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public housing

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    Until Housing is a Right, Blacks Will Live Marginalized Lives


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

    A new report says housing policies should be based on filling social needs rather than using housing as a wealth-building mechanism. “Housing should be treated as a right, and housing policies must be informed by the realities of race.”

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    Non Profit Organizations & the Privatization of Public Housing

    An Against the Grain Interview with Prof. Jay Arena

    In this Against the Grain interview, about 50 minutes, Jay Arena outlines the process of destroying public housing in New Orleans and more broadly across the country, with particular attention to the roles played by not for profit organizations and black elites carrying out the neoliberal agenda of gentrification.

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    The Dark Underbelly of American Public Housing: What Lessons can we Learn from the Case of Chicago?

    660 W. Division, Cabrini Green, 1980s by Anthony DiMaggio

    In Chicago, as in most cities, the term “urban renewal” is effectively a lie – a scheme to “make room for more affluent white families.” The resulting harms to Black and poor people are premeditated, since “there was never any intention of relocating the vast majority of the former public housing residents in the new, more affluent ‘mixed income’ sites” of the Hope VI program.

    Housing Policy? Obama Leaves It To The Bankers

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    President Obama is pulling the same stunt with the housing crisis as he did with health care: packing his public policy events with corporate operatives while excluding the grassroots and progressives. "Only the bankers, the stock speculators and the academics that are paid by the rich, qualify as stakeholders at Obama's housing conference."

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