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Gun Control Debate

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    “When Other Folks Give Up Theirs…” Black Freedom and the Gun Control Debate

    Akinyele Umoja

    Contrary to Congressman John Lewis’ revision of history, “the notion that the Civil Rights movement was exclusively nonviolent is a popular mythology.” In fact, “Some members of Lewis’s Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee picked up weapons and worked with community people to defend their lives against white terrorists.”

    What May Come: Asian Americans and the Virginia Tech Shootings

    by Tamara K. Nopper

    The fact that the apparent gunman in the Virginia Tech massacre was a South Korean immigrant will inevitably spark corporate media speculation about the "Asian" mentality, says the author. Already, the pundits are circulating the old racist canard that Asian men have "frail egos" and are "prone to engage in Kamikaze style violence." In the end, the Korean student "will become whoever the white media wants him to be and for whatever political platform it and legislators want to push," and "Asian Americans will, like other non-whites, be picked apart, dissected, and theorized by whites."

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