appointees were appointed by GOP or Dem governors, the Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY that same-sex marriages were protected under the state constitution.  Not 7 to 2 or 8 to 1 but unanimous.  Freedom Foundation is running ads and funding candidates to urge the public to vote to not retain 4 judges up for retention.  The retention votes have historically been formalities; to my knowledge there has been on 1 or 2 judges who did not receive enough retention votes in nearly 100 years.  The justices that they are seeking to remove have overwhelmingly favorable ratings by the state bar members.

This is just a harbinger of things to come.  Money, secret money, foreign money, outside money, loads and loads of cash will come into everyone's state, often spent by persons or entities having no vested interest in the well-being of the state.  And this money will continue to corrupt and corrode the tatters of our so-called democracy.  No one stands to profit from this glut of cash more than mass media.  So don't expect news execs and newspaper editors who's profits are shrinking each year to protest the corruption of the system.  Moreover, the media outlets actually get a "2-fer" they not only get so-called political debate they also get juicy, tawdry bits and pieces of the candidates lives.  We will ultimately know more about a candidates sex drive, then their position on green technology.

So NO.  I see no problem-solving capability or mass action on the horizon.  We already live in a facist state.  People are already being spied upon by their neighbors and governments, people are already being beat up by goons supporting this or that politician, the police and private security firms have long been roughing up protesters or seriously curbing their free speech rights or "zones."  And very soon, the internet will be under complete control of the government, the President will hold the "kill switch."

And we have the nerve to talk about Iran's lack of democracy?  The fact of the matter is it is highly probable that Ahmadejinad won the election, he carried the rural vote in significant numbers, it's likely he didn't steal anymore votes than the Bush Cabal stole in 2000 and 2004.  Americans enjoy deluding themselves that they are in a functioning democracy, nothing could be more untrue.



Welcome to the United Police States of America


Article excerpt:

"It can be hard to distinguish between the Bush administration and the Obama administration when it comes to detainee policy. A case the Supreme Court agreed last week to hear, Ashcroft v. al-Kidd, is one of those occasions.

It turns on a principle held sacrosanct since the country’s early days: the government cannot arrest you without evidence that you committed a crime. An exception is the material witness law, which allows the government to keep a witness from fleeing before testifying about an alleged crime by somebody else.

The Bush administration’s behavior was disturbing, and so is the Obama administration’s forceful defense of this outrageous practice of using a statute intended for one purpose for something very different. Judge Milan Smith Jr. of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals called it “repugnant to the Constitution.”

The Justice Department arrested Abdullah al-Kidd, known as Lavoni Kidd when he was a star football player at the University of Idaho, at Dulles airport in March 2003 before he boarded a plane to Saudi Arabia, where he was going to work on his doctorate in Islamic studies. For over two weeks, he was treated like an enemy of the state — shackled, held in high-security cells lit 24 hours a day, and sometimes humiliated by strip searches. When Mr. Kidd was released, he was ordered to live with his wife and in-laws, restrict his travels and report to a probation officer. The restrictions lasted 15 months.

The government said Mr. Kidd was a material witness against Sami Omar Hussayen, who was tried for supporting an Islamic group that the government said “sought to recruit others to engage in acts of violence and terrorism.” A jury acquitted Mr. Hussayen on some charges and didn’t reach a verdict on others. Mr. Kidd was not called to testify. Nor was he ever charged with a crime.

Mr. Kidd sued Mr. Ashcroft personally, saying he unlawfully used the material witness statute as a pretext. The former attorney general asserted that he had immunity. In the ruling now being reviewed by the Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit found that he did not.

Afroseer, the world you describe as coming already exists.  It's just that Faux Noise and CNN are too busy reporting on bullshit.  On whether O'Donnel is a witch (or bitch) or Meg Whitman is a whore (or a ho).  Under the guise of terrorism the government can do any fucking thing it wants, from denial of Due Process, denial of Right to Counsel, holding you incommunicdo, from ignoring all manner of rights under the Constitution, to assassinating and torturing you (like they did Jose Padilla) and still receive complete immunity.

We pretend these deprivations don't exist because they are not reported nor have occurred on a mass scale (ICE raids excepted).  But someone answer this for me:  When the government decides to apply these tactics to a group like Green Peace, PETA, or let's say "The New Communist Party" or a real "New Black Panther Party" (not the imposters out there now) who will complain?  Who will march and fill the streets with protests?  Will it be the same folks who filled the streets and marched in protests of these deprivations being visited upon the 5 or 6 million Muslims who are U.S. citizens?  Do we really need to speculate on what's been going on in the American Muslim community since since 9/11?  Or is everyone to damn scared to acknowledge what they know and feel has been going on in the American Muslim community?  More invisible people, I see.  Yall know what the answer to the question of mass protests will be, everyone will be to busy watching reruns of  Real Housewives or American Idol, inbetween furious tapping away on the computer key board.  It will be a new reality show called "Silence of the Lambs Stateside."

Like any other "patient," America is already brain-dead and we know that translates into pulling the plug and total death real soon. 

Hope?  Hope is for dopes.  We're fucked big time.