Obama Hosts International Debut for Libya’s Racist and Thoroughly Non-Revolutionary Regime


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The United States and the corporate media would have you believe that President Obama and the U.S. corporate media are celebrating the triumph of a “revolution” in Libya. But there was no revolution. “’Revolutionaries’ – African revolutionaries – do not name their fighting units ‘the Brigade for Purging Slaves, Black Skin.’” And they have not yet triumphed. “The armed conflict in Libya “has been an imperial project from the very beginning,” and the people know it. Obama is working from an old playbook, deploying “Islamists to wage war against non-compliant secular regimes and movements in the Muslim world.”


Obama Hosts International Debut for Libya’s Racist and Thoroughly Non-Revolutionary Regime

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Obama’s ‘mission accomplished’ speech at the UN is as premature as George Bush’s aircraft carrier performance on May 1, 2003.”

Libya’s armed conflict may be described as many things, but “revolution” is not one of them. It is existentially impossible that a coalition comprised of the world’s imperial superpower, the planet’s former colonial masters, and oil-soaked Middle Eastern royalty would sponsor an insurrection that could by any contortion of language be called a “revolution.” In the modern world, of which Libya was an active participant, “revolutionaries” – African revolutionaries – do not name their fighting units “the Brigade for Purging Slaves, Black Skin.” No legitimate claimants to humankind’s revolutionary legacy would parcel out, in advance, their country’s most precious natural resource to foreigners, or partner with the former colonial master that murdered one-third of the homeland’s population and confined most of the rest to concentration camps – Italy’s genocide against the Libyan people. No conceivable revolutionary formation would beseech imperial militaries to pulverize the dearly bought infrastructure of their own country. What Arab revolutionary pays homage to the demagogic, Arab-hating leader of the nation that slaughtered millions of neighboring Arabs in Algeria, just two generations ago, and today maintains himself in power through appeals to domestic anti-Arab and African racism, as does French President Nicholas Sarkozy?

It is difficult even to describe as “insurrectionists” the disparate Libyan gunmen whose (red, black and green!) flag now flies at the United Nations, since they were never the main actors in the conflict that pushed Moammar Gaddafi’s government out of Tripoli. It has been an imperial project from the very beginning, affirmed as such by a United Nations Security Council resolution that effectively transformed the Benghazi uprising into an armed protectorate of NATO. There was no revolution.

No conceivable revolutionary formation would beseech imperial militaries to pulverize the dearly bought infrastructure of their own country.”

The National Transitional Council (NTC) and its largely jihadist armed elements have won not a single victory on the ground. In virtually every advance of their forces, the path was methodically cleared by NATO bombs and missiles, a pattern of high-tech warfare that relegated the “rebels” to ground cleanup crews for Euro-American air power. If there is a victor, it is NATO, a creature of the United States; certainly not the NTC imperial protectorate – and every Libyan knows it.

President Obama regaled the United Nations General Assembly with praise for his pet gunmen in Libya. “Day after day in the face of bullets and bombs the Libyan people refused to relinquish their freedom,” said the Imperial Aggressor-in-Chief. That is true – and it is true, still, in the remaining pockets of resistance to NATO’s full spectrum dominance. NATO has carried out about 9,000 strike sorties, in which actual munitions were dropped, to date. According to international observers, no Gaddafi aircraft were ever involved in offensive actions, including bombing. By all accounts, NATO’s Libyan auxiliaries laying siege to Sirte, Bani Walid and Sabha (which the NATO-sponsored gunmen claim to have captured) far outnumber the defenders, yet “day after day” they continue to resist imperialism’s surrogates. These are the heroes and heroines of the battle for Libya – and that struggle will not end after Sirte and Bani Walid are ultimately occupied by NATO’s favored forces. Obama’s “mission accomplished” speech at the UN is as premature as George Bush’s aircraft carrier performance on May 1, 2003.

If there is a victor, it is NATO, a creature of the United States; certainly not the NTC imperial protectorate – and every Libyan knows it.

Since when do the massed corporate media of the United States and Europe celebrate “revolutionary” triumphs in the formerly colonized world, or anywhere? The the hegemonic international media,” as Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information Andres Izarra puts it, are the articulators of imperial ambitions, the megaphones of global reaction. Their benediction of the “rebels” as the embodiment of the “Arab Spring” is an imperial military necessity, as Washington, London and Paris scramble to preempt, co-opt and neutralize a reawakened Arab nationalism whose logic leads inexorably to rejection of the Euro-American stranglehold over the region.

NATO’s activation of Libyan jihadists is no different than President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 move to fund and arm a “rag-tag” mujahideen against the left-wing Afghanistan government, in alliance with the deep pockets of Saudi Arabia. The United States has long deployed Islamists to wage war against non-compliant secular regimes and movements in the Muslim world. Obama is working from a well-worn playbook. “Blowback” is something they will deal with later, as a self-generated justification for endless war and chaos in a region whose people would eject the United States at the first opportunity, if empowered to do so.

Africa will surely undergo its own “awakening” at the shock of the imperial overthrow of Gaddafi, whose material support for development of a continental infrastructure – physical and political – is irreplaceable. The establishment of a North African regime that is wholly beholden to imperialism for its existence and organized domestically around the mission of ethnic cleansing – de-Africanizing Libya – has sparked a reexamination of Africa’s relationship with itself, as well as with Europe and the U.S. The glow is off Obama, champion of Arab anti-black terror in the Maghreb.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected]


realzionistnews is realracistbullshit

Yes, Jews like Barack Obama, The Joints Chiefs of Staff, Samantha Powers, Hillary Clinton, General David Petraeus,
David Cameron, and Nicolas Sarkozy are behind the destruction of Libya.

Real Zionist News? Give me a break!  This is a rag that promotes hatred of Jews.

Why don’t you cite NOFEAR–National Organization For European American Rights, for its excellent reports on Hispanic immigration? According to NOFEAR, “Government immigration policies discriminate against Europeans in favor of the Third Worlders who will eventually transform our society into a version of Mexico City, Rio, and Kampala.”

And NOFEAR also propagates the well known fact of a secret plot by the Mexican government and American Hispanics to wrest the Southwest away from the United States in order to create "Aztlan," a Hispanic nation.

Jesusfuckingchrist, Cynic, let’s be real.  But not as in Real Zionist News.

wake the hell up....

Your zionist Marxist ideology serves zionist controlled finance capital, whether you're aware of it or not.

The folks you mentioned all want to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan, and attack Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran: The same zionist neo-con hit list.

The Obama doctrine is a continuation of the Bush doctrine, with some tactical adjustments:

"The Neocon Plan to Attack Seven Countries in Five Years"


And who are the Obama administrations masters?

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup



GE Capital


George Soros and the ROTHSCHILD's



Who runs congress?



Of course, the racism and the lumping of an entire race together is plain stupid, and a big contradiction given the fact that this guy is jewish himself! But got damn! Is EVERYTHING he's saying false ???

Kernels of truths, mountains of lies

“Your Zionist Marxist ideology serves Zionist controlled finance capital, whether you're aware of it or not.”

I am not a Zionist. Marxism is an analytical tool for understanding the world; I find it a useful one.

“The Obama doctrine is a continuation of the Bush doctrine, with some tactical adjustments...”

I couldn’t agree with you more.

“Who runs congress?”
Not you, not me; not the Blacks, Hispanics, or the Jews.

“Of course, the racism and the lumping of an entire race together is plain stupid, and a big contradiction given the fact that this guy is jewish himself! But got damn! Is EVERYTHING he's saying false ???”

 Yes, assigning blame to an entire race is idiotic. It is uncharacteristic of you, someone whose opinions I often share and respect. But although everything Brother Nathanael says is not incorrect, the way he says it, as well as the other things he says, earns him a position on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s watch list. I’ve read hate material from many groups. There are always some kernels of truth in their materials.  But what these kernels of truths are used to justify is often despicable.

We must be careful about how we extrapolate. Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Barack Obama, and Eric H. Holder are a nefarious group. But can anyone conclude that they indicate Black control of The United States?

Some Factual Perspective on This Question.

Jewish % of US Population: 2% - Black % of US Population: 12%

Number of Current Jewish US Senators: 13 - Number of Current Black US Senators: 0

Number of Former Jewish US Senators elected since 1900: 22 - Number of Former Black US Senators elected since 1900: 3 [Note: I don't count Roland Burris because he was effectively picked as a place-holder for Barak Obama's IL Senate seat - but was only allowed to do so after he promised to step-down & step-aside when that term ended] - Thus the total number of Jewish US senators elected since 1900: 35 -vs- total number of Black US senators elected since 1900: 3

Number of current Jewish US Congressional Reps: 27 [= 3Xs  the number of reps as compared to their 2% of US population] - Number of current Black US Congressional Reps: 42 [= .75 {IE: 3/4} of the number reps as compared to our 12% of US population]

Total number of Jewish US Cabinet Officials & Ambassadors [past & present]: 38 - 40 - Total number of Black US Cabinet Officials & Ambassadors [past & present]: 19 - 21

Total number of Jewish US State Governors [past & present]: 24 - Total number of Black US State Governors [past & present]: 4

40% of US billionaires are Jewish [= 165 out of a US total of 413]. 18% of Jewish households have a net worth of $1 million or more. - Number of Black US billionaires: 2 [Oprah & marginally so BET founder Bob Johnson]. 1.2% of Black US Households have a net worth of $1 million or more, while 25% of Black US households are in poverty.

The influence of the AIPAC-Likud-Israel Lobby over US Mideast policy is Strong- IE: Israel [population: 6 -7 million] gets more US foreign aid [$2.5 - 3+billion/yr] than all of Africa combined [population: 1-Billion] - w nearly 65% of Africa's aid going to just Egypt [$1.6 billion] due to the deal cut between Egypt, Israel & the US for the Egyptian - Israeli Peace Treaty. 

And the influence of the Congressional Black Caucus- Was the CBC able to influence ex-CBC member [& supposed Son of an African-Kenyan] O-Bomb-em not to bomb the African countries of Libya & Somalia? How about the CBC's influence on Obama to significantly change [after all he said he was all about 'Hope & Change'] the US' on-going atrocious Haitian policies? How about the CBC's influence on Obama concerning Jobs for Blacks in the US - who over-whelmingly voted for Obama & still over-whelmingly support him?  

And so....?

Are you implying these statistics justify the points of view of hate literature like Realzionistnews

I'm Just Noting Provable Factual Info...

I'll leave it up to you all to decide what these facts mean &/or suggest [PS: I'm not familiar w that particular web-site]. 

PS: You might find The USS Liberty Incident of some interest  [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incident]. 

Its especially curious when you compare LBJ's [& the US'] non-responsive inaction to this very real 'incident', to LBJ's actions concerning the so-called Gulf of Tonkin {non}Incident - which LBJ used as a phony excuse to hype-up - so he could escalate Vietnam to Tragically Epic proportions! 


Excellent article.  The Israeli are murderous thugs.  As far as who rules The United States, Russ Baker's Family of Secrets  gives one a good idea:  and it isn't the Jews, the blacks, or the Colombians.

Interesting You Brought-up those Bushes...

There's ample evidence that Wall St Bankster types & various Corp Elites like Prescott Bush [George Sr's daddy], the Dulles boys, Avariel Harriman, The Rockefellers, GM, Ford, IBM, Bayer Corp [as part of the IG Farben Group], the Oppenheimer controlled De-Beers Co, etc- were all doing business w the NAZI's either up to the US entering WWII or even thru the end of WWII. So why do you suppose that no Zionist Propaganda outlet or mouth-piece has ever compared the Bushes to Hitler- yet often make specious hyperbolically shrill accusations comparing many who question &/or oppose Israeli Gov't policy vis-a-vis Palestine to Hitler [IE: They've demonized Min Farakahan to this day for something he did NOT SAY over 25yrs ago!]! BUT Hey- Bush Jr & the AIPAC-Likudniks were like peas in a pod!

Back to the Liberty Incident- Does the reaction [or lack there-of] of LBJ & the US Gov't in the case seem a bit odd to you? Why would the Liberty survivors imply- if not outright accuse the US Gov't of working w &/or covering-up for the Israeli Gov't in this case? 

Jewish power or Black ineptitude?

I'm not sure what those figures represent. It would probably be way more telling to compare jew to gentiles within the power structure.

The notion of "Jews" all being in league with one another for nefarious purposes always makes me uncomfortable. Is that a function of the continuous media propaganda against antisemitism and Holocaust denial, etc or the realization that black folks need to maintain our humanity throughout the struggle?

That said, African Americans seem to take the high road way too often. Witness Obama and his bi-partisan bullshit and our worship of King over X, or Nat Turner for that matter. Sometimes you just need to be an asshole to get what you want.

As far as I'm concerned jews are just white folks of a different religion. Can we still talk about white folks?


The problem is that many people, both inside this country and outside of it, see Black folks' expressions of pride and adulation whenever a Black person achieves some sort of status, or is allowed to assume some exalted position in this society as Blacks also expressing approval of whatever ideology that person professes to believe, and also, as a sign of approval of whatever actions that person takes.

We know that is not necessarily true, but our failure as a group to publicly call out such people when they do not speak to us, or for us, or when they do not serve our interests, or those of Blacks in other nations certainly lends credibility to the widespread belief that Black Americans have become just another bunch of willing minions of American and Western imperialism. 


In many fundemental ways, modern Israel reminds me of its old allies in Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa. Somehow, in spite of the "fact" that "all" of the White settlers were not racists, and did not support the racism of the dominant political parties, those parties managed to be re-elected decade after decade, and racist policies, laws, and traditions dominated every aspect of those societies. Both the "good" Whites and the "bad" Whites benefited equally from the resulting racially rigged police states.

All Jews are not Zionists, yet it is not possible to imagine that the state of Israel, which most Jews support (wherever they claim to be on the political spectrum), would even exist without the Zionist doctrines which first imagined the creation of a Jewish state, and then justified committing whatever acts were "required" to make the "dream" a reality. For 60 years, no matter which parties have been dominant in the Knesset, hardcore Zionist settlers have been allowed to do as they please, and to support the settlers and their own state-sanctioned land grabs, Israelis have created bizarre and ugly throwbacks to the ghettos and the townships such as Jewish only roads, home demolitions, and Berlin walls rammed through villages and neighborhoods, and orchards stolen from other people with the alleged blessings of  of God.

My point is, if racism (in the case of White Africans) and militant Zionism (in the case of the Israelis and their overseas supporters) are the chief means which define and control how these societies in general, interact with the local indigenous populations, does it actually matter what percentage of the oppressor population actually holds those views?

My point is the entire group should not be attacked

I don't think Jews should be attacked for the crimes of Zionists, Germans for the crimes of Nazis, or all whites for the crimes of racists.  I would prefer to name names.

Jews have been injured, killed, and imprisoned for protesting Zionism, some Germans (and many Christians in Nazi occupied countries) risked their lives to protect Jews, and whites fought along side of blacks in South Africa and the American south in the struggles against racism. 

Name names and blame the guilty.







Neither the Jews nor Whites need the spirited defense that some readers and writers have mounted for them here. Both groups are quite good at justifying whatever they wish, and shutting down voices of descent or criticism both from those within their communities and from those outside of their communities, especially Blacks. It would be nice to take down the five or six "bad' Whites and the three or four "evil" Jews who are solely responsible for all of the evils which those groups have inflicted on Blacks and others all around the world over the last 500 years or so. The problem is oppression on a grand scale is not conceived of or accomplished by  one or two evil "leaders"or "bad" organiizations, it is done through systematic means by societies as a whole. It is very rare for a small group to drive the agenda of any society which is not a straight out dictatorship for decade after decade.

Rhodesia, Apartheid South Africa, America prior to the so-called civil rights movement, and Zionist Israel behave as they have, or as they do, because a majority of the people support the system because they or someone whom they care about benefit from it. None of these systems was changed or will be changed by targeting a few bad individuals while leaving the vast majority untouched to enjoy the ill-gotten gains of the oppressive system in peace and quiet without any sort of recriminations or consequences. If Israelis and Jews and White people don't like being tarred by the excessess of the systems they live in and which most of them blindly support, then, they as a majority, (not just the people on leftist, progressive fringe), need to push for tangible change.  

Gen Wes Clark Confirms NeoCon Plan to Attack 7 Muslim Countries:

CN: Its always important to have context when trying to understand World events. I already basically knew this but your link to Gen Wes Clark's talk about the NeoCon plan to attack 7 Muslim countries is important to put this FUK-US NATO assault on Libya in real perspective. All those phony 'cruise-missle liberals' [IE: Juan Cole who Amy G's DN! has given such a sounding platform - And yes I read that Counterpunch Article on Cole's connection to the CIA] who've been hyping this FUK-US NATO assault on Libya as a so-called R2P 'humanitarian intervention' are either dis-info agents or just plain foolish. Obviously these 'cruise-missle liberals' either didn't get or ignored the NeoCon's PNAC & other Memos that talked about going after: IRAQ- [which the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolofowitz, Condi Rice- Cabal attacked under totally false pretenses- IE:  non-existent WMDs], LIBYA- [which the O-bomb-em, Billary, Sue Rice- Cabal have now attacked under false pretenses- thus COG: Continuity of Gov't = SOS no matter if the Pres is a so-called 'Liberal' Dim or a so-called conservative Repug], SYRIA- [which looks like next on the {s}Hit List using that phony R2P as the pretext], IRAN- [which the US & its main ME ally have been saber-rattling for several yrs now using Iran's thus far non-existent nuke weapons prog as the pretext], SOMALIA- [which they've been attacking & destablizing for yrs using drones, an Ethiopia invasion & CIA/XE type Contract Killer Mercs], & SUDAN- [which has been destablized for yrs w several civil wars - resulting in the new break-away country of South-Sudan which just so happens to have most of Sudan's Oil & likely takes away a big chunk of China's oil supply {word is that there's going to be a re-route to Israel]...

Any so-called 'liberal-progressive' talking-head mouth-piece who endorsed this FUK-US NATO assault on Libya [IE: Juan Cole] has ZERO Credibility as an anti-war voice [the article 'Meet Juan Cole - Consultant for the CIA' says Cole also justified Bush's Iraq invasion based on the phony R2P principle]. And any enablers of these type people [IE: DN!] anti-war creds must also be questioned. Thus truly anti-war progressives must never be quick to endorse a US-NATO militarized intervention in any internal conflict of an African or 3rd World country - NO MATTER HOW IT LOOKS on the Corp controlled MSNM Media or even questionable so-called alternative media [IE: DN! & Al-Jazeera] - especially without exhausting all non-military means first! Before FUK-US NATO intervened in Libya the death toll was only a few hundred, now the death toll is in the THOUSANDS [some say as many as 30,000 - 50,000] & Counting - because the fighting & killing ain't over yet! Yet Khadaffi repeatedly appealed & agreed in principle to a cease-fire & negotiation- which the FUK-US NATO group & their Al-CIAeda / King Idris affiliated rebels repeatedly rejected!  On Wed Sept 14 DN!' show, DN! reporter Anjali Kamat [who's been in-bedded w {or in bed w} these Al-CIAeda / King Idris affiliated rebels almost from the start] reported that everybody in Tripoli was rejoicing Khadaffi's fall [IMO maybe a bit prematurely]. But even more outrageous was Ms Kamit's claim that she saw little evidence of FUK-US NATO's carpet-bombing of Libya especially in Tripoli! YET- FUK-US NATO ran upwards of 10,000 bomb runs [likely w an avearge of 2 - 4 bombs dropped per plane = as many as 40,000 bombs] & launched hundreds of cruise-missles. SO- Unless they dropped all of bombs in the Mediterranean Sea &/or the middle of Libya's Sahara Desert - HOW THE HELL COULD SHE NOT SEE ALL OF THAT DESTRUCTION RAINED DOWN ON TRIPOLI & LIBYA- unless she was trying real hard NOT TO SEE IT!  

Thus MSNM & even so-called Alternative media reports [all from outside of Syria by the way] which is effectively demonizing Assad [the same way they demonized Saddam & now Khadaffi] must now be viewed w a bit of skepticism. Even if the Assad regime has killed several hundreds or even a couple of thousand so-called 'peaceful' protestors [but they made the same claim in Libya - which obviously turn out to be a Blatant LIE] - if the US & NATO attacks Syria [though I doubt Russia will just abstain this time] expect tens of [or even hundreds of] Thousands of Syrians to perish! Thus its not enough to be hypothetically posturing as a so-called anti-war 'liberal'- We've got to be Anti US Imperialism!   

And Yes some key NeoCon / PNAC players apparently did work on a policy paper w Likud's Bibi concerning Iraq, Iran & Syria in the mid 1990s. 

"Democracy Now?"

Meet Professor Juan Cole, Consultant to the CIA



African women say rebels raped them in Libyan camp


Empty village raises concerns about fate of black Libyans


The colonial attack on Libya: The FALLOUT for it's AFRICAN neighbors:


DAKAR, 29 June 2011 (IRIN) - Chadian families are facing worsening food insecurity, becoming more indebted, and selling off personal possessions as they try to cope with the loss of remittances from relatives who have returned home from Libya.

Remittances, which half of the households in Chad's western and southwestern regions of Kanem and Bahr el Ghazal used to receive, are down by 57 percent, according to a survey by NGOs Oxfam and Action Against Hunger (ACF). Households on average were sent US$220 per month.

Most families in the two regions have reduced the number of meals they eat; 70 percent are eating less nutritious foods, while just under a third are resorting to wild foods such as leaves and berries.

One in five households interviewed had sold possessions to raise money; while most said they had taken out loans to get by.

At the same time, families are struggling to feed returning members: Some 43,000 migrants have returned in trucks from Libya to Chad over the past three months, according to Craig Murphy, operations officer at the International Organization for Migration (IOM). In Bahr el Ghazal family size has increased by as many as 13 people, according to the Oxfam/ACF survey.

"These people are going home to zones which already experience food insecurity even when there is no `crisis', said Philippe Conraud, head of humanitarian operations at Oxfam in West Africa. "They need food, water - the basics, to get by."



AGADEZ, 19 May 2011 (IRIN) - Migrants who have fled the conflict in Libya to return to Niger say they are having to beg, steal, or sell off remaining animals or plots of land to survive, so as not to burden their already impoverished families, most of whom are struggling with food insecurity.

Some 66,200 Nigeriens have returned to Niger from Libya since the end of February, most arriving in the northeastern town of Dirkou, from where they find transport to take them to villages and towns around the country, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The majority were involved in agricultural work in Libya, for which they earned up to US$216 (100,000 CFA) per month.

Returnee, Mohamed Lamine, told IRIN: “It was with huge regret that I left Libya. I can’t stand having to rely on my aging parents to survive. I will return as soon as possible.”

Now most of them are jobless and many are in debt, having paid inflated transport costs for the roughly three-week journey across the desert, and high administrative costs to enter the country, according to an inter-agency assessment of two departments in south-central Zinder Province, by the government, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and NGO Care International.

“Thousands and thousands of men have left to return to unemployment in Niger. We have no choice but to beg in the streets or to steal,” Abdelkadre Moussa, a returnee in Agadez in the centre of the country, told IRIN. “In Libya you face bombs, but in Niger you face death.”


Libyan NTC puppet government and NATO to threaten poor African nations (Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Chad, Senegal and Burkina Faso) with aid cut off if they don't join AFRICOM and hand over Qadhafi:


Not all Jews are zionist

You don't have to agree with the Bro. Nathaniel but his assessment of the role of zionist Jews and their agenda is spot on. Also, what is so racist about a man who professes that Christianity is not about 'bombing people'? He actually lambasts the zionist christians for their deluded support of the zionist cause. He is a conservative but I can deal with his honesty. How many of these so called 'racists' have you ever met who make a case for the Palestinians?


Zionists are Jewish nationalists who support an apartheid Jewish state.  I don't know what religion Brother Nathanael belongs to and it doesn't interest me.  What disturbs me is that, unlike you or CN,  he equates Zionism and Jews.  And his publication is a vehicle for promoting hatred of Jews.  (See my response to CN below)

Fanon, honesty is not enough of a virtue to compensate for other vices.  Hitler was brutally honest in Mein Kamph about his plans for Jews and other "untermenschen"--which included invalids and the mentally ill.  The apartheid governments of South Africa and Rhodesia weren't dishonest about their beliefs.

Both you and CN get it right when you say not all Jews are Zionists and that it is abhorrent to blame an entire group for the actions of some members of the group.  Brother Nathanael does not trouble himself with these distinctions.  And look at his table of contents:  Doesn't it suggest an agenda?  

But he is a Jew himself

Well he has a problem with Judaism the same way some people have problems with Islam or Christianity. Aside, he is a Jew.  I never heard him advocate for people to be killed.  He mentioned Israeli killings of 'innocent arabs' and the attack on 'sovereign Libya'.  It is possible some of his utterances may engender hatred for Jews but it is a fact that the Talmud preaches hate against 'Gentiles'.  Do you want him to sugarcoat that fact? Don't you think it is a problem that a lot of these powerful Jewish politicians are themselves creating hatred for Jews by their supporting all these invasions in non-Jewish lands resulting in wanton destruction of lives and property? 

Blame individuals, not the group.

"Don't you think it is a problem that a lot of these powerful Jewish politicians are themselves creating hatred for Jews by their supporting all these invasions in non-Jewish lands resulting in wanton destruction of lives and property?"

I try to attack the individuals--Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Kristol, and many others,  and not the ethnic or religious group they belong to.  Bigotry is bigotry even when it comes from a member of the group being attacked.  When I taught in a Bronx public school, I would tell my students that calling each other "niggers" or "bitches" sounded as obscene coming out of their mouths as the same words coming out of the mouths of those who hate blacks or women. 

This is not an individual project

The $5 billion AIPAC lobbies for the state of Israel; the tons of weapons that are transferred to Israel do not seem to benefit individuals.  These are done in the name of a cause and a state. The Jews who have come up to speak against such acts are labeled as self-hating Jews.