The Imperialists and the Jihadis: The Evil Alliance Against Syria


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Americans are now programmed to lust for Syrian blood, just as they lusted for Libyan blood, Iraqi blood, Afghan blood – whatever the demonized blood-of-the-day. It is easy for such voracious consumers of gore to project bloodlust on others, even when, as with the Syrian regime, there is no motive for the crime. “It makes absolutely no sense for the Syrian regime to allow the slitting of children’s throats while United Nations observers are stationed throughout the country.” The modus operandi and motive for the crime point to al Qaida and other jihadis – and their various U.S., European and rich Arab backers.


The Imperialists and the Jihadis: The Evil Alliance Against Syria

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

In Syria, as in Libya, the United States has allied itself with al Qaida and forces that are politically very much like al Qaida.”

The afternoon airhead on CNN snarled her revulsion at the very idea that a commentary on Russia’s Pravda newspaper would conclude that Syrian rebels, or even American or British special forces, might be behind the killing of over 100 Syrian civilians, about half of them children, in the town of Houla. Her country and its Free Syrian Army allies would never do such a thing! But, of course, it goes without saying – and without the necessity of any proof whatsoever – that the Syrian government slits babies’ throats for breakfast. For CNN, the inherent goodness of the U.S. and whoever its allies of the moment might be, is a matter of faith.

Like her broadcast colleagues, the high-priced talking head had spent most of last year spreading fantastic lies about “imminent” massacres of civilians by Moamar Qaddafi’s government in Libya – massacres that never happened – and covering up the actual slaughter of black Libyan civilians at the hands of U.S.-backed forces. She and her fellow well-paid prevaricators reported as fact that Colonel Qaddafi’s soldiers used rape as a weapon of war, fueled by vast quantities of Viagra – a total fabrication. These same corporate media psychopaths pretended to believe, and tried to convince the whole world, that NATO’s 7-month bombing campaign against Libya had killed not a single civilian – or, well, maybe just a few.

Now CNN’s heroes are the so-called Free Syrian Army – who are obviously the good guys, because the U.S. State Department and the Pentagon say so. But, the Russian commentary in Pravda is much closer to the truth.

It is in the interest of Sunni jihadis to make the conflict in Syria into a war against the Alawites.”

In Syria, as in Libya, the United States has allied itself with al Qaida and forces that are politically very much like al Qaida. Hundreds, if not thousands, of U.S.-armed Libyan jihadis have relocated to Syria. The Saudis and Qataris have sent many thousands more Sunni religious fighters into Syria, where they wage holy war against the secular government. The terror bombings that have claimed hundreds of lives in Syrian cities over the past few months are classic al Qaida, as even U.S. officials have been forced to admit. And so are the killings of children in Houla.

The logic of the Houla massacre is the logic of al Qaida. In Iraq, al Qaida dedicated all its energies to provoking war between Sunnis and Shi’ites, whom al Qaida considers heretics. In Syria, the Alawite minority to which President Bashar Assad belongs is a branch of Shia. It is in the interest of Sunni jihadis to make the conflict in Syria into a war against the Alawites, who are over-represented in the secular government and the army. These jihadis hate both Muslim heretics and secularists. But, it is fundamentally against the Syrian regime’s interest for the conflict to devolve into sectarianism. And it makes absolutely no sense for the Syrian regime to allow the slitting of children’s throats while United Nations observers are stationed throughout the country. However, it does serve the interests of the rebels and their American and European backers – and, of course, the interests of Israel, which has long sought the dismantling of the Syria state.

Terrified at the onset of the Arab Spring, the U.S. and Europe, along with the royal thugs of the Persian Gulf, decided to unleash chaos in the region, using the most militant foot soldiers at their disposal: jihadis. Ultimately, this diabolical strategy will not make U.S. imperialism stronger – but it will make the world a lot bloodier, and far more dangerous.

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Lame-stream Presstitutes In Bed w FUK-US NATO, GCC & AL-CIAeda

The Presstitute Lame-stream media got in bed w the [recently convicted in abstentia] Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld / Bliar / NeoCON cabal- cheering them on to do Iraq. Then they [and even some supposedly 'progressive' alternative media outlets IE: DN! & Al{that}Jazzeera] got in bed w FUK-US NATO, the GCC Gulf Monarchs & their AL-CIAeda affiliated Rebel-Rousing Racist Lynch Mob [aka: the NTC] to cheer on the devastion of Libya & the brutal slaughtering of Khadaffi. Now these same Lame-stream Presstitutes et-al are trying to do a Libya 2.0 Redux in Syria- even shuttling some of those same AL-CIAeda racist lynch mob rebel-rousers from Libya to Syria.

So if Bin-Laden's Al-Qaeda is the mortal enemy of the US [supposedly since even before 9-11], NATO & Israel why were/are they all so buddy-buddy when it came to doing in Khadaffi & now while trying to do in Assad???  

For another take on the so-called 'Arab Spring' - particularly RE: Mubarak & Egypt see this Feb 18, 2011 article @ - 'Mubarak Toppled by CIA Because He Opposed US Plans for War with Iran'... 

Tarpley's theory was that Mubarak opposed US / NATO / GCC / Israel plans to do a War Dance on Iran. One can imagine if that's so he also might not have been on-board w the FUK-US NATO assault on his western neighbor [Libya], which came right after his ouster. And he might also have opposed what's happening now in Syria- which is closely connected to the war plan vs Iran. Tarpley then says that the so-called 'Arab Spring' was a CIA orchestrated smoke-screen  / 'colored' revolt [or was possibly effectively hi-jacked as such] to topple Mubarak, Khadaffi & Assad as obstacles to US / NATO machinations in the region.


For another take on the Houla massacre see: 'Atrocities Made to Order: How Wall Street and London Manufacture Tragedy to Sell War and Regime Change.' by Tony Cartalucci @ [ ] a brief excerpt: } In the wake of the Houla massacre in Syria, evidence has exposed the West's initial narrative of Syrian troops "shelling to death" around 100 people to be categorically false. What is known is that Syrian troops were engaged with armed militants of the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) in and around Houla. Syrian troops, as they have been doing throughout the conflict, were using artillery and tanks to target heavily fortified rebel positions from a distance. During or shortly after this exchange, militants began entering homes and killing families with knives and small arms fire. The FSA and Syrian opposition claim the militants were pro-government militias while the government claims they were foreign-backed Al Qaeda terrorists, known to be operating throughout the country. What they were NOT, by all accounts, were Syrian troops.
Russia's position is that opposition forces were involved in the massacre... { 
And there's this article @ by Russian journalist Marat Musin: THE HOULA MASSACRE: Opposition Terrorists "Killed Families Loyal to the Government" [@ ]

The Arab Spring was a true

The Arab Spring was a true popular revolt against U.S. domination and neoliberal economics which overthrew U.S. backed dictators in Egypt and Tunisia. The Western backed rebellions in Libya and Syria are not a part of the Arab Spring but are an attempt by NATO to reverse the loss of Western influence the Arab Spring caused. The media is just trying to legitimize the Western backed rebels in Syria and Libya by getting people to associate them with the truly popular Arab Spring uprisings. The U.S. and Britain have aided the government of Bahrain in suppressing Arab Spring protests.

Mubarak and his regime were owned lock stock and barrell by the U.S. The U.S. supplied his military and security forces and Egypt was the U.S. governments firmest ally in the Middle East.  Mubarak supported Israel and helped enforce Israel's siege of the Gaza Strip. Mubarak was also a strong opponent of Iran.

The anti-Mubarak protesters were protesting Mubaraks neoliberal economic policies although the U.S. is trying to get the new Egyptian government to continue those policies.



What was the so-called 'Arab Spring' Really All About???

I myself began to wonder about the standard 'Arab Spring' narrative when it was claimed that the Libyan [armed] uprising was part of the 'Arab Spring' - though it soon became obvious it was unlike the unarmed uprisings in Libya's neighbors Egypt & Tunisia [though it was falsly reported as an unarmed uprising ala Egypt & Tunisia by the western lame-stream media & even supposed alternative media IE: DN! & Al-Jazeera]- Libya was an ARMED all out Rebellion almost from the Get-Go! IMO It's seems quite a 'coincidence' that the so-called Arab Spring began w Libya's 2 neighbors Egypt & Tunisia- from which later armed rebels in Libya apparently would received material suppport [from FUK-US NATO & the GCC] &/or used to stage attacks inside Libya against Khadaffi's Regime. And it must be remembered that the current cival war for regime-change in Syria [ala Khadaffi in Libya] also began under the color [or cover] of the so-called 'Arab-Spring'.

One might ask why did the US seemingly throw their long time ally [probably the US' 2nd most important Arab Ally] IE: Egypt's Mubarak under the bus rather quickly, yet faithfully stuck by a seemingly less important ally in Yemen during the Yemeni uprising??? And if the Egyptian 'Arab Spring' was all about not just replacing Mubarak- but the entire old military guard / order & bringing about an emerging Egyptian democracy [spearhead by the likes of Muhamed El-Baradei] why is it a yr & a half later & the old military guard / order, minus Mubarak, is still running Egypt??? Such that they have to have an Egyptian 'Arab Spring 2.0' this yr??? And there's evidence that some key Egyptian 'Arab Springers' may have ties to US so-called 'Democratic' Front orgs which were previously implicated in the 'color' [coded] revolutions in Georgia & Ukraine [effectively challenging Russia at her door-step]??? Thus seemingly the main victims [Targets] of the 'Arab Spring' were effectively Mubarak [but not Egypt's old military guard / order], Khadaffi [resulting in total chaos in Libya] & now Assad [resulting in ever increasing Chaos & sectarian violence / civil war in Syria]- & we know Khadaffi & Assad  were/are on the US / NATO / NeoCON {s}HIT List, so what about Mubarak??? 'Arab Spring' uprisings in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen etc- were{are} viciously suppressed w the US', EU's & even the UN's tacit approval. Thus IMO the 'Arab Spring' was definitely hi-jacked by the US / NATO / GCC & used as cover to over-throw Khadaffi & attempting to do likewise w Assad -&- possibly was to some degree staged & orchestrated by these usual suspects all along. Thus IMO- Webster Tarpley's thesis on Mubarak vis-a-vis the Arab Spring & US GCC machinations in the region should NOT be dismissed out of hand.