The Latin American Revolution, Part 3 of 4: Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador -- Shaking Off The U.S. Empire

The US waged bloody wars in the 1970s and 80s to confine Nicaragua and El Salvador to its colonial "back yard."  Although the victories of popular revolutions were partially rolled back, new governments with deep ties to popular forces have allied themselves with Cuba, which extricated itself from US empire half a century ago.  In the third installment of this series by the producers of the groundbreaking "Ravaging of Africa" Asad Ismi and Kristin Schwartz bring us voices from Cuba and Central America as they endeavor to build new relationships that will enable them to prosper despite the unremitting hostility of the US to their aspirations.

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We must stand with Correa.

Democracy must prevail!


Castro: 'No One Has Been Slandered More Than the Jews'

Cuba to cut one million public sector jobs (hmmm who is that going to affect the most)

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Of course, you're going to attack the messenger of the third link but I don't have a myopic view. SOME of what these right wingers say ARE TRUE.