Ecocide & Genocide Are The Secrets of Capitalist Efficiency

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce A. Dixon

We hear all the time about what geniuses the masters of capital, the lords of innovative technologies and global supply chains are. But are modern supply chains really that different from the transAtlantic slave trade, which brought genocide of Native American and African peoples and destruction of natural environments?

Ecocide & Genocide Are The Secret of Capitalist Efficiency

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce A. Dixon

We hear all the time about how the competitive genius of firms like Wal-Mart, Monsanto, GE and Apple Computer have mastered innovative technologies, and global supply chains to bring us all the objects we covet and consume. We understand they did all this by being braver, more far-sighted and just plain smarter than the rest of us, because that's what we've been told all our lives.

But thanks to intrepid journalists who have visited and reported on sites like the massive 400,000 employee Foxconn plant in South China, through which nearly all Apple's Dell's, and the product lines of many of their “competitors” pass, there are many reliable accounts describing how final assembly of all our cell phones, computers and computer subassemblies is done by workers, often children confined to barracks, exposed to toxic chemicals, worked to death and disability for near-starvation wages in 12 to 24 hour shifts, and discarded for newer serfs before they reach their late twenties. This innovative system is backed up by a Chinese state every bit as much the craven servant of capital as our own US government. And this is only one stage in the electronics industry's global supply chain.

It starts in Central Africa, in the Congo where most of the world's coltan, a naturally occurring compound used in every cell phone, circuit board, computer, car, aircraft, missile or electronic device, is mined. To ensure that a strong central Congolese government didn't block Western access to its vital resources, Western powers engineered the invasion of Congo by seven surrounding countries who turned it into a vast free-fire zone and killed 5 to 6 million in the last half of the 90s alone. The ore is shipped to China on freighters fueled by West African oil, where that industry has turned Nigeria's delta region into one of the most ecologically devastated areas on earth.

Capitalist efficiency then, is nothing more than the murderous offloading of real costs onto powerless oppresssed people and the natural environment.”

In China the coltan is refined and processed using coal fired electricity, with the coal coming from the rape of Australia's indigenous lands. Chinese manufacturing for US companies selling to the US market are an enormous contributor to atmospheric carbon dioxide which is melting the polar icecaps and causing uncontrolled and catastrophic global climate change. The electronic subassemblies are put together in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Maylasia under conditions so terrible even the Chinese government can't force them on its people. The subassemblies are shipped to China for final assembly and to the US on more oil-burning freighters. The electronics industry differs only in the particulars from global corporate agriculture, fisheries, auto, textile and many other industries.

Capitalist efficiency then, is nothing more than the murderous offloading of real costs onto powerless oppresssed people and the natural environment. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was a global supply chain as well. The genius-grade innovations of Steve Jobs, the Waltons and the rest of the investor class are ecocide and genocide. They are parasitic vampires, a malignant disease feeding off humanity and the planet Earth. It's time we begun planning a cure, and how we will someday live our lives without these geniuses of capitalist efficiency.

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Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and lives in Marietta GA, where he serves on the state committee of the Georgia Green Party. Contact him at bruce.dixon(at)


Truly brilliant, Mr. D ! ! !

You could have expanded it to fill an hour of connecting the dots, but then you'd have lost a sizable portion of the audience!

Why the oil flows from southern Iraq to China --- why the Chinese mining companies are in Afghanistan, mining copper while protected by US or NATO troops --- when oil and gas pipelines are now crisscrossing Afghanistan to India (and Pakistan) to supply those facilities for the multinationals and benefitting the Indian (and Pakistani) elites, etc., etc., etc.

Why US foreign aid flowed to China, India and other countries to build help finance those factories, production facilities, and affiliated infrastructure, etc. for the benefit of the multinationals to ship jobs to and create new ones at.

Today on Democracy Now Amy Goodman interviewed Walter Mosley.

While Mosley’s not unintelligent, neither is he the sharpest tool in the shed.  I agree with his general thoughts about people’s involvement, but it was articulated far better, and far more intelligently, by Ferdinand Lundberg in his The Treason of the People back in the 1950s. (And everyone should read Lundberg’s epochal The Rich and the Super-Rich.)

Regarding Walter Mosley, he inferred he speaks for all Black Americans; some may dispute that.

Mosley says he’s down with Clinton, does that mean he agrees with Clinton’s making millions, upon leaving the presidency, by lobbying on behalf of the jobs offshoring industry to ensure as many American workers as possible are unemployed?

Does that mean he agrees with Clinton’s appointing Peter G. Peterson*** to his commission to “end welfare as we know it” and all that economically destructive legislation Clinton signed, as well as the Telecommunications Deregulation Act of 1996?

Mosley says he doesn’t blame Obama, so I take it Mosley both realizes, and agrees, with Obama’s appointment of a 100% neocon administration?  His appointments of Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, Neal Wolin, Gary Gensler, Mary Shapiro, Peter Orszag and the premier offshoring specialists, Diana Farrell, Jim Kolbe, and Jeffrey Immelt?

Black History Month would be better served by interviewing a Glen Ford, or a Bruce Dixon than a not too well-informed author of fiction.

***After running Bell & Howell into the ground, Peter G. Peterson was appointed to the Commission on Foundations (due to pressure from the Rockefeller family) so that he could find that foundations should remain unchanged (that is, continue as tax-exempt financial structures to hide the vast wealth of the super-rich, while also hiding their ownership of various companies, trusts, stocks and bonds, etc.). Peterson was the founder of the Blackstone Group, handpicked as the director for the Council on Foreign Relations to follow David Rockefeller (his mentor and benefactor), chair of the NY Federal Reserve, and founder of the Peterson Institute, whose primary agenda has been the offshoring of all American jobs, the ending of Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and any and all social safety net items.

I want to see more Resource nationalism in Africa

It frightens white people. In particular the shareholders/owners of Euro/American multinationals, and the radical environmentalist that they clandestinely support in order to halt development projects in Africa.

Every federal social safety net on the planet is sustained by production, infrastructure, trade, and/or expropriation from domestic or foreign capital (taxes). Even Castro has to deal with this reality. How will Africa improve its citizens dismal life expectancy and quality of life if they reject all forms of modernization?

More on this by Dr. Tarpley as he exposes Obama officials: Cass Sunstein & John Holdren:


@Cynical Negro:

I noticed that not a single person who responded to the articles which you linked asked the obvious question. Who controls the mineral wealth in White dominated nations such as Britain, Canada, Australia, or the United States, and who benefits from the mineral wealth of these nations? It seems that like war and violence, economic nationalism is only a good thing when it serves White people and their interests. As of the time of this posting, China is about to call the West on its hypocrisy about this very matter yet again at the WTO with its response to the "rare earth" affair.

Whenever one wants to read about what the West's real agenda is in Africa or elsewhere, skip FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. and go directly to the Economist, the Financial Times, the Wallstreet Journal or other business and trade papers.  Far from being hopelessly impoverished, the African continent is extraordinarily rich in nearly all of the natural resources that the modern, global, high tech economy needs. Most of these are things with which it cannot do without and which it cannot get elsewhere, or easily, or quickly, or cost effectively either substitute or replicate. If Black Africans ever become the masters of their own nations and their own natural resources, the days of Western hegemony will rapidly (and permanently) come to an end. The future of the world will not be decided in the Middle East, because its oil is only one element in modern economies, and it will slowly be replaced and displaced by other technologies. It will be decided in Africa. Black people really need to wake up. And start fighting again.