NAACP Confronts Tea Party, But Will It Challenge Obama?

naacp vs tea party

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The nation's oldest civil rights group claims it is ready to confront militarism and demand that Obama supporters get the “change they voted for.” So do Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who is virtually an administration operative. So does Big Labor. We'll believe it when we see it. But, the Tea Party is another story.


NAACP Confronts Tea Party, But Will It Challenge Obama?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

If racists were actually purged from the Tea Party, it would disappear.”

The NAACP is a bundle of contradictions – but, by virtue of history, it is our bundle, to criticize when necessary and, when possible, to support. For the corporate media, which virtually invented the Tea Party, the NAACP’s resolution demanding that the various Tea Party outfits disassociate themselves from racists, was the big news of the NAACP convention. Of course, if racists were actually purged from the Tea Party, it would disappear, since race is its reason-for-being as a white nationalist phenomenon. White American nationalism celebrates the fruits of genocide, slavery, aggressive war and empire, and is therefore inherently racist. Lots of non-Tea Partyers are also American empire worshippers, including the Black imperial commander-in-chief, himself, Barack Obama. But the NAACP limits the scope of its criticism to those Tea Partyers that use racist language and images in public – especially when that language is directed against the First Black President.

It is part of the Black man and woman’s burden to confront racism wherever it rears its head – which, in the United States, is everywhere and often. But, in the case of the Tea Party, my question is this: at what point will Black folks be able to say, We beat them? Will it be when the the Tea Partyers go back to using racial code words instead of loud and rowdy redneck-talk? Is that all it would take to arrange a truce with racists, that they be more polite about it?

Wells Fargo destroys whole Black neighborhoods in the bright light of day.”

After all, the NAACP is all made up with Wells Fargo, the Black community-killing corporation that destroyed untold thousands of African American families through systematic predatory lending. The NAACP first sued Wells Fargo, but then dropped the case after the corporation agreed to allow the civil rights group to review its lending practices. And, oh, yes, there was another aspect of the deal: Wells Fargo would be a co-lead sponsor of the NAACP’s convention. All it takes is a fat check and a world class institutionally racist corporation that undermined the very survivability of Black communities from coast to coast, gets to bask in the glow of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. And, why not? The executives of Wells Fargo are not the kind of guys to say the N-word in public. They just destroy whole Black neighborhoods in the bright light of day.

NAACP chief Ben Jealous also plans to hook up with organized labor in Washington, October 2, where, he says, "marchers will demand the change they voted for when Barack Obama was elected." Jealous says the country needs to "create jobs and stop moving money out of education and into wars and prisons." Well, that's something worth supporting. I'm sure this weekend's National Peace Conference, in Albany, New York, will endorse the October 2nd March, and the August 28 events in Detroit, sponsored by the United Auto Workers and the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. But, after three years of blind Obama worship, I find it difficult to believe that Ben Jealous and Jesse Jackson – much less the shameless administration operative, Al Sharpton – are finally prepared to make real demands of the First Black President. That goes for Big Labor, as well. However, many of us in the line of march will be speaking Truth to Power, loud and strong and not very politely. We'' see if the NAACP is really down with that. For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Glen Ford. On the web, go to

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NAACP is a Democrat Lap-Dog

Michelle Obama went to NAACP to get them to come out against the Democrats' biggest threat, the Tea Party.  NAACP responds by calling the Tea Party "racist" by which it is assured of a place at (or under) the Obama table.


The Tea Party is a loose-knit organization built around ideology.  It is in no way exclusive to race or religion but it is decidedly conservative.  If you're interested in Tea Party politics, I urge you to introduce yourself to a local group.  You won't find a more welcoming bunch of people anywhere.

Just like Obama, these punks won't act unless pushed

The NAACP is a moribund organization, reponsible for its own irrelevancy.  So sad that all is left is a "brand."  And the elite sell outs that run the operation are comically fucking up the "brand."


Not so long ago the NAACP was bankrupt, tragically, not only bankrupt of cash, but bankrupt of ideas, folks like Thurgood Marshall must be turning over in their graves.  The NAACP was bought and mainstreamed a long time ago, just like the union leadership.  As I said few weeks ago, everybody wants to be a friggen "middle manager, " it's the burgeoisies wet dream.


Interestingly enough, these punks, like Obama, won't do nothing until they stick their finger in the wind and find the weather vane is turning in a different direction.  African Americans grass roots agitation is the only force that will stop these sellouts from capitulating.  The same forces that will be required to "move" Obama are the same force that need be applied to move these punks. 


Fuck a "Black President."  I don't care if the President is a three-logged, hermaphrodite involved in a love affair with an alien, policies and programs are all that matter.


p.s.  Dammit T.T., lightining does strike twice on occassion.  Although our criticisms come from different directions and perspectives I have to agree with you.  The NAACP is nothing but a Democratic Party (bitch) machine  Confronting the Tea Party is nothing more than a diversion.


p.s.s.  About a year ago I looked at the Cong. Black Caucus website, information about a conference they were hosting indicated that it was underwritten by the corporate big boys, and the topics were by and large weak as shit.  How is the NAACP and the CBC going to "bite the hand that feeds them?"  These Negroes are too smart and too selfish to do that, so where does that leave all of you???  The CBC and the NAACP, like the Big Unions, will never see confrontation or social agitation as an instrument for change, ironically, even the Tea Party gets that.

Teacher's Unions are waking up, who's next?


"...Obama’s Race to the Top education “reform” has enshrined these odious goals into government policy, and the once love-struck teachers’ unions have hastily exited the honeymoon stage with the Obama administration, heading toward a quick divorce.

Rank and file teachers have already quit the Obama administration, and by extension the Democrats as a whole. Evidence of this was on display during the national conventions of the two largest teacher unions, the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

The NEA convention voted in favor of a resolution of “no confidence” in Obama’s Race to the Top program, essentially voting “no confidence” in the Obama administration. The AFT convention was not allowed to vote on a similar resolution, but the rank and file applauded loudest when the AFT President, Randi Weingarten, spoke about the betrayal of the Obama administration. The NEA did not invite Obama administration officials to the convention, because, according to The New York Times, “…union officials feared that [Obama] administration speakers would face heckling.” (July 4, 2010).

The president of the NEA, Dennis Van Roekel, summarized teacher’s experience with the Obama administration:

“Today our members face the most anti-educator, anti-union, anti-student environment I have ever experienced.” This is an extraordinary statement. Not only is it true, but it highlights that President Obama is more anti-teacher than was President Bush, who introduced the anti-teacher No Child Left Behind.

In fact, the situation for teachers is worse than either union president is willing to say. State budget crises are destroying the funding for public education and teachers are being laid-off by the thousands, while others accept wage freezes, larger classes, and other concessions.

On top of this, a flood of new state laws around the country is being implemented by Democrats and Republicans “working together” in accordance with Obama’s Race to the Top campaign. The New York Times explains:

“…with states across the nation facing huge budget shortfalls, governors, legislators, mayors and educators in about three dozen states have been working to win Race to the Top money by bringing their school policies in line with President Obama’s education agenda.” (May 31, 2010)."