Black America, Corporate Media and the Siege of Gaza

This weekend, heavily armed Israeli military forces intercepted a flotilla bearing relief supplies for Gaza in international waters. The intention of the crew and passengers, who hail from more than a dozen countries and include a number of Israeli Jews, was to run the more than three year old blockade of food, trade goods, medical supplies and construction materials to the 1.5 million people of Gaza, the world's largest open air prison, to force US corporate media to cover the slow motion starvation imposed upon Gaza by the US and its client state of Israel, and ultimately to end the siege.

This weekend, heavily armed Israeli military forces intercepted a flotilla bearing relief supplies for Gaza in international waters. The intention of the crew and passengers, who hail from more than a dozen countries and include a number of Israeli Jews, was to run the more than three year old blockade of food, trade goods, medical supplies and construction materials to the 1.5 million people of Gaza, the world's largest open air prison, to force US corporate media to cover the slow motion starvation imposed upon Gaza by the US and its client state of Israel, and ultimately to end the siege.


Black America, Corporate Media and the Siege of Gaza

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon


After seizing control of the boats, and murdering at least nine civilians in the process, the Israeli soldiers took the boats to an Israeli port and arrested the crew and passengers. Journalists were stripped of cameras, notes and recording devices, and all are being held incommunicado in an apparent effort to give fake US and Israeli government accounts of the incident a few days head start in the media.

Using military blockades to besiege and starve civilian populations for political or warlike objectives is wildly immoral and flatly illegal, a violation of the United Nations Charter. Thanks to the disciplined effort of US corporate media, the brutal blockade of Gaza imposed by the US and its client states of Israel and Egypt is largely invisible to the US public. You will search US media pretty much in vain for the accounts of journalists who live in or who make their way to Gaza, for the damning UN figures on homelessness and malnutrition, on the collapse of health care, trade, education and employment in the besieged zone where half the population is under the age of 15.

Gaza is being punished for the unforgivable sin of rejecting the US and Israeli-sponsored candidates for local office. Having elected candidates not to the liking of the US and Israel, their populations are to be denied food, medical supplies and the like until they come to their senses and choose leaders more to the liking of the US and Israel. This was US foreign policy under George W. Bush, and it continues unchanged and reaffirmed under Barack Obama, despite some lofty words in Cairo and some other places.

Over the last year or so, civilians from dozens of countries, including the US have put together convoys of schoolbooks, food, medical supplies, clothing and trade goods. They have set out for Gaza overland in trucks and were barred at checkpoints often two or three countries away, or by the actual Egyptians and Israelis guarding the gates of Gaza, now the planet's largest open air prison. Activists have collected donations and loaded planes with relief supplies, planes that were denied permission to land anywhere near Gaza, and which were threatened with shoot-down by the Israeli air force. And on at least three or four previous occasions, shiploads of concrete, construction materials, medical goods, food and such have tried to run the blockade by sea. Our own Cynthia McKinney, the former congressional representative from Atlanta took part in one of those efforts. Along with volunteers from several countries, she was arrested by Israeli authorities, confined for a few days in an Israeli prison and deported.

A full scale Israeli military assault at the end of 2008 devastated poultry, dairy and vegetable farms, hospitals, factories, bakeries, along with water and sewage infrastructure and hundreds of buildings. Now a brutal act of slow motion genocide is in progress, engineered by the US, Israel and Egypt. People are literally dying in Gaza who don't have to because of decisions made and reaffirmed by our First Black President to continue the illegal collective punishment of the people of Gaza.

This is a test of the ability of corporate media to keep a real stories out of their headlines, not just the slowly tightening noose of starvation in Gaza, but the growing tide of public outrage at the violent apartheid regime of Israel. This tide is rising inside the US as well. In Atlanta, Chicago, the west and east coasts and dozens of cities in between people thousands gathered at on short notice before Israeli consulates to show their anger at the latest lawless act committed by Israeli authorities who are financed and empowered by the bipartisan establishment in Washington DC.

Like the worldwide movement against apartheid South Africa, a grassroots awareness of the depth of Israel's genocidal policies toward Palestinians is growing, both inside and outside the US. A global movement advocating the boycotting, divestment from and sanctions on the apartheid regime of Israel is taking root and growing in communities and on campuses throughout the nation. But although African Americans are statistically the most likely to sympathize with claims for the human rights of Palestinians, black Americans are severely under-represented in these efforts. There were at most two or three black Americans among the seventy or so US citizens who attempted to enter Gaza over the Christmas holidays. Many black pastors are hamstrung, unwilling to jeopardize the federal funding for their ministries by actively disagreeing with this president, the last one, or the next one, whoever that might be.

The movement for divestment in Israeli apartheid will face greater obstacles in the US than the movement against the apartheid regime of South Africa. Heinous as it was, South Africa was peripheral to US imperial policy. The middle east, where Israel serves as a permanent military base in a sea of brown people in close proximity to a large fraction of the world's oil supply, is absolutely central to US imperial rule, not just in the future, but right now. Thus the movement to divest, to boycott, to apply sanctions against Israeli apartheid will not receive favorable media coverage. It won't be funded by so-called liberal foundations or by generous corporate sponsors and advertisers. And many elements of the black clergy are severely compromised not just by their faith-based federal funding but by ties with white racist fundamentalist Christians who support the Israeli state as acting out the literal will of God.

It won't be easy. But it has to happen, and it will. This president and his administration have already chosen what side they are on. Corporate media has chosen too. Increasingly, it's time for African Americans, indivudally and collectively to make ours as well. What side are we on?


Posting my comment from point of view as NYC Jew -

First, I'm delighted that the website is back and looking good.  I'd thought it was my computer, as I'm old but not tech savvy....

"DemocracyNow" had a good show yesterday on the ....Am searching for a word...and at a loss.  Several guests, including Ali Abunimah, whose pain was to be heard.  (I was listening to Dem.Now on WBAI and I support the "undo the coup" movement at WBAI, see

I had to "do" something, as quickly as I could - so I took a piece of protest art done in July, 2006 ("Shame on Israel and US" - listing some things, such as bombing, torture, occupations...) and added "FREE GAZA" on top of the 6"X9" piece of art (xerographic collage).  He who does my errands, took the art to be xeroxed before work and I started sending them to Jews, relatives and others.   It was faster than figuring out a way to update the protest I did at the Gaza attack or a new one.

For years (I'm 7 0), I didn't know what to do about Israel and Palestine.  In the mid-60s when I was doing small cog work in the civil rights movement in NOLA, and doing art,  I listened to one of the guys who visited the CORE office (shared space with the lawyers group I worked for pt time/volunteer) on the topic.  It was uncomfortable as a Jewish woman, from NYC, being blamed for what Israel was doing.  It was listening to Chomsky and Phyllis Bennis in the 90s that "got me off the dime".  I know people who don't want to "get involved" - so they get the art first.

Addenda: no replies yet on my protest art. Some brief 
memories of my Left Bubbie's Zionist work in the 1940s: my bubbie (grandma, yiddish), in Borough Park, was a zionist in the 1940s (and probably until her death in 1968).  She did not use the word.  I didn't know the word for a couple of decades.She
 collected clothing for orphans in Israel in 1947/48.  They were dropped off to our 3 room apartment in Brooklyn.  We were poor (my dad was in a VA hospital; he'd enlisted in WWII; post office worker; being in the US military was financial hardship for the family;often still is) and I got to pick one or two items of the children's clothing for myself.  I was a 7 and 8 year old "zionist": I sold raffle tickets for orphans in Israel in 1947 or 1948, and went around to our neighbors in our working class apartment house with a pishkie box (tin box for coins) because no one would say "no" to a 7 or 8 year old.   My uncle,one of Bubbie's sons, who had enlisted in the US army in WWII, who lied about his age to do it (he was under age), jumped ship on the way home from Germany to go and fight in Israel in 1948.  When he came home later that year, he resumed his military US army career until he retired; he didn't want to leave; aged out.  We fought about war/peace and he stopped talking to me when I was 13, during the Korean War because I said his idea to nuke China was stupid.  He had had to leave school at age 14 to go to work (but he was thrown out of all schools because of poor behavior, he said) and he liked being in the military.  (Unable to hold civilian jobs.  Ended military career as map/rifle instructor.) I became peace activist as result of dad disabled/dead due WWII, when I was 10. (And rec'd the GI Bill for a college and some graduate school work.)  My neighbors were all Dems., fairly conservative
 politically (talked about one couple in the building as "commies"): taxi drivers, postal employees, manufacturing jobs and only the single mothers worked in the 1940s into the 1950s.  I left in 1956, to college, youngest sibling off to school, widowed mom back to a clerical job for the state.

Blacks are terminally dependant

Bruce, you are so right. Black America has been compromised by their terminal dependancy. Once again, I am calling for the Black Movement for Self Sufficiency. We have to break the dependancy or we will be finished in the next 100 years.


This article is FIRE!!!! 

Throw Bible "Literalism" and Dispensationalism into the mix

Beverly:  "The sadder reality is that most black pastors don't have a clue about and are as apathetic as any in their flock regarding the Palestine/Israel issue.  There are more churches that receive no federal dollars than do."


That's absolutely true, but it's more than a money issue.  The major problem and explanation as to why Black Churches are inept and powerless, is because they've been sucked into the Right Wing White Christian Nationalist vortex, and they are quite content to stay in spin cycle even if the money is simply promised but not delivered.  Spiritual bankruptcy is what I call it.


My "home" church (I grew up in it I practically refuse to attend for the reasons Beverly outlines), my home church's pastor is taking a sabbattical for a couple months, I heard he's going to the "Holy Land," I'm sure he'll come back whopping and hollering about how transformational his visit is but won't say "boo" about Israel's brutality.  I wouldn't spend a goddamn cent in Israel.


One of his associate pastors, my former co-worker, has a masters degree in public policy.  I could never discuss the wrongful treatment of Palestinians by Jews with him, nor my supervisor another crooked Black minister.  It's always "it's in God's hands," or "that's not for me to question."   I could never discuss why they believed Anglo Saxons were the "chosen people."   They believe this Bible literalism bullshit.  And their "articles of faith" are drenched in stupidity and ignorance with full embrace.  My co-worker criticized my leaning on "history" and reality.  Educated people mind you, who supposedly learned what allegory and symbolism stood for after matriculating to college.


Now, what's interesting is that they supposedly "know" everything else that's good and wonderful.  They supposedly are equipped to deposit all other sort of wondrous insight and wisdom.  Preachy, like Texas Tim, but spirtually empty.  Funny how these "New Christians" have adopted the Old Testament.


We're doomed people.  What a sick ending.  White and Black and Brown Christian Conservatives believing they are going to heaven by defending a racist, militarist, fanatical, (and SOCIALIST Texas Tim) colonial outpost that is pining to lead the world into a cataclysm of apocalytic proportions.  Is this a prelude to an attack on Iran, do (as I've been saying on BAR for last few years) the Israeli's GIVE A FUCK!!!  You be the judge and seek your own answers to that question.


"But they don't know, there can be no show, and if there's hell below, were ALL GONNA GO, gonna go... gonna go..."


HA!  I'll see you on the "other side" grooving to some Curtis Mayfield instead of the Winans or Pat Boone, or some Kirk Franklin locking and popping for the younger set.

Father, forgive them...

Ethics philosophers from Plato and Aristotle to The Apostle, Paul and CS Lewis agree that wisdom is reason controlling passion.  Cynic sees a white conspiracy behind every bush.  To read his posts,  you'd think that all those smiling, soft-spoken white people gather naked and painted around secret fires every night, burning black dolls in effigy and singing songs about the destruction of the African race and that's simply not true.  Cynic is either paranoid or a charletan.  The Christian faith and American culture are man's best hope for hapiness.

Go fuck yourself Texas Tim

You will never see the devilish ways of White people, you fakeass christian.  I believe in spirituality not some white Pope or big -money Minister trying to tell me what Godly revelation is.   You are a mean-spirited son of a bitch parading as "christian."   And it out be to crystal clear to you by now, nobody is buying or listening to your bullshit. 


Ethics philosophers... HA  what do you White Christian/Zionist Nationalists know about "ethics?"  Paranoid??? You "devils" have been trying to exterminate people of color since you invented scientific racism.  Not paranoid about you at all, you simply don't mean shit to me. 


Go teach your bullshit to your Sunday school class or your "prayer-group."  Or some other brain-dead sect.  Any M.F.r who has to constantly talk about how christian he or she is, AIN'T.  "I will know you by your deeds."   Not the B.S. spilling from your lips. 


"Father forgive them... I say "Father smite these evil bastards parading as christians and worshipping false gods."


To read your posts one would believe all smiley-faced White Nationalists who call themselves "christian" are running around mimicing Jesus.  Not.  Go back to your Old Testament.

What did I say?

Your "spirituality," whatever that's supposed to mean, doesn't seem to be working.  Maybe you can tell me what it's supposed to do so I'll know it when I see it.  I'm reminded of the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal.  Baal's prophets prayed and ranted and cut themselves but Baal never answered.  In the end, God was glorified and Baal's prophets were destroyed.


I'm not a Catholic and I don't go to a megachurch.  I do teach Sunday School to 3 and 4 year olds.  This August, I might be teaching an adult Sunday School class but our church isn't all that big.  It does have a private school that our son goes to but even that is pretty modest.  The church is Baptist but I'm not sure I fit the mold completely.  I know I'm a Protestant and an Anabaptist.  I'm not dedicated enough to be a Puritan but I think they've got a good bead on what living the faith should be.  I'm definitely not a Calvinist because I believe in free will.


I refer to my faith so much because it's such a big part of who I am.  You, on the other hand, seem to define yourself by your race.  That's strange to me.  You didn't choose your race.  You can't change it and it can't change you.  You can't improve on it or corrupt it.  It's just a matter of genetics so I don't see what the big whoop is.  If you lose some of your skin, do you become less you?  If your eyes fail you, how would you know if you changed?  Would you ask others? "Hey, am I still black?  How black am I?  Am I black enough?  Too black or just right?"


I'm a curious dude and I'm going to keep pokin' at you until I understand you or you change into something I do understand.

Father... forgive them for they know not what they do...

With its soaring popularity Desperate Housewives reminds us that the corrupt-suburbia stereotype resonates with modern American viewers. Moreso, it seems, with the older generations than with the college-aged: ironically, the larger portion of viewers were found to reside in the suburbs of conservative, Bush-supporting "red states." According to Frank Rich of The New York Times, "It is even a bigger hit in Oklahoma City than it is in Los Angeles, bigger in Kansas City than it is in New York." While college girls still cling nostalgically to their full 6-season DVD sets of Sex and the City, married suburbanites hastily put their kids to bed on Sunday nights and flip to the show that unabashedly pokes fun at their lifestyles.


At the same time, conservative groups like the American Family Association rage against the sex-drenched drama and its debasement of holy matrimony. (The AFA even pressured several companies to withdraw their advertisements from the show in protest.) Yet their protestations seem like hollow gestures when the "family-values" advocates who form their support base cannot help but tune in to the show.


"The Christian faith and American culture are man's best hope for happiness."

When I read posts like that, it makes it crystal clear why so many Americans are unable to deal with other cultures which do not share their world view, and why this nation has been so slow to change or to fix what is wrong with it. When one presumes to have all of the anwers, one has already set oneself up for conflict with those who do not accept your either your "solution" or your inevitable attempt to impose your "solution".

Last I checked, China has been in existence for over 5000 years and is well on the way REGAINING its place as one of the preminent civilizations on the planet. There are actually quite a few nations in Asia with histories that go back thousands of years, and many of them, including giants such as India, are also on track to become serious players on the world stage. In fact China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and others had to expel Western Christian colonizers before they could regain their places as viable societies. Apparently these deluded Asians don't accept your view that there is only one solution for humanity

Although it's less than 300 years old, American culture has at one time or another made war on people on nearly every continent on the planet. In spite of its wonderful rhetoric, it has also been a big abuser of human rights both domestically and internationally, and has enabled its allies to do so. Ironically, Blacks have spent their entire history in America fighting for justice against a group of people who claim to more pious and more righteous than any that have ever lived. Others in Asia and elsewhere have observed this struggle/conflict and have said, "Thanks, but no thanks, we have our own ways."

Great article, Bruce.  As for

HA! Revenge of the Rednecks

So much for the bombast and idioicy about Obummer's transformative presidency.  All the boojie Negroes basking in the Presidential race, thinking theres room for future "stars," that Obummer's win was just the beginnning.  No matter how hard these future Negro Congressperson wannabe's kissed White folks asses and sold out their conscious and constituency, White folks dissed their asses all the same.  Serves them right, Uncle Toms.


Looks like Redneck Mericans done put the cabash on that.  So much for the "crumbs" we get from our Black pols who try to "out-white" the White politicians.  As they say in the hood, " you still a Nigga."  lol


"Change you can(not) believe in.  Read em and weep you mainstream, wannabe, Negro stooges. Maybe now you will get with a "Black Agenda" because acting White ain't helping one twit.

I agree....

...there needs to be more boycotts and not just against Israel, but China's products; Indian products that  are produced by slaving children. The only weapon that the opressed have (that won't cost many lives) in sending a clear message of revolt to the opressors is the money in our pockets; no matter how little it is. Where we spend our money is where we place our vote.

What would happen if 20 million people refused to pay taxes this year? Refused to shop at Wal-Mart or Target or refused to eat at McDonalds or any other house of malnutrition? Or stop watching Television for one whole week? Boycotted the film industry? Or SONY, Microsoft corporations? or if twenty million Americans stopped buying sports memoralbilia and all that other Bullshit that sucks our pockets and souls dry and ultimately turns into huge profits for countries like Israel and China, corrupt/uncle Tom regimes of a host of so called developing nations, not to mention the disgustingly rich elite in our own?

I wonder what would happen if that could happen? It may sound like a pipe-fairy tail-dream to most, but then so did the abolishment of slavery to slaves and slavers as well as the Civil and Voting rights acts in our time to those who dreamed of them.

PS- @E.C., Texas Tigger Timmy isn't going to change his stripes for all the Buckshot in any Austin, backwoods gunshop. So, for your own sanity, it might be best to let him go and conduct his social science fiction experiments elsewhere. We already know who and what he is and stands for.

So, in the spirit of mass boycott action; I vote that we start with Texas Timmy and his all/self encompassing and elusive Tail. What do you say?

Down with Zionist Apartheid! Free Palestine!

although African Americans are statistically the most likely to sympathize with claims for the human rights of Palestinians, black Americans are severely under-represented in these efforts.

Thank you for this insightful article Bruce! You point out a contradiction that I have noticed since the Amerikkan empire first prepared to invade and occupy Iraq. The overwhelming majority of our people were opposed to the war—statistically more significant than whites; yet at the anti-war demonstrations we were not present in the massive numbers as our stated opposition would suggest. Some say it is because the anti-war coalitions were not Black enough (lol, I wonder why) others say it is because though we are anti-war and pro-Palestinian we tend to place those concerns low on our priority list (I hope not). Some just say they “ain’t marchin’ no mo.”

Whatever the case may be it is even more urgent that we solidify our solidarity with the Palestinians now than ever. When president Obama calls for an Israeli ruled Jerusalem, shakes his butt for AIPAC, and does more for the Israeli military than he does to solve Black unemployment it is clear that the historical Black consensus is an endangered species.

Israel serves as a permanent military base in a sea of brown people in close proximity to a large fraction of the world's oil supply

Thank you for pointing out this truth. People who argue that America is under the control of a sinister Zionist lobby have it reversed. Israel is a racist settler apartheid state and is an outpost of European imperialism. It is strategically dependent on the US empire; the US makes most of the weapons that the zionist settler state uses.

So, in the spirit of mass boycott action; I vote that we start with Texas Timmy and his all/self encompassing and elusive Tail. What do you say?

Finally !!! Thank you Cool Breeze; we certainly don’t need to respond to any more rants by a white nationalist tea bagger peddling ole’ massa’s hand me down-plantation-gutter religion.

Who's asking you to convert?

You guys really can't see past your racist noses, can you?  What example do you have of anything I've said "peddling... massa's... religion?"  I don't know if we're a white majority or Christian majority country and I don't care.  My point here is to debate racism, which I believe immoral, and ethics which I believe rare among racists.  So far, I haven't seen anything to make me question those beliefs.  None of you has been able to respond without lies and vulgarity so who's right and who's wrong?

Pants on fire

Let's not pretend that the supply run was anything but a test of Israel's defenses.  Pro-Palestinian groups have been shooting at Israel from behind human shields for decades.  An indicator of how uninformed people are here is how they claim that the America is pro-Israel.  If we really wanted to support them, we have setellites that could pinpoint every site that launches a rocket.  We could inform Israel so they could level Palestine one block at a time.  We'd have deniability and Israel would be justified with self defense but that hasn't happened, has it?


Is it because we're anti-Israel, instead?  No, it's not that simple.  As nice as it would be to put white hats on all the good guys and black hats on all the bad guys and split them into easily defined camps, so many small deals are made between major and minor governments that pulling out would be like trying to get the sugar back out of the koolaid... blindfolded.


I honestly believe that improvement is a fool's cause.  The only hope we have is positive reorganization out of anarchy (revolution).  What new groups will rise to power?  I don't know.  Would the next breakdown in civilization result in the final apocalypse?  I don't know that either.  Ever since John wrote Revelation, people have been expecting.  Famines, wars, cold snaps, hot spells, new technologies, political changes, all have clued some into believing the end times were at hand.  As a jumper fell from the 30th floor passed a guy on a 10th floor balcony, he was heard to say, "So far, so good!"  So far, so good.

Settlers support other settlers

Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. It does not belong to any Europeans who moved there and robbed the native people of their land in 1948 with the support of British imperialism.

Spare us with the irrational religious obscurantism; I doubt that even Palestinian Apostolic Christians (Orthodox and Catholic) have any use for some jive, made yesterday, evangelical pale face religion.

Down with settler colonial apartheid Israel!

Down with “Christian” Zionism!

Down with white nationalist tea baggers and confede-rats!

Afrikan People and Palestinians have the same enemy, face the same odds, and need to have some real solidarity!

Straw men

If you have to lie to make your point, your point must be pretty weak. Show me where the Tea Party calls white nationalism one of the planks in their (our) agenda.  Show me Tea Party "confederates."  I've posted enough times here that, if I were a racist or wanted to return to slavery, you should be able to use my own words against me as I'm doing to you now.  Let's see what you've got.

Israel & Apartheid South Africa

There has been very scant mention in all media re: the unholy alliance between the two that resulted in Israel selling nukes to S. Africa to use against Angola and the heroic Cuban Freedom Fighters stationed there. Yet Hillary rails daily about non-existant Iranian nukes. It appears that Bill & Hill are still calling the shots and Obama is there flunky.

Isreal & the Middle East is NOT central to U.S. Interests

Bruce Dixon writes ...

South Africa was peripheral to US imperial policy. The middle east, where Israel serves as a permanent military base in a sea of brown people in close proximity to a large fraction of the world's oil supply, is absolutely central to US imperial rule, not just in the future, but right now.

Mr. Dixon repeat the oft quoted Chomskyite axiom that Israel plays the "junior partner" role in its relationship with the United States.  However Jeffrey Blankfort, Dr. James Petras and many other anti-Zionist have documented that these axioms of Chomsky are unsupported by the evidence.  For Mr. Dixon to repeat those axioms only confuses the issue and retards the Left from focusing on taking real action against not only the RACIST/ZIONIST entity of Israel by also confronting Zionism in the United States.

This is a very important issue for African American as their TAX dollars are going to support an APARTHEID entity.  Also it should be noted that Noam Chomsky is a ZIONIST and why should an well respected African American journalist like Mr. Dixon citie without FACT CHECKING the AXIOMS of an adherant of a RACIST ideology who writing and articles failed to uncover the greatest shift in U.S. ruling class -- the growing influences of ZIONISM.

African Americans need to recall their great struggles against WHITE RACISM and now band together with ANTI-ZIONIST in the struggle against anti-Arab racism and the racist ideology of Zionism that has reached the pinnicless of the U.S. power structures.

Pot black much?

First, I don't see white racism as an insuperable problem.  I know you'll disagree so let's set that aside for the moment.  My question is, how can one form of racism (anti-zionism or afrocentrism) say another form of racism is wrong?  What tenets of one are different from the other?


Secondly, I disagree with anyone who doesn't believe allies and military posts in the Middle East are vital to US security.  They're important in providing intel on possible threats and they are effective staging areas for arms and supplies to deal with those threats proactively.  Even if I didn't agree with Israel's rights to survival and self defense, I'd still find reason to support them as an ally.

Time to hit the books

and your comment below reveals as much.


"Mr. Dixon repeat the oft quoted Chomskyite axiom that Israel plays the "junior partner" role in its relationship with the United States.  However Jeffrey Blankfort, Dr. James Petras and many other anti-Zionist have documented that these axioms of Chomsky are unsupported by the evidence.  For Mr. Dixon to repeat those axioms only confuses the issue and retards the Left from focusing on taking real action against not only the RACIST/ZIONIST entity of Israel by also confronting Zionism in the United States."


What Mr. Dixon writes is no Chomskyite axiom at all. It is the fact of the US Israeli alliance and it is a fact that those who are familiar with US foreign policy History following the second world war should be, not only aware of , but thouroughly convinced of.

Could you provide a link to your aforementioned documents from Blankford and Petras?

Chomski has been a harsh and persistant (and there are many like him, he just happens to be a linguistics inovator, so he gets more than his share of press) critic of Israel's genicidal practices against the Palestinian for most of his adult life, not to mention a committed anti war and civil rights activist and there is no shortage of evidence documenting that fact. Chomski is Jewish But that doesn't make him a Zionist. The latter is a religion and the former a political philosophy. It's important to be aware of that distinction. And even if, for arguments sake, He was a Zionist who held the patent on the idea that The US is Israeli's client/satelite state-middle east operative instaed of the ohter way around; What Dixon writes is in no way confusing the issue nore would it be divesting any stringent critic from a pro Palestinian and or anti Israeli occupation argument. Fact of the matter is Zionism is a political agenda of the Jews that stole Palestinian land and are continueing to commit genocide against them. Now discovery how and why that happened, is the job of  anyone who is  truly intellectually interested in understanding our geo political political world. Mr. Dixon has no doubt done his home work over the years.

It's a good example to follow.


Bruce is Right

Cool Breeze, the biggest fallacy is that Dixon’s analysis is “Chomskyan” solely because, like Chomsky, Bruce emphasizes Israel’s dependence on the Amerikkkan Empire. Beyond that there is no comparison. Chomsky has many strengths, especially when he is dealing with linguistics and parts of the world that are not Palestine. His compromises and refusal to address Israel as a de facto settler colonial apartheid regime that oppresses Palestinians by its very nature and on its own accord has angered prominent Palestinian activists and pro-Palestinian Arab activists. As`ad AbuKhalil wrote on his “[i]t is time that we learn that we dont have to stand and applaud any White Man who comes to our region with some criticisms of Israel, OK? I mean, imagine if a supporter of the struggle of blacks against Apartheid were to say: I count myself as a supporter of the Apartheid regime.”

Ali Abunimah of electronicintifada (who has had articles on BAR in the past) has some interesting things to say about Chomsky as well:

While I completely disagree with Jeffrey Blankfort’s assertions that US imperial policy in the “Mid-East” is  reducible to the wishes of the Zionist Lobby he has nevertheless provided one of the most devastating critiques of Chomsky’s latent Zionism

 For those who don’t believe that imperialist Amerikkka follows its own interests with respect to the settler state should consult the words of the arch-racist, confede-rat sleazy dog, and tea bagger ancestor: former Sen. Jesse Helms—

 “I have long believed that if the United States is going to give money to Israel, it should be paid out of the Department of Defense budget. My question is this: If Israel did not exist, what would U.S. defense costs in the Middle East be? Israel is at least the equivalent of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Middle East. Without Israel promoting its and America’s common interests, we would be badly off indeed.”  Boooyyyaaaa!!!

 Saying this however does not mean we can ignore the Zionist movement here in the US. Conflict with AIPAC, the ADL, et al is unavoidable for the US based Palestine solidarity movement. It is unavoidable, if for no other reason, because once any pro-Palestinian position gets any attention US Zionists will attack it with pure fanaticism. The case of Norman Finkelstein is a case in point. From a liberal Zionist position Peter Beinart wrote “The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment” in The New York Review of Books and it covers this topic:

 “Not only does the organized American Jewish community mostly avoid public criticism of the Israeli government, it tries to prevent others from leveling such criticism as well. In recent years, American Jewish organizations have waged a campaign to discredit the world’s most respected international human rights groups. In 2006, Foxman called an Amnesty International report on Israeli killing of Lebanese civilians “bigoted, biased, and borderline anti-Semitic.” The Conference of Presidents has announced that “biased NGOs include Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Christian Aid, [and] Save the Children.” Last summer, an AIPAC spokesman declared that Human Rights Watch “has repeatedly demonstrated its anti-Israel bias.” When the Obama administration awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, former UN high commissioner for human rights, the ADL and AIPAC both protested, citing the fact that she had presided over the 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. (Early drafts of the conference report implicitly accused Israel of racism. Robinson helped expunge that defamatory charge, angering Syria and Iran.)”

More to the point; does anyone notice that this whole discussion of Chomsky and Zionist lobbies takes us on a detour around the fact that Palestinians are oppressed by the, US armed and supported, Zionist settler regime? See how quick this turns into a historical discussion about Jews and the Nazi holocaust and not about Palestine being colonized. See how quick Jew baiters can distract us from focusing on what’s right to focusing on Jewish bankers, Jews controlling congress, Jews…I’m done and I’m sure you get my point. Jew baiting is reactionary and is not anti-Zionism; it does squat to support Palestinians.

Yeah, Bruce is right...


I agree with your point that most if not all discussions concerning the oppression of not only the Palestinians, but any other group of people and maybe more specifically African Americans, quickly and reflexively turns into a discussion about you know who. And I didn’t want to go there. My point, however brief, and abstract, was the historical relevance related to Deadbeats critical assertion that Bruce Dixon like Chomsky (as well as yourself) recognize and understand the alliance (even the word alliance may be incorrect, for that would suggests that they both share equal amounts of power and control in this given situation; and they don’t) between Israel and the US for what it in reality is….Israel exist because of the United States support of its initial founding along with its continued existence. Also, to hold Chomsky up against the wall because he was a Zionist in his youth is cheap and unfair, because as he points out himself, his idea of Zionism was, is not that which has created and maintains the state of Israel; but one that supports Jewish self determination. So, to me that criticism of him is meaningless.

It’s like labelling opponents of African American self determination racist or anti white.

I do admit, however, that his semantics can leave one somewhat bereft, if not irritated, of any emotional charge from his analysis, and can lead to the assumption that he is protecting Israelfrom its crimes. But, he’s a revolutionary language scientist; he’s concerned with the origins of the details with in the facts influencing what it is we call that which we perceive. And I think that it is this focus on concrete facts that Chomsky bases most of his analysis and critic of Israelon. And I think that it is this practice that confuses those like Blankfort who try to hem Chomsky into to not only criticizing the Israeli government and its leaders for its human rights crimes against the Palestinians,(something he has always done), but they want him to use their language, such as “Apartheid” to do so. And that along with Chomsky putting the ultimate responsibility (not Blame) on the United Statesfor what Israeli’s Government does is the crux of their argument against him. The man’s not perfect, and there is no shortage of documentation refuting claims that Chomsky is anything other than a staunch critic of  how Israelgoes about its Zionist methods of Jewish self determination behind the shield of the USempire. I would like to go further into that, but this is not the place for it.


But, I will conclude with what I see as another comparison between Dixonand the Chomsky Philosophy which may not always be obvious.

African American intellectual criticisms of the United States and Europe’s responsibility for the corruption that inhabits the regimes of some African nations for example, that result in brutal genocide and persistent oppression by their African dictaorial leaders is not unlike Chomsky’s proposal of not wanting to waste energy on placing ultimate blame and responsibility on  the client state and its puppet regimes and their heinous deeds, but placing the bulk of such responsibilities on the shoulders of  those who built the puppets as well as the political machinations that control them. Would you argue that such a position by African American intellectuals is dishonest and apologetic to corrupt African leaders?

 Those African American civil rights leaders who are responsible for pushing this nation in the right direction concerning equal rights new very well who the real philosophical/political enemy of the people was keeping them down; it was those in government controlling the legislations that allowed for Southern white mob rule following its abandonment of Reconstruction that led to a century of Government condoned racial oppression and violence against blacks at the hands of white people, North and South. That’s why non violent tactics worked so well in revealing the Governments complicity in that oppression, hence embarrassing it into action. Simply blaming white racists and picking up arms to do them violence in return would have only continued to cloud what the true power behind the discrimination and violence was. So, like wise, as Chomsky asserts. Blaming Israelfor what is under agreement with the USallowed to do to the Palestinians is in a way a misguided focus. If millions would refuse to pay taxes, that would put a greater wrench in the wheels that turn and allow Israelto continue its path than putting sanctions on Israel. Besides only the government has enough power to do that, and we know that’s not going to happen. But that at the same time is not to say that those military and political leaders themselves are not responsible for the murderous action they take upon the Palestinians and should not be punished.

Like white racists violence against African Americans, Native Americans and Mexican Americans; the violence afflicted onto the Palestinian people is a symptom of a much greater disease of power, conquest and rule and all the moral degradation that goes with. And i agree, that any form of political movement that views any groups idea of self determinism in terms of killing and robbing people of their lands should be combated at all costs. And if the forms of ultra/perverted capitalism and Empirial rule and racial injustice that is endemic to US society is not fought here then movements like Zionism will continue to leech what it can from its dominant hosts.

You've got a friend in Helen Thomas

If this pack of ranting anti-semites hasn't seen the Helen Thomas statement that Israel "should get the hell out of Palestine," you're missing a really proud moment for racist scum everywhere.


Maybe we should tell Mexicans or Africans to get the hell out of the US since that's the new norm in polite conversation.  Maybe BAR, and every prison gang for that matter, has had it right all along.  Maybe we should just break into race-based tribes and just start whacking anybody different.  Maybe Whites can take over the US and its nuclear arsenal and turn places like South America and India into wastelands.


We've got choices, people.  Racial conflict leads to genocide.  Tolerance leads to peace.  We're not going to agree on all isues but, if we start with a respect for all life, we're at least half way there.

...and you have a racist wingnut in TexasTim.

So...does that mean that you will also rat out Ann Coulter for calling Mrs. Thomas "that dirty Arab" some time back?? it only OK for apologists for your favored right-wing Zionism to lash out in rage against acts of cowardice and terror??

Oh...and it's not just "racial conflict" that causes genocide, TexTim..GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED RACISM AND BIGOTRY CAUSES GENOCIDE. (Notice how I bolded it so that even your tinny mind can understand.) I dislike Hamas and Hizbollah just as much as I dislike fundamentalist Judaism or Zionism...but it's not the Arabs or the Muslims who have 100+ nukes and the backing of the biggest bully in the world to starve the people of Gaza into submission or death for not voting the right way. And it wasn't just "racial smack" that led to the civil rights movement, it was resistance to government-sanctioned and enforced racial bigotry...geared exclusively towards Blacks to the favor of Whites.

Then again, since you have such a fantasy of using our own nuclear arsenal to turn South America into a wasteland, my guess is that the real reason why you are so gungho towards the Israelis is that you wish the US would do the same. Respect for all life, indeed.

The IDF and AIPAC really to need to improve their propaganda game, if this is the best they can do to infiltrate progressive and Left sites to offer up apologia for their actions. Either that, or BAR could use some serious moderation policies to eliminate such trolling efforts.



I really wish Black Agenda Report had skipped this piece. . .

. . . but no such luck. 

What is truly disappointing is that the majority of black people commenting on this piece are showing more passion and compassion for the issues of Palestinians than they do for any single issue negatively affecting our own people in the United States or for that matter in the Americas. 

To answer the question posed in the last paragraph, the corporate media has given us this Palestine-Israel issue to keep us distracted from ourselves and our issues. Especially in light of so many black folks being Christian, the majority of us play right into this. Many others who don't subscribe to Christianity find it a badge of honor to take up for Palestinians.

I don't feel the need to be on anyone's side in this issue. Simply its not our issue. The Jews, Arabs and Muslims are doing a great deal of handling this on their own. They have clearly shown that they don't need or want the input of people of African descent on this issue. So let's stay out of it.

Seventies Soulchild

Its not our Issue?

The next time you hear about people having to liberate foreclosed homes for evicted elders just remember that President Obama will pay $205 million of your tax money to build an "Iron Dome" missile defense system for the Zionist state.

The next time you hear about a community holding carwashes in church parking lots so they themselves can pay for teachers’ salaries because the government won’t just remember that President Obama has proposed $3 billion in military aid to Israel for the 2011 budget.

While you are listening to Obama talk about the spending freeze, just remember, it does not include Israel; for 2010 alone $584 million is going to the Israeli weapons industry.

This money is being used for genocide. Do you want your tax money going to class rooms in your community or to genocide in Gaza? If simple morality is not a strong enough appeal to you then you can actually check how spending on Israel affects your community in particular, go here:


Cool Breeze, I agree with you on most of your points except your seeming acceptance of Chomsky’s rationale. He most certainly is interested in the Israeli “right” to self-determination. Problem for him is that Israelis have no such right. Neither morality nor international law (for those who rely on it) gives colonial settlers the right to self-determination. Self-determination is for “peoples under colonial or alien domination or foreign occupation”; in other words it is for the oppressed not the oppressor. Israelis (under international law) have rights as “residents” to equal treatment under the law but have no national claims. Chomsky, for all his contributions in other areas, does not accept the Palestinian right to self-determination but he implicitly insists on one for Israelis. He is wrong; if a white liberal vacillated on the Black struggle in such a way we would tell him to raise up and bounce.  Understand what I am saying. In a sense that is historical, Jews (not Israelis) have the abstract right to self-determination from European’s hatred of Jews. But once you leave the area that you were oppressed in and colonize and dominate someone else (especially a people that had nothing to do with your oppression) you relinquish your right to self-determination. That even goes for Blacks who left to Liberia during slavery and became “Americo-Liberians” when they colonized the local people. That is wrong and we have to reject any form of Zionism (the act of an oppressed group leaving their area of oppression and taking land from someone else) be it from us or be it from Jews. (see “Reclaiming Self-Determination” by Ali Abunumah for a better explanation than I can ever hope to offer

And yes I do consider denials of Afrikan self-determination as racist. It does not matter if that rejection comes from white hicks or some white socialist group; any suggestion that the destiny of my people is the prerogative of others and not our own decision is racist.  Even if the ones rejecting our right to self-determination do not do so from a consciously racist position. Its effect is racist.

error correction!

"It’s like labelling opponents of African American self- determination racist or anti white."

Polemic, you responded to this above entence of mine in your last commentary; I meant to write proponents of African American self-determination... It's like the difference between night and day!

And, briefly; I don't neccessarily agree with Chomsky's rationale as much as I attempt to understand the relevance in it, pertaining to where the direct and concentrated effort of curing any disease, (physical or political) or putting an end to any wrong done against humans should be focused. And I believe that a good portion of those concepts can be applied to developing stategies, if not solutions to the continued disenfranchisement of African Americans and other people of color in the United States. Not to mentions the rapascious and brutal policies that our government continues to unleash onto African and South America for example.

And just for the record; I don't think that it's correct to take the position that Chomsky doesn't support Palestinian self-determination, because he has and does support the a two state solution and has in written as well as spoken form condemed Israel's expansion of settlements along with its flauting violation of Genva conventions on behalf of the Palestinian people.

Below is a link to a contentious debate between Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz from 2005 that touches on this aspect.


OK gotcha, apologies for the misunderstanding. On the two state “solution” however please read some of the links that I posted. The US and Israelis are trying to force the two state solution on Palestinians in order to make their land grab permanent and “legitimate.” Palestinian freedom fighters however, such as Ahmad Sa'adat a prisoner in an Israeli dungeon and General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), say “the solution to the critical historical conflict in the Middle East will only be the establishment of one state on the entire Palestinian national soil, from river to sea, with full equality for all." That is a very nice compromise for a people that had their land stolen right from under them in 1948 to some racist settlers and apartheid state builders who don’t deserve it. Of course even with the right of return it will put the Palestinians in a minority position for some years but with the birth rate and all they will be the majority. That is why Israelis are going crazy calling for their mass expulsions to Jordan, etc. They are trying to avoid the inevitable. Martin Kramer from Harvard praised the Gaza blockade because, he argued, it was a way to reduce the Palestinian birthrate and by default the Palestinian population. Settlers and “master race” ideologues cannot imagine a time when they are not in charge lording it over us. This is true globally. Including here.

Only solution is for the occupation end!

Fom what I know and continue to learn about this brutal, heartless and Tax Payer Dollar funded catastrophy; I can only agree with Mouin Rabbani that any negotiations will only be for the sake of negotiation.

I doubt that the Two State solution is even a viable foil at this point. It's certainly obvious given the fact that Israel has historical (including the infamous Camp David talks), been the ones to reject any Palestinian terms of any agreement, that Israel has no intention of sharing any part of what's left of Palestine since 1967. and I am convinced that they, likewise, have no intention of leaving any Palestians behind as a reminder of their theft and genocide.

Mouin Rabbani:

"Moreover, it demands that rather than continuing with negotiations for the sake of negotiations, Palestinians and those who support their struggle for self-determination should engage more actively and directly with global public opinion to confront Israeli impunity, and temper the futile quest to curry favor with "friends" in high places who have consistently remained sponsors of Israeli conduct and impunity."

The above excerpt from Rabbani's text makes tremendous sense; but my question is: How, in light and in the presents of mass, world wide public opinion, Iraq now Afghanistan and Pakistan  have been invaded and occupeid with Jemen and the Sudan As well as Iran anxiously standing on the cusp of much similar treatment, can or will global public opinion divert Israel/US from it's  glutonous course  of extinguishing the Palestinians and their culture to the point where they can live in there own autonomous and sovereign land?

I don't know how; but, I do believe that by either refusal to file and or pay taxes or a policy based disallowment of hundreds of millions of United States tax revenues from being continually funneled into these crimes against humanity (because it is also our humanity that is likewise at stake by passively supporting it) can make a real difference in how smoothly that war machine can run.

And if this doesn't dierectly concern not just African American political/economic freedom, but all of those who find themselves opressed by our system, then I don't know what does.

Viva Helen Thomas!

It's not our issue, that is if you don't value your life ....

or that of future generations.


We are on the verge of a nuclear apocalypse.  I've made this assertion for months, if not years, that we stand at the threshold of limited nuclear warfare.  Does any rational human being doubt that Israel will be dissuaded from using nukes to secure their delusional worldview?


If you don't like mass radiation poisoning, if you don't want to see warfare that will result in mass depopulation and economic and enviromental calamity, if you don't want to see a madman running amok wreaking havoc the world over... then this IS your issue.


I see it as an existential issue, despite the fact that Egyptians should have their asses kicked and shame should befall them for kissing US and Zionist ass in capitulating to the Gaza Blockade.  I see it as an existential issue despite the cowardice and hypocrisy of Arab/Muslim nations.   Even if you don't give a damn about Palestinian/Muslim causes you should care out of raw self-interest and survival.  Again, IS THERE ANYONE HERE WHO DOUBT'S ISRAEL'S PARANOIA AND XENEPHOBIA LENDS ITSELF TO THEIR USAGE OF NUKES???


And unless someone has an idea or way to contain nuclear or biological/chemical warfare, or to staunch the "Bhopal-like" nuclear fallout from wafting across the planet's jet streams, I'd suggest that this is your issue.

Newsflash, SS: IT IS OUR ISSUE....

...for several reasons:

First, there is the intimate connection between the prevailing ideology of Zionism that underlays the actions of the current and former ruling governments of Israel regarding the Occupied Territories to the system of Apartheid that oppressed Blacks in South Africa for nearly 100 years. (And I won't even get into the direct military alliance between right-wing Zionists and the Afrikaners.)

Second...there is the matter of violating basic core laws that all of humankind who want a decent society consent to abide by. A country who decided to attack in international waters an unarmed ship for merely sending humanitarian supplies to a beseiged country under an oppressive and illegal rule would be worthy of the greatest form of condemnnation...or, at least, they should.

Third...this directly affects Black/African folk because the profits and defense spending and other tributes given to Israel to reward its cowardly acts are funds that could be used far more efficiently to resolve fundamental issues of colonialism and imperialism.

And,'s just simple basic human decency and empathy for people to assist other people in need.  Why limit ourselves to our own race and simply reduce ourselves to a cocoon..especially when the same fate could easily be imposed on us?? Especially when it already HAS been imposed on us??

Maybe you can afford a hive mentality, SS...but the rest of us just simply can't. We'll take our allies whenever we can, and we should support other people who are in the same need...especially when the boots that are kicking our behinds happen to be the same.





I agree with you that our issues should come first, and that this conflict will run its course whether or not blacks comment about it, take sides, or ignore it. However, before you condemn those who see it differently than you, I would like to present a few points for you to think about. The United States and most of the nations of West (where most of us live) have definitely taken sides and some would say, even created the situation that created the conflict. As citizens in a nation with a government which claims to be a representative government, we are all already complicit whenever U.S. made arms are used to kill or to maim anyone over there. When Presidents, members of their cabinets, politicians in both major parties, and people in the State Department make statements which are almost always blanket endorsements for the actions of the state of Israel and its armed forces and security apparatus, people over there assume that they are speaking for all Americans unless we tell them differently. Black people should also be extremely concerned about a "representative" government whose members take the problems and concerns of Israel and its people far more seriously than say, the plight of black farmers in this country or in fact, the issues of blacks living anywhere on the planet. Israel, which always claims to be the righteous party in the conflict, supported apartheid South Africa to the bitter end, in spite of the fact that many of its leaders were anti-semites and, in several cases, Nazi sympathizers. There is no telling how many black people suffered and died there because of of Israeli co-opration with Afrikaner police, paramilitary and military forces. As far as I am concerned, helping the Afrikaners with both conventional and nuclear weapons was an a thoroughly unfriendly act by Israel towards the black liberation movements in Southern Africa and towards blacks everywhere else. Are blacks arming or training with the Hamas, Hizbollah, or other enemies of Israel? Are black governments doing so? If even some of us were, how would the "un-biased" Western media portray all of us? Just a few things to think about.

Gaza Blockade

I understand that it is their right to defend themselves but if it means stepping human rights, I think they have made a wrong move. Reports are being released about what really happened on the Turkish ship last week when nine people ended up killed. First reports were definitely how the ship was trying to bring aid and relief supplies to the refugees in Gaza. Now reports are saying that the vessel, Gaza Freedom Flotilla, was actually in route to break down the blockade. This trouble which is already there does not seem to be heading in any good direction.

You're not surprised are you?

What should be apparent to any conscious, thinking, analytical human being is that we are in an age of information control.  Propaganda is practiced so freely these days, it's not even questioned, censorship (like the oil devastion in the Niger River Delta or the real story behind the Somali "pirates) is the rule not the exception.  Bald-faced lies are institutionalized as "news."


Looks like the Israelis had Texas Timmy edit the flotilla tape.


"The Israeli Defense Force has issued a "clarification" admitting it manipulated audio of its raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla."

The Truth Behind the Israeli Propaganda

by Robert Fisk

Organizers admit provoking Israel

Plenty of evidence and outright admissions exist that prove the "humanitarian aid" flotilla was just a political stunt meant to provoke a response from Israel that could be condemned by the liberal media and their genocidal Mohammedan cohorts.


Israel's temple mount, built by King David a full 1,600 years before the Persians (Aryans) slaughtered Jerusalem's inhabitants and took the city, prove Israel's historic claim to the land.  It would seem the African Diaspora would have more sympathy for an acient people denied their own homeland but such is not the case.  Like Mohammedans, African Nationalists and Socialists can't see past their own destructive hate.

I see that the IDF apologists are out and about....

It's so funny how low apologists of Israel's war crimes (this being just the latest) will stoop to justify themselves and genfluct before the will of the right-wing Zionist project.

At least, it would be funny were it not for the fact that innocent people who simply criticize their illegal and obstructionist policies are being smeared, harmed, and murdered as a direct result of their actions.

But, only a buffoon and a fax reader like TexasTim would simply take IDF/AIPAC talking points as facts and level any one not in total agreement with those assumptions as "Mohammadeans", "African Nationalists", or "Socialists". (You forgot "left-wing Jew haters", Tex....haven't you read the latest memo??)

Never mind the fact that the blockade of Gaza is in direct violation of UN resolutions usually respected by humane nations (especially when they can be imposed on other tyrannical countries like Iran or North Korea).

And never mind that the offending flotilla that TexTim sees as only a ploy by "Mohammadean" terrorists to intimidate the plucky Israelis into submission just so happened to be in international waters, and floating away from Israeli territory.

But then again, the prevailing ideology seems to be that Israel, being an orphan of the Holocaust, is given special privileges to do whatever the hell it wants, and anyone questioning them is nothing less than a total Nazi bent on destroying all Jews.

Too bad that the present Israeli government seems intent on mocking and imitating the very people who wanted to destroy their ancestors.

Oh...and I'm no "African Nationalist" or "Mohammadean"...just a working-class Black male Leftist (I will plead guilty to being a "Socialist") who simply dislikes it when one group of people uses an historic outrage to justify the systematic exploitation and destruction of another group of people. What Hamas and Hizbollah represent is not my cup of tea..but what the Israelis have done beats them by a thousand magnitudes. May their leaders rot in the lowest depths of hell.



A legacy of nineteenth century colonialism and of eugenics

Israel is not a legacy of the Holocaust; it is the legacy of 19th century European colonialism and the theory of eugenics.  Theodore Herzl and Chaim Weizmann were admirers of the great humanitarian, Cecil Rhodes.  Herzl approached the leaders of the imperial powers of his day–the Pope, the Kaiser, and, of course, the goddamned Brits, to convince them that a Zionist state could serve their interests.

The language of the Zionists is reminiscent of the American eugenicists of the 1920s and, later, the Nazis: “The deepest layers of our being are determined by our blood; our innermost thinking and our will are colored by it,” wrote Martin Buber.

And Vladimir Jabotinsky ranted, “It is impossible for a man to become assimilated with people whose blood is different than his own. ...  We shall never allow such things as mixed marriage because the preservation of national integrity is impossible except by means of racial purity and for that purpose we shall have this territory where our people will constitute the racially pure inhabitants.”

Check out the map of “Eretz Israel”.  Read Jabotinsky’s The Iron Wall.  Israel’s latest abominations are not aberrant; they are consistent with the philosophy of those who spawned it.

I agree with Mr. Dixon.  Israel is everybody’s problem.  I am a descendant of Jews who fled persecution in Europe.  “Never again” for me has always meant “Never again for anyone.”  


The tragedy of the current situation is that the culture of violence and vengeance that the state of Israel uses to cow the Palestinians and its neighbors is ultimately, futile. A militarized, westernized Jewish state founded by oppressed and victimized people that oppressees and victimizes others with impunity is already a failed project. It is amazing that so many people in Israel and in the West still cannot understand that one cannot undo a crime against humanity by trying to recreate a modern version of an ancient nation in on land long occupied by other peoples. By 1948, the idea of pushing forward with any new forms of the Western colonization project anywhere in the world for any reason, should have been seen as insane, but, unfortunately, it was not. Palestinians and others in that region pay dearly daily in a thousand ways for a crime that they did not commit and are demonized by Western hypocrites for resisting their oppression. As was the case with apartheid South Africa, eventually, in spite of all of their advantages in ruthlessness and in technology, and in overseas support, the Israeli's will be unable or unwilling to pay the costs of sustaining their dominion over the Palestinians and they will live (uneasily and with a great deal of unresolved resentment on both sides for years) within a borders of single state, equally protected by the laws of that state. Israel itself, with its insistence upon controlling land and sea access, water resources, and airspace has gradually made the so-called two-state solution an untenable joke long ago. The Israel that eventually emerges will be a lot like what states that straddled that region has always been, a bustling crossroads where people of many cultures and faiths meet and interact, not necessairly in harmony, but in the complex ways that human beings have always dealt with one another in such cosmopolitan settings.

Why this is "our" issue

It's because the Christian and Jewish Zionists dictate the US domestic agenda, that affects the Black, Brown, Red or anyother agenda, including the White Agenda of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Because of the eschatalogical views of Xian and Jewish Zionists, their grip on US domestic and foreign policy, their stranglehold on science and reason versus superstitition in the intellectual market place, their xenephobic and mean-spirited, theocratic views are a cancer on us all, a blot on the entire world.  Chris Hedges sums this up much better than me:


The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger


Elizabeth Dilling, who wrote “The Red Network” and was a Nazi sympathizer, is touted as required reading by trash-talk television hosts like Glenn Beck. Thomas Jefferson, who favored separation of church and state, is ignored in Christian schools and soon will be ignored in Texas public school textbooks. The Christian right hails the “significant contributions” of the Confederacy. Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who led the anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s, has been rehabilitated, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is defined as part of the worldwide battle against Islamic terror. Legislation like the new Jim Crow laws of Arizona is being considered by 17 other states.


Just like I warned proponents of gay marriage that the recession, not the merits of their position, would blunt their advocacy, I would warn proponents of the Black Agenda that Christian and Jewish Zionists will blunt their advocacy.  If these pro-military, pro-Armageddon buffons are dictating foreign and domestic policy, where does that leave us?  (and kiddwee, you say "history" doesn't matter??)   To ignore the Palestinian question is like ignoring the oil spill in the gulf or the Niger Delta, the consequences are larger than individuals; the conflagration will consume ALL.


It's small consolation to see the Dispensationalists crying and gnashing their teeth as their children puke their guts out due to radiation poisoning, I'll be too busy puking MY guts out to relish the moment.


I'll bite...

I'm all for the self determination of the Palestinians against Israeli tyranny. Albeit, I'm not going to go "all in" on the issue.

One has to look no farther than Mubarak's Egypt, who shares a tightly guarded border with Gaza, to see why Gazans are suffering so much. The Muslim Brotherhood is banned in Egypt probably because it was assisting the Palestinians. And the *mhem* usual reasons (here's a hint: it starts with an "I" and rhymes with "serial schism"...)

From the above link @

Since then (1978), US military aid to Egypt, estimated at US$1.3 billion annually, evidences Egypt as the primary recipient of US military aid after Israel – on the receiving end of $38 billion.


Once again, sadly, people were forced to sacrifice their lives in the battle to protect the human rights of the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. For all of the people, who know the historical origins of the present nation of Israel,  it is very hard to understand the actions of the government.

The Jewish Holocaust is engraved in the national identity of Israel, so how can their government justify perpetrating the same crime in the roll of the offender?

Why does Israel continue to impose their will over others, deny them their human rights, make them suffer and take their lives?

How can the government of Israel just ignore international laws created by the same nations who helped Israel become one?

How can Israel possibly even want to practice a racist apartheid politic?

Why don’t they realize, that they are giving Jewish people all over the world a bad name, and inciting hatred against them?

Don’t they realize how shamefully they are denigrating the memory, not only of the Jewish people who suffered and died so that Israel could become a nation, but also and no less of all  the people in world history who have suffered the same fate?

The government of Israel should know better than that. No one can change what has happened but they certainly can choose to change their zionist strategy and act more in accordance with the foundations of their origins. Israel should be the world leader in terms of protecting human rights.

And every American, especially those of African heritage, should be protesting in unison against the inconceivable and cruel human rights violations of the Israeli government against the people of Palestine.

an anti-christ


Of course, I completely agree with Bruce Dixon's article, and I am opposed to the commentary that African people need to stay in a silo and mind our own business.  Anyone who really knows what's going on in Gaza and the world at large and understands the demographics of the world, understands that what Israel does effects Africans in this country and in Africa (Israel is attached to Egypt, which is in Africa, where Black Africans still live, not to mention that Black Africans live in Israel as well, and as Cynthia McKinney exposed when she was kidnapped, many of them are in Israeli prisons).  So to think of African Americans as some kind of exceptional group that is the only segment that needs democracy and national liberation is very short sighted. 

I wanted to offer that alot of the reason many African people in the U.S. don't participate in these missions is due to lack of knowledge (be it imposed or self-imposed).  There are so many distractions such as Facebook games, or why Beyonce is gaining weight.  We are so de-politicized it's ridiculous.  If you ask the average negro (I distinguish between negros and Africans), they won't even know where Palestine is or what is going on in the region.  The most they can spout is "peace in the middle east" but won't know why.  I know this because I was one of those people, but the sad thing is that I was one of those people when I was a teenager!  You have grown negro adults with that ideology.

The second thing is that a lot of sincere African people who do want to participate, may not know how to participate.  I would love to be on one of those missions, but I don't know how to get connected with the proper channels.  Then if you do get connected with the proper channels, alot of our people have work issues.  In general, white people have the resources to be full time activists, whereas, alot of times we have to do it when we have vacation (that is if we're lucky enough to have a job). 

Finally, having vacation just speaks to the petty bougeise, the working masses may not have enough to get around their own cities or access to basic necessities, so boarding a flotilla to feed another group of people is no where near their immediate thoughts. This is where being politicized comes into play because this sector would be informed enough to know that they could participate in a boycott and they don't have to go on the other side of the world.

I'm not using these examples as excuses for our absence, but alot of times, many people aren't willing to sacrifice (which is understandable considering the fact that many Africans in this country are under siege in our own communities (e.g. NYC and DC police murders as exposed by BAR and Jazz and Justice).  Not to mention the fact that many of our people think that politics is something that certain people are "in to" as opposed to recognizing that everything in this world is political.  To the food you eat, the car you drive (or don't drive), the TV shows you watch, religion (yes, religion!), whether or not you have milk in your refrigerator, EVERYTHING is political.

So due to this disconnect, they may voice their opinion on the issue, but when it comes to practice either it's a personal life issue, or it's something that they aren't really "in to".