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Bill Clinton

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    Big Eyz Fo' Massa William Mule

    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Don' know what it tiz 'bout

    Massa William, voice, smile?

    His hornin'? He do play de sax,

    Or, de carrut and stik he carry?

    Bill and Hillary Clinton: “Friends of Haiti?”

    by Marty Goodman

    The Clintons’ crimes against Haiti go back two decades, making Bill singularly unsuitable to act as United Nations envoy to Haiti. “Bill’s friendly relations with Haiti’s current President Michael Martelly, who is linked to Duvalier-era thugs and their kin, is well known.”

    Our Failure on Haiti


    by BAR editor and columnist Jemima Pierre

    With a Black man in the White House, the African American political class has all but abandoned solidarity with Haiti. “U.S. Blacks’ hard-earned moral authority continues to deteriorate as they continue to condone—by silence and inaction—the current violation of Haitian rights and sovereignty by the U.S. government.” By walking in lockstep with Barack Obama, African Americans are using up generations of international political capital and making themselves increasingly irrelevant to world developments. “Where once Black folk actively challenged U.S. imperialism, today some are more than happy to have a Black commander at the helm.”

    Freedom Rider: Obama and Clinton, The Evil Twins

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    The two corporate political twins, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, held forth at a joint White House press conference – so tightly matched that no light could be seen to shine between them. Obama soon ceded the room to his comrade in collaboration with Republicans, the senior triangulator. Although competitors, Obama and Clinton “emerged from the same political system, and fed at the trough of the same wealthy individuals and corporate campaign check bundlers.”

    Clinton Family Pockets Haiti Assets in Telephone Company Privatization, Says Pumphrey

    hillary inspecting the colonial holdingsA Black Agenda Radio interview by Glen Ford
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    Backed by the might of the United States military and their own official positions, the Clinton power couple plus brother-in-law have muscled themselves into the Haitian telephone monopoly. This cozy public-private partnership poses huge conflicts of interest, says Paul Pumphrey, of Brothers and Sisters International – and robs the Haitian people of hundreds of millions in revenues a year.   But then, that's what empires are for, isn't it?

    Is Bill Clinton Haiti's Great White Hope?

    John Maxwell

    Ban Ki Moon is playing another macabre joke on Haiti. In naming Bill Clinton as his "special envoy" to Haiti, the United Nations Secretary General has chosen a man that has already betrayed Haiti's people several times over. "President Clinton made several pledges to Aristide and to Haiti, but history does not seem to record that any were kept." Partly because of Clinton's depraved policies, "Haitians are still scooping water to drink from potholes in the street and stave off hunger with 'fritters' made from earth and cooking fat."

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