2012 presidential campaign

Fifteen Issues this Election is Not About

by Bill Quigley

The ties that bind the two corporate parties and their presidential candidates are much stronger than any differences that separate them. That’s why a progressive platform could be built almost entirely around opposition to those positions shared by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Below is a litany of issues that will not see the light of day in corporate campaign 2012.

Obama 2012 Smacks Down Jim Clyburn For Criticizing Bain & Vampire Equity Firms, Obama Supporters Pretend Not to Notice

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Fool me once, the saying goes, shame on you. Fool me again --- you know the rest. But what do we call it when Obama supporters willingly deceive themselves about what side of the haves vs have-nots struggle their president is on? And if reports are true that the president has scarcely bothered to call or speak to leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus or even of Democrats in the Congress in months, what does that say about who owns who?


Don't Be Fooled. Cory Booker, Barack Obama & the Whole Black Political Class Love Bain Capital

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Did Newark mayor Cory Booker really cross the Obama campaign when he defended vampire capital companies like Romney's Bain? Or was he just being truer to his own, and Obama's roots than presidents and their surrogates ought to be in an election year?



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