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Crimes Against Blacks Demand Consequences, Says Black Is Back Coalition

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    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The Black Is Back Coalition holds its national conference in Harlem, this weekend, with “movement-building” on their minds. The ongoing assaults on African American lives and dignity show that “Black people are not effectively wielding power in the United States – certainly not in their own defense.”

    Crimes Against Blacks Demand Consequences, Says Black Is Back Coalition

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    We must build a movement to win power in our own hands.”

    According to the Black is Back Coalition for Peace, Social Justice and Reparations, which holds its national conference this weekend in New York’s Harlem, the recent “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial sent a clear message that it’s open season on Black people in the United States. But, how can that be so in the second decade of the 21st century, more than two generations after passage of laws that that were supposed to make African Americans full citizens, and with a man of African descent in the White House? Obviously, Black people are not effectively wielding power in the United States – certainly not in their own defense. Otherwise, why all this impotent rage at an unjust system that criminalizes African Americans as a group and allows police – and even civilians – to shoot Blacks down like dogs?

    “There will be more and more Trayvon Martins and more Sean Bells and Ramarley Grahams until we as a people are able to deliver some kind of consequence,” said Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black is Back Coalition. He’s talking about “consequences that will force the system to respond to the needs that we have in our communities” and to redress the harms that have been done to Black people. This means “taking control of our own agenda,” because, says Yeshitela, “the system won’t stop acting towards us the way it does unless it has to pay some kind of consequence.”

    Crimes against Black people cry out for consequences, all across the country. In New York, members of Ramarley Graham’s family will participate in the Black is Back Coalition conference, at St. Mary’s Church, in Harlem, August 17 and 18. Only last week, a Bronx grand jury refused to indict the policeman who shot the unarmed18-year-old to death in the bathroom of his own home. It is up to Black people to decide what the consequences of such crimes must be – otherwise, Black folk’s enemies will become even bolder.

    Isolated individuals and groups cannot possibly impose consequences on Power.”

    “We must build a movement to win power in our own hands,” says the literature for the Black is Back Coalition conference. Movement building is what the coalition is all about; it is the reason organizations that were already engaged in struggle came together to fashion a working coalition in which Black people of various political stripes united to fight for common goals. Omali Yeshitela, who is a founder of the Uhuru Movement, puts it this way: “The Black Is Back Coalition challenges the notion that I can be in my own little corner, with my own little issue and, somehow, forge ahead by myself.” Isolated individuals and groups cannot possibly impose consequences on Power. Only Black people wielding their own, organized power can do that.

    The greatest diluter of potential Black political power is the Democratic Party, which is financed and controlled by bankers and the rich, who then stifle independent Black political action through their networks of bought-and-for Black operatives and politicians. Most members of the Black Is Back Coalition believe what’s needed is a final break from the Democratic Party, and a real struggle to achieve independent Black organization. The best place to start is with an already existing Coalition that proudly proclaims “Black Is Back.”

    For more information on the Black Is Back Coalition national conference, go to their website at, or call 202.681.7040.

    For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to

    BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at


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    Stop and Frisk, racial profiling, and public's response

    I'm not an African-American, but I am a disheartened human being at the state of racial issues today, such as the racial coloring(no pun intended) of every topic. Just as in the Martin/Zimmerman case just after Trayvon was murdered(yes, I said murdered), a poll showed a large majority of whites polled who IMHO just did not get that race was significant in most people's response, as in blacks came up on Trayvon's side and whites on Zimmerman's side. I'm happy to say as a white man I was on Trayvon's side. And after the court conclusion that allowed a criminal to be freed, to hear many say that race had nothing to do with it(seems they fail to notice the entire judicial system is racially biased), I wonder if they also didn't see race in the crack vs powdered cocaine penalties that was finally changed(not enough IMHO). I mean what does it take to see that AA cocaine users could afford crack, but not the powdered cocaine  and why it was their choice over powdered cocaine. Seems subtle, but society is filled with blind subtleties to do with race, from an inherent hidden bias that is in all of us, to the statistics of incarceration. A minority group isn't likely to have a higher ratio of criminals in their ranks versus a white majority. A Bell curve very much fits many situations, such as the ratio of criminals to non-criminals in a minority group, is not going to be lower in the white majority. Just as IQ tests follow a Bell curve with extremes at the low and high end, from brilliant humans to less mentally endowed ones.

    With a black man as the Prez and AG, and both Democrats, the ones who should be calling them out, are creating a deafening silence and literally allowing them to get away with murder, after all, and if those in your 'family' won't allow food stuck in your teeth without letting you know the truth, instead are allowing you to smile broadly with your smile blemished by the food particle, having you think all is well when it is not. And if your family won't tell you the truth, who's going to? But for a Harvard law professor it isn't not knowing as much as refusing to take action for fear, perhaps, of a GOP TPartier that may act upset, which they will do anyway.

    President Obama should pardon the Florida lady who was jailed and will be for decades for just protecting herself from an abusive husband. She could have blown him away and told whatever story she wanted, as the records showed he was mean and abusive to her. Yet she opted out for not killing him even though she felt threatened, and so she shot her gun at the ceiling, and the result was the FL Stand your Ground law that ought to have protected her actually did not, but it's a bad law anyway.

    I guess my point is the status quo of Stop and Frisk, racial profiling and racially biased judicial system doesn't have to be that, AG Holder and the Prez could take an active role to start down the path to REAL justice for all, but particularly for black people. Troy Davis could have been pardoned by the Prez, and I'm sure there are cases all over the country where a pardon would correct judicial 'mistakes.'

    Nixon, a real criminal after resigning as Prez, and clearly his criminal involvement deserved his being pinished, instead President Ford pardoned him. GWBush pardoned Scooter Libby who served not one day of his having been found guilty of outing a CIA agent. Bush was asked later, and he said he felt Libby had served enough time...AAARRRGGHHHH...Wholly Moses he didn't serve any time. You get my point surely.

    A Colorado case of a bicycling surgeon who was hit by a drunk hedge fund manager driving his upscale Mercedes and the hit and run offense and the other charges were reduced to a single misdemeaner driving charge by the prosecutor. So, the surgeon was hit and sustained permanent injuries that will be a big part of the remaning life he will have with his kids and his wife. And the prosecutor said the hedge fund manager's job was just too important to be blemished with the initial crimes he would have been charged with had the DA not reduced the charges...???!!!WTF!!

    Now if someone can tell me that they know of a case of a black person who had their charges reduced similarly, please provide a link, or the article of the unlikely event.

    Keep up the good work here at BAR, BAR Team.


    How can this society be so bad?  You have pointed to many things wrong with it.  I just cannot get over it.  This fall to the bottom began shortly after the March on Washington. Accelerated after the signing of the Civil Rights Act and then moved into warp speed after the Voting Rights Act.  When Reagan took over, the viciousness was displayed for all to see.  Nobody hid it.  It was like the Wallaces, Asa Carter and the KKK just marched in and seized power.  There is no God or we wd have been turned to stone long ago. This is obvious.  Prayer obviously doesn't work.  Most white people are either stupid or as selfish as the Merchant of Venice.  Makes me puke.  America could have been a wonderful place to live...

    All we can do is sit and watch the courageous people at BAR and Cornel West get crushed and butchered by the most toxic society that has ever been.  Hanging and disgusting, open hatred will  come back to reign again...


    People talk about "Free Speech" for racists.  It's unbelieveable and sick.


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