Freedom Rider: Mitt Romney, The Less Effective Evil


by BAR editor and senior Margaret Kimberley

Mitt Romney is living proof that incompetent white guys with money can go far in life – but not, this time, to the White House. The poor little rich boy will doubtless blame the 47%. But Obama will treat them no better. “If he is re-elected he will waste no time in making another grand bargain with the Republicans which will come at the expense of the 47%.”


Freedom Rider: Mitt Romney: The Less Effective Evil

by BAR editor and senior Margaret Kimberley

Romney is very ambitious but not very bright, which is the cause of his latest campaign troubles.”

At Black Agenda Report we have long argued against the canard of supporting the “lesser of two evils.” After all, one is still supporting evil and the rightward shift in American politics means that the so-called lesser evil is generally nothing of the sort.

Barack Obama is not, as most Democrats argue, the lesser of two evils, he is actually the more effective evil. Mitt Romney is simply no match for Obama, who clearly surpasses him in intellect and political shrewdness. Obama knows how to give his supporters the back of his hand and still get their undying love and loyalty. Romney doesn’t have anyone’s loyalty and is living proof of the power of white privilege and the entitlements that come with wealth.

Romney’s presidential campaign is only viable because of deep pocketed right wing contributors and deeply racist white Americans who cling to the Republican Party regardless of the quality of its candidates. The Romney campaign has weathered many missteps on the part of the candidate, who managed to insult the British during a simple photo opportunity at the Olympics and who was unable to run an effective convention, which is now nothing more than a glorified commercial. He followed his lackluster event with hastily made and just plain incorrect statements about the killing of the American ambassador to Libya and followed that public relations disaster by stating that middle income Americans earn $200,000 per year. Mitt Romney is a conservative, turned moderate, turned conservative again. He is very ambitious but not very bright, which is the cause of his latest campaign troubles.

During a May fund raising event Romney was recorded saying the following about Obama supporters:

There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax.”

For good measure, he added, “[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives”

Romney doesn’t have anyone’s loyalty and is living proof of the power of white privilege and the entitlements that come with wealth.”

His remarks were not that shocking considering past statements about not caring about poor people, but his obvious obedience to right winger red meat makes him unappealing to the millions of people who don’t pay income taxes because they only have Social Security to live on.

In contrast, Barack Obama also sucks up to wealthy patrons at private events but isn’t nearly as ham fisted about it. During a $30,000 per plate fund raiser at the Greenwich, Connecticut home of one Richard Richman (his real name) Obama took the opportunity to sneer at his progressive critics and was so unconcerned about any reaction that he posted his comments on the White House web site, complete with indication of when the well heeled group had a laugh at the expense of his supporters.

Now, the second reason I'm telling you this is because Democrats, just congenitally, tend to get -- to see the glass as half empty. (Laughter.) If we get an historic health care bill passed -- oh, well, the public option wasn’t there. If you get the financial reform bill passed -- then, well, I don't know about this particularly derivatives rule, I'm not sure that I'm satisfied with that. And gosh, we haven’t yet brought about world peace and -- (laughter.) I thought that was going to happen quicker. (Laughter.) You know who you are. (Laughter.)”

The teflon president let his host know that he remembers where his bread is buttered without insulting half of the population in the process.

Austerity is killing the economy and causing terrible hardships, but liberals didn’t make that case.”

Liberals leapt upon the words which even Romney called “inelegantly stated” and in the process showed their own brand of evil. Liberals could have pointed out that Americans should expect decent housing and medical care. They could have noted that there are nations around the world who do provide for their citizens’ basic needs, and that they are more advanced as a result.

Instead of shooting fish in the barrel when even conservative pundits piled on the Romney condemnation, they could have advocated for a different conversation about the role of government in our lives. Austerity is killing the economy and causing terrible hardships, but liberals didn’t make that case. Because there are enough Americans with some degree of need for government support, the Romney comments made for great political theater. But if liberals were interested it could have been an opportunity for so much more.

Obama proved that he has no more regard for people living on the margins than Romney has when he put Social Security and Medicare on the budget cutting table. He convened a budget deficit commission and packed it with pro-austerity conservatives without anyone in either party having asked him to do so. If he is re-elected he will waste no time in making another grand bargain with the Republicans which will come at the expense of the 47%.

A few gaffes won’t ruin a campaign, but the cumulative effect of repeated examples of incompetence make it unlikely that Romney will be the next president. He is no match for Barack Obama, a master of marketing and slickness. Men dumber than Romney have won presidential elections, but they weren’t up against the likes of Obama. If anyone is the lesser of two evils, it is Mitt Romney. He isn’t really less evil, he is just not as good at hiding it.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)



Grand bargain?  How do you say Simpson-Boles aka the Catfood Commission, coming to a theater near you.  Obama is 10x more effective than Mittens.  Some Lib postings I've read actually believe Mittens was set up to fail, not far fetched when you think about it.  In a world of critical, objective analysis one would normally think that if you had 2 moderate Rethugs running side-by-side then all things being equal, the White guy should be winning.

When Newt warned the GOP that he was the only one who could debate Obama he wasn't shitting them, he was right.  Obama will rip Mittens a new one, Mittens will seem even more unpresidential and out of touch after the debates.  Mittens doesn't know what he believes, Obama does, its just we're to stupid and hard-headed to listen....or listen to BAR. 

You heard it from me first, not the NY Times or Nate Silver.  Obama's lead will increase by 2 to 4 % points after all of the debates are over; he'll be up on Mittens by a solid 6 to 7 points come November.  As Ms. Kimberly writes, Obama is way smarter and shrewder than Mittens, better handlers too.

Smarter? I doubt it!

The only reason Obama is ahead is the media.  They exaggerate Mitt's mistakes and touts Obama's for basically nothing to write home about.  Mitt and Obama are all candidates of the financial elites.  George Soros actually said they was not going to any difference in policies between them.  How do we explain the Wall Street Journal critiquing Mitt and implicitly endorsing Obama?  This is a game that only fools and the unthinking fall for?  Let's look at Obama's record on almost everything. He has been worst than George Bush; so when I hear the boilerplate arguments that Mitt is the worse evil, I respond that if we have withstood George Bush, we can withstand Mitt.  Obama is the problem!  How people cannot perceive the fraud that he is, is troubling.  But let us not ignore the fact that America is the best when it comes to marketing.  Honestly, I think this election is very tight; and the elites are worried for Obama not because Mitt is a great candidate  -- if he were, he would not be struggling to beat this flop -- but because Obama's achievements are more perceived that actually realized.  One reason Mitt is struggling is Obama has done everything the republicans could ever boast about.

I'd suspected the same thing.

Really it's pretty clear that the C.I.A. asset Barack Obama is the billionaire ruling elite's very effective, chosen tool for the job and they're not going to switch horses in midstream. But they of course had to run somebody against him or else even the dimmest bulb out there would be able to figure out that it doesn't matter who you vote for because the choices are all controlled by the elite. Mitt Romney sure seems to be the 2012 Republican version of John Kerry in 2004, a tackling dummy set up behind a lectern to give the illusion of a choice in November. 

Obomber has eliminated the "National Security" Gap

Bev,  thanks and its good to be back.  I had to step away for my sanity and due to moving out of State and taking a new job.  Despite my utter despair at our collective plight it is cathartic to get some things off one's chest.

I agree with your assessment.  The super wealthy gave Romney the nomination by message massaging and propaganda and behind the scenes selection of who will win.  Same thing they did for Obama 4 years ago.  Remember, the majority of astute politically observant Black folks cast their lot with the Clintons because they were a known commodity.  But Obama has proven to be much more effective.

If you paid attention to the conventions you will see that the Rethugs were not able to beat up the Dimocraps on national security, from a raw political perspective that is a hell of an achievement and hats off to Obama for killing as many people and invading as many countries and blustering even more than Bush II. 

Now we move on to the manufactured "fiscal crisis" or the "Great Recession."  What Steve Harvey and M. Eric Dyson and assorted dickheads won't talk about, because they either don't know shit or they will ignore it, is the recent audit of the federal reserve that shows $16 Trillion in secret bailouts.  This figure is on top of the trillions and counting for the Quantitative Easing bullshit that continues to occur behind the scenes.  What Bill Black and others describe as a Ponzi Scheme. 

Romney, being a rich, out of touch prick, could never pull off a revamping and cuts to social security and Medicaid.  But Obama can and HE WILL SUCCEED.  Make no mistake about it.  Mainstream media is already behind it, i.e. Simpson-Boles.  The suck asses and apparatchtiks in the Democratic party will be right behind Obama and will tell the sheeple "we have no choice in the matter, it's either austerity or we go the way of Greece."  What you won't hear one damn peep about however is that we are north of $40 TRILLION to the banks and corporations who created this mess, this huge sucking sound that is the last gasp of the world economy.  But hey, why prosecute the banksters, lets shower them with taxpayer monies instead.

Obama will tell yall the devil made him do it and you'll believe him.  LOL  He's just cleaning up Bush's mess, again......

Score again for Obama, the Peace Prize Killing Machine and Father of US Austerity.  Mittens??? We don't need no stinkin Mittens we have the Commander in Chief.  LOL  Unfortunately, we're all f***ked in the process, but at least there's a Black man in the White House!  I don't know if he's "Heaven Sent" however, m****f****r just might be the Anti-Christ.  LOL

Welcome back!

It's great to see you on here again. I was hoping you hadn't left permanently.

Will the US presidential elections be stolen in florida again?

An ominous part of the secret Mitt Romney tapes that Mainstream media won't report on:

To assure the donors that he and his campaign knew what they were doing, Romney boasted about the consultants he had retained, emphasizing that several had worked for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

I have a very good team of extraordinarily experienced, highly successful consultants, a couple of people in particular who have done races around the world. I didn't realize it.

These guys in the US—the Karl Rove equivalents—they do races all over the world: in Armenia, in Africa, in Israel. I mean, they work for Bibi Netanyahu in his race. So they do these races and they see which ads work, and which processes work best, and we have ideas about what we do over the course of the campaign. I'd tell them to you, but I'd have to shoot you.

[End Quote]

"Netanyahu appears in conservative political ad airing in Florida"


"Netanyahu appears in conservative political ad airing in Florida"

"New Ad Implies Obama Is Cozy With Muslim Brotherhood"

I used to post the Youtube clips of Victor Vancier aka Chaim Ben Pesach right here on BAR. I used to say: here's what the anti-Obama campaign ads would look like before november, and sure enough I was right.

Victor Vancier might seem like an obscure figure but I think he represents some of the thinking in right-wing Zionist circles:

"Barack Hussein Obama - Enemy Of Israel"

Council on Foreign Relations member, and former State Department official Steve Pieczenik speaks on "the Arabist" Ambassador Stephens:

Press TV has conducted an interview with Sabri Malek, a spokesperson for the Libyan Democratic Party, from London:

[Note: A Sufi American ambassador would be hated by both the Neo-Cons and the Wahabi Saudi's]

Malek: We Muslims mustn’t behave in this way. We must respect international law. Indeed, we must respect Islam itself.

Mr. Christopher Stephens was the ambassador who was killed, was a friend of the Arab world. He was a friend of Islam.

Indeed, he was a Muslim himself. He followed the spiritual Islam. He was a Sufi.

Note this article on RMoney's Mormonism & Lame-stream Media's

Hands off approach compared to how the Lame-stream media w FOX Noise leading the charge, went on & on about the Rev Wright hype in 2008 resulting in Obama denouncing Rev Wright & leaving his church as a long-time member [this was the first clear indication of how Obama would throw Blacks under the bus for his own poly-trickal ambitions]. And the lame-stream media, led by FOX Noise, has kept up the hype about Obama as an under-cover Muslim.

Yet when it comes to RawMoney's confirmed long time family links to the Mormon hierarchy, including RMoney's position as a Mormon Bishop even when official LCD Church doctrine was blatantly racist towards Blacks, the Lame-stream media has maintained its silence.

See Global Research article 'The Power of the Mormon Church over Mitt Romney'.